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Issue 174

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March 2020


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We have a packed magazine for you this month, along with all our usual features, columns and diary of events the Big Issue is looking at the Chambers Institute and the issues around its current management, it is one of the towns most important assets, gifted to the town by one of it’s most famous sons William Chambers. Instead of our typical Peebles Portrait we are looking at the Peebles Swimming Club, and head coach Rosie Sim. It is undoubtedly one of the most active clubs in Peebles, catering for all levels of ability, from those looking to swim to keep active, to talented youngsters aiming to qualify for the national team. March seems packed with interesting events, and we have highlighted a number of them, including the Ethical Fashion Show being held by Tweed Green, at the Eastgate on the 19th March, where three Heriot Watt graduates will show their ethical collections.


Peebles Pensioners Association


What’s on in March


Rock Fundraiser for PHS


Haylodge parkrun cerebrates female participation


Peebles Club Scene


Recipe from Val @ the Glentress Hotel


Peeblesshire Youth Trust News


Peebles Book Sale


Tweeddale Youth Action


Saving Tweeddale’s Red Squirrels


Exploring the Past with Peeblesshire Archaeological Society

Also at the Burgh Hall local band Geckohead, who are being tipped to make it into the big time, will be holding a concert on the 21st March to raise money for the High School appeal. We also have a report on and want to add our congratulations to, Linda Quinn, Angela Preston and Marion Anderson, who mastermind the Fun and Fizz charity Afternoon Tea at the Hydro, raising money for several local causes.


Issue 174

A community magazine serving the residents of Peebles and Cardrona Peebles FREE Community Trust 36 Delivered to every home in the area

One of my favourite events of the year takes place at the Burgh Hall on the 14th and 15th March, the annual second-hand book sale, started by Peter Norris, it raises money for various peace and justice groups. If you have not been, and you love books, I urge you to go.

Finally, I want to draw your attention to an article on the Tweeddale Red Squirrel Network, one of 16 set up across Scotland to monitor and protect our wonderful indigenous breed, under threat from the ever increasing number of Grey Squirrels. They are looking for volunteers to support their work.



Welcome to the March edition of Peebles Life, I am writing this from my hotel room in the magnificent city of Vilnius, having started my first post EU membership business trip. It is a strange and unpleasant feeling no longer being an EU citizen!

March 2020


Peebles Silver Band


100 Years of Scottish Women’s Lives Captured on Film


Peebles Community Centre


The Peebles Garden


Music in Peebles


Peebles Rugby Club




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Big Issue

By Steve Dubé Things are going to change at the Chambers Institution. Plans are being made to remove the false ceiling, provide a new kitchen and replace the end-on stage with a movable staging. The changes have been planned for some time and were at one time going to be presented in public in January. Now the word is that we will perhaps see the proposals for the first time around Easter, or towards the end of April. Time will tell. The decision has been made by the six Tweeddale councillors in their roles as the only members of the Chambers Institution Trust, advised and administrated by Scottish Borders Council officers. We might have heard about all of this sooner had we known that their meetings are open to the public and should have been advertised locally – a decision the Trust made in January 2014 that, six years on, has never been put into effect. The general lack of public engagement – which left many people upset when workmen suddenly felled the beautiful Rowan trees in the Institution quadrangle last autumn (six months after the councillors decided to chop them down) – persuaded the Community Council to ask the six councillors to its February meeting to discuss the operation of the Trust. The passage of time and changes to local government structures blurred the clarity of the Trust’s legal position, dating back to William Chambers generous bequest of 1859 and a subsequent Act of Parliament of 1911, both of which emphasised its independence. The Institution did not feature significantly in the chaotic reconfiguration that accompanied every enforced change in local government structures. As a consequence and by default, the property was administered and managed by successive council departments. As a result, SBC inherited a role as effective landlord of the whole property while being tenant of part of it. A Counsel’s opinion of August 2006 was clear: the Chambers Institution is legally held in trust by SBC. It is not council property. And in 2010 SBC made a laudable response that would honour the spirit – and written word – of the Chambers gift. It established a Trust consisting of the six Tweeddale councillors and six independent individuals. That lasted four years, during which time the Trust investigated, and moved inexorably towards becoming a registered charitable trust that would finally establish its independence, offer tax-free status and provide an opportunity to secure development money from a wide range of otherwise unavailable funds. The move was backed by SBC’s legal department (informed by Counsel’s opinion), a second legal opinion obtained by the Trust from Anderson Straethern, one of the top 20 law companies in the UK, and by every

trustee. The development was placed on the SBC agenda of October 30, 2014, with a recommendation of approval from council officers, expressed in an unequivocal statement by the council’s Chief Financial Officer and the Regulatory Services Director. Then something strange and unexpected happened. The day before the council meeting, the six councillor trustees delivered, without warning, a statement to a scheduled meeting of the Trust. They said the Institution “must remain vested in the council”, announced that they would no longer back the development, and called for “a pause in the process to allow for reflection by all of us and the communities of Tweeddale”. One of the raft of reasons for their about-face was that management could “just as easily have continued to be carried out by Council officials”. The statement was signed by Graham Garvie, who identified himself as “Convenor, Scottish Borders Council” – not as a trustee. At the next day’s council meeting, Cllr Stuart Bell, who is now the sole surviving councillor trustee, successfully called for a report on future options followed by “a period of consultation with Tweeddale residents on the possible options identified.” The six independent trustees resigned, including the Trust chairman Ronald Ireland, who subsequently issued a statement: “The trustees have had more than two years to “pause and reflect”, but at no time has any trustee, councillor or otherwise, given me any indication that endorsement by the whole body of trustees of the chief financial officer’s report as drafted, was not acceptable. It is a basic principal of trusteeship that all trustees have an equal responsibility in relation to the trust and it is quite unacceptable that one group however appointed, have seen fit to make decisions which affect the whole trust.” Future options were outlined by SBC chief executive Tracey Logan in May 2015 as continuing to support an application to OSCR for charitable status; reverting back to sole Council control, with the building in Council management; reverting back to sole Council control but appointing consultants to develop a lottery bid; appointing external trustees once again to jointly manage the building. The people of Peebles have never been asked which they would prefer. That has left the Trust in its present position, divorced from the people of Peebles to whom the Institution was given and vulnerable to conflicts of interest that also apply to council officers whose prime duty is to operate in the interests of SBC. This edited exploration tells less than half the story, but suggests an unacceptable shambles, or at best a damaging complacency at the heart of the management of the town’s greatest asset. Next month: What should happen next.


Recovery from Stroke or “Brain Attack”

What is a stroke? A stroke is a “Brain Attack”. It is a life-threatening condition that occurs when the blood supply to part of the brain is cut off. Most strokes are caused by a blockage however some can be caused by bleeding in or around the brain. The severity of the symptoms depends on the size of the area of the brain affected, and how long the circulation has been interrupted for. A stroke can affect the way your body works as well as how you think, feel and communicate. It commonly affects one side of the body leaving a weak or numb arm and leg. It's vital to know how to spot the warning signs of a stroke in yourself or someone else. Using the FAST test is the best way to do this. • • • •

Face: Can the person smile? Has their face fallen on one side? Arms: Can the person raise both arms and keep them there? Speech problems: Can the person speak clearly and understand what you say? Is their speech slurred? Time: If you see any of these three signs, it's time to call 999. (Stroke Association, 2018)

Can you recover from a stroke? People who survive a stroke are often left with longterm problems caused by injury to their brain. Some people need a long period of rehabilitation before they can recover their former independence, while many never fully recover and need support adjusting to living with the effects of their stroke. Recovery can occur in two main ways: In the first few weeks or months after stroke, spontaneous recovery can occur as swelling reduces and the body’s normal healing processes continue. Thereafter further improvement can be explained by neuroplasticity. This is the brains ability to adapt and compensate for damage by establishing new pathways that can help restore function.

involve “hands on” treatment to provide support, tactile guidance and confidence to move more effectively. Rehabilitation technologies New technologies are constantly developing that assist in different parts of the rehabilitation process, from body-weight supported treadmills, to Functional Electrical Stimulation devices that use electrical signals to pull the toes up when learning to walk again, to dynamic orthoses that help a weak or tight hand pick things up again. A good neuro physio can guide you regarding what technologies might be best suited. Summary • If you suspect a stroke, act F.A.S.T. and seek immediate medical attention. •

If you or someone you know needs help with physical rehabilitation after a stroke, a neuro physio can provide high quality evidenced based treatment.

Rehabilitation technologies can help push the traditional boundaries of rehabilitation.

For further information see: NHS Choices www.nhs.uk/conditions/stroke/ Chest, Heart and Stroke Scotland www.chss.org.uk Stroke Association  www.stroke.org.uk Different Strokes  www.differentstrokes.co.uk

Movement problems due to STROKE or other NEUROLOGICAL CONDITION?

Expert neuro-rehabilitation can help maximise your fitness, function and quality of life. life.

Neurological Physiotherapy or “Neuro Physio” A specialist neurological physiotherapist or “neuro physio” is an expert in helping people recover more normal movement and function after neurological injury or disease. They will understand the common problems encountered and the impact that they can have on the life of you and your family. Treatment is focused on maximising the return of movement and encouraging as much independence as possible. A neuro physio will use the principles of neuroplasticity to guide treatment. The research tells us how we should structure exercise based therapy in terms of intensity, frequency and type of exercise. Therapy will also often

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Peebles Pensioners Association

The first meeting of the 2020 session was held in February, with 50 members attending the AGM, followed by the opportunity for members to move about the hall, to speak to other members that they didn’t know or didn’t know well. This was very successful and was enjoyed by the members. For the members who felt that the idea “wasn’t for them”, they found that others went to their tables to speak to them, which made the afternoon all that more special and there was a real buzz about the hall. We have a wonderful membership and I was very proud that the members embraced the idea. Special thanks to our bakers, jam makers, truffle makers and book contributors to our February micro fundraising and to the members who bought and helped to raise an amazing £54.50. Your support is very much appreciated. Our March guest speaker, making a welcome return, will be Jackie Hodge, who is a Chartered Physiotherapist and works with older people with mental health conditions (e.g. dementia, depression and anxiety) to help and advise those who are physically inactive; at risk of falling or who have a fear of falling.  In March 2015, she received an award by the Mental Welfare Commission Scotland for ‘Fit for Life’ – a highly successful community exercise

programme. The programme was then acknowledged in a Parliamentary Motion at the Scottish Parliament in August.  In September 2015 Jackie won another award for Best Community Support Initiative at Scotland’s Dementia Awards held in Glasgow.  In recent years Jackie has also run local falls prevention classes in Peebles.

The Community Bus will operate as usual. Please remember that all members who require the Community Bus must phone and leave a message / text / email the Secretary (all details below) by 1pm on the Monday before the meeting, to book your seat. The micro fundraising at the March meeting will be a further book sale and “Guess the doll’s birthday” (if I can find the diary!) Important Notice: Membership of Peebles Pensioners Association remains closed and all meetings are for members only. There will be no ad hoc admittance to nonmembers. If you are interested in joining Peebles Pensioners Association at the next available intake, Membership Application Forms are available by contacting the Secretary (details below). Laura Scott (Secretary) 07484 663518 / peeblespensioners@btinternet.com

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What’s on in March?

A full list of events is available on our website www.peebleslife.com. Send details of your events to linda@peebleslife.com. Sunday 1: 9 am **Tweeddale Ramblers. Flotterstone Circular. A strenuous walk from Flotterstone. 10.8 miles/17.3 km, ascent 1575feet/480m. Sunday 1: 10.30 am River Tweed clean up, Kingsmeadows car park, 10.30. Litterpickers provided!

Wednesday 4: 2 -4 pm Painting and Drawing Workshop - Peebles Art Group meets fortnightly in the Community Centre, Walkershaugh. New members welcome - details from Richard J Digance 0131 574 5586 aartisrjd@aol.com. Wednesday 4: 7 pm Scotland Borders Prostate Cancer Support Group meetings ‘Tryst` Chaplaincy Centre, Borders General

Regular Events 2nd and 4th Monday of the month from 7:30pm to 9:30pm. Strumash Ukulele Group. We have a new home in the School Brae Hub. New players and singers of all abilities (including complete beginners) are most welcome. Just come along or email peeblesuke@gmail.com for more details. Monday The Rotary Club of Peebles meets throughout the year at the Tontine Hotel. For more information regarding Rotary please contact: Jim.Robertson@peeblesrotary.uk Monday and Wednesday : 10am - 4pm Peebles and District Men’s Shed are open in our premises within Peebles Community Hub on School Brae. Enter via the main door on School Brae and follow the signs. Membership is free and is open to all from age 18 upwards. There are no set activities. Tell us what you want to do and we will try and accommodate it. Tuesday and Friday : 10am - 12noon Peebles CAN community garden, behind Victoria Park Centre, Kingmeadows Road. All welcome to volunteering sessions, 10-12 Tuesday mornings. Tea and coffee provided. Wednesday : 2 - 4pm Peebles Stroke Group - An invitation to anyone living with stroke to join us for a chance to socialise and chat with others in similar circumstances at Haylodge Day Hospital in the dining room. For more information phone 01721 730233. Monday and Wednesday : 6.50pm for 7pm start Peebles Bridge Club meets throughout the year. We play at Peebles Rugby Club, Eastgate, Peebles. Visitors are most welcome but should contact the secretary first. We run lessons over winter starting in October. Contact Gordon Milne (Secretary) 01721 721167 or peeblesbridgeclub@gmail.com Thursday 7.30pm Peebles Singers - Meet in Dovecot Court. New members made most welcome, especially gentlemen. No auditions and not essential to read music Further information available from Jill 01721 602348. Fortnightly - Friday 2.30-4.30pm The Peeblesshire Twin and Multiple Club are now meeting up fortnightly at Gytes Leisure Centre. The club offers support, advice and an opportunity to socialise with other twin/multiple families. All welcome. Join our FB page for more info or contact Jenna Telford jennareid80@yahoo.com. Saturday : 10am Peebles Local Food Market, Eastgate, High Street. Check Peebles CAN Facebook page for further details. Saturday : 9.30am Haylodge parkrun starts in Hay Lodge Park, Peebles. We will be there every Saturday thereafter (aside from Beltane and possibly the Highland Show). www.parkrun.org.uk/haylodge Weekday evenings and at Weekends Peebles Curling Club plays at Murrayfield Ice Rink from September to March. We extend a warm welcome to new members of all ages, experience and ability. Inexperienced newcomers usually start in the reserves when playing can fit in with your availability. The Club arranges occasional beginner sessions and regular coaching for novices is available through the Edinburgh Curling School. For more information contact Tom Hardie (club secretary): thomashardie@btinternet.com *Peebles Camera Club. Community Centre, Walkershaugh. For more Info check our website  www.peeblescameraclub.co.uk  **Tweeddale Ramblers. All walks meet at Kingsmeadows car park unless otherwise stated. For further information please phone Eleanor, 01721 722532, Mobile 07736 369336, or visit www.ramblers.org.uk/tweeddale

Visit us online at www.peebleslife.com


Hospital. Wednesday 4: 7.30 pm *Peebles Camera Club : “PHOTOSNAP EVENING” We are joined again by our friends from Galashiels for the annual “Clash of the Titans” when we will be not only trying to match photos, but also trying to gain bonus points. Saturday 7: 10-11 am Liberal Demochat - The Tontine Hotel, Peebles. Enjoy meeting new people? Enjoy chatting about political issues? For more details see facebook.com/ LiberalDemochat. Promoted by Ross McKelvie on behalf of the Scottish Liberal Democrats, 4 Clifton Terrace, Edinburgh EH12 5DR. Sunday 8: 9.30 am **Tweeddale Ramblers. Thornielee Forest Circular. A leisurely morning walk to the top of Thornielee Forest. No lunch required. 3.7 miles/6 km, ascent 1640 feet/500m. Sunday 8: 10.30 am Tweeddale Quaker Meeting for Worship. Nomad Beat, Cherry Court, 10-11 Cavalry Park, Kingsmeadows Road Peebles EH45 9BU

will provide a perspective on the local fish populations that exist in the Peeblesshire area. The Leckie Memorial Church Hall. Entrance £3 including refreshment. Wednesday 11: 7.00 pm Yes Tweeddale - The Hub, School Brae. Non-party based group promoting Scotland’s right to self-determination, all welcome.

Thursday 12: 7.30 pm Tweeddale Quakers invite you to join them for a mid-week time of stillness at ‘The House’ at Peebles Community Centre (entrance from Tweed Avenue). We welcome those of all faiths or none. Tea/coffee at 8.15pm. To find out what to expect, visit www.quaker. org.uk or contact Alison Moore 01896 831953 or alison@ petalmoore.net. Thursday 12: 7.30 pm Community Council Meeting in the Old Burgh Chamber. All meetings are open to the public. www. peeblescommunity.org. Saturday 14 and Sunday 15 : 10 am - 4 pm Tweeddale Peace Group second hand book sale, Burgh Hall, Peebles.

Monday 9: 7pm Tweeddale Amnesty Group meeting in the Bakehall, St Andrew’s Leckie (Upstairs). All those interested in human rights are warmly welcomed.

Sunday 15: 9.30 am **Tweeddale Ramblers. Yair Circular. A strenuous walk from Yair car park, following the Southern Upland Way. 6.2 miles/10.0 km, ascent 1280 feet/390m.

March 10: 2 pm Tweeddale University of the Third Age. (TU3A) meeting in the St Joseph’s Neighbourhood Centre, Rosetta Road. Hampshire Reid will give a talk entitled ‘Sir Walter Scott and Abbotsford’. This is sure to be very interesting. After the talk tea and biscuits will be available.

Tuesday 17: 7.30 pm Tweeddale Astronomical Society will hold its monthly meeting at the Peebles Community Centre. Teas and coffees will be provided. Guests £3, accompanied U18’s free.’

Tuesday 10: 7.00 pm Tweeddale Red Squirrel Network Our next group meeting will be in the School Brae Hub in Peebles Guests/new members welcome. Tuesday 10: 7.30pm Tweeddale Society Talk. Traditional Worldwide Music by Celtic Beat, Music by Nomad Beat. Followed by the AGM. The Eastgate Theatre. Check our web site - www. tweeddale-society.org.uk for more information. Wednesday 11: 7.30 pm Quiz night at Green Tree Hotel raising money for Inspiring Life: Evie Douglas Memorial Fund. Teams of up to 6 people. Tickets £6 per head includes supper Tickets from Green Tree Bar or from Freda 01721 723244 Wednesday 11: 7.30 pm Peebles Wildlife Talks. One fish up, two fish down: the migratory fish and fisheries of the Peeblesshire area James Hunt, a biologist with the Tweed Foundation will

Wednesday 18: 2 - 4 pm Peebles Art Group - Painting and Drawing Workshop see Wed 4 for details. Wednesday 18: 2.00 - 4.00 pm Tweeddale Textile Group. This month’s meeting will be a talk by Margot McIntyre from Dumfries entitled ‘Celtic and Crewelwork inspirations’. There will be examples on show supplied by Margot. The meeting will be held in St Joseph’s Neighbourhood Centre, Rosetta Road. Visitors are welcome at a charge of £5. Wednesday 18: 7.30 pm *Peebles Camera Club : “MY PHOTOGRAPHY” GUEST SPEAKER; DAVID TOLLIDAY. David is primarily a wildlife photographer, with a particular interest in birds. He enjoys watching the behaviour of birds. However he also photographs other genres including astro photography. Indeed, he won the “Sir Patrick Moore Prize for Best Newcomer” in the “Astronomy Photographer of the Year Competition” in 2015 with his photograph “Orion DT”.

Continued over page Please mention Peebles Life when responding to adverts

Thursday 19: 7.30 pm Peebles Flower Club in St Andrews Leckie Bakehall, Peebles. The demonstrator will be Christine Ogle with her flower demonstration entitled “I Believe in Fairies”. Visitors old and new are very welcome, non-members can pay at the door, £6. The evening will be rounded off with tea and biscuits. Thursday 19: 7.30 pm Peeblesshire Archaeological Society - talk by Hugo Anderson-Whymark (National Museum of Scotland) “Re-thinking Scotland’s Neolithic Carved Stone Balls”. Meeting will be held in Walkershaugh Community Centre, Peebles. Guests/nonmembers welcome (charge of £4). Sunday 22: 9.30 am **Tweeddale Ramblers. Lauder Circular. A strenuous walk from Lauder town centre, following the Southern Upland Way. 7.8 miles/12.5km, ascent 984 feet/300m. Sunday 22: 11 am Jim Carruthers Memorial Walk. This will be the last organised walk in memory of Jim, an annual event that has taken place since 2003. It is open to anyone including children, leaving from the Millennium Cairn (9th tee) after a short ceremony to mark the opening of Peebles Golf Club’s 2020 season. The basic route will go through Hay Lodge Park, Edderston Road, Tantah, the east and south edges of Cademuir Forest, The Cut and Victoria Park. Total distance about 5 miles (2.5 hours). Shorter or longer options are also possible for individuals or groups who wish to do that. All walkers would be responsible for their own safety. Please don’t bring dogs as we will be going through farmland. Further information from Gordon (720511) or Dave (721680). Sunday 22: 10.30 am Tweeddale Quaker Meeting for Worship. Nomad Beat, Cherry Court, 10-11 Cavalry Park, Kingsmeadows Road Peebles EH45 9BU. Sunday 29: 9.30 am **Tweeddale Ramblers. Dawyck Mill Circular. A leisurely walk from Dawyck Mill. No lunch required. 5.6 miles/9km, ascent 164 feet/50m.

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◈ Ants ◈ Crawling Insects ◈ Flying Insects ◈ Mice ◈ Rats ◈ Rabbits ◈ Bird Proofing

BPCA & CITY & GUILDS Qualified. Fully Insured.

Mob 07841 248498 Tel 01721 723966



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Dental Month

Now that the stresses of Christmas, and the January blues are well behind us, and we are all looking forward to lighter evenings and, hopefully, better weather, it’s the ideal time to make sure our four-legged friends are in tip top condition. One of the most important, and often most overlooked, areas of our pets annual ‘MOT’ is dental health. According to a recent veterinary study, 80% of dogs and 70% of cats, over the age of 3 years old, will manifest some form of dental disease. Often people simply aren’t aware of how important it is for cats and dogs to have clean teeth, and don’t know the problems neglected teeth can cause; everything from mouth sores to bacterial infections reaching the heart. It’s much more than an issue of cosmetics or stinky dog breath. Regular tooth brushing, correct feeding and dental treats are a great way of preventing a build-up of plaque. If you are in any doubt, we can book your pet in for a dental check-up with one of our registered Veterinary Nurses, who will examine your pets’ teeth and can quickly tell whether your pet has a problem.

If brushing and management is all that is needed, our nurses will explain how to brush your pets’ teeth, how often to do this and will assess the type of food you feed your pet. The size, shape, density and moisture content of your pet’s food can contribute to a build-up of plaque. If the nurse feels that there is a more serious dental problem, we would advise for your pet to have a check-up with a vet and most likely a dental

Border Vets 75 High Street, Innerleithen 01896 830249 www.bordervets.co.uk

procedure. This can range from a simple ‘scale and polish’ to prevent further problems developing, to full mouth x-rays and surgical tooth extractions if required At Border Vets, we are committed to providing the highest level of preventative health care for all our patients. So, during March we will be holding a ‘Dental Month’, with free nurse dental checks and 10 % off all dental procedures. Call us now and book an appointment to see one of our qualified veterinary nurses for your pet’s free dental health assessment, and lets make sure all of our furry friends get back their ‘hint of minty freshness’. Jim Ross, Clinical Director

Office: Mon, Tues, Fri - 8.30am - 6.30pm. Wed, Thurs - 8.30am - 7pm. Sat 8.30am 1pm. Consultations by appointment

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with our range of workshops in Peebles this March Why do Business Gateway Scottish Borders workshops book up so quickly? Yes, they’re free, but also very valuable, with 95% of attendees giving them a thumbs up.

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Property maintenance & home improvements ARE YOU A DENTURE WEARER? Did you know that a Clinical Dental Technician (CDT) can provide a range of denture services direct to the public? At CCM Laboratories our CDT is registered with the General Dental Council and can offer denture services which were previously only available through your dentist.

Why not have the person that makes your denture, fit your denture? If you are looking for a new denture and want a natural smile created individually for you please give us a call to arrange a free consultation in Biggar. 1 Market Road, Biggar, ML12 6FX


01899 438693

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A one stop shop for all your property maintenance needs phone: 01721 724121 mobile: 07894166219 email: wicks72@talktalk.net www.mr-maintenance.co.uk

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Rock Fundraiser for PHS


Geckohead, rumoured to be one of Scotlands most talented up and coming young bands, released their debut single, “Ticket to Master�on the 8th of September. A memorable day for 4 young talented Scottish lads. Geckohead are, Cameron Boak, Lewis Mackenzie, James Muir and Euan Russel.

Since the current line up formed in early 2018 the Peebles based band have worked hard to hone their own brand of Heavy/Alternative Rock and have concentrated on writing songs that show a maturity way beyond their young years, songs that drip with teenage angst, apathy, frustration and the folly of man. Ticket to Master was the first of several releases, hopefully leading to the launch of their first album in the near future. In fact the young age of the band has provided inspiration due to the difficulty they have found to be taken seriously as musicians. If you manage to catch one of their live performances, prepare for a non stop barrage of hard hitting songs, which are played and performed with such energy it is difficult not to be seduced by their sheer enthusiasm. Ticket to master and Thirsty Soul their follow-up release are available on all major digital streaming and download platforms.

Recently the band has organized a fundraiser (Phoenix) in aid of Peebles High School fire relief fund. As pupils of Peebles High it was decided to invite other young bands to perform alongside. (Thursday Underground and Police Sketch). Saturday March 21st Burgh Hall promises to be a memorable night. To be part of the action tickets are available at www.ticketsource.co.uk/geckohead For Further Details of shows/releases check out their social media on Facebook and Instagram.

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Haylodge parkrun celebrates female participation and community volunteering parkrun is a UK based charity supporting over 350,000 people per week who take part in volunteer run 5k events. There are over 650 parkruns in the UK including one in Haylodge Park, Peebles which takes place every Saturday at 9.30 am. On Saturday 7 March parkruns all over the world are joining in a celebration of female participation by hosting a special event, ahead of International Women’s Day. parkrun events will be showing their support by encouraging as many women and girls as possible to participate as walkers, joggers, runners and volunteers with a suggested purple dress code for the day. Sheena Turner - Haylodge Run Director said, “The fear of not being fit enough, of being ‘too slow’, of coming on your own or uncertainty about what to expect are some of the barriers to participating in parkrun. Many think that parkrunners are all lean cross-country running gazelles. That’s just not true, you don’t

have to run - walkers and joggers of all standards are welcome. parkrun is inclusive and supportive. It’s a run \ walk not a race and you participate at a pace to suit you. No-one is ever last. A tailwalker ensures that everyone gets around the course at a pace that suits them and we go for a coffee afterwards.” On Saturday 14th March our focus is closer to home with Peebles Tuesday Cubs and their parents taking over most of the volunteer roles. All the roles are straightforward and can be undertaken by anyone subject to a short briefing and support from the core event team. If you or your local group want to get involved – you can find us in Haylodge Park Peebles every Saturday at 9.30am. More information at www.parkrun.org.uk/haylodge


Enhance Support & Care PEEBLES

We're a highly experienced team and can offer you a personalised and adaptable service that meets your support and care needs both at home and within your community. Visit our website to see why the Care Inspectorate have graded us 5s for Quality of Care and Support.

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MOTHER’S DAY Sunday 22nd March

Make it extra special and treat your Mum to a delicious lunch.





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(Established over 30 years)

SHOP AT HOME SERVICE Samples of carpets, vinyl, wood flooring and “Karndean” brought to your home at times to suit you.

ESTIMATES FREE Fitting only service also available.

Would YOU know what to do if a colleague, family member or friend had an accident or was unwell? Let us train you in a skill for life Regulated first aid qualifications. Systematic, practical approach to learning. We meet Health & Safety Executive standards for ‘due diligence’. t: 07425 146 853 e: lucy@swift-firstaid.co.uk w: swift-firstaid.co.uk


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Peebles Club Scene Peebles Swimming Club By Steve Dubé

Rosie Sim never learnt how to swim. She just did: “It was playing in the water rather than proper swimming. I just swam naturally. It happens when you are always in the water.” It didn’t really matter where the water was. It could be Tanzania, or Tanganyika as it was then, the country where she “started off” as a water baby. Or it was in Aden or Bangladesh, India or Malta. Born in Dar es Salaam, the largest city in East Africa, Rosie moved around with her Dad, who worked for an international bank, and Mum, a former nurse. “People still wore uncomfortable woollen swimsuits, and I never saw anybody with goggles,” she recalls. “Apart from Bangladesh we always lived by the sea and I was playing in the water from the age of three.” Rosie claims she is still not a good swimmer, but perhaps her standards are higher than most. And standards are something that she knows about now, after 22 years as volunteer head coach of Peebles Amateur Swimming Club – a job she accomplished, like swimming itself, as she went along, studying the requirements and learning from the other members of the coaches’ band of brothers and sisters. The club is now nearly a century old and has thrived in a town where swimming was always popular. Many years ago youngsters took advantage of a diving platform built on the Dookets, a distinctive rock at the Neidpath end of Haylodge Park that overlooked a deep pool in the river. By the end of the 19th century there were regular swimming galas in the Ministers Pool, better known as the ‘Minnie’, which is just above the cauld. One Saturday in August 1907, a large crowd turned out to enjoy a demonstration of the crawl stroke, then the latest style of swimming, by the Wyman Swimming and Humane Society of Edinburgh, as well as demonstrations of life saving and water polo. The first indoor swimming pool was the gift of textile mill owner Sir Henry Ballantyne. Built at the foot of Tweed Brae in 1919, it greatly increased enjoyment

of the sport by allowing swimming throughout the year, whatever the weather. And the pool sparked the formation of Peebles Amateur Swimming Club in July 1922. The present 25-metre swimming pool, built to international standards on the site of the former Towns Mill in 1984, was and remains a tremendous asset for the town. The club currently has about 85 regular swimmers. Most of them do it for fun, or to keep fit, but Rosie says about ten per cent of them are good enough to compete at district level – the stepping stone to national competitions and perhaps going on to represent Scotland at international events. “Some of our members are just in it for the fitness and aren’t interested in competing, but we also have some really talented swimmers who are working towards getting selected at a national level,” she says. That’s a big step to take and it requires solid commitment and a great deal of training. Being part of the Borders Elite Swim Team – the B.E.S.T. swimmers – means getting up at 4.30am in order to be ready for sessions that start in Selkirk at 6am. After two hours of swimming it’s back to Peebles in time for school. “It’s very competitive. To swim fast you have to do it with good technique and when you put so much time into the sport you have to be disciplined and organised,” said Rosie. “There’s a lot to learn about nutrition, psychology and technique. We have a few really talented swimmers at the moment, and we have to see how they grow. But if I had eight that qualified to go to the East District competition I would be very pleased. And if they did that there’s a really good chance of getting into the national squad.” They would be following the examples set by many outstanding club members, like Margaret Smith in the 1930s. She held the Scottish 1,000-yards record in 1934, represented Scotland in the international one-mile competition in 135 and broke the Scottish One Mile Record in 1938. Other top Peebles

swimmers include Jamie Murray in the 1970s; Carol Shiell in the 1980s; Lauren Greenshields in the 1990s; Lynne Duncan, whom Rosie coached during the first decade of the present century. But it’s not all about competitions. “Swimming is one of the best things you can get your children into,” she says. “It builds great body strength and an excellent cardiovascular system right through your growing stages and teaches you self-discipline,” she says. “And swimming is a very safe sport, not like mountain bikes or football. You are very unlikely to get broken bones or suffer a brain injury.”

fever; it can spell the end of any early swimming career. “If you stop swimming for three months or so it can be hard to start up again,” says Rosie. The other main hurdle comes in the teenage years when young people are drawn to other interests, spending time with their Xboxes rather than the swimming club. “If you don’t put the time into it you won’t get the benefits, but quite a few do stick with it just for the fitness – without being interested in competing.”

Rosie likes to welcome new members to the evening sessions at the age of eight or nine – they have to be strong enough to swim a couple of lengths of the pool without problems. Swimmers are divided into squads based on ability, which meet on different nights, and the whole club comes together on a Thursday.

Rosie, who came to Peebles when she married her husband Stewart, knows that all good things must come to an end. “As for retiring it’s just a case of when,” she says. “I’m finding it more tiring now, and I never used to. I used to be able to do two or three hours at the poolside, but now I feel tired when I do. I started when the club was desperate for anybody to go poolside and I gradually learned from other coaches as I went along. We’re all volunteers here but some clubs now employ coaches, and when I leave they may have to do the same.”

Perhaps the biggest threat for young people training to achieve competitive levels of the sport is glandular

Peebles Amateur Swimming Club can be contacted on www.peeblesasc.co.uk.

Photo by Gareth Easton


Recipe from Val @ The Glentress Hotel Moroccan Lamb Pie Ingredient • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •


• 2tbsp rapeseed oil 2lb Forsyth’s diced shoulder lamb • 2inches grated ginger • 2 sliced red onions 2tsp ground cumin • 2tsp ground coriander 2tsp Ras el hanout • 2tsp smoked paprika 11 x medjool dates chopped • 2tbsp tomato puree 4 x cloves crushed garlic 200g bag baby spinach • 200g feta cheese

Heat the oil and brown the meat, remove from the pot Add the onions, garlic, ginger and the spices stir until the onions are soft. Add the dates, tomato puree, chopped tomatoes and bring to the boil. Reduce the heat and simmer for 2hrs until the lamb is tender, remove the lid if you feel you have to much liquid, you want to have a nice thick mixture. Remove from the heat and add the chopped coriander allow to cool before assembling the pie Melt the butter and brush the pie dish with the melted butter place a few sheets of filo overlapping, repeat then add half the lamb mixture, half the feta and half the spinach, then do the same with the remaining mixture. Layer another 4 sheets over the top of the pie mixture, brush well with the remaining butter tuck in the edges of the pastry and bake

1 x 25g chopped fresh coriander for 30minutes until golden brown and crispy. 1 pkt filo pastry Enjoy with some minted potatoes and tomato salad. 50g x butter melted

I also do a veggie option using Puy lentils and butternut squash.

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Peeblesshire Youth Trust News The young people supported by Peeblesshire Youth Trust recently enjoyed a mindfulness session with Suzi Gibson at Space 108; we all learnt great techniques to deal with stress and anxieties of everyday life, and we enjoyed a “full body scan” meditation also, which left us all feeling very relaxed. Many thanks to Suzi for hosting us in her lovely venue. We have also recently participated in a session at Peebles Swimming Pool, with the floats and inflatables; it was great to see some of our newer faces there, in a session that allowed all of the young people from the various primary schools across Tweeddale to come together with their PYT friends. Our Achieve Your Potential sessions continue up at Newlands with P6 pupils; one of the activities in this is a drumming workshop with “Mat the Hat”, always a highlight of our programmes. We now look forward to our last few sessions of this workshop programme, after which our P6 pupils will have the opportunity to

be matched with a mentor to work with them on a one-to-one basis, throughout their years around transition to Peebles High School. Peeblesshire Youth Trust (PYT) supports 10 - 14 year olds across Tweeddale to build their confidence and self-esteem and to improve emotional wellbeing. Our vision is to nurture, support, engage and encourage these young people to feel valued and reach their aspirations. Our project began in 2009 when a local father asked for help to guide his son through the difficult transition years from primary to secondary. It was felt that a mentor figure in his life would be a perfect way to do this. It was soon realised that this boy couldn’t be the only young person requiring such support, and so PYT was born! PYT works across Tweeddale to support children during the transition years from Primary to Secondary School. The charity engages with all nine primary schools in the area, and with Peebles High School. The Trust

provides support for young people to fulfil their potential and gain self-belief. This is achieved through individual mentoring, peer mentoring, group activities and training; local volunteer mentors work with children to achieve tasks together, raising their confidence and self-esteem. We are always keen to recruit volunteer mentors, so that we can make a difference to the lives of more young people across Tweeddale. If you can spare a couple of hours’ a month and would like to find out just how rewarding it can be to mentor a young person, to see them achieve their potential, please contact Sarah at PYT, email ‘info@ peeblesshireyouthtrust.org’ or tel 07957 383663. We would be delighted to meet you for a cuppa to tell you more about the work of the Youth Trust, our mentors and our volunteering opportunities.

Ethical fashion Come along to the Eastgate on Thursday 19th March to have fun and learn more about the ethics of the fashion industry. At 7.30pm, three graduate students from the Masters in ethics in fashion at Heriot Watt University, Galashiels will present their work. The Masters is a new(ish) course, pioneering, in its research looking at ethical and sustainability issues in the

fashion and textiles supply chains. The students will talk about their research into fashion brands and there will be ample time for questions and discussion. From 6pm, there will be stalls and

workshops offering the chance to clothes swap (bring 3-4 garments in good condition), learn about natural dyeing, making tee-shirt bags and other upcycling ideas. Useful fun!

Edinburgh Festival Fringe Awards Winning Acoustic Duo perform Acoustic Bowie and Queen in a two hour concert. Saturday March 28th, Peebles Burgh Hall, Doors 7pm Show 7.30pm

Tickets £12 from www.liveborders.org.uk





beautiful skin

This facial can ● brighten and tighten the skin ● enhance elasticity ● improve hydration ● reduce fine lines ● help promote collagen

* For this month only if you book one of our gorgeous Gatineau 90 minute anti-ageing facials we will add this treatment in complimentary! This treatment will be available as a single 30 min or for extra amazing results a course of 6. You can also have it added in to any of our Gatineau AND Caci Facials where we know results will be truly amazing! For any enquiries please give us a call or pop in.

Unit 2 School Brae, Peebles

01721 721363

E: xanadupeebles@gmail.com www.xanadubeautyclinic.co.uk Find us on Facebook for news & offers.

More than a book sale. More than fund raising. By Pat Goodacre and Lizzie Findlay Tweeddale Peace Group holds its 34 annual second-hand book sale in the Burgh Hall, Peebles. On Saturday 14th and Sunday 15th March, people will come as they always do, not just from Peebles but much farther afield, for a gigantic, delicious book hunt. It’s a community event with a big community and since 1994 it has raised over £213,000.00, for Peace and Justice charities. th

Tweeddale Peace Group was founded in March 1981 when young people at Peebles High School raised their concerns about a Cold War and the threat of nuclear weapons. Campaigning against the replacement of the Polaris nuclear weapons system with Trident was a major focus for the group, as now, forty years later, we campaign against the renewal of Trident. In 1982, inspired by a Quaker initiative to break through the Iron Curtain and bring women from the USA and Russia to meet women in Britain, we joined with local Quakers to host Russians and Americans in Tweeddale. The first second-hand book sale in 1986 helped to raise the fares to send people from Tweeddale to Hungary, Russia and USA to build on these personal East-West links. The sales have continued every March, coordinated by Peter Norris until his sudden death in the autumn of 2016. Personal connections with peace-making in Israel and Palestine have continued throughout the years and every year charities and organisations that work for Justice, Peace and Reconciliation benefit from the proceeds, as do disasters and emergencies as they occur. Beneficiaries include Medical Aid for Palestinians, CND, Campaign Against the Arms Trade, Tools for Self Reliance and Médecins Sans Frontières.

Very small local charities and organisations are included too. The Peace Group subcommittee meets after every sale to allocate donations. But the sale is more than just a fund-raising event. It’s a two-day gathering of book loving people which generates a real warm, buzzing community vibe. Over the weekend, more than a thousand people come to browse and buy. Some drop in for 10 minutes with their children and grandchildren to look for that muchloved lost book. Some come for half an hour and stay all day, filling bags with unexpected treasures. There are sections on everything: fiction, old and new, art, creative crafts, Scottish books, ‘specials’, CDs and DVDs. The little café draws in people with homemade bread and soup, scones fresh from the oven, real coffee and fresh-brewed tea. As if by magic, people turn up to help display the books which have been sorted and stored by the team of regular volunteers who work hard on Fridays throughout the year. The very last hour on Sunday is bargain time. Large sturdy paper carrier bags (Karen Hodgkiss of AB Group Packaging has been generous in helping to create an even greener book sale) will be on sale for £5, ready to be filled to the brim with books. Anything left after the sale are packed ready for collection by the Tweedbank social enterprise company Bookdonors. For two days every year for so many years, Peebles Burgh Hall has been a hub of book-loving, bookrecycling activity. The results ripple throughout the world, through organisations in Palestine, Israel, Africa – wherever the causes of Peace and Justice need support. Make a date for Peace, Justice and BOOKS: March 14 and 15.



Join us this Mother's Day for an 1881 Gin Afternoon Tea served from 2pm-4pm just £25 per person with a free gift for mum! www.1881distillery.com | 01764 651846 Distillery atwhen Peebles Hydro Please1881 mention Peebles Life responding to adverts


PEEBLES HANDYMAN DIY Repairs Fix-Replace-Tidy-Create Home or Small Business Indoors or Out All odd-jobs considered “Small job? Nae prob!” Fully insured Find out what I can do for you

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Tweeddale Youth Action It’s been a busy month at the youth clubs with the start of a new Saturday evening drop-in in Peebles, targeting risk taking behaviour and offering support, information and advice on sexual health, drugs and alcohol as well as a welcome meal to help stave off the cold. The weather hasn’t been kind and the community market has had to close several times because of high wind and bad weather but we’re hoping to be back soon with our Roastie Toastie by Food Punks stall and hope to see some of you there. Food Punk brigade have also been recently inspired from a celebratory lunch at The Kitchin in Edinburgh where we all met Tom Kitchin. Lots of young people have supported Food Punks journey over the past few years and it was great to be able to recognise their hard work and commitment. Bookings are now coming in thick and fast for Food Punks, so we’re looking forward to forthcoming cookery sessions in Walkerburn and weddings, barbecues and other catering events across the Borders. For more info, please see our website for details foodpunks. co.uk or e-mail info@foodpunks. co.uk. Bike Punks continue to operate an environmentally friendly cargo e-bike delivery service, making deliveries for local businesses and collecting glass recycling from domestic and commercial

customers. For more information please e-mail collect@bikepunks. org.uk. We’re also looking forward to longer days and warmer weather and will shortly start promoting our e-bike hire, available from our Chapel Street, Innerleithen premises. For more information please visit bikepunks.org.uk. Both youth clubs continue to be busy and well supported and our staff team continues to grow with a new Senior Youth Worker starting in March. We are, however also interested to hear from volunteers who share our passion for supporting young people through universal youth work. We are currently recruiting for new Trustees and would particularly like to hear from people with financial and legal backgrounds. Current provision is as follows and we will shortly start work on our Easter and Summer holiday programmes.

Tuesday 6-8pm, Innerleithen Drop-in P6+ Wednesday 6-8pm, Peebles Craft Punks, all ages Thursday 6-8pm, Innerleithen Drop-in P6+ Friday 6-9pm, Peebles Drop-in S1+ Saturday 7-10pm Peebles drop-in aged 15+ Membership and attendance at our drop in sessions is completely free and all young people are welcome to attend. For more information on who we are and what we do, please visit our website www. tweeddaleyouth.co.uk get in touch on 01721 724779 or e-mail info@ tweeddaleyouth.co.uk

Donations can be made to www.totalgiving.co.uk/donate/tweeddale-youth-action-scio Please mention Peebles Life when responding to adverts


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PLEASE NOTE: We do NOT accept amendments o

Planning Guide - Scottish Borders Your advert will be printed in CMYK and will not be a spot / pantone colours. If we do not receive you 07.07.15 we will assume your approval and go to press wit

on this proof, and we cannot be held responsible

Established 1982



Full Boiler and Central Heating Installation (Oil or Gas) Shower, Wet Room, Bathroom Installation and Tiling Free estimates and advice

Peebles: (01721) 722 246 Mobile: 07774 647 657

Email: rwalter.plumbingandheating@virgin.net Unit 1 South Park Industrial Estate Peebles EH45 9ED

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Acupuncture…have you tried it? Acupuncture has been used for many years to provide both pain relief and a sense of well being. Contrary to what many people think, acupuncture is often painless and can leave you feeling more relaxed. The needles used are extremely small and most people report feeling nothing more than a pin prick or a scratch when a needle is inserted. Acupuncture stimulates the nerves in the skin and muscle and can produce a variety of effects. It helps increase the body’s release of natural painkillers. Whilst Acupuncture doesn’t ‘cure’ a condition it can provide relief for many conditions such as tension type headaches, migraines, chronic low back and neck pain as well as osteoarthritis of the knee. At Borders Chiropractic, both Chris and Pamella are well qualified and have many years of experience providing patients with Western/ Medical acupuncture either as a stand alone

treatment or in conjunction with chiropractic treatments. If you would like more information about Acupuncture or to speak to one of our practitioners, please get in touch by email info@ borderschiropractic.co.uk or phone 01721 720694.

Feel better. Live better.

Acupuncture can provide short term relief for:

■ Improvement in the symptoms of overactive bladder syndrome (through electro-acupuncture at the SP6 point) ■ Tension type headaches ■ Migraine headache

■ Chronic low back pain

■ Neck pain or chronic neck pain

■ Temporomandibular (TMD/TMJ) pain

■ Temporary adjunctive treatment for osteoarthritis knee pain ■ Acupuncture can also help you feel more relaxed and revitalized

Acupuncture available with Chris and Pamella at Borders Chiropractic.

tel. 01721 720694 web. www.borderschiropractic.co.uk 2 Cherry Court, Cavalry Park, Peebles, EH45 9BU


             Friday, 20th March marks the official start of spring, traditionally a busy time of year for Cullen Kilshaw’s property and legal teams. Market activity so far in 2020 has seen our Peebles team busy with pre-sale valuations, new listings and sales throughout January and February. This level of activity is echoed in ESPC’s recent report of a 1% increase year-on-year in the volume of homes coming to the market in Borders in the past three months. In 2019 Cullen Kilshaw sold and purchased hundreds of properties for our clients across our network of 7 Property Shops. The growth that the firm has seen in consecutive years is testament to the quality of service and professionalism that you can expect from our local sales and legal teams. If you believed everything you see on the telly, you would think you could sell your house quickly and easily on the web, and that it would cost you nothing these days. So where is the catch? It’s buried in the small print - sellers beware of online agents’ hidden fees and contractual terms and conditions.

At Cullen Kilshaw we provide a clear and upfront fee structure with fixed fee and no upfront costs options which we will discuss with you and provide a detailed breakdown of services and costs. We will provide a FREE VALUATION, and a fixed fee service for selling and buying your next property, delivered locally by people who know the Borders market and who you can reach simply by contacting or calling into our Peebles office. With our no upfront costs option, we will carry the costs of preparing your Home Report, and the cost of advertising on national portals Rightmove and OntheMarket.com and in the local Solicitors Property Guide until your house is sold. If your house does not sell for any reason, all we ask is that you refund the cost of the Home Report and any advertising costs paid out on your behalf, a genuine no sale, no fee service. Call Cullen Kilshaw, Peebles today to arrange your free valuation or visit our website to submit a valuation request at no cost or commitment to you. Our Peebles team are fully equipped and stand ready to offer assistance.




 • Matrimonial • Separation & divorce • Cohabitation • Child contact/residence • Adoption

Cullen Kilshaw is the Scottish Borders law firm that offers the whole of life service, from buying your first home to growing your family and passing on your assets to the next generation. Our specialist teams provide advice and assistance to individuals, families and businesses on a broad range of potentially complex legal and property matters. We are one of the busiest agencies in the region, letting, selling and buying hundreds of properties each year for our clients.

  • Commercial contracts • Commercial property • Business start-ups • Contract disputes • Restructuring

If you need assistance on any aspect of law or property, please contact us today - a member of our team can be seen in any of our town centre offices.

• Free pre-sale valuations • Sales, purchases & lets • Managed lettings • Legal and estate agency • National advertising

PEEBLES T. 01721 723 999 5 Northgate, Peebles, EH45 8RX Visit www.cullenkilshaw.com

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 • Will preparation • Inheritance Tax planning • Living Wills • Power of Attorney • Estate Administration

Morag Tumber

Jennifer Lau


Saving Tweeddale’s Red Squirrels Local volunteers work to protect an iconic native species to protect local red squirrel populations and raise awareness among the wider community on the importance of their conservation in the Tweed Valley and surrounding areas.

What you can do

Like many of our native species, the iconic and charismatic red squirrel is under serious threat. Which is why a local volunteer group, the Tweeddale Red Squirrel Network (RSN), is working to protect red squirrel populations in the Upper Tweed Valley. Although Scotland is home to approximately 75% of the UK’s native red squirrel population, numbers have fallen drastically in recent decades to around 120 000. This alarming decline is a direct result of habitat loss and fragmentation and the spread of the non-native American grey squirrel. Introduced to the UK by humans in the 1880s, grey squirrel numbers have increased rapidly, particularly in England and Wales, and they outcompete our native reds for territory

and food. Additionally, grey squirrels carry squirrelpox – a viral infection that, although not harmful to greys, is fatal to red squirrels. Most reds die a painful death within 15 days of infection. Established in 2018, the Tweeddale RSN is just one of 16 volunteer networks across Scotland working to promote long-term red squirrel conservation under the guidance of Saving Scotland’s Red Squirrels (scottishsquirrels. org.uk) – a national project coordinated by the Scottish Wildlife Trust. With 25 current members, the Tweeddale RSN covers more than 39 000 hectares that takes in the Upper Tweed Valley from Broughton in the West to Caddonfoot and Yair in the East. The Network aims

Community action is the key to long-term, sustainable red squirrel conservation and it couldn’t be easier for you to get involved. Go online at scottishsquirrels.org.uk to report your sightings of both red and grey squirrels – the data you provide are invaluable when it comes to targeting conservation activities in strategic locations. The Network also encourages the participation of volunteers in a number of activities including, raising awareness through public events, monitoring red and grey squirrel numbers in key areas and controlling grey squirrel populations to mitigate the impact of squirrelpox. If you’d like to get more involved, and connect with nature on your doorstep, join our community hub at scottishsquirrels.org.uk/ community-hub/ or come to the next meeting of the Tweeddale RSN at School Brae Community Hub, Peebles at 19.00 on 10 March 2020 – everyone is welcome!

Visit us online at www.peebleslife.com

Photo by Bob Coyle

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Roofing Division

• • • •

Slating, Tiling & Lead Works Flat Roof Specialist

Roughcasting, Stone & Pointing Works

Rope Access, a True Alternative to Scaffolding Liquid Plastic & Single Ply Steeplejack Works

• • Galashiels: 01896 800450 E-Mail: admin@k2specialistservices.com

94 High Street, Galashiels

HAIR SALON With more than 30 years experience Rowan McTavish is excited to have opened a new hair studio in Peebles. She specialises in all aspects of hairdressing and prides herself on using the most sustainable natural colours and hair products on the market from www.davines.com. Rowan originally trained at Charlie Miller in Edinburgh where she worked for 13 years. She then went on to open her first salon in Amsterdam where she has been for the last 16 years!

07368 201828 rowanmctavish@mac.com 19a Eastgate, Peebles, EH45 8AD

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Peebles Community Trust News Walking and cycling routes through Peebles and the Eddleston Water Path. Thank you all very much for your helpful and thought provoking contributions to our community consultations to date. We are taking account of a diverse range of opinions and ideas and have delayed putting out our survey to adapt the questions in it in response to what we have learned. The underlying message we have is that we should take a closer look at Peebles as a whole to find ways of making it a more walking and cycling friendly town in general instead of focusing on specific routes. We have been talking to our funders about this and they support the development of a wider strategy for the town. The support for the Eddleston Water Path seems almost universal and we should be in a position in April to seek funds to finally build it. We will be competing for funds with the rest of Scotland so the more support we can show for this path the more chance there is of it getting built. Can you please complete our survey see the link below www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/2KV2HD2 If you would like a printed version of the survey please get in touch admin@peeblescommunity.org OR 07722 808830

Eshiels Community Wood Wardens PCT wants to recruit volunteer wardens for Eshiels

Community Wood. The Wood Watchers will monitor the Wood and keep PCT informed of any incidents by reporting back to the Management Group by email. Examples of such incidents include a fallen tree, which may interfere with the Tweed Valley Railway Path (TVRP) or block informal tracks or partial flooding due to high river levels. We also want to hear of any deer or red squirrel sightings, fires, motorbike users or vandalism. This would ideally suit people who regularly use the TVRP alongside the wood. Wood Watchers would not be expected to walk the wood every day, but to keep their eyes open whenever they do. In addition, Wood Watchers are not expected to take action in response to any event observed – merely to report back to PCT. Contact details: admin@peeblescommunity.org or 07722 808830.

SCHOOL BRAE HUB – What’s On Flea Market March 28th 10 am – 4 pm. Get in touch if you would like a table at £20 each. Peebles Railway Exhibition – a whole weekend in August. We are also thinking to have a New Years ceileidh. PCT are planning a series of events to support the upgrades of the School Brae Hub. We are seeking funding from SBC to introduce disabled toilets and ramp access on the lower and upper ground floors. Please get in touch if you wish to rent a space for a meeting, exercise event or pop in to discuss your requirements. Contact admin@peeblescommunity.org or 07722 808830.

It’s easy to be in

Peebles Life Advertising starts at only £36 For information contact Linda on 01896 831011 or linda@peebleslife.com

Visit us online at www.peebleslife.com


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INTERIOR OLUTION The Kitchen, Bathroom and Bedroom Specialist The Kitchen, Bathroom and Bedroom Specialist

Here at Interior Solutions we design, manufacture and fit kitchens, bathrooms and bedrooms.

We are very passionate about making your dreams come true so get in touch to book your free consultation survey, cad drawing and quote with no obligations. All our jobs are fully project managed by us and we have all the required trades people available to complete your project. References and photos available from previous clients. Showroom: Open by appointment. REGISTER

Interior Solutions (Peebles) Limited t: 01721 724371 m: 07845 252793 UnitInterior 16, Southpark Workshops Solutions (Peebles ) Limited w: www.ispeebles.co.uk t: 01721 724371 DeanEH45 Park, 9ED Peebles 07845 252793 Peebles e: m: interiorsolutionspeebles@outlook.com EH45 8DD w: www.interiorsolutionspeebles.co.uk

Janice Steven Designs for you


We have now moved from 60 High Street, Innerleithen and have settled into our new premises. We look forward to seeing you there.


3 Rowan Court, Cavalry Park Peebles, EH45 9BU


01721 740332 07732 633 157 Janice@amadi.co.uk

Visit our website and Facebook page for further information and picture gallery.


07704 290119

www.arbormasterltd.co.uk arbormaster@btinternet.com

Visit us online at www.peebleslife.com


Scotland’s Enigmatic Carved Stone Balls Exploring the Past with Peeblesshire Archaeological Society Carved stone balls are one of Scotland’s most enigmatic prehistoric artefacts. Created some 5000 years ago during the Late Neolithic period, their distinctive knobbed forms were carefully ‘pecked’ and ground to shape by communities across the north east of Scotland. A small number, such as the Towie Ball, were elaborately decorated and represent some of the finest examples of Neolithic ‘passage grave’ art in Europe. At our next meeting to be held on Thursday 19 March, we look forward to hearing the results of up-to-date research on these fascinating objects by our invited guest speaker, Dr Hugo Anderson-Whymark (National Museums Scotland) in an illustrated presentation entitled ‘Re-thinking Scotland’s Neolithic Carved Stone Balls’. Carved stone balls are one of Scotland’s most talked-about prehistoric artefacts. For more than 150 years these elaborately shaped stone spheres have captured the imagination and inspired passionate debate over their date, function and significance to past societies. On joining National Museums Scotland in 2018, Hugo embarked on a programme to collate and digitise old archives and produce new imagery of these artefacts (by using photogrammetry to create 3D models). The resulting models have allowed him to explore the patterns of stoneworking in unparalleled detail, revealing that many of the balls have complex biographies, with

distinct episodes of reworking changing the artefacts form or decoration. This has implications for how we understand and classify these artefacts. These new insights provided the opportunity to revisit the protracted and convoluted debate over the date and function of carved stone balls, and to reconsider the available archaeological evidence.  After completing his PhD at the University of Reading, Hugo Anderson-Whymark worked as a freelance artefact specialist for numerous commercial companies across Britain, as a Post-Doctoral Researcher on various projects ranging from Argyll to Orkney and as a lecturer for the University of the Highlands and Islands in Kirkwall and at Bournemouth University. He also has a strong background in field archaeology and has worked on numerous high-profile commercial and research projects, including the

Ness of Brodgar, Orkney and the Stonehenge Riverside Project, Wiltshire. Hugo joined the Scottish History and Archaeology Department at NMS in spring 2018 as a Curator of Prehistory, where he holds responsibility for the Palaeolithic, Mesolithic and Neolithic collections. The meeting will be held in our usual venue at in the Community Centre, Walkershaugh, Peebles, starting at 7.30pm (nonmembers/guests attending talks, £4). As always, new members will be very welcome. Illustration. Described by one Victorian archaeologist as resembling ‘enormous petrified mulberries’, carved stone balls have for long fascinated and intrigued museum visitors! Around 525 examples are known, the vast majority being from Scotland. These examples were found in the Neolithic settlement of Skara Brae on Orkney, and date from c 2900 - 2600 BC (© National Museums Scotland)

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Job Vacancies Garvald West Linton is an established provider of residential and day care services for adults with learning disabilities. Care is provided in five houses and there are eight workshop areas as well as further education and individual therapies. Our work is based on the principles of Rudolf Steiner. We are situated 20 miles south of Edinburgh in beautiful surroundings near West Linton.

Residential Manager Vacancy Main Purpose of Role The Residential Manager takes full responsibility for the delivery and management of the Garvald West Linton Residential Service ensuring that all the residential facilities are functioning at the highest standard in line with current regulations and delivering the expected level of service to all residents which is responsive to their changing needs. Currently we are in the process of looking to develop further options within our residential services to meet higher levels of support needs for individuals accessing our service. The Residential Manager will be registered with the Care Inspectorate as the Registered Manager of the Residential Service. Key Priorities • to provide leadership and support for the House Managers ensuring that GWL meets relevant service standards in the delivery of care to residents. • to have an overview of GWL’s residential provision and ensuring that it meets the needs of the residents and maintains a social therapeutic setting. • to interface and work constructively with the Care Inspectorate and other external bodies ensuring that GWL’s relationships continue to benefit the organisation, the residents and the wider community • to understand and work within the principles of social therapy and to support the cultural life of GWL in the celebration of cultural events Qualifications Essential • Qualifications that meet the SSSC requirements for a Manager Desirable • Qualifications relevant to the field of Social Pedagogy and/or Social Therapy and Curative Education. • Qualifications that demonstrate skill in managing conflict and/or interpersonal relationships. Knowledge and Experience • Experience of managing a residential service preferably within a social therapy setting. • Willingness to support the cultural practice and ethos of GWL. • Significant experience in a similar managerial position within the Health and Social Care sector including supervising and managing staff. • Understanding of the National Care Standards the SSSC and good practice in Adult Protection. • Working knowledge of Health & Safety, risk assessments, environmental health and fire regulations. • Experience of working with adults with learning and/or physical disabilities, autism and challenging behaviour. • Previous experience of recruitment, resolving human resource issues and knowledge of relationship management and conflict resolution. • Prior knowledge of preparing and working to budgets and annual targets. • Knowledge of social pedagogy and its relevance in an adult care setting for people with complex needs

Visit us online at www.peebleslife.com

41 Skills and Abilities • Skilled people manager with the ability to give and receive feedback to improve individual and team performance, and a genuine desire to support others in learning and CPD. • Proven leadership skills with the ability to act as a role model for others. • Strong communicator who can liaise effectively with stakeholders e.g. residents, day service users, parents, staff, health professionals, other care providers, Senior Management Team and Garvald Trustees. • Ability to work within a set budget and provide relevant updates relating to spend etc. • Proven negotiation skills, executed in a similar setting. • Ability to act as a strong member of a team but independently manage GWL’s residential service. • Excellent time management with the ability to meet deadlines. • Computer literacy with knowledge of MS Office packages, email and internet use. • Must hold a full and valid driving licence Personal Attributes • Commitment to embracing and pursuing the principles of social therapy (based on the Rudolf Steiner principles) and their application in a residential setting • Flexible and resilient with the ability to react quickly and appropriately to escalating situations. • Self-awareness and a positive outlook with confidence and belief in own abilities. • Logical approach to problem solving and decision-making. • Confident in ability to work with individuals who exhibit challenging and complex behaviours. Salary £31,500

Full Time/Part Time Care Staff and Nightshift workers. We have both Live In and Live Out positions available. (Attractive salary and benefits, training and career prospects)

Join our team and make a real difference delivering care to the vulnerable adults with learning disability, you don’t need previous experience, as full training and support will be provided. Values and Attributes You must be; • able to treat our service users with dignity and respect • able to uphold their rights as individuals • honest and trustworthy • reliable and dependable Skills and Abilities You must be able to; • communicate well • recognise and respond to the needs of others • work as part of a team • be flexible in approach • maintain good sense of humour

For more information visit www.garvaldwestlinton.org.uk. Full Job Descriptions can be provided upon request via info@garvaldwestlinton.org.uk

Garvald West Linton, Garvald House, Dolphinton, West Linton, EH46 7HJ Tel: (01968) 682211 Fax: (01968) 682611 E mail: info@garvaldwestlinton.org.uk Web: www.garvaldwestlinton.org.uk Please mention Peebles Life when responding to adverts

Peebles Silver Band At our three Concerts last year we were especially pleased to highlight the playing ability of our young Soloists: Phoebe Hibbert, Sophie Ward-Murray, Rosie McLeman and Josh Middleton. The girls are all under 17 and along with Josh continue to impress and delight us with their playing. Our Youth Band under the guidance of the highly experienced David Robb also played well at our Concerts and show great potential for the future. We currently have over 20 youngsters at different stages of development and all improving. At a time of funding restrictions by Local Councils with music tuition particularly at risk, we pride ourselves in offering brass instruments on loan and music tuition, free of any charge to all, no matter their age or ability. However, this does come at a cost. We continually fund raise to meet our annual running costs,

currently in the region of £14,000 per annum with our largest costs being Conductors Fees and the repair/purchase of instruments particularly for our expanding Youth Band. Some of our youngsters are playing instruments that are well over 25 years old, but we are very grateful for the continued support and generosity of the good folk of Peebles to help us replace these older instruments and thereby show off the talents of our youngsters.

old instrument will now become available for someone in the Youth Band to play.

Whilst we failed to receive anything from the Localities Bid Fund last year, we have been delighted and very grateful to receive three significant donations over the past few months. In particular, Mrs Eileen Fletcher has given the Band a donation enabling us to purchase a new Flugelhorn for the Senior Band at a cost of £2,300. Our picture shows Mrs Fletcher handing the flugel over to Band Vice-Chairman, Cliff Balson. The flugel will be played by Sophie and be engraved to record the donation in memory of Mrs Fletcher’s late husband, Geoff. Sophie’s

We have also been able to purchase 2 new Student Bb Cornets at a cost of £300 following a donation from the Peebles Branch of the Royal British Legion Scotland. Unfortunately, the Peebles Branch has had to fold but we are very grateful to Chairman Mike Stark and his committee for thinking about us when they divested their funds back to the local community.

The local Fundraising Charity, A Gift for Peebles, has also very kindly donated £1,500 to the Band for the purchase of instruments specifically for our Youth Band. £500 enabled us to purchase a new Student Euphonium (as mentioned in last month’s edition) and the balance will be used to purchase 3 new Student Eb Horns.

These donations will enable us to grow our Youth Band numbers even more – so if you know someone who wants to play an instrument and learn to read music, all free of any charge, please contact our Secretary, David Cornwall for more details – 07976 242433 or secretary.pbsb@gmail. com If you would like to make a donation to the Band, no matter how small, to help us continue with our work, please contact our Treasurer, Martin Brown on 07942 818529 or treasurer.pbsb@gmail. com With many thanks again to all our donors mentioned above and all our other supporters whether at our concerts, coffee mornings or whilst we are playing on the High Street. Your support is very much appreciated by us all.


Ask about our new fixed fee marketing packages.


Ask about our new fixed fee marketing packages.

T: 01721 721515 E: property@blackwoodsmith.com

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100 Years of Scottish Women’s Lives Captured on Film

In celebration of International Women’s Day, on Sunday 8 March, the Eastgate Theatre is screening an astonishing collection of short films that tell the stories of the women of Scotland from the reign of King Edward to the rule of Margaret Thatcher. During the twentieth century Scotland’s women lived through major social change, as they challenged their roles in society and fought for equality: at work and at home, classroom to croft, girlhood to motherhood. As well as showing how a woman was ‘meant’ to be, these films show as well as their determined resistance, and feature the faces and voices of pioneers, schoolgirls and housewives. Discover their stories and hear their voices in this timely collection of archive film curated by the National Library of Scotland. By turns funny, astonishing, inspirational and aspirational the films will be introduced by award-winning independent curator and film events producer Shona Thompson who is passionate about the big screen, and sharing films from the past to talk about our future The titles include Mary Gets Ready for School (featuring the importance of teeth brushing), Wood Goes to War (with footage of women making rifles) and Tomorrow is Yours (the Scottish Cooperative Wholesale Society promoting self-service and mobile shops). Many of these rarely-seen films were made by female filmmakers including Sarah Erulkar, Brigid ‘Budge’ Cooper and Jenny Gilbertson. Gloria Steinem, world-renowned feminist, journalist and activist once explained "The story of women's struggle for equality belongs to no single feminist nor to any one organization but to the collective efforts of all who care about human rights." International Women’s day exists to celebrate women's achievement, raise awareness against bias and take action for equality. Her Century: Scottish Women on Film will be shown at the Eastgate Theatre at 7.30pm on Sunday 8 March. Tickets are £10 available now from box office on 01721 725777 or www.eastgatearts.com Pictures: 1. MALE AND FEMALE 1 Credit National Library of Scotland Moving Image Archive 2. Her Century A Kind of Seeing 3. HERRING HARVEST Credit National Library of Scotland Moving Image Archive


• Female driver • Pre-booked journeys local and further afield • Transfers to and from airports, train stations etc. • Up to 6 passengers

Call: 07932 606939

Email: lornaramsay@live.co.uk

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Page 1

Discover the benefits of weeddale Kitchens est. 1992

The assurance of a trusted well established family run company. A highly experienced team who use their knowledge & skills to ensure excellent service, products & installation work. An extensive & exciting range of solidly built kitchens from budget to exclusive. Showroom open:Mon, Tues, Thurs, Fri 10:00 - 5:30, Wed & Sat 10:00 - 1:00 Dovecot Ind. Estate, Dovecot Road, Peebles. Tel: 01721 723497

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For over 130 years we have shown our commitment to ensuring that our service men and women, veterans and their families get the best possible support when they need it.

Wanted – Volunteer Case Workers We are currently recruiting volunteer case workers in the Borders area to visit people who require the services of SSAFA. The type of person we are looking for does not need to have been in the Armed Forces. We just need an empathetic response to people in need, whether they require financial support, welfare assistance or just a friendly face to chat to. If you are young at heart and computer literate you are just what we need. This is not an onerous position requiring a great deal of your time – on average you may be asked to take on 5 cases a year. You will get a great deal of satisfaction from being able to help people in their time of need and full training will be given before you start. The position is voluntary but we do pay motor mileage. ___________________________________________

If you are interested, please send your details to Neil.Stevens@Borders.ssafa.org.uk Alternatively phone 01361 883 335 Confidentiality is key and so too is our compliance with Data Protection.


• Improve posture


• Alleviate back pain


• Improve performance

£2 OFF

• Reduce stress • Individual lessons


• Experienced and supportive teacher


77 Northgate, Peebles Tel: 01721 720053

Peebles Anna Maria Sobieska MA, PhD, MSTAT 0785 347 3904 alexandertechniqueanna@gmail.com www.alexandertechniqueanna.com

Visit us online at www.peebleslife.com

Fizz and Fun

Charity Afternoon Tea Storm Ciara didn’t stop 160 guests attending a Fizz and Fun Charity Afternoon Tea at Peebles Hydro on Sunday 9th February. Now into its fourth year, organisers Linda, Marion, and Angela, decided this year to raise funds for three organisations The first, A Gift for Peebles, is supporting local groups by purchasing much needed items. This year it’s Peebles Burgh Youth Band, the Activity Group at Haylodge Hospital, Peebles CAN and School’s Out. The second organisation, It’s Good 2 Give! is a volunteer led charity supporting children and young people and their families across Scotland who are affected by cancer. And finally, supporting RNIB Talking Books; raising funds for an audio book for blind and partially sighted children. Thanks to the generosity of many businesses in Peebles and the surrounding areas, there was an abundance of amazing prizes on offer for guests to win. Organiser, Linda Quinn was delighted with the response ‘Our event was truly unique and totally amazing because of the number of vouchers and prizes we received for our raffle and auction. We feel truly blessed to have such generous local businesses willing to support us’ Angela Preston who helped organise the event said ‘The afternoon tea was absolutely outstanding thanks to head chef, Grant, and his team. The waiting

staff who served throughout the afternoon were faultless, thanks attention to detail provided Colin and his team. A special mention has to go to Peebles Hydro manager, Patrick Diack, who provided professional and outstanding support during the organisation of the 2020 event’ Once again Harrisons Ford and Higgins Opticians sponsored the event with very generous donations meaning that more of the funds raised could go directly to the charities. Thanks to Elliott Winyard at Stobo Castle Spa who, for the fourth year running, kindly donated a spa day for two as our star prize. Vouchers for Cocoa Black Chocolate and Pastry School, a 7 course taster menu for two at Windlestraw Hotel, champagne afternoon tea at Prestonfield House, a pet sitting at Fetch and Flash, and an Alpaca Trek, along with many other vouchers and gifts helped raise a fantastic £5025 for the three charities.

Linda was most appreciative of the volunteers who gave their time and were crucial to the success of the event, including Young Ambassadors, Ciara and Lottie, MC and magician, Ian Cross, and local photographer, Lorna Noble. A bouquet of flowers was presented to volunteer, Marion Anderson, who is stepping down from her role. Marion has worked tirelessly organising our guests bookings, payments, and dietary requirements which is no mean feat! The 2021 Charity Afternoon Tea will be held at Peebles Hydro on Sunday 31st January from 3-6pm. For further information about how to book and ticket prices please follow facebook. com/2021CharityAfternoonTea or email angelapreston7@gmail.com Pictured l-r Linda Quinn, Angela Preston, Marion Anderson. Photo courtesy of Lorna Noble.


Tweeddale Councillors Bell and Anderson

Councillor Stuart Bell Tel. 0300 100 0220 stuart.bell@scotborders.gov.uk

Councillor Heather Anderson Tel. 0300 100 0220 heather.anderson@scotborders.gov.uk

will hold an Advice Surgery

In COSTA Coffee Shop, High Street, Peebles On Tuesday, 17th March 2020 from 6.00 – 7.00 p.m.

A.T. BLINDS Vertical, Venetian, Roller, Pleated and Velux Curtain Rails and Poles Call Allan Turnbull on 01721 720421 Visit us online at www.peebleslife.com


Please see website/menu for details

Please see website/menu for details

Sunday to Thursday

01896 833 466

Opening Hours: 4pm-11pm (7 days a week)

68 High Street Innerleithen EH44 6HF www.saffronauthenticindianrestaurant.co.uk

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Councillor Kris Chapman

T: 0300 100 0220 E: kris.chapman@scotborders.gov.uk will hold An Advice Surgery

In COSTA Coffee Shop, High Street, Peebles

On Monday, 2nd March from 6.00 – 7.00 p.m. Visit us online at www.peebleslife.com



TEL: 01721 721618


D & M Williams

Scrap Metal Uplifts FREE UPLIFTS Washing machines Cookers Tumble Driers Radiators Car Batteries All Metals Considered NO FRIDGES OR FREEZERS

Biology Tuition Need help with National 5, Higher Human or Higher Biology?

Environmentally Friendly SEPA Registered

Available evenings and weekends

Mobile: 07724 337125 Tel: 01721 725112

Email: helenlitt@gmail.com Phone: 07791 794534

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Peebles Community Centre Walkershaugh, Peebles T: 01721 720975 The calendar for March is as follows:Frequency Daily










Schools Out - Please call 07575 857585 or email admin@schoolsoutpeebles. com for more details. Sporty Kids

9:30am - 11:15am and 1pm - 2:45pm

Mum & Baby Yoga

10am - 11:15am

Youth Club

6pm - 7:30pm


6:30pm - 8pm

English for Speakers of Other Languages Class

6:30pm - 9:30pm


7:30pm - 9:30pm

Sporty Kids

9:30am - 10:15am

Open Doors Computer Drop-In

10am - 12 noon

Walking Hockey

1:30pm - 2:30pm

Red Button Art Club - for P1s - P7s

4pm - 5pm

Dog Training

7pm - 9pm

Carpet Bowling

7pm - 9pm

Over 60s Badminton

2pm - 4pm

Art Group

7pm - 9pm

Kirklands Badminton

7:30pm - 9:30pm

Art Club

10am - 12 noon

Walking Netball

11:30am - 12:30pm

Over 60s Badminton

1:30pm - 3:30pm

Spanish Classes

7pm - 9pm

Sporty Kids

9:10am - 9:55am and 10am -10:45am

Art Group

9:30am - 11:30am

Gentle Exercise Class

11:15am - 12 noon

Lunch Club

12 noon - 1pm

Social Activities (incl: New Age Curling, Bowling, Table Tennis, and ‘Gentle’ Walking Football)

12:30pm - 2:30pm

Fun French

1pm - 2:15pm

Over 50s Walking Football

2:30pm - 4pm


6pm - 7pm

Peebles Baptist Church

11am - 1pm

Art Group

Tues 10:30am 12:30pm

Art Group

Wed 2pm - 4pm

Camera Club

Wed 7pm - 9pm

CraftBox - free craft class for Senior Citizens'

Fri 2:30pm - 4pm

Peebles Archaeological Society The Mary Allen Social Group Monthly

Group Focus

Astronomical Group Peebles Bee Keepers Club Meet & Make - free craft class for people living with dementia

For specific dates call 01721 720975

Peebles Camera Club The club is for everyone who enjoys photography, whatever their standard. We meet twice each month from September to May, on the 1st and 3rd Wednesdays of the month.  We have a range of talks, practical sessions, visits and activities.  Also during the year we have 3 Competitions and 3 Challenges.   All meetings are held in the Peebles Community Centre, Walkershaugh. Details can be seen on our web site www.peeblescameraclub.co.uk Follow us on Twitter @ PeeblesCamera or on our Facebook page. MAKE MORE OF YOUR PHOTOGRAPHY COME AND JOIN US!


For further information please pop into the centre or phone 01721 720975.

Also now find our official presence on Facebook - just search Peebles Community Centre to find our group pages easily.


Member of Parliament for Dumfriesshire, Clydesdale & Tweeddale

Peebles Burgh Hall Friday 27 March 3.45pm - 4.45pm

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DDL Care Services Assisting > Enabling > Improving Independence DDL Care Services is a private professional care company that offers a range of services for adults and older people living in the community.

THE SERVICES WE PROVIDE INCLUDE: • Personal Care • Rehabilitation Support • Palliative Care • Respite Care • Home Assistance • Social Care • Shopping and Domestic • Housing Support DDL Care Services have been awarded a Grade 5 – Very Good across all three areas by the Care Inspectorate: • Quality of Care and Support • Quality of Staffing • Quality of Management and Leadership Please do not hesitate to contact us if you think we could be of assistance to you or a member of your family.

Making IT work for you Unit 7 Cherry Court Cavalry Park Peebles m: 07548 152919 e: cwilson.itservices@gmail.com

 Home collection and delivery  PC and laptop servicing and repairs  Upgrades  Virus removal  Microsoft Windows installations  Replacement laptop screens

Qualified Hardware Service Technician

HOLIDAY FLAT for friends’ and family visits

6, Northgate Vennel, Peebles www.selfcateringpeebles.co.uk info@selfcateringpeebles.co.uk Tel: 01434 682220

email ddlcareservices@gmail.com or call 01721 724 930

www.ddlcareservices.co.uk Visit us online at www.peebleslife.com

55 Anticipation is out of fashion now but it’s available everywhere right now if you know where to look. Spring may be just around the corner but it is a very tricky right hand bend so don’t be in a rush to sow seeds yet. Instead enjoy the turn of the season and prepare for the summer ahead. If it is a good dry day in the first half of the month go through your beds and borders taking back the top growth of perennials, removing any weeds, sprinkling some fertiliser like pelleted chicken manure or fish, blood and bone or Gro-more on. If you top up the mulch of composted bark as you go along this will keep new weed seed from germinating as easily once it warms up. In the middle of the month if it’s still dry you can give the grass a good rake with a spring tine rake or a scarifier for a big lawn. Wear gloves though and don’t try to get it all done in one day. You will remove all the dead grass, thatch and moss so that might leave some bare spots. Mix a box of grass seed and a box of spring lawn feed into a two gallon bucket of fresh compost (enough for an average lawn) and sprinkle that on at the rate of about one handful per square metre. The trick is to go over the whole lawn after you apply the mix with a stiff bristled broom and brush it in right down to the roots of the grass. You will see great improvement before the end of the month.

The Peebles Garden: March

There is still time to finish renovation pruning of older shrubs or winter pruning of apples and pears before the buds break. Prune roses like hybrid teas and floribundas back to just above an outward facing bud. Remove any dead brown wood while you are doing that and apply a handful of fertiliser. Finish planting any bare root deciduous trees or roses that still need to go in. Leave planting conifers or broadleaf evergreens until late April or early May. Sooner or later it will rain which is the best time to go into the shed or greenhouse and get that sorted out. Sweep it all down and clean the windows. Use Jeyes fluid in solution to wash down the floor and benches. Get all the little pots and trays washed and stacked ready for use next month. Buy some fresh seed compost and use any open bags of multi-purpose compost to re-pot houseplants or mulch up the borders. The bulbs are opening, birds are making nests, leaves are bursting out of their fat buds and bumble bees are knocking inside sunny windows that are open to the breeze. It’s too early to say what summer will be like but it might be lovely. Meanwhile, take every chance to be outside in the sun and enjoy spring! Sheila Drummond, Portland Garden Design 07905 0397185 drummond.sheila@gmail.com

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P. GRANDISON Funeral Director 3 March Street, Peebles. EH45 8DF. Phone 01721 720739 (24hrs.) Serving Peebles and district since 1923 John Montgomery Upholstery Custom & bespoke upholstery service • Refurbish sofas, dining chairs & more • Sofa repairs - springs & frame • Replace tired, torn or worn seat & back cushions • Cushions made to order - both foam & fibre • Caravans, benches, floor seats, ottomans etc. • Foam cut to size • Wide range of fabrics 7 Meadow Place, Bilston, Midlothian EH25 9RT Telephone 0131 440 4116 · Email montgomerymnt@aol.com www.edinburghupholsterer.co.uk Visit us online at www.peebleslife.com


ax limited



IS TAX 2 TAXING? We specialise in looking after the accounting and taxation affairs of individuals and small businesses.

We offer a professional and cost effective service without losing the personal touch. Our services include completion of Self Assessment Tax Returns, Business Accounts, Payroll and VAT Returns. We offer a collection and drop off service for information if required. If you are looking for a friendly, approachable tax adviser please contact Morag on 07936426005 or email morag@mthtax.co.uk A Member of the Association of Taxation Technicians

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Music in Peebles March Double Bill FLORIAN MITREA, PIANO


Tuesday 3 March 2020 at 7.30pm

Tuesday 31 March 2020 at 7.30pm

Eastgate Theatre, Peebles

Eastgate Theatre , Peebles

British/Romanian pianist Florian Mitrea has already made a great impact in Scotland, as a double prize-winner in the Scottish International Piano Competition, 2017, and as a soloist with the RSNO.

John Burgess, clarinet

Florian has chosen a programme of four masterpieces by two of the piano’s greatest composers and exponents, Beethoven and Liszt. Two of Beethoven’s most popular sonatas celebrate his anniversary year, then after Liszt’s Ballade No.2 we will hear his mighty B minor sonata. Programme: Beethoven Sonata No.8 in C min, Op.13 (‘Pathétique’) Beethoven Sonata No.21 in C, Op.53 (‘Waldstein’) Liszt

Ballade no. 2 in B minor


Piano Sonata in B minor

In the first half of his recital for us, Florian marks the 250th anniversary of Beethoven’s birth with two of his best-loved sonatas, the early ‘Pathétique’ and the middle-period ‘Waldstein’, considered one of his greatest. The second half is given over to two virtuosic showpieces by Liszt: the Gothic horror inspired second Ballade and the remarkable, revolutionary Sonata.

Ross Milligan, guitar and banjo Andy Sharkey, bass Play jazz standards, rags and blues from the golden age of jazz. Jazz concerts used to appear regularly in the Music in Peebles calendar and always proved very popular. For our ‘something completely different’ slot this season, we welcome the Ugly Bug Ragtime Three, comprising a trio of Scotland’s finest jazzers. John Burgess has played on stages and in jazz clubs all over the world and features on over 100 recordings. Ross Milligan has appeared with, among many others, singer Ute Lemper and the BBCSO, and has written music for film and TV. Andy Sharkey toured with the hit show ‘Rat Pack’, appeared regularly with clarsach player Rachel Hair and is also a tutor at Strathclyde University. Describing themselves as “the wee band with the big, big sound”, the Ugly Bugs promise a wonderful mix of fine vintage ragtime jazz from the 1920s and ‘30s, all delivered with real drive, swing and verve. Romantic ballads rub shoulders with rags and stomps by Jelly Roll Morton and Fats Waller, and blues-drenched standards band up against swinging show tunes. A treat for the heart and feet in equal measure!

Tickets for each concert £15 (£7 for members of Biggar Music or if accompanying a child under 12 FREE for schoolchildren and students under 25 from Eastgate Theatre box office 01721 725777 or buy online www.eastgatearts.com Music in Peebles concerts are subsidised by Chamber Music Scotland through funding provided by Creative Scotland.

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St Peter’s

Episcopal Church Eastgate, Peebles

You are welcome to join us at worship –


On Sundays

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Joint Holy Communion at St Andrew’s, Innerleithen

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Peebles Rugby Club

The spotlight falls on the club’s senior teams this month, with both sides performing well in their respective leagues. Despite flooded and waterlogged pitches, both went unbeaten on league business.

The ‘So Stobo’ sponsored Peebles 1stXV remain fourth in Tennent’s National League Division Two. However, with only three points separating the top four sides, the championship and two promotion spots are very much up for grabs. The ‘Firsts’ showed this with a 32-29 win over league leaders Stewarts Melville alongside an impressive 52-12 victory against Gordonians. Upcoming home fixtures this month include Newton Stewart on 29th February and third place Dumfries Saints on

28th March.

The ‘Crown Hotel’ sponsored ‘Reds’ meanwhile continue to occupy top spot in Tennent’s East Reserve League Two following wins against Kelso A (12-7) and Linlithgow (32-3). Their only home opponents this month are Lasswade on 29th February. In youth rugby, the Under 16’s National Cup run came to an end at Heriot Watt’s Oriam indoor rugby facility, at the hands of Mackie Academy FP. They now go on to meet Boroughmuir in the final at BT Murrayfield. There is still some silverware up for grabs ahead of the sevens season though, when they travel to play a combined team of Perth High School and Academy, in the semi-final of the Scottish Schools

Quaich. On the representative front, Jay Coltman and Finlay Sinclair have been selected for the Borders & East Lothian Academy Squad for the upcoming Under 17 Fosroc 4’s at The Oriam. U16 player oliver Landers was also involved but has been unable to take part due to injury. The club wishes the boys well in this event! As ever, the Club is open to anyone – player, supporter, volunteer, spectator, family member. Information on club membership can be found on the club’s website, or by emailing membership@ peeblesrfc.org. Alternatively, please contact myself on any of the routes below for further details on the club.

George Blair Peebles RFC Development Officer Tel – 07801 791253 Email – youthrugby@peeblesrfc.org Web – www.peeblesrfc.org Twitter - @PeeblesRugbyDev

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Peebles Life March 2020  

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Peebles Life March 2020  

Community magazine for Peebles.