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What a great time to follow up on the Neighborhood Watch suggestion to get to know your neighbors. Maybe it’s just to share a cool glass of lemonade, cook some hotdogs or go all out and organize a block party, let’s make an effort to get to know our neighbors on Oct. 4th. See you in the streets. OCT. 8TH - CARFIT EVENT FOR SENIOR DRIVERS

8:30am - 12:30pm | Reavis Rehab & Wellness Center | 1250 South A.W. Grimes Blvd. Round Rock, TX 78664 | 512-381-1744 | | At a CarFit event, a team of trained technicians and health professionals work with senior drivers to ensure they “fit” their vehicle properly for maximum comfort and safety. Drivers can improve their safety by ensuring their cars are properly adjusted to meet their specific needs. A proper fit in one’s car can greatly increase not only the driver’s safety but also the safety of others. A CarFit check takes approximately 20 minutes to complete. Call 3811744 today to sign up for this no cost CarFit event at Reavis Rehab & Wellness Center. OCT. 14TH - CHARITY GOLF TOURNAMENT

All proceeds will benefit Kristy Renee Bell. Her arm was severely injured in an accident. By the grace of God, there was an EMT nearby who attended to Kristy’s life-threatening situation. She was flown to Scott & White Trauma Center in Temple, Texas. Although they were unsuccessful, a medical team made every attempt to save her arm. Kristy’s care and physical therapy will be extensive and ongoing. You can help us provide the alteration equipment needed to allow Kristy to regain her independence and help her family cover the enormous medical expenses. River Place Country Club | 512.346.1114 | Friday, October 14, 2011 Sign in: 10:00 AM | Shotgun start: Noon | Format: Step-aside scramble Questions to or call 512-258-3709. OCT. 15TH - FOOD ADDICTS IN RECOVERY ANONYMOUS

Free yourself from food addiction and food obsession. Come to a community information meeting for anyone suffering from food obsession, overeating, under-eating and bulimia. Everyone is welcome to this free meeting, including those who think they may have a food problem or those who are concerned about someone who may. (Continued on Page 3) Copyright © 2011 Peel, Inc.

October 2011 Volume 1, Issue 4

3 Step Freezer Therapy Do you know what’s in your freezer right now? Are you scared to open the door for fear of frozen projectiles? Do you have room for daily staples, like strawberry Blue-Bell and vodka? Are you secretly hoping to lose power so you can throw everything out and start over? Don’t worry. You’re not alone. Your freezer, like your subconscious, affects how you feel about your life. As a matter of good mental health, it’s important to take the time to come to terms with your freezer. However, trips to a neglected freezer, like those to the subconscious, can invoke trepidation and anxiety. Let me be your freezer therapist. I can help. STEP 1. RECOGNIZE THE PROBLEM.

Where do you fall on the spectrum of freezer management? Do you keep neatly stacked boxes in alphabetical order and make a point to cycle from A to Z every month? Or do you buy in bulk, always freeze leftovers, and use the freezer as an advanced Jenga game of multi-colored ice blobs? Somewhere in between is your happy place. STEP 2. UNDERSTAND YOUR FREEZER’S STRENGTHS AND LIMITATIONS.

Freezers can store food for extended periods of time. Food doesn’t go bad in a (Continued on Page 3) Hunter's Chase Gazette - October 2011


Hunter's Chase Gazette CONTACT NUMBERS & IMPORTANT INFO Hunter’s Chase Yahoo Newsgroup Hunter’s chase POA website - UTILITIES Electricity City of Austin...................................................... 494-9400 Gas Atmos Energy............................................1-888-286-6700 Emergency.................................................... 866-322-8667 Water/Wastewater (City of Austin) Emergency........................................................... 912-6000 Trash/Recycling Texas Disposal Systems ....................................... 421-1340 PROPERTY MANAGEMENT HC HOA Goodwin Management Inc. 512-502-7503 Estates of HC POA CA Managers: 512-288-2376 ARCHITECTURAL CONTROL COMMITTEE Applications are found on the intranet site at DEED ENFORCEMENT To report violations contact Sage Management sage. - Deed Documents, Download the file HCA.GOV.xx.19840530.CCRS.pdf SCHOOLS Pond Springs Elementary................................. 512-464-4200 ..................... Deerpark Middle School.................................. 512-464-6600 ........................... McNeil High School........................................ 512-464-6300 .............................. OTHER Crime Stoppers........................................... 1-800-253-STOP County Commissioner Lisa Birkman, Pct. 1 .....................733-5384 fax; 733-5380 Animal Control....................................................... 943-1389 Spicewood Springs Branch Public Library ........................ 8637 Spicewood Springs Rd 512-974-3800

HOA BOARD Darin Siefkes ( President Calandra Bradford ............................................Vice President Michael Kuykendall..................................................Treasurer Brian James ..............................................................Secretary Rebekah Sheppard................................................................... To reach any one of the board members please contact Carmen Glassinger at HUNTERS CHASE POA COMMITTEES Residents interested in joining a committee should contact Darin Siefkes at 1. Neighborhood Watch - will assist with implementing a neighborhood watch program 2. Amenities (Pool, Park & Tennis) - will be responsible for maintenance and improvement suggestions to the Board 3. Events - responsible for determining which neighborhood events to plan and carrying out the planning and execution of the events (Neighborhood garage sale, Christmas caroling, potlucks, etc)

NEWSLETTER INFO EDITOR Brian James ............... PUBLISHER Peel, Inc........................................................ 888-687-6444 Advertising................................

ARTICLE SUBMISSIONS Interested in submitting an article? You can do so by emailing or by going to http://www. All news must be received by the 9th of the month prior to the issue. So if you are involved with a school group, scouts, sports etc – please submit your articles for The Subdivision Name. Personal news for the Stork Report, Teenage Job Seekers, special celebrations and military service are also welcome.


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Hunters Chase Gazette - October 2011

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Hunter's Chase Gazette Upcoming Events (Continued from Cover) Saturday October 15, 2011 Tarrytown United Methodist Church 2601 Exposition Blvd, Austin. Room 101 A/B. enter from side door on McCullough St. WEBSITE: OCT. 23RD

Hunter’s Chase POA pool closes for the year DEC. 17TH - WINTERFEST IN THE PARK : VOUNTEERS NEEDED

Hunter’s Chase POA park | 1-3pm Band of the Hills will perform, craft tables, Boy Scout Troop 164 will have hot chocolate and concessions. Contact Rebekah Sheppard at for more info or to volunteer. To submit an event visit

3 Step Freezer Therapy- (Continued from Cover Page) freezer, but it does go “less good.” Time limitations on frozen food are not about food safety, but rather food quality. The recommended time limit to store fresh meat in a 0° F freezer is 12 months. The recommendation for leftover meals is only 1-2 months. ( Two things work with time to affect food quality: food containment and molecular movement. Packaging that isn’t air-tight will lose moisture and gain oxygen more quickly. This combination of dehydration and chemical reaction, or oxidation, is called “freezer burn,” and makes foods change texture and taste strange. Freezer burned foods won’t make you sick, but might make you gag. Delay freezer burn by buying freezer bags with the word “freezer” on the box and removing as much air from the wrapping as possible. The thicker plastic helps retard the movement of moisture and air, but remember, your freezer is still a hotbed of molecular activity. Simply opening the freezer door creates temperature gradients that encourage this molecular movement and quality degradation. Truth is, you can’t keep frozen foods indefinitely, which is why the next step is critical. STEP 3. USE THE FOOD IN YOUR FREEZER.

Make one dinner in your week a freezer-inspired meal. Like digging for a toy surprise in a cereal box, reach as far as you can and pull out something from the back of the freezer. For icy vegetables or shrunken-headed peas, make a soup. Something puréed and spicy will camouflage the texture and obliterate any odors that might be absorbed. If that’s a little too edgy for your culinary tastes, or if the surprise is unidentifiable, you have my permission to throw it out. That’s right. Throw it out. Be brave. Do not put it back. Repeat this step until you’ve found something to cook. If you find yourself with an empty freezer, congratulate yourself and order pizza. - By J. D. Hedges



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ACC stands for the Architectural Control Committee. This is a two or three member committee that reviews applications for improvements or changes being made to your property in Hunters Chase. Applications are found on the intranet site at The ACC application must be approved before project work begins. The ACC has up to 30 days to respond to applications.  So plan ahead and get those applications in early. In some cases, you will also need a building permit from the City of Austin.   If you have questions, we suggest that you contact Goodwin Management via -


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New auto loans Up to 60 months


SUNDAY WORSHIP @ 11 AM // BIBLE LIFE (ALL AGES) @ 9:30 AM Great Hills Baptist Church // 10500 Jollyville Road . Austin 78759 // 512.343.7763

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Hunters Chase Gazette - October 2011



Get a super low rate when you finance your new vehicle with Austin Telco. *Annual Percentage Rate. All rates are expressed “as low as”. Actual rate may vary depending on credit qualifications. Rates and terms are subject to change without notice. Federally insured by NCUA. Copyright © 2011 Peel, Inc.

Hunter's Chase Gazette 2011 SWIM SEASON:

Angie Payne, Aquatics Program Director Lifeline Aquatics P: 877-354-1313 | F: 512-869-6291

• May 7 through October 23 • Pool Closed on Tuesdays • Hours: 6am to 9pm • Adult Swim Only: 6am to 9am POOL PAVILION RESERVATIONS

Go to • Select Community Services • Select Amenities/Pool Event Rentals • Select top Drop Down Site box to locate your POA facility name (Hunters Chase). The POA home page gives a detailed description of pavilion rental procedures. • Select Pavilion Rentals tab on the left • Select Register Now to complete the reservation IF YOU HAVE QUESTIONS, CONTACT LIFELINE AQUATICS, AS FOLLOWS:

Need and access card of the pool or tennis courts? Go to to eSign required forms...FASTEST WAY TO GET AN ACCESS CARD! Owners now have the option to access and eSign Pool Wavers at To submit a pool waiver on PoolKey. com the owner will follow these steps: 1. Click on Association 2. Obtain transaction code from DocuSign 3. Paste transaction code from email into DocuSign form 4. Complete the DocuSign transaction


Winterfest in the Park SATURDAY, DECEMBER 17TH 1PM TO 3PM

Last year’s event included: • School Choruses • Live Band • Crafts • Fire truck tours • Boy Scouts selling hot chocolate Be a part of this year’s Winterfest by volunteering to help plan the events or to help the day of Winterfest. It does not take a lot of time; several folks taking small parts make for a huge success!  Contact Rebekah Sheppard at for more information.

So How’s Real Estate in Hunters Chase? Active (as of September 8) Pending (under contract) Sold 2011 (Jan-Sep) Sold 2010 (Jan-Dec) Sold 2009 (Jan-Dec) Sold 2008 (Jan-Dec)

# of Homes 11 3 23 31 28 28

Avg. Price $213,306 $233,633 $197,881 $213,174 $211,328 $202,878

As a Hunters Chase resident who has lived right here on Partridge Bend for many years I have a vested interest in this community and my neighbors!

How does the future look?

While the number of homes sold so far this year have kept pace with the past few years it looks like the average sales price is slipping down. With 4 months of inventory and an average time on market of 68 days compared to 58 days last year, buyers can be more particular and will prefer an updated home over one that is not. Homes with updates such as granite counters & hard flooring are typically selling faster than homes without them.

Please call me today at 576-1504 to find out how much your home is now worth in this market Keller Williams - 12515-8 Research Blvd #100 Each office is independently owned and operated

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Laurie Flood, Realtor® 576-1504

Hunter's Chase Gazette - October 2011


Hunter's Chase Gazette Neighborhood Watch Needs YOU! Effective neighborhood watch programs impact crime by helping police solve crimes that have occurred, stopping crimes in progress, and most importantly, reducing the opportunities for crime to occur in the first place. With the impending discontinuance of our private security patrol, establishing a neighborhood watch program in Hunter’s Chase has never been more important. One Austin neighborhood decreased crime by 90% with an effective watch program, still another, by 80%. In Hunter’s Chase, we want to head off an increase in crime. Participating in the neighborhood watch program is very simple. First, “Do the Five”: Know the folks who live in the two homes to either side of you and in the three houses across the street; the names of family members and how many there are, their phone numbers and how to contact them in case of emergency, as well as how many pets they have. Not only will this help you be aware of unusual activity, it will also help you help emergency personnel responding to fires or other emergencies at your neighbors’ residences. It will help you help your neighbors, and it will help them help you. This is the essence of a neighborhood watch program. For extra credit, apply this to the folks who live behind you and in the two houses to either side of them. Knowing your neighbors is actually a big part of being alert, as in A.L.E.R.T. • Alert – Know who you neighbors are, and the cars that belong on your street. • Lights – Use motion detectors and lights to keep your house lit at night. • Emergency - Be prepared for crisis. Be able to take care of yourself, your family, and help your neighbors. (Is a Red Cross First Aid and/or CPR class in your future?) • Responsible – Call 911 or 311 as applicable for smoke, suspicious persons or vehicles. (911 for immediate danger or crime in progress, 311 after an incident but no criminal activity is present for personnel to immediately respond to. All crime should be reported to Austin Police.) • Tidy – Keep your street and home neat. Pick up trash. Trim trees and bushes to keep a clear view of possible hiding places. This is the core of neighborhood watch. If you want to do more, the Hunter’s Chase Neighborhood Watch needs Block Captains; people willing to help organize their neighbors into our watch program and communicate crime and safety information. To volunteer as a Block Captain, or if you have any questions about neighborhood, residential, or personal safety, please email hunterschasewatch@ More to come.

STAGE 2 Water Restrictions Austin has implemented Stage 2 water restrictions. stage2restrictions.htm Single family residences should only be watering once per week. Odd numbered address on Saturdays and even numbered addresses on Sundays before 10AM or after 7PM. To keep in line with these water restrictions, the water features at the kiddie pool have been turned off until the restrictions are lifted or the pool closes for the year. This historic drought is impacting trees and other landscape plants severely. Several local landscape companies are cautioning that the drought is accelerating disease that may have already existed, causing trees to split in half or limbs to fall that might otherwise look healthy. Trees with brown leaves are also cause for concern, the brown dry leaves arrival before cool weather is a strong indication that the tree is not getting enough water and is at risk of dying and falling over at any time. If you have questions or concerns about the state of your landscape plants or trees, please consult a landscape company and remove any deadfall before it becomes an insurance claim for you, your neighbor or a guest to your home. - drought-and-its-effects-on-austin-trees.html - -


Ryan Lundberg Sales Manager

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Hunters Chase Gazette - October 2011

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Hunter's Chase Gazette - October 2011


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Hunters Chase Gazette - October 2011

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Hunter's Chase - October 2011  

October 2011 edition of Hunter's Chase Gazette for Hunter's Chase

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