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Newsletter for the Citizens of Lakeway


Volume 3, Issue 9 September 2011



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Lakeway Voice - September 2011


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Lakeway Voice - September 2011

Copyright © 2011 Peel, Inc.

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Do you take great photos? Would you like to see your photo published? We are looking for great cover photos for upcoming issues of the Lakeway Voice. All photos submitted must represent Lakeway. Our deadine for submittals is always the 9th of the month prior to the issue. All photos should be submitted electronically by the deadline date in high resolution (300 dpi) to Portrait (vertical) photos work best. This month's cover photo was submitted by Kelly Wood Rich. To view other photos submitted please visit, then click "Photo Album" at the bottom of the page. By submitting your photo you agree to allow your photo to be published in future issues of the Lakeway Voice or other Peel, Inc. publications.

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IMPORTANT NUMBERS EMERGENCY NUMBERS EMERGENCY................................................................911

Fire....................................................................................... 911 Ambulance........................................................................... 911 Police Department...............................................512-314-7590 Sheriff – Non-Emergency.....................................512-974-0845 Travis County ESD No.6/Lake Travis Fire Rescue Administration Office.......................................512-266-2533 Travis County Animal Control.............................512-972-6060


Lake Travis ISD....................................................512-533-6000 Lake Travis High School.......................................512-533-6100 Lake Travis Middle School...................................512-533-6200 Lake Travis Elementary.........................................512-533-6300 Hudson Bend Middle School...............................512-533-6400 Lake Pointe Elementary........................................512-533-6500 Lakeway Elementary............................................512-533-6350 Serene Hills Elementary.......................................512-533-7400 Bee Cave Elementary............................................512-533-6250


Travis County WCID # 17...................................512-266-1111 Lakeway MUD....................................................512-261-6222 Hurst Creek MUD...............................................512-261-6281 Austin Energy ......................................................512-322-9100 Pedernales Electric................................................888-554-4732 Texas Gas Service Custom Service..............................................1-800-700-2443 Emergencies......................................................512-370-8609 Call Before You Dig..........................................512-472-2822 AT&T New Service...................................................1-800-464-7928 Repair............................................................1-800-246-8464 Billing............................................................1-800-858-7928 Time Warner Cable Customer Service..............................................512-485-5555 Repairs.............................................................512-485-5080 IESI (Trash & Recycle).........................................512-282-3508 Austin/Travis County Hazardous Waste...............512-974-4343


Lake Travis Community Library...........................512-263-2885 Lake Travis Postal Office.......................................512-263-2458 Lakeway City Hall................................................512-314-7500 City of Lakeway..........................................


Peel, Inc...............................................................512-263-9181

Lakeway Voice - September 2011


ฤ”ฤšฤ‰ฤ‘ฤžฤ˜ฤŠฤ—ฤ›ฤŽฤ“ฤŒฤ™ฤฤŠ ฤ“ฤ”ฤœฤ•ฤ—ฤ”ฤšฤ‰ฤ‘ฤžฤ˜ฤŠฤ—ฤ›ฤŽฤ“ฤŒฤ™ฤฤŠ ฤŒฤ—ฤ”ฤœฤŽฤ“ฤŒฤ†ฤฤŠฤœฤ†ฤžฤ”ฤ’ฤ’ฤšฤ“ฤŽฤ™ฤž ฤ“ฤ”ฤœฤ•ฤ—ฤ”ฤšฤ‰ฤ‘ฤžฤ˜ฤŠฤ—ฤ›ฤŽฤ“ฤŒฤ™ฤฤŠ ฤ†ฤฤŠฤœฤ†ฤžฤ”ฤ’ฤ’ฤšฤ“ฤŽฤ™ฤž ฤ“ฤ”ฤœฤ•ฤ—ฤ”ฤšฤ‰ฤ‘ฤžฤ˜ฤŠฤ—ฤ›ฤŽฤ“ฤŒฤ™ฤฤŠ ฤŒฤ—ฤ”ฤœฤŽฤ“ฤŒฤ†ฤฤŠฤœฤ†ฤžฤ”ฤ’ฤ’ฤšฤ“ฤŽฤ™ฤž ฤ“ฤ”ฤœฤ•ฤ—ฤ”ฤšฤ‰ฤ‘ฤžฤ˜ฤŠฤ—ฤ›ฤŽฤ“ฤŒฤ™ฤฤŠ ฤ“ฤ”ฤœฤ•ฤ—ฤ”ฤšฤ‰ฤ‘ฤžฤ˜ฤŠฤ—ฤ›ฤŽฤ“ฤŒฤ™ฤฤŠ ฤŒฤ—ฤ”ฤœฤŽฤ“ฤŒฤ†ฤฤŠฤœฤ†ฤžฤ”ฤ’ฤ’ฤšฤ“ฤŽฤ™ฤž Table of Contents NOW PROUDLY SERVING ฤŒฤ—ฤ”ฤœฤŽฤ“ฤŒฤ†ฤฤŠฤœฤ†ฤžฤ”ฤ’ฤ’ฤšฤ“ฤŽฤ™ฤž ฤŒฤ—ฤ”ฤœฤŽฤ“ฤŒฤ†ฤฤŠฤœฤ†ฤžฤ”ฤ’ฤ’ฤšฤ“ฤŽฤ™ฤž ฤŒฤ—ฤ”ฤœฤŽฤ“ฤŒฤ†ฤฤŠฤœฤ†ฤžฤ”ฤ’ฤ’ฤšฤ“ฤŽฤ™ฤž ฤ“ฤ”ฤœฤ•ฤ—ฤ”ฤšฤ‰ฤ‘ฤžฤ˜ฤŠฤ—ฤ›ฤŽฤ“ฤŒฤ™ฤฤŠ AROUND LAKEWAY THE LAKE TRAVIS AREA


ยŠวฒย‹ย…วณย‡ย•ย‹ย”ย‡ย†ย†ย‹วก ยƒย”ย‡ย•ยŠวฒย‹ย…วณย‡ย•ย‹ย”ย‡ย†ย†ย‹วก

5 Cookies for Kids' Cancer Bake Sale 6 Lakeway Forced Annexation 8 Tree Roots, a Wine Glass, and a Dinner Plate 9 The Blood Center of Central Texas 10 Indoor City Wide Garage Sale 12 The Womenโ€™s Club Of Greater Lakeway 13 Lakewayโ€™s Big Band Bash 14 Lakeway Ladies Golf Group 16 "Paws & Claws at Flintrock Falls" 17 Save the DATE! 17 Lakeway Menโ€™s Breakfast Club 18 2011 โ€œDancing With The Starsโ€ Gala Benefits the Lake Travis Community Library

ย‡ย–ย–ย‡ย”ย‡ย†ย‹ย…ย‹ยย‡วค SCHOOL NEWS 20 Lake Travis ISD 2011-2012 District Calendar ย‡ย–ย–ย‡ย”ย‡ย†ย‹ย…ย‹ยย‡วค  ย‡ย–ย–ย‡ย”ยƒย”ย‡วค 21 LTEF Seeks Sponsors and Golfers For Annual Tournament

Naresh โ€œVicโ€ ยƒย”ย‡ย•ยŠวฒย‹ย…วณย‡ย•ย‹ย”ย‡ย†ย†ย‹วก Desireddi, MD ยƒย”ย‡ย•ยŠวฒย‹ย…วณย‡ย•ย‹ย”ย‡ย†ย†ย‹วก ยƒย”ย‡ย•ยŠวฒย‹ย…วณย‡ย•ย‹ย”ย‡ย†ย†ย‹วก ย‡ย–ย–ย‡ย”ย‡ย†ย‹ย…ย‹ยย‡วค ยƒย”ย‡ย•ยŠวฒย‹ย…วณย‡ย•ย‹ย”ย‡ย†ย†ย‹วก   ย‡ย–ย–ย‡ย”ยƒย”ย‡วค วกยƒย”ย‡ย•ยŠวฒย‹ย…วณย‡ย•ย‹ย”ย‡ย†ย†ย‹วก

อ•อ›ย—ย”ย‘ยŽย‘ย‰ย‹ย•ย–ย•ย•ย‡ย”ย˜ย‹ยย‰ย–ยŠย‡ ย‡ย–ย–ย‡ย”ย‡ย†ย‹ย…ย‹ยย‡วค อ•อ›ย—ย”ย‘ยŽย‘ย‰ย‹ย•ย–ย•ย•ย‡ย”ย˜ย‹ยย‰ย–ยŠย‡  ย‡ย–ย–ย‡ย”ย‡ย†ย‹ย…ย‹ยย‡วค ย‡ย–ย–ย‡ย”ยƒย”ย‡วค 21 Lake Travisโ€™ 2011 Football Schedule ย‰ย”ย‡ยƒย–ย‡ย”ย—ย•ย–ย‹ยยƒย”ย‡ยƒยˆย‘ย”ย‘ย˜ย‡ย”อ–อ” ย‡ย–ย–ย‡ย”ย‡ย†ย‹ย…ย‹ยย‡วค ย‡ย–ย–ย‡ย”ย‡ย†ย‹ย…ย‹ยย‡วค   ย‡ย–ย–ย‡ย”ยƒย”ย‡วค ย–ย‡ย˜ย‡ยย‹ย…ยย‡ย–ย–วก ย›ย‡ยƒย”ย•วกยย‘ย™ย‘ย’ย‡ยย‹ยย‰ย‹ย–ย•ย†ย‘ย‘ย”ย•ยƒย– ย‡ย–ย–ย‡ย”ย‡ย†ย‹ย…ย‹ยย‡วค  ย‡ย–ย–ย‡ย”ยƒย”ย‡วค BUSINESS SECTION อ•อ›ย—ย”ย‘ยŽย‘ย‰ย‹ย•ย–ย•ย•ย‡ย”ย˜ย‹ยย‰ย–ยŠย‡ ย‰ย”ย‡ยƒย–ย‡ย”ย—ย•ย–ย‹ยยƒย”ย‡ยƒยˆย‘ย”ย‘ย˜ย‡ย”อ–อ”  ย‡ย–ย–ย‡ย”ยƒย”ย‡วค ย‡ย–ย–ย‡ย”ย‡ย†ย‹ย…ย‹ยย‡วค ย‹ย–ย•ยย‡ย™ย‡ย•ย–ยŽย‘ย…ยƒย–ย‹ย‘ยวฃ   ย‡ย–ย–ย‡ย”ยƒย”ย‡วค 22 Eight Business Networking Groups in the Area อ•อ›ย—ย”ย‘ยŽย‘ย‰ย‹ย•ย–ย•ย•ย‡ย”ย˜ย‹ยย‰ย–ยŠย‡   ย‡ย–ย–ย‡ย”ยƒย”ย‡วค  ย‰ย”ย‡ยƒย–ย‡ย”ย—ย•ย–ย‹ยยƒย”ย‡ยƒยˆย‘ย”ย‘ย˜ย‡ย”อ–อ”  ย‡ย–ย–ย‡ย”ยƒย”ย‡วค ย‡ย˜ย‡ยย‹ย…ยย‡ย–ย–วก อ•อ›ย—ย”ย‘ยŽย‘ย‰ย‹ย•ย–ย•ย•ย‡ย”ย˜ย‹ยย‰ย–ยŠย‡ อ•อ›ย—ย”ย‘ยŽย‘ย‰ย‹ย•ย–ย•ย•ย‡ย”ย˜ย‹ยย‰ย–ยŠย‡ 24 State Representative Workman to Address Local GOP Club อ•อ˜อ•อ•ยƒยย…ยŠย‘ยƒย†อšอ–อ”ย‘ย—ย–ยŠ ย–ย‡ย˜ย‡ยย‹ย…ยย‡ย–ย–วก ย›ย‡ยƒย”ย•วกยย‘ย™ย‘ย’ย‡ยย‹ยย‰ย‹ย–ย•ย†ย‘ย‘ย”ย•ยƒย– ย‰ย”ย‡ยƒย–ย‡ย”ย—ย•ย–ย‹ยยƒย”ย‡ยƒยˆย‘ย”ย‘ย˜ย‡ย”อ–อ” ย›ย‡ยƒย”ย•วกยย‘ย™ย‘ย’ย‡ยย‹ยย‰ย‹ย–ย•ย†ย‘ย‘ย”ย•ยƒย– อ•อ›ย—ย”ย‘ยŽย‘ย‰ย‹ย•ย–ย•ย•ย‡ย”ย˜ย‹ยย‰ย–ยŠย‡ ยƒยย‡ย™ยƒย›วกอ›อœอ›อ—อ˜ Steven ย‰ย”ย‡ยƒย–ย‡ย”ย—ย•ย–ย‹ยยƒย”ย‡ยƒยˆย‘ย”ย‘ย˜ย‡ย”อ–อ” ย–ย‡ย˜ย‡ยย‹ย…ยย‡ย–ย–วก ย‰ย”ย‡ยƒย–ย‡ย”ย—ย•ย–ย‹ยยƒย”ย‡ยƒยˆย‘ย”ย‘ย˜ย‡ย”อ–อ” อ•อ›ย—ย”ย‘ยŽย‘ย‰ย‹ย•ย–ย•ย•ย‡ย”ย˜ย‹ยย‰ย–ยŠย‡ อ•อ›ย—ย”ย‘ยŽย‘ย‰ย‹ย•ย–ย•ย•ย‡ย”ย˜ย‹ยย‰ย–ยŠย‡ ย›ย‡ยƒย”ย•วกยย‘ย™ย‘ย’ย‡ยย‹ยย‰ย‹ย–ย•ย†ย‘ย‘ย”ย•ยƒย– ย‹ย–ย•ยย‡ย™ย‡ย•ย–ยŽย‘ย…ยƒย–ย‹ย‘ยวฃ Pickett, MD ย‹ย–ย•ยย‡ย™ย‡ย•ย–ยŽย‘ย…ยƒย–ย‹ย‘ยวฃ ศ‹อ™อ•อ–ศŒอ–อšอ—วฆอ”อ—อ”อ” NEWS YOU CAN USE ย‰ย”ย‡ยƒย–ย‡ย”ย—ย•ย–ย‹ยยƒย”ย‡ยƒยˆย‘ย”ย‘ย˜ย‡ย”อ–อ” ย–ย‡ย˜ย‡ยย‹ย…ยย‡ย–ย–วก ย–ย‡ย˜ย‡ยย‹ย…ยย‡ย–ย–วก ย›ย‡ยƒย”ย•วกยย‘ย™ย‘ย’ย‡ยย‹ยย‰ย‹ย–ย•ย†ย‘ย‘ย”ย•ยƒย– ย‰ย”ย‡ยƒย–ย‡ย”ย—ย•ย–ย‹ยยƒย”ย‡ยƒยˆย‘ย”ย‘ย˜ย‡ย”อ–อ”


ย›ย‡ยƒย”ย•วกยย‘ย™ย‘ย’ย‡ยย‹ยย‰ย‹ย–ย•ย†ย‘ย‘ย”ย•ยƒย– ย‰ย”ย‡ยƒย–ย‡ย”ย—ย•ย–ย‹ยยƒย”ย‡ยƒยˆย‘ย”ย‘ย˜ย‡ย”อ–อ” ย‹ย–ย•ยย‡ย™ย‡ย•ย–ยŽย‘ย…ยƒย–ย‹ย‘ยวฃ 26 Lakeway MUD Water ย›ย‡ยƒย”ย•วกยย‘ย™ย‘ย’ย‡ยย‹ยย‰ย‹ย–ย•ย†ย‘ย‘ย”ย•ยƒย– ย›ย‡ยƒย”ย•วกยย‘ย™ย‘ย’ย‡ยย‹ยย‰ย‹ย–ย•ย†ย‘ย‘ย”ย•ยƒย– อ•อ˜อ•อ•ยƒยย…ยŠย‘ยƒย†อšอ–อ”ย‘ย—ย–ยŠ ย‹ย–ย•ยย‡ย™ย‡ย•ย–ยŽย‘ย…ยƒย–ย‹ย‘ยวฃ ย”ย‡ยƒย–ย‹ยย‰ย„ย‘ย–ยŠยƒยŽย‡ยƒยย† ย‡ยยƒยŽย‡ Restrictions ยƒย˜ย‹ย† ย”ย‡ย‹ย†ย„ย‡ย”ย‰วก ย‹ย–ย•ยย‡ย™ย‡ย•ย–ยŽย‘ย…ยƒย–ย‹ย‘ยวฃ ย›ย‡ยƒย”ย•วกยย‘ย™ย‘ย’ย‡ยย‹ยย‰ย‹ย–ย•ย†ย‘ย‘ย”ย•ยƒย– อ•อ˜อ•อ•ยƒยย…ยŠย‘ยƒย†อšอ–อ”ย‘ย—ย–ยŠ ย‹ย–ย•ยย‡ย™ย‡ย•ย–ยŽย‘ย…ยƒย–ย‹ย‘ยวฃ อ•อ˜อ•อ•ยƒยย…ยŠย‘ยƒย†อšอ–อ”ย‘ย—ย–ยŠ ย‹ย–ย•ยย‡ย™ย‡ย•ย–ยŽย‘ย…ยƒย–ย‹ย‘ยวฃ ยƒยย‡ย™ยƒย›วกอ›อœอ›อ—อ˜ ย”ย‘ยŽย‘ย‰ย›ย‹ยย…ยŽย—ย†ย‹ยย‰วฃ ย‹ย–ย•ยย‡ย™ย‡ย•ย–ยŽย‘ย…ยƒย–ย‹ย‘ยวฃ อ•อ˜อ•อ•ยƒยย…ยŠย‘ยƒย†อšอ–อ”ย‘ย—ย–ยŠ ยƒยย‡ย™ยƒย›วกอ›อœอ›อ—อ˜ IN EVERY ISSUE ศ‹อ™อ•อ–ศŒอ–อšอ—วฆอ”อ—อ”อ” ศˆ ย”ย‹ยยƒย”ย›ย‹ฦฅย…ย—ยŽย–ย‹ย‡ย• ยƒยย‡ย™ยƒย›วกอ›อœอ›อ—อ˜ อ•อ˜อ•อ•ยƒยย…ยŠย‘ยƒย†อšอ–อ”ย‘ย—ย–ยŠ อ•อ˜อ•อ•ยƒยย…ยŠย‘ยƒย†อšอ–อ”ย‘ย—ย–ยŠ อ•อ˜อ•อ•ยƒยย…ยŠย‘ยƒย†อšอ–อ”ย‘ย—ย–ยŠ ยƒยย‡ย™ยƒย›วกอ›อœอ›อ—อ˜ 25 Business Classifieds ศˆ ย‹ย†ยย‡ย›ย–ย‘ยย‡ย• ศ‹อ™อ•อ–ศŒอ–อšอ—วฆอ”อ—อ”อ” ยƒยย‡ย™ยƒย›วกอ›อœอ›อ—อ˜ ยƒยย‡ย™ยƒย›วกอ›อœอ›อ—อ˜ อ•อ˜อ•อ•ยƒยย…ยŠย‘ยƒย†อšอ–อ”ย‘ย—ย–ยŠ ยƒยย‡ย™ยƒย›วกอ›อœอ›อ—อ˜ ศ‹อ™อ•อ–ศŒอ–อšอ—วฆอ”อ—อ”อ” ศ‹อ™อ•อ–ศŒอ–อšอ—วฆอ”อ—อ”อ” 26 Teenage Job Seekers ศˆ ย‡ยŽย˜ย‹ย…ยƒย‹ย ย”ย‡ยƒย–ย‹ยย‰ย„ย‘ย–ยŠยƒยŽย‡ยƒยย† ย‡ยยƒยŽย‡ ยƒย˜ย‹ย† ย”ย‡ย‹ย†ย„ย‡ย”ย‰วก ศ‹อ™อ•อ–ศŒอ–อšอ—วฆอ”อ—อ”อ” ศ‹อ™อ•อ–ศŒอ–อšอ—วฆอ”อ—อ”อ” ศ‹อ™อ•อ–ศŒอ–อšอ—วฆอ”อ—อ”อ” ศˆ ย”ย‘ย•ย–ยƒย–ย‡ ย‡ยƒยŽย–ยŠ ยƒยย‡ย™ยƒย›วกอ›อœอ›อ—อ˜

ย–ย‡ย˜ย‡ยย‹ย…ยย‡ย–ย–วก ย–ย‡ย˜ย‡ยย‹ย…ยย‡ย–ย–วก

ย”ย‡ยƒย–ย‹ยย‰ย„ย‘ย–ยŠยƒยŽย‡ยƒยย† ย‡ยยƒยŽย‡ ยƒย˜ย‹ย† ย”ย‡ย‹ย†ย„ย‡ย”ย‰วก ย”ย‘ยŽย‘ย‰ย›ย‹ยย…ยŽย—ย†ย‹ยย‰วฃ ศˆ ย‡ยšย—ยƒยŽย›ย•ยˆย—ยย…ย–ย‹ย‘ย David ย”ย‡ยƒย–ย‹ยย‰ย„ย‘ย–ยŠยƒยŽย‡ยƒยย† ย‡ยยƒยŽย‡ ศ‹อ™อ•อ–ศŒอ–อšอ—วฆอ”อ—อ”อ” ยƒย˜ย‹ย† ย”ย‡ย‹ย†ย„ย‡ย”ย‰วก ย‹ย…ยŠยƒย‡ยŽย…ยŽย‡ยŽยŽยƒยย†วก ย”ย‘ยŽย‘ย‰ย›ย‹ยย…ยŽย—ย†ย‹ยย‰วฃ Friedberg, MD ย”ย‡ยƒย–ย‹ยย‰ย„ย‘ย–ยŠยƒยŽย‡ยƒยย† ย‡ยยƒยŽย‡ ยƒย˜ย‹ย† ย”ย‡ย‹ย†ย„ย‡ย”ย‰วก ย”ย‡ยƒย–ย‹ยย‰ย„ย‘ย–ยŠยƒยŽย‡ยƒยย† ย‡ยยƒยŽย‡ ศˆ ย”ย‹ยยƒย”ย›ย‹ฦฅย…ย—ยŽย–ย‹ย‡ย• ย˜ย‹ย† ย”ย‡ย‹ย†ย„ย‡ย”ย‰วก ยƒย˜ย‹ย† ย”ย‡ย‹ย†ย„ย‡ย”ย‰วก ย”ย‘ยŽย‘ย‰ย›ย‹ยย…ยŽย—ย†ย‹ยย‰วฃ ย”ย‡ยƒย–ย‹ยย‰ย„ย‘ย–ยŠยƒยŽย‡ยƒยย† ย‡ยยƒยŽย‡




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ย”ย‡ยƒย–ย‹ยย‰ย„ย‘ย–ยŠยƒยŽย‡ยƒยย† ย‡ยยƒยŽย‡

ยƒย˜ย‹ย† ย”ย‡ย‹ย†ย„ย‡ย”ย‰วก ย”ย‘ยŽย‘ย‰ย›ย‹ยย…ยŽย—ย†ย‹ยย‰วฃ ศˆ ย”ย‘ยŽย‘ย‰ย›ย‹ยย…ยŽย—ย†ย‹ยย‰วฃ ย‘ย”ยย‘ย”ย‡ย‹ยยˆย‘ย”ยยƒย–ย‹ย‘ยยƒย„ย‘ย—ย–ย”ย‘ยŽย‘ย‰ย›ย—ย•ย–ย‹ยย’ยŽย‡ยƒย•ย‡ย˜ย‹ย•ย‹ย–ย‘ย—ย”ย™ย‡ย„ย•ย‹ย–ย‡ ศˆ ย”ย‹ยยƒย”ย›ย‹ฦฅย…ย—ยŽย–ย‹ย‡ย• ย‹ย†ยย‡ย›ย–ย‘ยย‡ย• ย”ย‘ยŽย‘ย‰ย›ย‹ยย…ยŽย—ย†ย‹ยย‰วฃ ศˆ ย”ย‹ยยƒย”ย›ย‹ฦฅย…ย—ยŽย–ย‹ย‡ย• ย”ย‘ยŽย‘ย‰ย›ย‹ยย…ยŽย—ย†ย‹ยย‰วฃ ย”ย‡ยƒย–ย‹ยย‰ย„ย‘ย–ยŠยƒยŽย‡ยƒยย† ย‡ยยƒยŽย‡  ศˆ ย‹ย†ยย‡ย›ย–ย‘ยย‡ย• ย™ย™ย™วคย—ย”ย‘ยŽย‘ย‰ย›ยƒย—ย•ย–ย‹ยวคย…ย‘ย ศˆ ย”ย‹ยยƒย”ย›ย‹ฦฅย…ย—ยŽย–ย‹ย‡ย• ศˆ ย‡ยŽย˜ย‹ย…ยƒย‹ย ศˆ ย”ย‹ยยƒย”ย›ย‹ฦฅย…ย—ยŽย–ย‹ย‡ย• ศˆ ย‹ย†ยย‡ย›ย–ย‘ยย‡ย• ย”ย‘ยŽย‘ย‰ย›ย‹ยย…ยŽย—ย†ย‹ยย‰วฃ ศˆ ย‡ยŽย˜ย‹ย…ยƒย‹ย ศˆ ย‹ย†ยย‡ย›ย–ย‘ยย‡ย• ศˆ ย”ย‹ยยƒย”ย›ย‹ฦฅย…ย—ยŽย–ย‹ย‡ย• ศˆ ย”ย‘ย•ย–ยƒย–ย‡ ย‡ยƒยŽย–ยŠ ศˆ ย”ย‹ยยƒย”ย›ย‹ฦฅย…ย—ยŽย–ย‹ย‡ย• ศˆ ย‹ย†ยย‡ย›ย–ย‘ยย‡ย• ศˆ ย‡ยŽย˜ย‹ย…ยƒย‹ย ศˆ ย”ย‘ย•ย–ยƒย–ย‡ ย‡ยƒยŽย–ยŠ ศˆ ย‡ยŽย˜ย‹ย…ยƒย‹ย ศˆ ย‡ยšย—ยƒยŽย›ย•ยˆย—ยย…ย–ย‹ย‘ย ศˆ ย‹ย†ยย‡ย›ย–ย‘ยย‡ย• ศˆ ย”ย‹ยยƒย”ย›ย‹ฦฅย…ย—ยŽย–ย‹ย‡ย• ศˆ ย‡ยŽย˜ย‹ย…ยƒย‹ย ศˆ ย‹ย†ยย‡ย›ย–ย‘ยย‡ย• ศˆ ย‹ย…ยŠยƒย‡ยŽย…ยŽย‡ยŽยŽยƒยย†วก ศˆ ย”ย‘ย•ย–ยƒย–ย‡ ย‡ยƒยŽย–ยŠ ศˆ ย”ย‘ย•ย–ยƒย–ย‡ ย‡ยƒยŽย–ยŠ ย‡ยšย—ยƒยŽย›ย•ยˆย—ยย…ย–ย‹ย‘ย ศˆ ศˆ ย‡ยŽย˜ย‹ย…ยƒย‹ย ศˆ ย‹ย†ยย‡ย›ย–ย‘ยย‡ย• ย‹ย…ยŠยƒย‡ยŽย…ยŽย‡ยŽยŽยƒยย†วก ศˆ ย”ย‘ย•ย–ยƒย–ย‡ ย‡ยƒยŽย–ยŠ ย‡ยšย—ยƒยŽย›ย•ยˆย—ยย…ย–ย‹ย‘ย ศˆ ย‡ยšย—ยƒยŽย›ย•ยˆย—ยย…ย–ย‹ย‘ย ศˆ ย‡ยŽย˜ย‹ย…ยƒย‹ย ย‹ย…ยŠยƒย‡ยŽย…ยŽย‡ยŽยŽยƒยย†วก ศˆ ย‡ยšย—ยƒยŽย›ย•ยˆย—ยย…ย–ย‹ย‘ย ย‹ย…ยŠยƒย‡ยŽย…ยŽย‡ยŽยŽยƒยย†วก ศˆ ย”ย‘ย•ย–ยƒย–ย‡ ย‡ยƒยŽย–ยŠ ศˆMichael ย‡ยŽย˜ย‹ย…ยƒย‹ย ย‘ย”ยย‘ย”ย‡ย‹ยยˆย‘ย”ยยƒย–ย‹ย‘ยยƒย„ย‘ย—ย–ย”ย‘ยŽย‘ย‰ย›ย—ย•ย–ย‹ยย’ยŽย‡ยƒย•ย‡ย˜ย‹ย•ย‹ย–ย‘ย—ย”ย™ย‡ย„ย•ย‹ย–ย‡ Vasectomy ย‹ย…ยŠยƒย‡ยŽย…ยŽย‡ยŽยŽยƒยย†วก

ศˆ ย”ย‘ย•ย–ยƒย–ย‡ ย‡ยƒยŽย–ยŠ ศˆ ย‡ยšย—ยƒยŽย›ย•ยˆย—ยย…ย–ย‹ย‘ย

McClelland, MD ย‘ย”ยย‘ย”ย‡ย‹ยยˆย‘ย”ยยƒย–ย‹ย‘ยยƒย„ย‘ย—ย–ย”ย‘ยŽย‘ย‰ย›ย—ย•ย–ย‹ยย’ยŽย‡ยƒย•ย‡ย˜ย‹ย•ย‹ย–ย‘ย—ย”ย™ย‡ย„ย•ย‹ย–ย‡ ศˆ ย‡ยšย—ยƒยŽย›ย•ยˆย—ยย…ย–ย‹ย‘ย ศˆ ย”ย‘ย•ย–ยƒย–ย‡ ย‡ยƒยŽย–ยŠ ย™ย™ย™วคย—ย”ย‘ยŽย‘ย‰ย›ยƒย—ย•ย–ย‹ยวคย…ย‘ย ย‘ย”ยย‘ย”ย‡ย‹ยยˆย‘ย”ยยƒย–ย‹ย‘ยยƒย„ย‘ย—ย–ย”ย‘ยŽย‘ย‰ย›ย—ย•ย–ย‹ยย’ยŽย‡ยƒย•ย‡ย˜ย‹ย•ย‹ย–ย‘ย—ย”ย™ย‡ย„ย•ย‹ย–ย‡ ย‘ย”ยย‘ย”ย‡ย‹ยยˆย‘ย”ยยƒย–ย‹ย‘ยยƒย„ย‘ย—ย–ย”ย‘ยŽย‘ย‰ย›ย—ย•ย–ย‹ยย’ยŽย‡ยƒย•ย‡ย˜ย‹ย•ย‹ย–ย‘ย—ย”ย™ย‡ย„ย•ย‹ย–ย‡ ย‹ย…ยŠยƒย‡ยŽย…ยŽย‡ยŽยŽยƒยย†วก ย™ย™ย™วคย—ย”ย‘ยŽย‘ย‰ย›ยƒย—ย•ย–ย‹ยวคย…ย‘ย ศˆ ย‡ยšย—ยƒยŽย›ย•ยˆย—ยย…ย–ย‹ย‘ย ย‘ย”ยย‘ย”ย‡ย‹ยยˆย‘ย”ยยƒย–ย‹ย‘ยยƒย„ย‘ย—ย–ย”ย‘ยŽย‘ย‰ย›ย—ย•ย–ย‹ยย’ยŽย‡ยƒย•ย‡ย˜ย‹ย•ย‹ย–ย‘ย—ย”ย™ย‡ย„ย•ย‹ย–ย‡

ย™ย™ย™วคย—ย”ย‘ยŽย‘ย‰ย›ยƒย—ย•ย–ย‹ยวคย…ย‘ย ย™ย™ย™วคย—ย”ย‘ยŽย‘ย‰ย›ยƒย—ย•ย–ย‹ยวคย…ย‘ย ยŠยƒย‡ยŽย…ยŽย‡ยŽยŽยƒยย†วก  ย™ย™ย™วคย—ย”ย‘ยŽย‘ย‰ย›ยƒย—ย•ย–ย‹ยวคย…ย‘ย


ยƒย„ย‘ย—ย–ย”ย‘ยŽย‘ย‰ย›ย—ย•ย–ย‹ยย’ยŽย‡ยƒย•ย‡ย˜ย‹ย•ย‹ย–ย‘ย—ย”ย™ย‡ย„ย•ย‹ย–ย‡ ย™ย™ย™วคย—ย”ย‘ยŽย‘ย‰ย›ยƒย—ย•ย–ย‹ยวคย…ย‘ย ยย‘ย”ย‡ย‹ยยˆย‘ย”ยยƒย–ย‹ย‘ยยƒย„ย‘ย—ย–ย”ย‘ยŽย‘ย‰ย›ย—ย•ย–ย‹ยย’ยŽย‡ยƒย•ย‡ย˜ย‹ย•ย‹ย–ย‘ย—ย”ย™ย‡ย„ย•ย‹ย–ย‡




Lakeway Voice - September 2011

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Bake sale! to support pediatric cancer research

be a goo coo d kie

On Saturday, September 10, Austin will host a large, city-wide bake sale, with 100% of proceeds going to Cookies For Kids’ Cancer. Cookies For Kids’ Cancer raises funds for pediatric cancer research through local bake sales. It was founded by Gretchen Witt, a very determined mother, to help increase her young son’s odds in his cancer battle. When 2.5-year-old Liam was diagnosed in 2007, Gretchen was shocked to learn that the main reason over 25 percent of kids diagnosed with cancer do not survive is because of a lack of effective therapies. And the reason for the lack of therapies was very simple: lack of funding. Cookies for Kids’ Cancer support research at leading pediatric cancer hospitals, including Texas Children’s in Houston. Sadly, Liam lost his battle to the disease this past January. Now, a group of Austin residents, Austin’s Good Cookies, are determined to honor Liam’s life and raise funds for pediatric cancer research. The Austin City-Wide Bake Sale will take place at several locations throughout Austin, the main event being at the Hill Country Galleria Amphitheatre. We will have live music by Joe McDermott and Staci Gray, dance troupe performances, bounce houses, Kiwi the Clown, Gymboree on the Go, Beary Stuffables, raffles for Hill Country Galleria stores gift cards and more! Austin City-Wide Cookies For Kids’ Cancer Bake Sale WHAT: A bake sale to raise funds for pediatric cancer research. WHERE: Steiner Ranch: Bella Mar & Towne Square soccer fields WHEN: Saturday, September 10; 10 am – 3 pm COST: All donations for activities and cookies go directly to Cookies for Kids’ Cancer!

For more information on satellite locations for the bake sale and the Hill Country Galleria event, or if you are interested in volunteering, please go to our blog,

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Lakeway Voice - September 2011


Around Lakeway

Lakeway Forced Annexation

Dear Citizens of Lakeway, The Lakeway Zoning and Planning Commission has officially recommended against the City of Lakeway annexing my neighborhood, Travis Oak Trails. Despite this fact, Mayor DeOme has indicated that our area is still very much under consideration to be annexed. I have been a homeowner and proud resident of the Travis Oak Trails community for the past thirteen years. Before buying our house, my husband and I leased a duplex on Flying Jib in Lakeway for several years. We were drawn to this area from Shreveport, Louisiana as a result of visiting friends who had been living in Lakeway for a number of years. As Lakeway residents my husband and I enjoyed walking our dogs to the park, fishing and going swimming in the lake (no Swim Center yet), rock collecting with our grandchildren, getting to know our neighbors and experiencing the natural beauty of the area. I fell in love with Austin via my landfall in Lakeway, and for this I am extremely grateful. Knowing that we wanted to call the Austin area “home” in a more definitive way, my husband and I began looking for property to buy. However, we prospected for housing outside Lakeway’s city limits for several reasons – we didn’t have the economic status to make Lakeway our permanent domicile, and we wanted a bigger taste of the casual, laid-back (maybe even a bit “weird”) lifestyle that other parts of the Austin area were known for. Driving past the boundaries of Lakeway one morning on a quest to find home, I discovered Travis Oak Trails entirely by accident. It was “love at first sight” as I drove around the streets of TOT, drinking in its flavor – large lots, individually styled houses, the majestic greenbelt, theGen feel of Prmrs_64004 _ 7.5 x 5 -and Rdns Adsomeplace #1594 quiet, warm and friendly. Our realtor showed us newer homes (Continued on Page 7) THIS AD CAN NOT BE EDITED

Why choose Primrose ? ®

Primrose taught my son things that are just being taught in “kindergarten, but he knew them already – letter sounds, counting, math, addition, subtraction. ” — Joseph’s Mom, Primrose Parent

Primrose School of Bee Cave


Primrose School of Four Points


Educational Child Care for Infants through Private Kindergarten and After School

Each Primrose School is a privately owned and operated franchise. Primrose, Primrose Schools, and The Leader in Educational Child Care are trademarks of Primrose School Franchising Company. ©2011 Primrose School Franchising Company. All rights reserved.

Just ask a mom.

Openings are limited! Please call today! 6

Lakeway Voice - September 2011 64004_Prmrs_Rdns_Ad_ID_1594.indd 1

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Lakeway Forced Annexation- (Continued from Page 6) with more modern features and amenities in other neighborhoods with a more unified look and more distinguishing landscaping, but we never really considered any other option after seeing the house that was for sale in Travis Oak Trails. Like a number of other older homes in Travis Oak Trails, our house was unconventionally built by its original owner and is a bit “quirky” in some respects. After we moved in, we continued this trend by putting up a country-style wire fence and created a jewelry studio out of the funky free-standing garage. Although there are a number of ways we could improve our home (if money was no option), friends and family always remark about the “good feeling” of our house and its surrounding neighborhood. Of course, it’s more than the house – We feel incredibly fortunate to have warm and supportive relationships with so many of the neighbors who also call Travis Oak Trails “home”: We pet-sit and house-watch for each other. Fellow musicians gather on front porches to jam. Dog-walkers meet and greet on the tar-surfaced streets and ones that have no pavement at all. We have pot lucks and call on each other when we need a hand. Without a doubt there is a unique culture which has evolved from the nature of this neighborhood that is rare and of exceptional value to its residents. The possible annexation into the City of Lakeway could, and probably would, destroy much of that. And then there are matters that are more concrete in nature that the possibility of annexation suggests. It would be a huge financial burden to make repairs and/ or modifications to our house according to the stricter building codes of Lakeway. I can’t imagine replacing our metal roof, which “sings” in the rain, with one of a different material. The private counseling practice I dream of opening in a small separate office building next to the house would never come to pass. The extra taxes and additional added costs would most likely add up to having to sell our beloved home and settle somewhere else – without our cherished neighbor/friends and our peaceful view of the greenbelt. Several of our neighbors have also shared similar concerns. The thought of being annexed and losing our home is - to say the least -“unbelievably stressful”. The truth be told, it is actually quite frightening. I love calling Travis OakTrails “home” and wish to continue to do so for many years. I appreciate the positive connection I have had with Lakeway for the past 15 years, but being a permanent part of the city is not what I and the vast majority of my neighbors desire. I am satisfied with the services we receive from other entities (protection by the Travis County Sheriff, choice of waste services, etc.). I don’t want the view of the stars from my front porch to be obscured by a mandatory front porch light or be required to follow codes appropriate for and wanted by residents of Lakeway. Travis Oak Trails has a distinct lifestyle, as does the City of Lakeway. In my opinion, annexation would actually dilute the “real flavor” of both communities. Travis Oak Trails and Lakeway have co-existed successfully for nearly 50 years. I along with my neighbors would be most appreciative if you choose to support us and urge the Lakeway City Council to vote “no” regarding annexation of Travis Oak Trails. Sincerely, Camilla Bolch, Travis Oak Trails Subdivision Copyright © 2011 Peel, Inc.

f f o 15% Expires 9/20/11

parts on any repair or maintenance

2009 RR 620 N #530 Austin, TX 78734


Showcase Your Coupon HERE. Call (512) 263-9181.

Featured in the Steiner Ranch Record, Bee Cave Messenger, and Lakeway Voice publications reaching 14,000 homes monthly. To showcase your coupon, call (512) 263-9181. 308 Meadowlark St. Lakeway, Texas 78734 / Lakeway Voice - September 2011


Around Lakeway

Tree Roots, a Wine Glass, and a Dinner Plate This is the second in a series of guest articles.

In construction, as in life, if you don’t lay a solid foundation, everything else is more likely to be a problem. It’s no different for trees, whose roots form the basis for their health and structural soundness. But what control do we have over tree roots that we can’t even see because they grow so deep into the earth? A lot. Because, generally, they don’t. Much of the mistreatment of trees occurs because people don’t realize where the roots are located (or they do and think it doesn’t matter). Generally, most of a tree’s roots grow within the top foot or so of soil and take a horizontal path that extends well outside the tree’s canopy edge (the drip line). Obstructions, elevation changes, and other factors can influence this growth pattern, but knowing the natural character of root growth helps us make better decisions about what we do around trees. Structurally, a mature tree is a wonder of engineering. Its roots and stem (trunk) must support a canopy whose network of branching and foliage sways with the breezes and confronts even more wind force during storms. No wonder people think that roots must grow deep. Rather, as James Urban explains in Up By Roots: Healthy Soils and Trees in the Built Environment, a tree is a vertical cantilever


Lakeway Voice - September 2011

that “resists overturning by relying on the anchoring of the horizontal roots.” Where the trunk flares at the base, it packs on extra wood to form a “bracket” that resists the stresses of weight and force. It then divides into buttress roots to distribute that loading force. The area that flares and transitions into buttress roots is called the root crown or root collar. This part of the tree is extremely important to structural stability. Once underground, these roots taper quickly and transition to other types of roots that perform anchoring, storage, and absorbing functions. The absorbing roots hang out where there’s adequate air and moisture; that’s usually within the top twelve inches of soil. They are responsible for absorbing (Continued on Page 9)

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TREES: The Logical but Harmful- (Continued from Page 8) water and essential elements that the tree needs. Picture a wine glass on a dinner plate. This classic model represents root growth of a tree allowed to grow in an open space. The glass’s bowl is the tree canopy, its base the root crown, and the dinner plate the root system. Keep it in mind, because the root crown and root system will come up over and over again as we explore other issues that impact proper tree care. So does a great root system just happen? Nope. But before we look at how to encourage one from the start, in the next article, we’ll get better acquainted with the root crown. Then planting issues will make more sense. DANIEL HAYDEN Daniel Hayden is an ISA Board Certified Arborist #TX-3748A and resides in Austin. You may reach him at

The Blood Center of Central Texas The Blood Center of Central Texas has a normal demand for 200 units of blood per day. Summer donations are traditionally less than normal, but demand remains constant. Our Lakeway Community Blood Drive plays a significant role in meeting this requirement. Our next Lakeway Community Blood Drive will be held on Saturday, September 17th, at the Lakeway Activity Center, from 8:00 to 12:00. We have plenty of open appointments, so please consider donating if you have not already signed up. To be eligible to donate blood, a person must be at least 17 years of age, weigh at least 115 lbs, and bring a photo ID when they donate. The process takes approximately 30 to 45 minutes. Walk-ins are welcomed, but appointments are honored, so please plan ahead and make an appointment. To schedule an appointment, call Searcy Willis, Lakeway Community Blood Drive Coordinator, @ 261-9055 (home) or 7995714 (cell), or email

we are always the same age inside. —gertrude stein

Introducing The Health Care Center at Longhorn Village retirement community, Austin’s exceptional choice, where age is honored, beauty inspires and care revolves around resident convenience. An extraordinary setting of wellness and vitality that champions the youthful spirit inside each person. With all private accommodations; all the advantages of a new brand of exceptional senior care. Call (512) 382-4664 today for your personal tour, or write to us at

  

Now Open! Direct admission is available

with no entrance fee:

• Assisted Living (highest level licensed in Texas) • Rehabilitation & Skilled Nursing • Memory Care & Alzheimer’s THE HEALTH CARE CENTER AT Support



     


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Lakeway Voice - September 2011


Around Lakeway

Indoor City Wide


Mark your Calendars! TH , 2011 4 2 . SEPT 8 AM - 1 PM ! E N I H S R O N I A R


Admission is FREE! Please bring a canned food item to be donated to charity!!! You'll never know what treasures you'll find at this fun Indoor CityWide Garage Sale in Lakeway! Call 512-261-1010 to inquire on getting a booth!


Ryan Lundberg Sales Manager

PEEL, INC. community newsletters 10

Lakeway Voice - September 2011

512-263-9181 ext 23 Copyright Š 2011 Peel, Inc.






more Comfortable at our N E W R E S O RT M A R I NA



your Boat into a Deep Water Marina anD enjoy it all suMMer long.

- v e n t e d r o o f S – 95% - 162 S l i p S f r o m 24' t o 80’ d e o S u rv C L  -v iT  e i l l a n C e lf R C ar t a C e S S i b  le -T G o t    i C  - C ou r t e S y d ay d o C k S - C o nCierGe boa S erv e     

of SlipS are Shaded

                         19926 THURMAN BEND RD., SPICEWOOD, TX 78669

R e s e r ve A t L a ke Tr a v i s . c o m • 5 1 2 . 2 6 4 . 2 4 5 6 Artist renderings and plans for The Reserve at Lake Travis are under development. Hal Jones Development reserves the right to make changes without notice. No guarantee is made that the proposed features will be constructed, or that if constructed, will be of the number and type described. These materials shall not constitute an offer in any state where prior registration is required. Void where prohibited by law. For unimproved lots at The Reserve at Lake Travis, obtain the property report required by federal law and read it before signing anything. No federal agency has judged the merits or value, if any, of these properties. WARNING: THE CALIFORNIA DEPARTMENT OF REAL ESTATE HAS NOT INSPECTED, EXAMINED, OR QUALIFIED THIS OFFERING.

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Lakeway Voice - September 2011


Around Lakeway


Kick Off the New Season with Best-Selling Author Liliane Desjardin at Sept. Meeting The Women’s Club of Greater Lakeway meeting and luncheon will take place Monday, September 26th in the Rio Grande Ballroom of the Lakeway Resort and Spa. Coffee will be served at 9:30am with the meeting beginning at 10:00am. The featured speaker, Liliane Desjardin, was born in Zagreb, Croatia and educated in Paris, France. Her background is liturgical arts and one of her outstanding works are the Stained Glass windows at the Catholic Chapel at Kennedy International Airport in New York. Upon entering recovery from addictions, Liliane focus shifted from aesthetic beauty to reshaping and re-creating her life and the lives of others. Liliane is a Certified Clinical Addiction Specialist. She is renowned for her highly successful and innovative work and the Desjardins Unified Model of Treatment

of Addictions. She is the co-founder of Pavilion Gilles Desjardins in Val David, Quebec, Canada and Pavillon International a center for treatment of addictions in North Carolina. She has thirty-three years of experience in clinical work. Liliane has a profound and passionate dedication to her work, which is rooted in thirty-seven years of personal recovery. Liliane is a proven leader in the healing of emotions and deep-seated self defeating belief systems and addictions. She has brought hope and healing to thousands. She is an international speaker, workshop leader and has appeared on numerous educational TV programs. With humor, expertise and compassion Liliane creates the necessary elements for transformation, as well as the desire and strength needed for individuals to change and lead more effective and healthy

lives. After retiring from the Pavillon, Liliane and her husband Gilles moved to Austin, TX. Liliane is president of Higher Power Productions. Her focus is now on empowering individuals to access their Authentic Self and actualize their potential. She enjoys playing golf with her husband Gilles and spending time with their adorable little dog named Angel. This interesting and informative meeting is free and open to all Greater Lakeway residents. To make luncheon reservations which will feature informal modeling with fashions from COLDWATER CREEK or for more information about the meeting call Karen Morter 261-4489 or Linda Goodwin 263-1274.

Bikram Yoga Now in Lakeway!

beneFI T bikram yoga 1607 RR 620 N | Lakeway, TX 78734


Discover the beneFI Ts of Bikram Yoga

Grand Opening Special Consecutive Days of Unlimited Yoga

Healthy Body Healthy Mind Healthy Life

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Lakeway Voice - September 2011

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Julia C. Hawthorne, DDS G. Dan Devine, DDS We will gladly assist you with your dental benefits. The Republic of Texas Big Band The City of Lakeway’s Arts Committee has announced plans to host a Lakeway Big Band Bash on Monday, September 26, 2011, from 8 to 10 p.m. The event will have a large dance floor with both theatre and table seating. It will be at the Lakeway Activity Center, 105 Cross Creek in Lakeway (tel. 261-1010). It will be free, but donations to the band will be encouraged. Attendees may bring their own refreshments as none will be provided. Headlining the Lakeway Big Band Bash will be The Republic of Texas Big Band. It is a 17 piece band, conducted by Kent Dugan. This band recently concluded a one-year residency at The Highball night club in South Austin. They consistently drew crowds of dancers of all ages. Expect to hear favorite tunes (with fresh arrangements) from the big band era, including songs made famous by crooners such as Frank Sinatra, Bobby Darin, Dean Martin, Ella Fitzgerald and Billie Holiday. The band often features well known Lakeway singers, David Cummings and Lisa Clark. Get your dancing shoes polished, dress up a bit (not formal), and come out to dance and/or listen to some really great music by one of Austin’s very best bands.

Lakeway/Hills Solos The Solos Club is comprised of single men and women, 55 or older, who reside in Lakeway or the Hills. It provides opportunities for social and educational enjoyment with new and old friends as well as an involvement in the community. The Solos partake in numerous monthly activities including dining, movies, the arts, game nights, trips and numerous other activities. To join the Solos, please contact Virginia Fogleman at 261-3195. SUBMITTED BY: KAY MUESSIG Copyright © 2011 Peel, Inc.

Our high quality dental services include: • Professional Dental Cleanings • Teeth Whitening • Crowns and Bridges • Orthodontics • Dental Laser Treatment

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(512)266.9585 2900 N. Quinlan Park Rd., #160 Austin, Texas 78732 Located in the Shops at Steiner Ranch overlooking the UT Golf Course Dr. Hawthorne & Dr. Devine are General Dentists Lakeway Voice - September 2011


Around Lakeway Lakeway Ladies Golf Group There is one correction regarding the June results for the Lakeway Country Club Nine Hole group. The third place winners of the June 15th scramble included Margaret MYERS (not Margaret Mills).

50 and under: Judy Donohue - 48; Kay Beck – 49; Lenora Hyche - 49 55 & Under: Cheryl Whaling 51; Mary Land 51; Billye Lynn Ratliff 53; Maureen Powell 51; Carol Bosse 53 Special prizes for closet to the “wavy” line were won by Nancy Paquin on #4 and Lenora Hyche on #8

Results of July weekly play as follows:


Lakeway Nine Hole Ladies Golf Lakeway Country Club


Ace of the Month Winner - Judy Donohue – Congratulations! First Flight: 1st place – Karen Vaughan 2nd place – Mary Land 3rd place – Cheryl Whaling Second Flight: 1st place – Billye Lynn Ratliff 2nd place – Deanne Willis 3rd place – Diane Jones Third Flight: 1st Place – Dorothy Boddeker 2nd Place – Dot Fields 3rd Place – Gail Bowman Low Putts: Diane Jones - 12 Chip-Ins: Sandra McCullough - #13 50 and under: Mary Land - 49 55 & Under: Cheryl Whaling 55; Karen Vaughan 54; Billye Lynn Ratliff 55 JULY 13TH – RED, WHITE & BLUE 4 PERSON SCRAMBLE – YAUPON

First Place: Mary Land, Lynda Jones, Carol Bosse and Sarah Berg Second Place: Sandy Walsh, Vivian Craft, Paula Peterson and Robin Hargadon Third Place: Maureen Powell, Diana Hall, Judy Donohue and Carol Smith Closet to the pin: Susan Fieglein #13 and Karen Vaughan #15 JULY 20TH - INDIVIDUAL PLAY – LIVE OAK

First Flight: Second Flight: Third Flight: Low Putts: Chip-Ins:


1st place – Cheryl Whaling 2nd place – Kay Beck 3rd place – Lenora Hyche 1st place – Judy Donohue 2nd place – Carol Bosse 3rd place – Billye Lynn Ratliff 1st Place – Robin Hargadon 2nd Place – Sherri Bettis 3rd Place – Margaret Myers Cheryl Whaling - 14 Billye Lynn Ratliff - #1

Lakeway Voice - September 2011

First Place: Second Place: Third Place:

Nancy Paquin, Cheryl Whaling, Judy Donohue and Margaret Myers Maureen Powell, Deane Willis and Nancy Gregor Becky Lanier, Dorothy Boddeker and Kay Beck


Lakeway Ladies Golf Association 18 Hole Group JULY 12: RED, WHITE & BLUE INDIVIDUAL, LIVE OAK 1st Flight: 1st Place: Sarah Hohner, 71 2nd Place: Patti Lasswell, 71 2nd Flight: 1st Place: Karla Castriotta, 77 2nd Place: Betsy Frost, 79 Low Putts: 25 Sandy Nees Chip-Ins: #2 Patti Lasswell, #8 Rita Hietpas, #14 Betsy Frost & Carolyn Henry, #15 Cathy Shoemaker JULY 20: BEST NINE,YAUPON 1st Flight: 1st Place: Beverly Reid, 31 2nd Place: Sarah Hohner, 34 2nd Flight: 1st Place: Marsha Kish, 31 2nd Place: Sandee Phillips, 33 Low Putts: 27 Marsha Kish Chip Ins: #3 Marsha Kish, #4 Sandy Nees, #15 Carol English, #16 Sarah Hohner JULY 27: AROUND THE CLOCK, LIVE OAK 1st Flight: 1st Place: Paula Crawley, 56 2nd Place: Beverly Reid, 58 2nd Flight: 1st Place: Janis Campbell, 60 2nd Place: Marie Rush, 63 Low Putts: Janis Campbell, 31 Chip Ins: #1 Rita Hietpas, #4 Sarah Hohner, #10 Betsy Frost, #18 Paula Crawley

(Continued on Page 17)

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�arket Trend Watch LAKEWAY FEBRUARY 11' - AUGUST 11'


average average list price sold $/sq. ft.

average sold price

avg. days on market

$300k - 449,999






$450k - 650,000







$350k - 600,000


average average list price sold $/sq. ft. $506,416


average sold price

avg. days on market



This information is taken from the Austin Multiple Listing Service

Look for other specific community Market Analysis in future editions.

YOUR AGENT’S ABILITY TO HELP PRICE YOUR HOME ACCURATELY COULD SAVE YOU THOUSANDS! Nicole's expertise in every aspect of real estate allowed our purchase to run smoothly. We highly recommend Nicole to both sellers and buyers. - J & C Barrett, Lakeway, TX NICOLE PEEL Broker/Owner


Lakeway Voice - September 2011


Around Lakeway

"Paws & Claws At Flintrock Falls"

Benefit Set For October 10th Area animals will find hope thanks to an October 10th luncheon and fashion show at Flintrock Falls Country Club. Dubbed "Paws and Claws at Flintrock Falls," the event offers lunch, entertainment, prizes, and a fashion show featuring top new styles from Nordstrom. Proceeds benefit Friends of Mrs. P, a local pet charity founded by Lakeway resident Gretchen Pachlhofer. Other sponsors include John Paul Pet, Transformation Salon, Mrs. P’s Pet Sitting, Inc., Terrell Veterinary Clinic and other prominent businesses. “Friends of Mrs. P isn’t a typical rescue organization. Our main focus is financial aid for all animals in need – especially those who need special veterinary care,” said Pachlhofer. "We'll be helping animals and having great fun at the same time," said Grace Watson, owner of Lakeway's Transformation Salon. Watson is helping organize Paws & Claws. "People will see some amazing hair, make-up and fashions. Our partnerships with Paul Mitchell and Nordstrom mean this will be a top-notch show." Tarrance Smith, department manager at the Barton Creek Mall Nordstrom location, agrees. "We're excited to be part of Paws & Claws at Flintrock Falls," he observed in a recent interview. "Everyone at Nordstrom loves animals. I can't wait to introduce Lakeway's pet community to Nordstrom's fresh, new styles. It's a great opportunity for everyone." Tickets are priced at $75 and will be available starting September 1, 2001 at Transformation Salon and other select locations. "The room only holds 150 people, so that's how many tickets are available. If you want to be a part of this extraordinary event, grab your tickets now," said Pachlhofer. Sponsorship opportunities for local businesses are still open.

Lakeway Ladies Golf Group- (Continued from Page 15) PURCHASE BY SEPT. 30 & RECEIVE:

Storage Package at no additional Charge See Sales Manager for Details


Any other Available Upgrades from the Builder’s Packages at 1/2 Off of Regular Pricing

AUGUST 3: ACE OF THE MONTH,YAUPON Ace of the Month is Maxie Scott, 67 1st Flight: 1st Place: Vicki Warren, 69 2nd Place: Paula Crawley, 69 2nd Flight: 1st Place: Cathy Shoemaker, 71 2nd Place: Janis Campbell, 75 3rd Flight: 1st Place: Sandee Phillips, 71 2nd Place: Jane Froeschle, 75 Low Putts: 25 Vicki Warren Chip Ins: #18 Maxie Scott SUBMITTED BY: PAULA CRAWLEY, PUBLICITY CHAIR


Lakeway Voice - September 2011

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Save the DATE! Come one, come all on Saturday, October 15, 2011 to Lakeway City Park (502 Hurst Creek Road) and celebrate the season as hot air balloons illuminate the night sky from 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM. Children from around the area are invited to wear their costumes and enjoy an evening featuring “The Loose Wheels” in concert, candy, glitter tattoo artists, balloon twisters, a fun house and a trip into Lakeway’s own Dead End Cemetery! Please, no pets at this event. This event is sponsored by the City of Lakeway Parks and Recreation Department. For more information, please call 314-7530. S U B M I T T E D B Y LY N N KIRCHENBAUER, EVENTS/ ADMIN III, CITY OF LAKEWAY, LY N N K I R C H E N B A U E R @ LAKEWAY-TX.GOV


Program Schedule - September 2011 SEPTEMBER 7, 2011

Fred Hazen Lakeway Resident

The Civil War Along the Mississippi SEPTEMBER 14, 2011

John Doty

Austin Sematirins

SEPTEMBER 21, 2011

Hank Carter

LTHS Football Coach SEPTEMBER 28, 2011

Kirti Sheth Lakeway Resident

Prescription Drugs Facts & Myths

Meetings at the Lakeway Activity Center Available to Men Residing in the Greater Lakeway Area $1 Continental Breakfast at 7:00 am. / Speaker at 8:00 am. No reservations necessary No membership required FOR INFORMATION CALL Tom Cain 363-5793 e-mail:



YOUTH SOCCER,  BASEBALL,   AND  SPORTS  CLASS   Fall sports are beginning soon! Enroll online at or call 608-2634 for more information. 8-Sport skills class: Held at Lakeway Activity Center for age 3-4 and 5-6. Kids will have a chance to practice the skills of 8 sports in this all-sport class. Soccer and Baseball team classes: Held at three locations in Southwest Austin beginning in September. These classes are open to ages 2 to 7, depending on location. Sportball classes will give kids a chance to learn valuable sports skills without the pressure of little league. At soccer/baseball, kids will receive a jersey and practice with their team each Saturday, but will not have an official game   schedule. Classes focus on skills, drills, and scrimmages. All classes are taught by certified coaches.

Schedules and registration at

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Lakeway Voice - September 2011


Around Lakeway 2011 “Dancing With The Stars” Gala Benefits the Lake Travis Community Library Make reservations today for a very entertaining evening Sunday, October 2, 2011, 6:30 P. M. at The World of Tennis. There will be a Dance Competition featuring couples performing a variety of dance styles. The evening will be complete with dinner (catered by The Hills Country Club), a silent auction, dancing, entertainment and a cash bar. Our hilarious Master of Ceremonies, Dave Kelliher, will introduce The Cavalettes Drill Team which will perform their very popular “Thriller” dance. The evening will feature the 2010 winning couple, Lakeway Police Chief Todd Radford and his partner, Tammie Rucker, defending their title. Also returning this year will be (Continued on Page 19)


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Lakeway Voice - September 2011


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2011 Dancing with the Stars- (Continued from Page 18) Dottie Stevenson and her partner, Mike Topel, Dennis McWilliams, Sports Director at The World of Tennis, and his partner, Laura Battle. Also reappearing this year in the competition is the featured couple above. Jamie Clayton is a graduate of Indiana University with a degree in elementary education. She has lived in Lakeway for thirteen years and is married to Guy Clayton. They have two children, Cash and Carley. Jamie has been teaching fitness classes for fourteen years and currently teaches at the World of Tennis. She has danced since she was just five years old. She is also the head cheer coach for her daughter’s cheer team, and therefore dancing and moving with the little ones have kept her on her toes with the latest dance moves. Jamie’s partner, Jon Hupp, attended The University of Nebraska, Oklahoma State University and received a Bachelor of Science in Physical Therapy at the University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center. He has lived in Austin for seventeen years and has resided in Lakeway for the past eight years. He is married to Karen Hupp and has two children, Sterling and Skylar. Jon is the owner of Star Physical Therapy. He has been practicing as a physical therapist for more than eighteen years, specializing in treating orthopedic, sports medicine and spinal injuries with a manual therapy approach. Jon has no formal instruction but has dabbled with hiphop, country and

ballroom dance moves. New to the competition will be Amber Hart of Keller Williams Realty and her partner. Also Steve Zbranek of Zbranek and Holt Custom Homes and his partner; Johnnie Marable of Johnny Finn’s and Rough Hollow Grille and his partner, Marianna Judith Loughery; Homero Gonzalez, Manager of Randall’s Grocery and his partner plus Laurie Gantt Smith of Keller Williams Realty and her partner, Mark Moy. The cost of the evening will be $100 per person. Reservations with your name and/or your guests may be obtained by sending your check (made out to Lake Travis Community Library) to Sue Ann Anderson, 118 Lone Cedar Court, Lakeway, 78734, 512-261-9123. For more information contact Sharon Rogers, 261-9704. If you are unable to attend, tax-free donations will be accepted.

Cyndi Allard Personal Fitness, LLC

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Private Schools Public Schools Boarding Schools After school Programs Academic Enrichment Programs PLUS Back to School Fashion Show Family Entertainment Live Music Scholarship Workshop

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Proven results in the privacy of your home with a certified personal trainer specializing in fitness for women. Call today. 512-800-1124.

Visit website for details.

Member Lakeway Chamber of Commerce

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Saturday, Sept.24th UT Commons Learning Center 10100 Burnet Road (across from The Domain) 2 p—5 p Free to Attend Workshop Seating Limited Register online at Lakeway Voice - September 2011


School News

Student/Staff Holiday Student Holiday/Staff Inservice or Work Day Bad Weather Make-Up Day District Early Release Elementary Early Release High School Early Release Begin 9 weeks End 9 weeks First/Last Day of School New Teacher Orientation TAKS/STAAR Testing * Teacher workday, if June 1st is used as a bad weather make-up day. 1st 9 weeks = 44 days 2nd 9 weeks = 43 days 1st semester = 87 days 3rd 9 weeks = 43 days 4th 9 weeks = 47 days 2nd semester = 90 days


Lakeway Voice - September 2011

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LTEF Seeks Sponsors and Golfers For Annual Tournament The name says it all … LTEF’s “Fore” the Kids Golf Tournament is an annual fundraising event that supports students in the Lake Travis ISD. The Lake Travis Education Foundation turns proceeds from the tournament into grants to LTISD teachers and scholarships for graduating Lake Travis High School seniors. But we need sponsors to make the tournament a success. "The LTEF golf tournament is an excellent opportunity to support the kids in our district and have a fun day out on the golf course," said LTEF President Steve Harvey. "Let your passion for golf help us provide the tools to fuel our children's passion for learning." The “Fore” the Kids Golf Tournament offers a variety of sponsorship levels which, in turn, offer benefits that include advertising, golf teams, and chances to meet and greet on the course. Scheduled for the morning of Monday, September 19th at The Hills Country Club, the day starts with breakfast and registration at 8 a.m. A shotgun start at 9 a.m. kicks off the 4-player scramble and, once on the course, golfers begin competing for some great prizes. Lunch will be served on the course, and an awards reception will be held in the Waterfall Dining Room following tournament play. Take advantage of this opportunity to play on the famed Hills Signature Course. The tournament is open to the first 144 players to sign up. Sponsorship details, golfer registrations, and online contributions are accessible via LTEF’s website at www., or call the Foundation's office at 533-6095.

The team’s final six games are District 25-4A games: Aug. 27: vs. Westlake (at Darrell K. Royal-Texas Memorial Stadium) Sept. 2: vs. Hendrickson Sept. 9: at Aledo Sept. 16: at Kerrville Tivy Sept. 23: vs. Dripping Springs Oct. 7: at Vandegrift Oct. 14: vs. Vista Ridge Oct. 21: at Rouse Oct. 28: v. Marble Falls Nov. 4: at Cedar Park

Now Enrolling for


Offering 3 Convenient Austin Locations!

Lakeway Elementary students Karis and Kendall Harvey are just two of the thousands of students who will benefit from the community’s support of LTEF’s “Fore” the Kids Golf Tournament.

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Lakeway Voice - September 2011


Business Section

Eight Business Networking Groups in the Area

Are you looking to grow your business in 2011? If so, you might be interested in a few of the business networking groups in the area. These are a few to choose from: STEINER RANCH REFERRALS BNI GROUP Meetings are on Tuesday mornings from 8:00am to 9:30am at Hill Country Pasta House. Visitors are welcome! If you are interested please contact Elicia Rudberg at for more information or visit FOUR POINTS BNI Meetings are on Wednesday at lunch from 11:30am to 1:00pm at the River Place Country Club. Visitors are welcome! If you are interested please contact Kelly Troy at or visit FOUR POINTS CHAMBER OF COMMERCE The Four Points Chamber of Commerce provides networking opportunities at social gatherings, luncheons with guest speakers and activities. The Chamber brings businesses together along highway 620 from Hudson Bend to Anderson Mill and Ranch Road 2222 from Jester to Volente. Four Points Chamber supports business growth in the community where we live, work and play. In less than 6 months Four Points Chamber of Commerce exceeded its first year membership goals and continues to grow! For information about participating in upcoming events or membership benefits visit www.fourpointschamber. com or call (512) 551-0390. Membership inquiries may also be sent directly to A BUSINESS REFERRAL GROUP MADE FUN! Networking Northwest Austin is expanding its member base of businesses in our area. We believe in business by referrals and having a limited member base. We have a caring, positive, involved group of people who wish to build their businesses using the strength business referrals. No fees. Business education and speakers. Networking Northwest Austin meets on the second and fourth Mondays at 11:30 at Red Robin on 183. Visit

Problems driving at night? Vision not as clear as you would like?




Steiner Ranch has a new business networking group. Your Local City is a positive, membership based, business networking organization with 17 groups meeting all over the Austin area. The Steiner Ranch group meets every Friday at 8:00 am at Lakeside Pizza and Grill located in the Shops at Steiner Ranch at Steiner Ranch Blvd. and Quinlan. Come join us to grow your business. LAKEWAY NETWORKING, INC. We are a diverse group of business professionals in the Lake Travis area, helping our members grow their businesses through qualified referrals. We meet every Wednesday at 8AM at Santa Catarina, 1310 RR 620 South, in Lakeway. Come visit us and see how your business can benefit by being a member of Lakeway Networking. For more information, please contact Kelly Connor at Kellyconnor@austin. or 512-736-2495. STEINER RANCH MARKETERS Your boss thinks what you do is voodoo, your spouse thinks your work reflects the latest Mad Men episode, and your kids fear following in your footsteps; growing up to work a cube (unless you are lucky and work from home - then you work on the computer). Fear not! We can find solace in one another. We're a friendly bunch by trade and we excel at networking by nature so why aren't we?! Join us for a respite from the daily grind and a chance to get to know other marketers in Steiner Ranch: Quetions? A+ REFERRALS BY THE LAKE BNI (LAKEWAY) BNI is a professional business networking group that helps you build a team of partners to market your business. Come join us on Wednesday mornings from 9:00-10:30 at Hill Country Pasta House. Breakfast is $10 and visitors are welcome. Please feel free to contact Sheryl Baker at sherylssendoutcards@ or visit for more information.

For the month of September we are offering 30% off iZon lenses & a chance to win a free pair of glasses! CONVENTIONAL GLASSES • Do not correct optical imperfections of the eye • Quality vision suffers • Not customized

Bristol Family Eyecare iZon High Resolution Lenses are the Solution! 22

Lakeway Voice - September 2011

iZON HIGH RESOLUTION LENSES • Corrects optical imperfections of the eye • Improves night vision • Sharper, clearer vision

11500 Bee Caves Rd, Ste. 100 Austin, TX 78738 Located 1 mi. east of Hwy 71 - In the Preserve Shopping Center Next to Regions Bank

512-263-EYES (3937)




n, TX


The state of Texas has a legal plan for you, but it’s probably not the one you want. Attorney Julia Nickerson can help you put a legal plan in place to bring you peace of mind that your family will always be protected and cared for. Custom designed to meet your family’s goals and values Professional counseling on a level you can understand

Flat fee packages without surprise hourly fees Convenient Davenport Village location

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Lakeway Voice - September 2011


Business Section

State Representative Workman to Address Local GOP Club The Lake Travis Republican Club members will welcome Texas Representative Paul Workman to their Tuesday, October 18th Lunch meeting. Paul D. Workman was elected as Republican in November 2010 to serve Texas District 47 of the State Legislature. District 47 which includes south and southwest sections of Travis County. Representative Workman is a member of the House Committee on Business and Industry and on the Committee on Corrections. In addition, he serves on the Energy Council which helps facilitate the development of a national energy matters among the Southwestern States. Paul Workman has been active in the local construction of commercial buildings for more than 37 years. He earned a BS in Building Construction from Texas A&M University in 1973. He served in the US Army Reserve for 10 years as an Engineering Officer, retiring as Company Commander with the rank of Captain.


Lakeway Voice - September 2011

Representative Workman is an active Rotarian serving as President of the Rotary Club of Austin in 1998. He is a National Director of the Associated General Contractors of America and serves on the board of Citizens Against Lawsuit Abuse. Paul has been married to the former Sherry Cleveland for 40 years. They have two grown children, Kyle and Paula, who now own and work in the family business. Paul and Sherry are active members of the Pedernales River Fellowship and enjoy spending time with their six grandchildren. The Lake Travis Republican Club will at the Hills Dining Room on Tuesday, October 18th at 11:30 a.m. Visitors are welcome. Members $15 - Guests $20 For reservations -email or phone 261-0722

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BUSINESS CLASSIFIEDS SKILLED HANDYMAN AND REMODELING SERVICES BY EXPERIENCED PROFESSIONALS. Free estimates for jobs of all sizes from “honey do” lists to room additions.  Mention this newsletter and receive $25 off a minimum 2 hour service.  We are fully insured and  have great local references.  www.  (512) 354-7954 CONNOR CLEANING.  Are you paying more than $100 to have your house cleaned?  4800 sq. feet or less- you are paying too much!  Call Connor Cleaning.  Reliable.  Dependable Service.  Quality Work.  Supplies furnished.  Over 12 years in business.  Affordably priced.  Call 512-209-1141.  Bonded.  LEGAL ACCESS - nationwide network of quality law firms #1 legal service in North America.  Family plans start at $17/ month.  Includes Will package, unlimited consultations, letters/ phone calls, contract review, motor vehicle & trial defense; IRS audit legal services, 24/7 emergency access + the ONLY complete identity theft solution. Small biz plans available.  http://tara. or 949.375.0454.   JOE KASSON PAINTING - 512-312-1035: Residential Specialist since 1976. Interior and Exterior Painting. Carpentry and Siding. Quality Work Competitive Prices. Experienced Dependable Insured. Neighborhood References. Free Estimates. BREAKING NEWS! THERE’S A NEW WEBSITE IN TOWN! Dr. Horn, Lakeway psychologist, invites you to visit to view her areas of practice, which include children to elderly. Providing caring help for 13 years on R.R. 620 in the McArdle Business Park. 512-261-6005. CLEANING SERVICE –A higher level of clean like you’ve never seen!  We’re OCD’s Cleaning Service and as the name implies, we’re compulsive about cleanliness and transfer that into every job we do.  Let us show you a higher level of clean like you’ve never seen!   Call 512-696-2582 or email ocdsclean@ to schedule an appointment.  On the web at: www.

Classified Ads

Personal classifieds (one time sell items, such as a used bike...) run at no charge to Lakeway residents, limit 30 words, please e-mail Business classifieds (offering a service or product line for profit) are $50, limit 40 words, please contact Peel, Inc. Sales Office at 512-263-9181 or Copyright © 2011 Peel, Inc.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

and many others..

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PEEL, INC. community newsletters

Lakeway Voice - September 2011


News You Can Use

Lakeway MUD Water Restrictions

Conservation of water is a year round consideration. Water should always be used wisely. Customers shall be required to adhere to the Moderate Conditions beginning May 1 through September 30 on an annual basis. Watering is restricted to the hours of 7:00pm through 10:00am. RESIDENTIAL

Odd numbered addresses: Wednesdays and Saturdays Even numbered addresses: Thursdays and Sundays


COMMERCIAL Tuesdays and Fridays

For more information, please call the Lakeway MUD Office at 261-6222 or go to our website at


FREE? YES! YOUR NEWSLETTER IS PROVIDED 100% FREE OF CHARGE and is made possible by the advertisers within. Please frequent their businesses and let them know where you saw their advertisement. While there, be sure to say “Thanks!”

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Lakeway Voice - September 2011

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Lakeway Voice - September 2011










$11,254.00 for a 33 Month Membership to Freedom Boat Club One of our long time members has been forced to move out of state for work. He has been a great member so I'm helping him sell his membership. When he purchased this membership we sold long term transferable memberships at discounted rate. If you are thinking about joining the club you will never find a better rate. We only have 1 membership for sale at this rate and once it's gone, it's gone forever.

834-BOAT (2628) Call for a Tour and Specials today!

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Unlimited access to Lake Austin and Lake Travis Free reciprocal access to 53 locations around the country

No Hidden Fees







Lakeway Voice - September 2011



AT ROUGH HOLLOW YACHT CLUB Copyright © 2011 Peel, Inc.

Lakeway - September 2011  

September 2011 edition of The Lakeway Voice for Lakeway

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