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Rituals of Life: s by : Eva Lebens

Nice eve -

Eva interviews people from NWA about their family routines and rituals. Jennifer Buske shares her story with you this month. Jennifer works with her brother, who founded The Baby Guy Gear Guide LLC. She is married to Kyle and they have four children, Everlynn and Vivian (4), Grayson (3) and Veda (7 months) I never used to live by routines, and then, one day, we had twin girls. They look exactly the same and they have identical personalities. Both Everlynn and Vivian are very sweet and love doing the same things. They share a passion for cooking -well, as far as that’s applicable to four-year-olds. Let’s just say that they’re eager to be hands on in the kitchen. The problem is, they both have strong personalities, and having two leaders in one kitchen just doesn’t work. There was fighting over food, there was crying, and it drove us crazy.

Kitchen helpers

About a year ago, we had to do something about it and came up with the idea of the ‘Helper in the Kitchen’. Every other day one of the girls is the helper. (Grayson is not included. He is happy when he’s handed a plate of food. Could be because he’s too young... could be because he’s a man, after all.) The girls can’t read, so we just add their initials to the calendar, which they can recognize. In the beginning they would burst into tears when it wasn’t their day, but, after a while it settled down. Their favorite dish to prepare is salad--I guess because they can stir everything together and they like to eat it as well.

Routines and structure

Structure is important to me. You need it with four young children. Recently

30 APRIL 2015

Rootines -

we started adding other visual events to the calendar, and it works! The children function so much better when they know what’s coming. I work from home, and I’ve noticed that my work helps in organizing my day. I’m at my best with a heavy workload and a long things-to-do list. It keeps me happy, motivated, and I’m sure I would get lazy without it. Luckily, my mom lives in town and can assist us if needed.

Garden to kitchen

Something that makes me happy is going outside, especially over the weekend. In summertime we cook with fresh ingredients from our garden - as long as stock lasts. It’s not the rabbits and deer that eat the produce before it’s fully grown, it’s my own children! I do suddenly remember that I used to plant seeds when I was young. I’m still finding out how to grow everything, but the process is fun and we all learn from it. One of the benefits of being outside is that each of us finds something to do; there’s no fighting, no furniture to break and no stress. Being outside really makes us all happy.

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