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S eptember 2011, Vol V, I ssue IV

Crime Worries


Our neighborhood has been seeing a rash of minor car breakins and burglaries. Burglars have forcibly entered homes and have been undeterred by alarms. Our thanks go to Jeff Minch who has undertaken to form and head up a security task force. The task force has raised funds to hire off-duty police officers to patrol and hopefully apprehend anyone attempting to commit a crime. Volunteers have been asked to function as Block Captains to keep their neighbors informed of crime and provide proactive response. Block Captains will be contacting residents on their streets and may also solicit your participation in the funding of additional patrols by off-duty Austin police officers. Jeff will be keeping an “away from home” list to allow the Block Captains to be more aware of possible empty homes during this summer vacation season. Please contact him or your Block Captain, along with your immediate neighbors to provide any information about times when your home may be unoccupied. Be observant, report any suspicious activity and note down license plates on unfamiliar cars. Burglaries have mostly occurred around dusk, so be extra vigilant at that time. The Pemberton ListServ is an invaluable help in notifying your neighbors of suspicious activity and reporting events. Please visit the Pemberton Website at to sign up to the ListServ. To donate to the Security Fund or to volunteer to be a Block Captain, please contact Jeff.

Everyone is wilting with over 50 days of 100 plus degree temperatures and minimal rainfall this summer. Conditions are very dry. Trees and landscaping in the neighborhood are struggling. The City has instituted Stage 1 watering restrictions, including restricted watering days. Odd numbered addresses may water Wednesdays and Saturdays. Even numbered addresses may water Thursdays and Sundays. Tuesdays and Fridays are reserved for commercial and multi-family properties. Irrigation systems are not allowed to be running between 10 in the morning and 7 at night. Distressed trees should be watered once every two weeks. When to water? Early in the morning is best, before 10:00. How much to water? For every inch of trunk diameter, a tree needs 5 gallons of water. Therefore, a 6 inch tree should receive a minimum of 30 gallons of water. To help conserve water, consider applying about 2 –3 inches of mulch to help save the moisture in the soil around your plants. Maintain a 6-12 inch gap away from tree trunks to avoid damage to the plant. Extreme caution should be taken when working outside. Make sure you take precautions, drinking enough water, staying in the shade, applying sunscreen and wearing a hat and loose, long sleeved shirts. City Council has recently drafted an amendment to the Fire Code prohibiting open flame cooking in multi-family complexes. Residents in Pemberton should also exercise caution when employing any open flame cooking outdoors until conditions ease.

Jeffrey L Minch President, CEO, Director Littlefield Corporation 2501 N Lamar Blvd Austin, Texas 78705 512-476-5141 office 512-692-1730 fax 512-656-1383 cell

Conditions Call for Caution

MARK YOUR CALENDARS! PHNA ANNUAL PICNIC October 23 5-7pm 1402 Wooldridge Drive Fun – Food – Fellowship $50 a family covers your annual dues and your picnic meal See you there!

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The Pemberton Journal - September 2011


The Pemberton Journal CRITICAL CONTACTS Jeff Minch.......................................... Susan Pascoe.....................................

OTHER CONTACTS VIRTUAL PRESIDENT ............................................... REPORT OF CRIME Jeff Minch....................................... Kathryn Miller Anderson TRIANGLES ............................................... ZONING

Candace Volz...........................


Editor Betty Trent.......................... PUBLISHER Peel, Inc......................., 512-263-9181 Advertising............................... PERSONAL CLASSIFIEDS (one time sell items, such as a used bike...) run at no charge to Pemberton Heights residents, limit 30 words, please e-mail BUSINESS CLASSIFIEDS (offering a service or product line for profit) are $50, limit 40 words, please contact Peel, Inc. Sales Office @ 512-263-9181 or

PHNA Balance Sheet / Income Statement Description YTD - Comments July 31 -2011 Assets Security Fund $35,929 Wells Fargo General Fund $9,917 Wells Fargo Carriage/Guides $185 Wells Fargo Total Wells Fargo $46,031 Triangle Fund $22,000 Keep Austin Beautiful Total Assets $68,031 Income June Security Fund



General Fund (Dues) $150 $1,900 Carriage/Guides $210 Triangle Fund $100 Total Income $1,650 $35,873 Expenses Security $12,723 / Insurance Fall Picnic Food, Entertainment, Tables, etc. Winter Carriage Rides Carriage rentals Triangle Transfer to KAB, Landscaping and Maintenance Insurance Liability for PHNA Officers Misc $71 $1,068 Website, PayPal fees, PO Box, etc. Total Expenses Surplus / (Deficit)

$71 $1,579

$13,791 $22,082

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The Pemberton Journal - September 2011

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The Pemberton Journal CENTRAL WEST AUSTIN Combined Neighborhood Contact Team Update

Now that the Neighborhood Plan has been finalized, a Contact Team has been formed to assist in implementing and modifying the plan. You may contact anyone with any thoughts or issues in regards to the neighborhood plan. NEW MEMBERS ELECTED TO THE CONTACT TEAM INCLUDE:

August ( Happy) Harris Joyce Basciano Michael Cannatti Michael Curry Pat Jobe Roya Johnson

Susan Pascoe Shawn Sillington Blake Tollett Betty Trent Tina Weinberger Candy Volz


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The Pemberton Journal - September 2011


The Pemberton Journal IMAGINE AUSTIN

Meeting Set for August 16th Austin is expected to double in size over the next twenty years. In order to successfully plan for a framework of development that will shape and manage the amount of growth and population expected, Austin has been undertaking a new comprehensive planning process. August 16th you are invited to participate in a meeting with Imagine Austin staff to discuss the relationship between Imagine Austin and the City’s neighborhood plans. Staff will provide information on draft language for the Imagine Austin Plan and how the proposed plan will support neighborhood plans. The meeting will be at One Texas Center at 505 Barton Springs Road, Room 325 . The meeting will be held from 6:30 to 8:30. No rsvp is required and light refreshments will be available. Check out the city’s website htm for information on the plan to date.



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The Pemberton Journal HISTORIC PRESERVATION PROGRAM ZONING UPDATE Betty Trent, AIA LEED AP On July 28, the City Council discussed several upcoming changes to the Historic Preservation Program. In response to a lawsuit, the council has directed the city manager to make recommendations on how to amend the current ordinance to reflect State law requirements. State law requires each property given a tax emption status to have a more stringent review each year for compliance with certain criteria. State law criteria would require a property to not have been altered significantly from its condition when first listed and to show a current need for tax emption status. In addition, the city manager is directed to make recommendations for an inspection fee to cover the on-going inspections required. Finally the city manager is asked to make recommendations for funding, including an assistance program for low income owners and staffing needed to implement the new requirements.

cap will be implemented immediately for all new ( approved after January 2010) properties or existing properties that have changed ownership. Existing exemptions over the cap will be gradually reduced in the next 5 years. The formula for the tax exemption will be based on a combined value of the land and the improvements. The changes to the ordinance will also include: Guidelines for design considerations for additions and new construction which will also be studied to serve as a template for development for local historic districts. A 180 day delay period for demolition permits filed for contributing properties. Modify the petition requirements to require support of an initiation for a local historic district from 51% of the area or 51% of the property owners.

The cap for a property tax exemption is proposed to be $2500. This may be indexed to future increases or decreases in value. This

9th Annual


October 22-23, 2011 12:00 PM – 6:00 PM Tickets available October 1, 2011 Pre Purchased $20 for all homes HOME LOCATIONS:

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6806 ROCKLEDGE COVE Austin Impressions

3112 LAFAYETTE AVENUE Texas Construction Company

4107 PAINT ROCK DRIVE Realty Restoration

1200 SHELLEY AVENUE Premier Partners Homes

717 POST OAK STREET CG&S Design-Build

1012 E 8TH STREET Avenue B Development

5701 HERO DRIVE Straight & Level Construction

6604 VINE STREET CG&S Design-Build

The Pemberton Journal - September 2011


The Pemberton Journal REVISED BYLAWS Proposed for the PHNA

A group of past board members and other active volunteers have come together to propose a modified set of bylaws for the Association. Final Voting Details should be posted to the website by Sept 2. The goal of the proposal is to help revitalize the Association by simplifying its structure and streamlining its procedures. For example: The current bylaws call for 10 to 12 members on the board of directors; the proposal reduces that to five. The proposal allows for the Association to conduct board elections and other votes online (proxy voting has not been changed). The proposal reduces dues to $30/year in order to encourage wider participation at the voting level. The many services that the PHNA currently maintains, including the annual picnic, the triangle projects, the security fund, and the carriage rides, are not affected by the change.



There you will find the full text of the proposed bylaws, the current bylaws, and details of the voting process. You will also find a discussion board where you can ask questions and share your opinions with other Association members. If for some reason you are unable to access the web site, you can receive a paper copy of the information by sending an email to or calling Susan Pascoe 512.708.9232 The precise scheduling for the vote was not available at press time, but is planned for the end of September. Board elections are tentatively scheduled for October as well. We encourage all members to consider running for a position on the board!

For more information, please go to the Pemberton Heights web


The Pemberton Journal - September 2011

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The Pemberton Journal - September 2011


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The Pemberton Journal - September 2011

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Pemberton Heights - September 2011  

September 2011 edition of The Pemberton Journal for Pemberton Heights

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