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Here’s how to check Your Internet Speed step by step Sometimes people face the bad internet connection speed even they doing the important work on the internet. You must irritate with your internet connection and want to check the internet speed. In that case, PTCL introduced their own speed testing tool. Now you can check your connection speed any time with PTCL Speed Test on the website. There are many internet companies provide the internet connection in Pakistan, if you are using PTCLDSL, EVO, Evo Wingle, CharJi or fiber optic internet services, you can easily check your internet speed. You connection will be measured in Megabits (Mbit / s) or kilobits per second (kbit / s).

Here are the easy steps to check Your Internet Speed with PTCL Speed Test. • •

To check the internet speed of your connection visit PTCL Speed Test website You will get the tool, ready to check your internet speed.

Click on the “Begin Test” and test will start.


In this tool you have two options. You can check your Uploading Speed as well as Downloading Speed.

Note: This tool not only check PTCL internet speed, you can also check other connection speed. also check your internet connection speed, you can check your Wi-tribe, DSL, Qubee and mobile networks connection speed.

Here’s how to check your internet speed step by step  
Here’s how to check your internet speed step by step