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DE LA SALLE UNIVERSITY – MANILA Ramon V. Del Rosario College of Business

Final Paper: For Mobile Devices, Think Apps, Not Ads

Submitted by: ODIGIE, PIQELD D. MBA Student

Submitted to: Mr. Benedict Aveilla Professor, Information Management

August 16, 2013

At this time and age where everything is moving too fast – literally having information at the tip of our fingers. Where learning new things is not as much as a burden as it used to be, and when with by just one click you can start a trend around the world and the next second forgotten. Most things are nothing of the traditional nowadays when it comes to communication. We have advanced rapidly that keeping up is a must! The Article, “For Mobile Devices, Think Apps, Not Ads” has surely opened my mind to another light of perspective when it comes to marketing as well as planning on how to effectively catch a new market or to just simply expand your current market. I have learnt that in order to successfully bring your product to the people you do not only have to be smart but also be creative enough to think of new ways where in you can catch the attention of millions of people and with that a gargantuan opportunity is at hand. “Out with the old and in with the new,” as the famous saying goes. I have come to the realization that traditional does not always mean the best, especially that when our goal is to move forward and drive more development. According to the article: “Smart marketers will embrace mobile as a communications platform – but the best use of the new medium won’t look anything like the current generation of tiny display ads. Historically, that’s a familiar scenario. Whenever new media emerge – consider television in the 1940s and 1950s and the World Wide Web in the 1990s – there’s a period of fumbling while marketers try to repurpose ads that worked in the old media.” Encouraging the young generation to meet the future by what was done in the past; dictating what the standard is with the current situation – is not the way to go about this generation’s fast-phased development. When in fact the system is suppose to help us to think that we are limitless, and that everything and anything is possible because of our advances – that is more suitable for today’s generation. Our generation now should be more encouraged to delve into different things and keep an open mind as there are now, more than ever, endless opportunity to create something new – given the right tools and mind set. It should be embedded in their minds that there are many possible answers to one problem; we should just be creative enough to find them.

As for my school, De La Salle University, I would be thrilled to one day see an application that will be utilized to build the network of all the students enrolled in the University. An application where they share their majors and the subjects that they are taking as well as the professor that they are going to take them under in. A network that will only be possible by one of the things common to all of the students, their school e-mail address: “�. It will be exclusive. On the other side of the coin, in the near future, I think smart phones would be able to allow us to control and monitor our home or offices from all over the world. We would be able to pre-set things so that all would be ready by the time we get home. I am fortunate enough to have been educated under the De La Salle system since my early days in kindergarten. I believe that this school system does not stop at being a traditional school, as it has many branches and not to mention De La Salle – College of Saint Benilde; where all are supportive of pursuing your passion, being innovative and original; not to mention to think of others as part of your business plan which should always be one of the bottom line when we create and aspire to move forward.

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