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Official Newsletter for the Residents of Lakes of Savannah Volume 2, Issue 9 September 2011


Fall Community

GARAGE SALE Renae Medlock, Events Committee Chair

Spring cleaning has come and gone. Now get ready for the fall cleaning and make some extra cash for the holidays. The Lakes of Savannah Fall Community Garage Sale will be Saturday, October 8 from 7:30 a.m. – 3 p.m. As for the spring sale, the Events Committee will place signage at the entrances of the neighborhood sections with participants. Participants will be responsible for providing signage to their respective houses. If you are interested in participating, please send an email including your name, address and the section you live in to ramedlock@hotmail. com. Happy Selling!!!!

Mark your Calendars! SATURDAY, TH , 2011 8 T C O 7:30 AM - 3 PM


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Fatiyauh Jones, Sports and Recreation Committee Chair The Sports and Recreation Committee would like thank everyone for making the summer of 2011 a success. There will be one last committee meeting of the season on September 20 at 7 p.m. at the clubhouse. At this meeting you will have the opportunity to meet the newest committee member, Mr. Yusef Burgess. There is still much work and planning to be done for 2012. I hope to have more activities next year. Therefore, the Sports and Recreation Committee will begin preparation for summer 2012 in February. At that time we will resume monthly meets on the third Tuesday of each month at 7 p.m. at the clubhouse. The first meeting of the year will be on February 21. Thank you all again for a successful pool season. Savannah Times - September 2011


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Message from the Executive Chair

Otavia Rhone, Executive Committee Chair YARDS – With record temperatures and the lack of rain is has been

more than challenging to keep our lawns looking healthy. Don’t give up! All of your hard work will pay off and keep you from having to replace dead and unhealthy foliage down the road. ANNUAL MEETING – Our annual community association

meeting on July 12 was a success. Nearly 100 people attended. Topics discussed included the budget, crime and crime prevention and new builders/construction. FIRE STATION – We are still in need of volunteers for the fire

station. If you know of anyone that may have the slightest interest, please direct him or her our Fire Station Committee Chair, William Behan, who can be reached via e-mail at wbehan275@pearlandvfd. org. LIGHT UP LAKES OF SAVANNAH - Please participate in light

up Lakes of September 11–17. Get your energy efficient light bulbs and let’s make our community a safer place. TRASH – Let’s keep our community clean. I have noticed quite a bit

of trash in the common areas and parks. Your dollars (Community Association fees) have purchased several new trashcans that are around the community. Let’s use the resources we have to help keep our community looking good. If you see trash, take the time to pick it up and throw it away. PETS – Please keep your dogs in close range if in your front yard.

We have quite a few walkers and children playing. Not everyone is comfortable with our four-legged friends. We have had an influx of lost dogs (who live in the community) this summer, and a couple have been killed in the streets. Make sure your fence is in good condition and has no broken boards or areas where your pet may be able to slip out. Never under estimate what your pet can do. VOLUNTEERS NEEDED – All committees are looking for

volunteers. It does not matter how much time you can offer. Any committee support will be appreciated! Please contact Otavia Rhone at for more information. (Continued on Page 3)

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Savannah Times - September 2011

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Savannah Times

Message form the Executive Chair- (Continued from Page 2) KNOW YOUR NEIGHBORS – Continue to familiarize yourself

with your neighbors, get to know what cars belong on your block. This can only help you and your neighbors to stay safe.

GET CONNECTED – If you have not already gotten yourself

signed up to receive community e-mails, please do so on our website, It is our community site, and we are still working on content. Please be patient with the site’s growth and changes. If you have an interest in helping with the content and keeping up-to-date information posted, please let us know by sending an email to FALL MEET AND GREET – We will be having a community

Meet and Greet event on September 17 from 10 a.m. to noon at the clubhouse. Come out and meet the entrepreneurs in our community. If you are a new resident in the community who moved in since January 2011 and can show proof of house purchase date, you will be eligible to pick up a welcome gift at the event. We look forward to meeting you!

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Breast Cancer Survivor Reception Renae Medlock, Events Committee Chair

The month of October is National Breast Cancer Awareness month, and the Events Committee would like to take the opportunity to salute the breast cancer survivors in our community. We will have a reception to honor you on October 9. If you are a breast cancer survivor and would like to attend, please RSVP with your name, # of years survivor and contact information, so that we may adequately plan and include you in the celebration. Email Renae Medlock at Please include “Survivor Reception” in the subject line of your email.


Recyclable items can be taken to Stella Roberts Recycling Center. Monday–Friday: noon–5 p.m. Saturday: 9 a.m.–1 p.m. recyclecenter.html

Savannah Times - September 2011


Savannah Times

The State of the Watch Committee

Roger Parker, Neighborhood Watch Committee Co-Chair Lakes of Savannah is a beautiful community Every month Dale and I have high hopes of in one of the fastest growing areas in the greater creating a truly active Neighborhood Watch Houston area. We offer a great location that is easy Committee for Lakes of Savannah. We show up access to multiple highways and amenities—really a on the first Tuesday of the month, hoping that we community to be proud of. Like all communities, will find at least the same people from last month’s to really thrive you need dedicated and interested meeting, as well as add a few more. This rarely, if residents that are always looking to keep the ever, happens. community safe and well maintained. We have had an uptick in activity around the I still remember when I bought in LOS last year. development, yet the attendance stays the same. I drove down Savannah Parkway with my windows Out of approximately 1,300 homes, you’ll find down after a hard rain had just ceased. The smell of no more than five people at any given meeting. The crisp September air and cut grass still resonated from attendance normally floats around a total of four— a likely morning mow. I kept thinking that it’d be easy two being the co-chairs. to see my wife and myself really enjoying this place There are two types of complaining—whining for years to come. I still feel that way when coming and making a case for change. This is a case for in through our entrance, but now a year later, I am change. aware of the flaws of LOS as well. We need members. We need to become organized. We have an issue. It’s an easy to correct issue, yet it We need to make our presence known. Ask the is glaring. If you want to see for yourself, just attend gentlemen that had his home broken in to last any meeting for any one of the community’s volunteer month. Ask the lady that had two men pull guns groups—I am sure you’ll find a seat. (Continued on Page 5)

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Savannah Times - September 2011

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Savannah Times

The State of the Watch Committee- (Continued from Page 4) on her in the driveway to her home. Ask the family that had two men run into their garage and steal from them in the middle of the day. All three crimes happened in the last 45 days. We don’t expect everyone to make every meeting. We do expect there to be a larger percentage of involved residents then there is currently. We are all busy. We all have competing priorities. The truly important activities are rarely convenient. We expect that you’ll make an effort to watch out for suspicious activity and report if there is a concern. We ask that you introduce yourself to the neighbors around you. We ask that you make our community less appealing to would-be criminals—turn your porch lights on at night, have an actively monitored security system, and park your cars in the garage. The Sheriff’s Office Dispatch phone number is 281-756-2392. Keep this number handy. They will contact the Constable’s office if needed. If you are currently not receiving crime updates, please email Otavia Rhone at to be added to the distribution list. If you would like to be active in the LOS Neighborhood Watch Committee, please email Dale McCall at Together we can make a difference. Please make the safety of our neighborhood a priority.



Neighborhood Watch Committee Meetings

Please mark you calendars to attend the Neighborhood Watch Committee meetings. They are held at 7 p.m. at the clubhouse. The meeting dates for 2011 are as follows: SEPTEMBER 6 - OCTOBER 4 NOVEMBER 1 - DECEMBER 3

The Events Committee Needs You! Renae Medlock, Events Committee Chair

Are you committed to your community? Do you accept responsibility, and are you accountable? Do you enjoy planning events and seeing that they are successfully executed? If these qualities describe you, then we need you on the Lakes of Sanannah Events Committee. Our next meeting will be Monday, September 12 at 7:15 p.m. at the clubhouse. If you’d like to be a contributing part of our committee, please contact Renae Medlock, Events Committee Chair at Please put Events Committee in the subject line of your email.

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Savannah Times - September 2011

Informal Women’s Group for Lakes of Savannah

Karen Hunt, resident All ladies of Lake of Savannah interested in starting an informal get-together women’s group please e-mail and let me know of your interest to join those of us who attended the first meeting. The second Wednesday of the month from 1–2:30 p.m. will be one of those “come together and enjoy” moments. The group will be hosted at houses throughout Lakes of Savannah with refreshments and casual conversation. At our first meeting in August, we had a great time finding out about each other and brainstorming about ways to invite ladies of Lakes of Savannah to join us. If you are a working lady with Wednesdays off or a retired lady wanting to meet new people, please join us for our next informal get together. I hope we can be successful with a women’s group, where we can laugh, enjoy and have a little bit of fun.

Calling All Young Writers!

We would like to print items written by the youth in our community. If your child has a story, a poem or an informational article that you would like to share with the community, please email it to We would love to hear from you! All material turned in is subject to board approval. Due to space limitations in the newsletter, all pieces may not be able to run.

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Savannah Times


GET INVOLVED . . . Join a Committee

Joining a committee is the best way to get involved in the Lakes of Savannah community and to make a difference. For more information, email the committee chair. EVENTS COMMITTEE – Organizes social events for the

community, such as the Summer Kickoff Party, Veterans Reception and Afternoon wih Santa. FIRE STATION COMMITTEE – Volunteer fire fighters needed. LANDSCAPING/DEED RESTRICTION COMMITTEE –

Manages the Yard of the Month program, works closely with AMI in noting deed restriction violations and helps residents become better aware of the community standards. NEIGHBORHOOD WATCH COMMITTEE – Assist local law

enforcement by being the eyes and ears in our community. Our best defense against crime and vandalism is for all residents to know and watch out for each other.

NEWSLETTER COMMITTEE – Provides articles and photos

for the monthly Savannah Times newsletter


operations and procedures, responds to questions regarding the pool, is a liaison with the pool management company and AMI and checks on the recreational areas, including community trails, playgrounds, sporting areas and parks. WELCOME COMMITTEE – Ambassadors of the Lakes of

Savannah community to meet and greet new neighbors by hosting welcome receptions for new residents. At no time will any source be allowed to use the Savannah Time's contents, or loan said contents, to others in anyway, shape or form, nor in any media, website, print, film, e-mail, electrostatic copy, fax, or etc. for the purpose of solicitation, commercial use, or any use for profit, political campaigns, or other self amplification, under penalty of law without written or expressed permission from Peel, Inc. The information in the Savannah Times is exclusively for the private use of the Lakes of Savannah HOA and Peel, Inc. DISCLAIMER: Articles and ads in this newsletter express the opinions of their authors and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of Peel, Inc. or its employees. Peel, Inc. is not responsible for the accuracy of any facts stated in articles submitted by others. The publisher also assumes no responsibility for the advertising content with this publication. All warranties and representations made in the advertising content are solely that of the advertiser and any such claims regarding its content should be taken up with the advertiser. * The publisher assumes no liability with regard to its advertisers for misprints or failure to place advertising in this publication except for the actual cost of such advertising. * Although every effort is taken to avoid mistakes and/or misprints, the publisher assumes no responsibility for any errors of information or typographical mistakes, except as limited to the cost of advertising as stated above or in the case of misinformation, a printed retraction/correction. * Under no circumstances shall the publisher be held liable for incidental or consequential damages, inconvenience, loss of business or services, or any other liabilities from failure to publish, or from failure to publish in a timely manner, except as limited to liabilities stated above.

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Savannah Times - September 2011

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Lakes of Savannah - September 2011  

September 2011 edition of Savannah Times for Lakes of Savannah

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