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September 2011

Official Publication of The Ranch at Brushy Creek HOA

FALL FESTIVAL Saturday, October 22nd 12pm - 4 pm

We are searching for volunteers, sponsors, food vendors and small businesses for our upcoming Fall Festival. Do you have a passion, a business or a hobby and want to get your orders placed in time for Holiday sales? Does your team or organization have an event they could raise money for? Be a part of the year’s biggest celebration with the Ranch at Brushy Creek Fall Festival!! Please contact Stefanie Herdman for details on pricing and to reserve a spot. You will keep any money from sales you make that day. Discounted fees will be available for anyone willing to host an activity booth during the event. Not sure what the Fall Festival is about? The last two years we have successfully lined the sidewalks down Ranch Trails in front of the pool with local vendors and residents who sponsor or run games and pass out goodies for both young and old. The kids come in costume and can have their picture taken at our photo booth or our fall set up. There is food vendors, bounce houses, pumpkins, games and more! It has been a fun tradition we hope continues to grow each year! Watch for more details in our facebook group and yahoo message board. If you are interested, please contact Stefanie Herdman at RBCSocialCommittee@gmail. com for more details. Copyright © 2011 Peel, Inc.

Volume 3, Issue 9


It’s time to clean out your garage, your yard, your house, your neighbor’s house... (they might let you!) and make some money! The Social Committee will be having a neighborhood garage sale Saturday, Sept. 24th. The advertised times will be from 7am to 1pm but feel free to stay on your driveways as long as you want! We will be posting signs at the entrances to the neighborhood, as well as the Parmer and Brushy Creek intersection. You will be responsible for posting and removing any of your own signs within the neighborhood. Don’t have enough stuff? Consider teaming up with a neighbor and having a multi-family sale on one driveway. Start deciding what has got to go now!

SATURDAY, SEPT. 24TH MOVIE NIGHT! SUNDAY, OCTOBER 4TH / 7:15 PM If you have not yet signed up for our Ranch at Brushy Creek group page on Facebook you may be missing out! This summer through the help of over 100 of our residents and Facebook followers, we won a contest sponsored by Fun Flicks Outdoor Movies of Texas. The company will come out and set up an outdoor movie screen in the field located in Ranch Trails Park. The movie will be held (weather permitting) on Sunday evening, October 4th after sunset (approximately) 7:15 pm. Watch for details to follow and hope to see you all there! The Ranch at Brushy Creek HOA Newsletter - September 2011



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The Ranch at Brushy Creek HOA Newsletter - September 2011



Have a howling good time and help the Central Texas SPCA save homeless pets in our community. This year’s event will be bigger and better than ever on Saturday, September 10th at Old Settler’s Park in Round Rock, Texas. The morning starts with a 2K pledge walk for homeless pets and then the festival fun begins. We’ll have music, food, vendors, fun games and activities for kids, activities for dogs, low cost microchippping, a costume contest for dogs and humans, and much more. The top fundraisers in the 2K pledge walk will win great prizes! Please visit www. centraltexasspca.

MUSIC LESSONS New Music Studio in

Ranch at Brushy Creek Offering private music lessons in:

PIANO VIOLIN CELLO 30 years teaching experience Professional musicians

All ages and levels! Tel. 512 750 9377

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TIME TO MOVE ON… Over the past 3 years I have had the pleasure of getting to meet and know so many of our neighbors through my position as the Social Committee Chair. I truly loved organizing and running the various neighborhood events and so it is bittersweet to say this but I will be stepping down from my position at the end of the year. Life stages have led to a shift in my focus and my priorities. I plan on continuing to be active in the Social Committee and doing what I love to do, but am currently looking for a replacement for the Committee Chair. I did know this time was coming and for that reason over the last year I have enlisted the help of a handful of committee co-chairs to run individual events leaving my position with a certain amount of flexibility to be involved for each one. I want to thank everyone who has volunteered their time or their talents to better our community and especially thank those who stepped up to co-chair and lead an event this year. Your dedication to the betterment of our neighborhood is invaluable. If you are interested in becoming involved or heading up an amazing committee and building your own lasting friendships along the way please contact me: Angel Carter -; or send me a message through our yahoo message board or facebook page. Angel Carter / Social Committee Chair

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Recipe of the Month TORTILLA SOUP


Combine oleo and • 1 Onion, chopped flour. Brown. Add • ¼ Cup oleo broth, tomatoets, • ¼ Cup flour chilies, chicken, chili • 6 cans chicken broth p ow d e r r, c u m i n , • 3-4 chicken breasts; garlic salt. Simmer cooked and chopped for 1 hour. Saute • 2 - 4 oz. cans chopped green chilies onion and chips. Add • 1 can diced Rotel tomatoes or to soup. Pour over 1 can diced tomatoes cheese and avocados. • 2 T chili powder Optional: Add sour • 2 tsp. garlic salt cream. • 1 T Cumin • 8 Corn tortilla chips, cut up • 2 chopped avocados • shredded Monterey Jack Cheese


The Ranch at Brushy Creek HOA Newsletter - September 2011



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The Ranch at Brushy Creek HOA Newsletter - September 2011

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PET'S CORNER Are you and your pets ready in case of an emergency? September is Pet Preparedness Month We never know when disaster could strike. Being in a community of great pet-loving people, it makes sense to be as prepared as possible to help when/if it was to occur. This time of year is especially critical due to the possibility of hurricanes, tornados, floods and fire threats. Please take some time to read and check out this very important site. It could save your family’s life. Here are some guidelines to follow in case of emergency, per www. . Developed in partnership with: U.S. Department of Homeland Security, American Veterinary Medical Association, ASPCA, American Kennel Club & The Humane Society of the United States. Preparing Your Pets for Emergencies Makes Sense – Get Ready Now 1. GET A KIT OF PET EMERGENCY SUPPLIES. Just as you do with your family’s emergency supply kit, think first about the basics for survival, particularly food and water. • Food: Keep at least three days of food in an airtight, waterproof container. • Water: Store at least three days of water specifically for your pets, in addition to water you need for yourself and your family. • Medicines and medical records: Keep an extra supply of medicines your pet takes on a regular basis in a waterproof container. • First aid kit: Talk to your veterinarian about what is most appropriate for your pet’s emergency medical needs. Most kits should include cotton bandage rolls, bandage tape and scissors; antibiotic ointment; flea and tick prevention; latex gloves, isopropyl alcohol and saline solution. Include a pet first aid reference book. • Collar with ID tag, harness or leash: Your pet should wear a collar with its rabies tag and identification at all times. Include a backup leash, collar and ID tag in your pet’s emergency supply kit. • Important documents: Place copies of your pet’s registration information, adoption papers, vaccination documents and medical records in a clean plastic bag or waterproof container and also add them to your kit. • Crate or other pet carrier: If you need to evacuate in an emergency situation take your pets and animals with you, provided that it is practical to do so. • Sanitation: Include pet litter and litter box if appropriate, newspapers, paper towels, plastic trash bags and household chlorine bleach to provide for your pet’s sanitation needs. You can use bleach as a disinfectant (dilute nine parts water to one part bleach), or in an emergency you can also use it to purify water. Use 8 drops of regular household liquid bleach per gallon of water, stir well and let it stand for 30 minutes before use. Do not use scented or color safe bleaches or those with added Copyright © 2011 Peel, Inc.


cleaners. • A  picture of you and your pet together: If you become separated from your pet during an emergency, a picture of you and your pet together will help you document ownership and allow others to assist you in identifying your pet. Include detailed information about species, breed, age, sex, color and distinguishing characteristics. • Familiar items: Put favorite toys, treats or bedding in your kit. Familiar items can help reduce stress for your pet. *Consider two kits. In one, put everything your pets will need to stay where you are and make it on your own. The other should be a lightweight, smaller version you can take with you if you and your pets have to get away. 2. MAKE A PLAN Plan in advance what you will do in an emergency. Be prepared to assess the situation. Use common sense and whatever you have on hand to take care of yourself and ensure your pet’s safety during an emergency. Evacuate. Plan how you will assemble your pets and anticipate where you will go. If you must evacuate, take your pets with you, if practical. If you go to a public shelter, keep in mind your pets may not be allowed inside. Secure appropriate lodging in advance depending on the number and type of animals in your care. Consider family or friends outside your immediate area who would be willing to take in you and your pets in an emergency. Other options may include: a hotel or motel that takes pets or some sort of boarding facility, such as a kennel or veterinary hospital that is near an evacuation facility or your family’s meeting place. Develop a buddy system. Plan with neighbors, friends or relatives to make sure that someone is available to care for or evacuate your pets if you are unable to do so. Talk with your pet care buddy about your evacuation plans and show them where you keep your pet’s emergency supply kit. Also designate specific locations, one in your immediate neighborhood and other farther away, where you will meet in an emergency. Talk to your pet’s veterinarian about emergency planning. Discuss the types of things you should include in your pet’s emergency first aid kit. Get the names of vets or veterinary hospitals in other cities where you might need to seek temporary shelter. Also talk with your veterinarian about microchipping. If you and your pet are separated, this permanent implant for your pet and corresponding enrollment in a recovery database can help a veterinarian or shelter identify your animal. If your pet is microchipped, keeping your emergency contact informa­tion up to date and listed with a reliable recovery database is essential to you and your pet being reunited. Gather contact information for emergency animal treatment. Make a list of contact information and ad­dresses of area animal control agencies including the Humane Society or ASPCA and emergency veterinary hospitals. Keep one copy of these phone numbers with (Continued on Page 6) The Ranch at Brushy Creek HOA Newsletter - September 2011


Pet's Corner -(Continued from Page 6) you, and one in your pet’s emergency supply kit. Obtain “Pets Inside” stickers and place them on your doors or windows, including information on the number and types of pets in your home to alert firefighters and rescue workers. Consider putting a phone number on the sticker where you could be reached in an emergency. And, if time permits, remember to write the words “Evacuated with Pets” across the stickers, should you evacuate your home with your pets. 3. BE PREPARED FOR WHAT MIGHT HAPPEN. Some of the things you can do to prepare for the unexpected, such as assembling an emergency supply kit for yourself, your family and your pets, is the same regardless of the type of emergency. However, it’s important to say informed about what might happen and know what types of emergencies are likely to affect your region. Be prepared to adapt this information to your personal circumstances and make every effort to follow instruc­tions received from authorities on the scene. With these simple preparations, you can be ready for the unex­pected. Those who take the time to prepare themselves and their pets will likely encounter less difficulty, stress and worry. Take the time now to get yourself and your pet ready.For more information, visit or call 1-800-BE-READY.

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The Ranch at Brushy Creek HOA Newsletter - September 2011

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The Ranch at Brushy Creek HOA Newsletter - September 2011




While “The Ranch at Brushy Creek Pet Gallery” is finally prepared and viewable at , you may have noticed that I was NOT FULLY prepared to allow for the voting process, as I originally described in our July and August Newsletters, so we cannot print a photo of the “Winner.” My apologies for that. However, I would like to spotlight the lovely pets from a few “early-bird” entries: You can see the beautiful full-color photos at www.DebbyandMike. com . AND, please remember, you can still send us your pet photos to display at the RBC Pet Gallery. We are happy to live in a community that cares as much as our community does and we want to help by providing helpful information and updates in this PetsCorner section of the newsletter. Let us know if there is anything specific you’d like us to cover. Thank You! Michael and Debby



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The Ranch at Brushy Creek HOA Newsletter - September 2011




The Ranch at Brushy Creek HOA Newsletter - September 2011

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THE BULLETIN ADOPTION COALITION Omar is a sweet, loving boy—and he almost always has a smile on face! While he is extremely active and loves to play sports and be outside, Omar does well academically and is a very polite young man. Omar, who turns ten in November, needs an active and involved family who can provide him with consistent expectations, boundaries and structure. An abundance of support and patience will help Omar achieve success in his promising young life. To find out more about Omar, please contact Grace Lindgren, LMSW, Wendy’s Wonderful Kids Recruiter, at the Adoption Coalition of Texas (512) 810-0813 or Adopting a child from the foster care system requires little or no cost to the adoptive family and funding may be available to help the adoptive family support the child or sibling group. To learn more about the foster care adoption process, please call the Adoption Coalition of Texas at (512) 301-2825, email and visit our website at



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The Ranch at Brushy Creek HOA Newsletter - September 2011


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The Ranch at Brushy Creek HOA Newsletter - September 2011

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September 2011 edition of the Ranch at Brushy Creek newsletter