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You wake up whenever you want, because that’s what sleeping in means, and you meander on over to the coffee pot. You usually brush your teeth and let the dogs out first, but not today. Today, you are going to rock that messy bun and make your coffee and drink it while it’s still hot. This needs to be the day when you don’t microwave your coffee. Sit down if you must, and drink your coffee in one sitting. After your coffee, maybe eat some breakfast. Maybe not. It’s whatever you want. Maybe you start yourself a bath and drop in a bath bomb, or add a few drops of your favorite essential oil. Turn all of the lights off and light a few candles. Turn your phone off; actually, leave your phone in another room and just soak in the tub for as long as you want. G

Bonus Recipe OVERNIGHT OATS BREAKFAST ½ cup rolled oats Pinch of salt


emember the days when you were on the school playground, and your friend dared you to wave to the cute boy by the swings? Or when your other friend double-dared you to wave to him and then blow him a kiss? Or when both of your friends double-dog-dared you to wave to him, blow him a kiss and then walk over to him? That was fun, wasn’t it? Wel,l let’s bring the fun back for this year’s Mother’s Day. Are you up for ‘The Mom Dare?’ Here’s what you need to do. This Mother’s Day, I dare you, and any other moms you know, to do things a little differently this year. Okay, a lot different this year. I dare you to create a day that completely revolves around you. It might look something like this… You start the day off with sleeping in. Not the sleeping in that requires you to get up, get the kids breakfast, make coffee, let the dogs out or tell everyone to turn the volume down. Nope. This is the sleeping in where you have your face mask on, the room is pitch black and the only thing you can hear is yourself snoring because there is no one else in the house. That’s right. Your kids and spouse have left early and are already out the door. 34 May 2018

½ cup almond milk 1 tbsp chia seeds 1 tbsp honey (use this as your sweetener) ½ cup of fruit (sliced banana, strawberries or blueberries) Shake and put in fridge overnight. After you throw on some super comfy pajamas, crawl back into bed and turn on your favorite movie. Don’t worry about the kids. Don’t worry about your husband. Worry about how you’re going to reach for the remote once you’ve realized it’s on the floor. This is ‘The Mom Dare,’ after all. Try not to use your phone today if you don’t have to. It’s draining and time-consuming. Use your time wisely and rest up. You know how it goes… you grab your phone to look up one thing, and then you check your email and realize you forgot to send a reply to someone, so you take a minute to do that. Then, you realize you forgot to post about something on Facebook, so you go on there and, well, now you’re in a black hole and an entire hour has gone by.

May 2018  
May 2018