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A community magazine serving the residents of Peebles and Cardrona Delivered FREE to every home in the area

February 2019

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Welcome to the February issue of Peebles Life, at the time of writing the weather is still mild, and the country is in a Brexit meltdown, let’s hope by the time you read this we at least have some further clarity on the later. February has long had the reputation of being one of the more challenging months, Christmas and Hogmanay are well behind us, the days are short, and the weather is bad. When we first planned this issue, we thought about an article on loneliness, something we know effects more and more people as we live longer. However, what we discovered is that loneliness amongst the young is an increasingly serious issue, and we talk about this in the Big Issue. We report on the recent plans by the Peebles Community Trust to take over the Ex Servicemen’s Club and turn it into a community hub, which will provide space for a number of local groups, as well as allowing the building to continue to play the key role in the town that it has for almost 100 years. The Community Trust is taking an increasingly active role in the Town, and recently completed the purchase of the Eshiels Woodlands, and is also involved in plans for alternative uses for March Street Mills. To cheer people up, and help them think of summer we have an article from the Beltane Festival committee asking for nominations for the some of the key roles in the festival, so if you know anyone who you think would be appropriate please send the names, or if you would like to help in the organising of the festival, the committee is on the look out for new members. We are approaching the annual Book Sale, the organisers are looking for donations of books and will be manning the sorting shed on Tweed Green every Friday for the next few weeks (see page 31 for details). Our occasional feature on local authors this month profiles James Grosart, who wrote a fascinating book called the Chronicles from Peebles Briggate, published in 1899, which gives a wonderful and affectionate view of the town at the time. Our Peebles Portrait this month is of Ian McLeod, well know local business owner, who runs Elmbank Printing, which also celebrates its 50 years of trading this year. Finally you will also find all our regular columns, including the recipe and gardening column, and details of events across the town this month, I would highlight two in particular, the Talk by Philip Hutton, well know local artist on “Painting Peebles for 50 Years” and the talk on Scottish Rock Art being given to the Tweeddale Archaeological Society. Charles



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Peebles Pensioners Association


What’s on in February


Advice from CAB


New Life for Ex-Servicemen’s Club


Round the Clock Entertainment at the Eastgate


Painting in Peebles for 50 years


Tweeddale Youth Action


Peebles Beltane Festival


Peebles Portrait


Music in Peebles


Peeblesshire Youth Trust News


Peebles CAN Skill Sharing


Making a difference with Meet and Make


Recipe from Val @ The Peel Café


Exploring the Past with Peeblesshire Archaeological Society


Fitness advice from Lesley Mitchell


The Peebles Garden


Peebles Silver Band


Peebles Community Centre


Peebles Rugby Club News




A community magazine serving the residents of Peebles and Cardron Delivered to everyand home in the area NotesFREE on Peebles its Writers 46

February 201

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Big Issue By Steve Dubé Loneliness is this month's big issue, and I don't mind saying I turned to Bob Dylan and Aldous Huxley for help. Peebles Life is not alone in finding loneliness something to think about.

solitude feels peaceful, creative and restorative; ask the practitioners of Buddhist philosophy, striving to sweep away distractions and illusions from their view of themselves and the world.

There's also Priorsford Primary School pupil Lucy Paul. This ten-year-old thought an American-style Buddy Bench might help schoolmates who are feeling lonely find new friends. The school's head groundsmen, Stobo Health Spa and Scotts hardware store understood and helped her out.

American Buddhist monk Ajahn Sumedho said, "When it comes to the actual experience of life, we're very much alone; and to expect anyone else to take away our loneliness is asking too much." English writer Aldous Huxley put it another way: "We live together, we act on, and react to, one another; but always and in all circumstances, we are by ourselves."

Bob Dylan knows the feeling too. In Marchin' to the City, he sang, "Loneliness / Got a mind of its own / The more people around / The more you feel alone." Loneliness has become a common problem. An online survey of 55,000 UK residents last year found that one in three identified as often or very often lonely and fewer than half never felt that way. Four out of ten 16 to 24-year-olds often felt lonely, compared with 27% of over75s. More than 30% of every other age group reported frequent feelings of loneliness. It all adds up to a lot of people. The survey suggests that living in a developed democracy or welfare state is no protection against what has been described as a modern-day scourge: medical practitioners say loneliness can lead to mental health issues and is linked to diabetes, heart disease, strokes and Alzheimer's. Greater loneliness among young people can't all be down to social media, although there may be an element of that. Sites like these can give the impression that most people are upbeat and satisfied, whether they are or not. This can add to someone's sense of inadequacy, especially amid the uncertainties of growing up. Another survey of almost 11,000 14-year-olds showed that three out of four of the girls suffer from depression and low self-esteem. It's alarmingly widespread. Being deaf, disabled, homeless, confused and unloved can also deliver the burden of loneliness. It's worse among young mothers, single young men and the unemployed – even if they live with other people. Single people of all ages living alone with health problems tend to be affected. Profound loneliness can follow a bereavement. Language, which we sometimes share easily, can turn on us when we have no one to share it with. A sense of loneliness is in itself a barrier. For a start, it's hard to admit it. It's draining, distracting, upsetting; largely unseen or unnoticed. We all need friendship, intimacy, the ability to confide and the feeling that we belong. We need to be able to receive and to give support. Being alone is not a problem in itself. Many people are happy in their own company. Self-imposed and disciplined

In Huxley's dystopian Brave New World, Mustapha Mond, the Resident World Controller of Western Europe, talks to John the Savage from the "savage reserve" in New Mexico (for people deemed too self-consciously individual to fit into community-life). When the conversation turns to God, John the Savage tells him: "It is natural to believe in God when you're alone – quite alone, in the night, thinking about death." Mustapha Mond replies: "But people never are alone now. We make them hate solitude; and we arrange their lives so that it's almost impossible for them ever to have it." Written in 1932, this exchange might tell us something about our times, and offer clues to what may lie behind the increase in feelings of loneliness. There is so much to occupy and entertain us: but is entertainment the best we can do? Being alone is the natural and inescapable condition of all sentient beings. But humans are fundamentally social creatures. We might expect to be fulfilled and satisfied, our lives well arranged with just about everything we need. But when we don't feel that way it can seem wrong, that there's something the matter with us. After all, we don't notice loneliness in other people – even if we look for it. If you do feel lonely, it's nothing to be ashamed of; remember you're not the only one. Getting involved with things that interest you is good. Join one of the many organisations in Peebles. Meet people; they'll usually be pleased to meet you. They may feel lonely too. Volunteering for a charity is good. Peebles Life is one doorway to groups that cater for every age and interest. You could be engaging with other people and the things that interest you every day of the week. It's no permanent cure for feeling lonely. It won't change the world. But it can fill the unforgiving minute and help make friends. If you're lucky enough never to feel lonely, be aware of those who do, and like Lucy Paul, be compassionate. Understand the value of the corner shop or cafe, the pub or the church. Share your fortunate circumstance. Be a good neighbour. Sit next to someone on the Buddy Bench.


Peebles Pensioners Association

We are all looking forward to the February meeting, being the first of the New Year. The Community Bus will operate as usual. Please remember that all members who require the Community Bus must phone and leave a message / text / email the Secretary (all details below) to book your seat.

Saturday 4 May 2019 from 10am – 3pm. Tables are on sale now at the cost of £10 per table, bookable by contacting the Secretary, details below. This is a great opportunity to have a clear out and make some money for the summer holidays! Crafters, artists and small home businesses are also very welcome to take a table.

The meeting will commence with a short AGM. Reports will be available from both the Secretary and the Treasurer. If members wish to suggest items for discussion, please contact the Secretary as soon as possible.

For our own fundraiser, Peebles Pensioners will again be having a Grand Tombola. We would be delighted to receive donations of items for the tombola and on behalf of Peebles Pensioners Association, I would like to thank Emma Reid at The Super Store for very kindly offering to be a collection point. The Super Store is on the corner of the Northgate and the Bridgegate, Peebles, just around the corner from Costa on Veitch’s Corner. Members are invited to bring their items to one of our monthly meetings in either February, March or April.

We will then welcome Kirsty Peebles from Cycling Without Age, with a short presentation. On behalf of Peebles Pensioners Association, I would like to thank two special Friends of the Pensioners, who this year have very kindly sponsored two “drop in” coffee mornings at the Green Tree. The first one was held on Wednesday, 16 January 2019, with 40 members coming for a coffee, shortbread and a chat. These events are extremely important for our members, taking place at a time of the year, which is usually associated with the January blues. We all had a lovely morning, with many of us taking the chance to speak to people that we don’t usually get a chance to speak to at our monthly meetings as they are just so busy! We will be holding a Table Sale in the Burgh Hall on

Important Notice: Membership of Peebles Pensioners Association is now closed and all meetings are for members only. There will be no ad hoc admittance to nonmembers. If you are interested in joining Peebles Pensioners Association at the next available intake, Membership Application Forms are available by contacting the Secretary (details below). Laura Scott (Secretary) 07484 663518 / peeblespensioners@btinternet.com

Visit us online at www.peebleslife.com


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What’s on in February? A full list of events is available on our website www.peebleslife.com. Send details of your events to linda@peebleslife.com.

Sunday 3 : 9.30am **Tweeddale Ramblers. Kelso/Roxburgh Circular. A moderate walk from Kelso Square, following the River Teviot to Roxburgh, crossing the old railway viaduct, along the railway line to Maxwellheugh and back to start. 6.2 miles/10 km, minimal ascent. Wednesday 6 : 2-4pm Painting and Drawing Workshop - Peebles Art Group meets fortnightly in the Peebles Community Centre, Walkershaugh, Tweed Green. New members welcome. Details from Richard J Digance 01721 723 676 mobile 07432 234 759. Wednesday 6 : 7:30pm * Peebles Camera Club. “On Yer Tripod” Practical Session: Brian Henry With modern cameras able to cope with many light conditions, most of us might rarely use a tripod. Though it is a useful piece of kit, it can be heavy to lug around., however there are times when a tripod is essential.

Brian Henry will lead us through some of the joys and pitfalls of night photography. This is a practical evening, so bring your camera, and, of course, your tripod. Sunday 10 : 9am **Tweeddale Ramblers Glenkinnon Circular. A strenuous walk from Glenkinnon car park, following east side of burn, crossing a small stream, then up to Wolf Knowe past cairns to the Southern Upland Way. Follow path to Three Brethren Summit then steeply down track to forestry road. Return via Yair Hill Forest. 6.8 miles/11 km, ascent 1312 feet/400m. Sunday 10 : 10.30am Tweeddale Quaker Meeting for Worship. Nomad Beat, Cherry Court, 10-11 Cavalry Park, Kingsmeadows Road Peebles EH45 9BU. Monday 11 : 7pm Tweeddale Amnesty International Group meetings in St. Andrew’s Leckie Bakehouse (upstairs). A warm welcome is

Regular Events Tuesday and Friday : 10am - 12noon Peebles CAN community garden, behind Victoria Park Centre, Kingmeadows Road. All welcome to volunteering sessions, 10-12 Tuesday mornings. Tea and coffee provided. Wednesday : 2 - 4pm Peebles Stroke Group - An invitation to anyone living with stroke to join us for a chance to socialise and chat with others in similar circumstances at Haylodge Day Hospital in the dining room. For more information phone 01721 730233. Thursday : 6.50pm for 7pm start Peebles Bridge Club meet every Thursday throughout the year and on Mondays from September to May. We play at the Peebles Hydro Hotel, Innerleithen Road. Visitors are most welcome but should contact the secretary first. We run lessons over winter starting in October. Contact Gordon Milne (secretary) 01721 721167 or peeblesbridgeclub@gmail.com. Thursday : 7.30pm Peebles Singers - Meet in Dovecot Court. New members made most welcome, no audition. Further information available from Isabel 01896 831924. Fortnightly - Friday 2.30-4.30pm The Peeblesshire Twin and Multiple Club are now meeting up fortnightly at Gytes Leisure Centre. The club offers support, advice and an opportunity to socialise with other twin/multiple families. All welcome. Join our FB page for more info or contact Jenna Telford jennareid80@yahoo.com. Saturday : 9am Peebles Local Food Market, Eastgate, High Street. Check Peebles CAN Facebook page for further details. Saturday : 9.30am Haylodge parkrun starts in Hay Lodge Park, Peebles. We will be there every Saturday thereafter (aside from Beltane and possibly the Highland Show). www.parkrun.org.uk/haylodge Weekday evenings and at Weekends Peebles Curling Club plays at Murrayfield Ice Rink from September to March. We extend a warm welcome to new members of all ages, experience and ability. Inexperienced newcomers usually start in the reserves when playing can fit in with your availability. The Club arranges occasional beginner sessions and regular coaching for novices is available through the Edinburgh Curling School. For more information contact Tom Hardie (club secretary): thomashardie@btinternet.com *Peebles Camera Club. Meet in the Community Centre, Walkershaugh. Come and join us, all are welcome. Details and much, much more from www.peeblescameraclub.co.uk. Follow us on Twitter @PeeblesCamera **Tweeddale Ramblers. All walks meet at Kingsmeadows car park unless otherwise stated. For further information please phone Eleanor, 01721 722532, Mobile 07736 369336, or visit www.ramblers.org.uk/tweeddale

Visit us online at www.peebleslife.com

13 extended to all concerned about human rights Tuesday 12 : 7.30pm Tweeddale Society talk at the Eastgate on The Importance of the River Tweed to the Borders’ Economy. The River Tweed provides water, drainage and recreation as well as influencing our environment and local economy, so management of its varied roles is vital. Check our web site www.tweeddale-society.org.uk for more information. Tuesday 12 : 2-4pm Tweeddale University of the Third Age (TU3A) Our next open meeting in St Joseph’s Neighbourhood Hall with a talk given by Jim Waugh, a volunteer from the National Mining Museum entitled ‘The Coal mines and Limestone Quarries of West Linton and Carlops and the Beresford Family of Machbiehill’ All members and guests are welcome. If you would like more information please visit our website: https:// u3asites.org.uk/tweeddale/home Or phone the membership secretary 01721722791. Wednesday 13 : 7.30pm Peebles Wildlife Talks: Alexa Seagrove, Saving Scotlands Red Squirrels, Project Officer - Borders, will provide a talk in the Leckie Memorial Church Hall on protecting and conserving our Red Squirrel population. Enjoy an illustrated evening talk about one of Scotland’s most endearing and iconic mammals. Alexa will enlighten you with facts on the Red Squirrels’ lifestyle, status, history etc. Come and learn how you can help conserve our local Red Squirrels. Price £3 includes refreshments. Thursday 14 : 7.30pm Community Council Meeting in the Old Burgh Chamber. All meetings are open to the public. www.peeblescommunity. org. Friday 15 : 7.30pm Peebles Ex Cornets Association Wind Up Race Night. Taking place at Peebles Rugby Club. £2.50 per ticket. Available on the door or from any Ex Cornet. This is a race night with a difference. Human jockeys propel mechanical wind up horses to determine the winner Sunday 17 : 9.30am **Tweeddale Ramblers Roslin Glen Circular. A strenuous walk from Roslin War Memorial then Roslin Glen, Gunpowder works, Dalhousie, Chesters, Springfield Mill, Bilston Viaduct, Langhill Farm , Mountmarle and return to Roslin. 8.7 miles/14 km, ascent 673 feet/205m. Tuesday 19 : 7.30pm Peebles artist Philip Hutton will address the next Open Meeting in Peebles Civic Society’s winter programme in the Leckie Church Hall. Philip will deliver and illustrated exploration of ‘Painting Peebles for Fifty Years - Philip Hutton’s Art’. This is a free meeting and is open to everyone. Tuesday 19 : 7.45pm-9.15pm Peebles Community Centre, Tweeddale Astronomical Society will be holding its monthly meeting. After a rescheduling last month, our speaker this month will be Prof Martin Hendry from the University of Glasgow who will be giving us a presentation entitled “Ripples of Gravity, Flashes of Light: the Dawn of Multi-Messenger Astronomy”. Entry £2 for adults, Accompanied U18’s no charge. Everyone welcome.

Wednesday 20 : 2.00 - 4.00 pm Tweeddale Textile Group - At this month’s meeting Kathy Troup will be giving a talk on Faroese Knitting. It will take place at St Joseph’s Neighbourhood Centre, Rosetta Road. Visitors are welcome. (Charge of £5). Wednesday 20 : 2-4pm Peebles Art Group - Painting and Drawing Workshop - see Wed 6 for details. Wednesday 20 : 7:30pm *Peebles Camera Club Second Competition “Autumn Colours”: Judge Hunter Kennedy. Our competitions are a great opportunity to get quality feedback on our images and learn more about what makes a good image, and more importantly, what can spoil and otherwise good image. Our judge for this evening is Hunter Kennedy EFIAP ARPS MPAGB from Carluke, Past President of the Scottish Photographic Federation. He brings 40 years of experience and enthusiasm as a photographer. We anticipate some superb images on the theme of “Autumn Colours”. Thursday 21 : 10am- 12noon Tweed Brae Kitchen Coffee Morning will be held in Peebles Evangelical Church Centre entrance from Tweed Brae or Walkershaugh. Freshly brewed coffee and tea served with home baking, scones, pancakes etc. The produce table is always very popular. All welcome. Thursday 21 : 7.30pm Peebles Flower Club. The next meeting will be held in St Andrews Leckie Bakehall, Peebles. The demonstrator will be Julia Louden from Earlston. Visitors old and new are very welcome, and can pay at the door, £5. The evening will be rounded off with tea and biscuits. Thursday 21 : Peeblesshire Archaeological Society - talk by Dr Tertia Barnet (SCRAP) “The Scottish Rock Art Project” Meeting held in Walkershaugh Community Centre Peebles. Guests/nonmembers welcome (charge of £4). Saturday 23 : 10am - 12noon Coffee Morning Music in Peebles - Fundraiser for Outreach work taking classical music to schools and care homes in Peebles District. In MacFarlane Hall Hall, Peebles. Entry £1.50 per person for coffee and biscuits; with Grand Tombola – wonderful prizes: Display of paintings by local artist, Philip Hutton: background music for your enjoyment. Welcome to all. Sunday 24 : 10am **Tweeddale Ramblers. The Glen/Drove Road Circular. A strenuous walk starting on the Glen estate road opposite the old village hall, and following the cross-borders Drove Road past Birks farm, skirting Orchard Rig and ascending Birkscairn Hill and Stake Law. Descend to Glenshiel Banks by Banks burn. Return via Loch Eddy following Quair water and past Larch wood. 8.7 miles/14 km, 1739 feet/530m. Sunday 24 : 10.30am Tweeddale Quaker Meeting for Worship. Nomad Beat, Cherry Court, 10-11 Cavalry Park, Kingsmeadows Road Peebles EH45 9BU.

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You are welcome to join us at worship – On Sundays - February 8.30 am

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Financial Health Checks Initiative It is estimated that around 500,000 people in Scotland are not claiming benefits they are entitled to. Income maximisation means ensuring people claim the benefits to which they are entitled and reducing household outgoings, as well as helping people struggling with debt. To improve this situation, Citizens Advice Scotland has agreed an approach with the Scottish Government to deliver financial health checks for a number of target groups which were identified in a study “Every Child, Every Chance; Tackling Child Poverty Delivery Plan”. These target groups are: • • • • • •

Lone parent families Families which include a disabled adult or child Larger families Minority ethnic families Families with a child under one year old Families where the mother is under 25 years of age.

In addition, the infrastructure and tools will be used to provide financial health checks for older people, as the basic process is the same as for vulnerable families, as identified above. Whilst the intention is to target the groups named above, any low-income family can access a financial health check and it is expected that an additional 15,000 individuals across the country will be able to take advantage of this service and receive information on

benefit entitlement and income maximisation. This initiative is now ready to be launched and the Scottish Government have taken accountability for co-ordinating a national advertising campaign to raise awareness of the service which will also publicise a single telephone number that clients can call to either access a telephone health check or arrange an appointment for a face to face review. Locally, people can arrange a financial health check provided by Peebles CAB by dialling our usual number. What is the content? The Financial Health Check will work with the client through a structured interview to examine their individual circumstances and carry out a holistic diagnosis and ensure that they are aware of their entitlement to, and the application process for a number of potential benefits or other sources of income. Introducing the scheme in November 2018, Communities Secretary Aileen Campbell said: “The health check will cover issues such as access to free school meals, benefit uptake, council tax reduction and cheaper deals on energy and other utilities to reduce household costs. I am delighted that from today, those families, and older people, will be able to get the personalised advice they need to save money and to receive all the support that is available. Importantly people will be able to access this new service

in the best and most convenient way for them through the Citizens Advice Bureaux right across the country.” Citizens Advice Scotland Chief Executive Derek Mitchell added: “Research has shown that around half a million Scots are not claiming all the support they are entitled to. That means families are struggling to heat their homes or put food on the table while missing out on financial assistance that could make a crucial difference. This service is all about identifying those people and linking them up with the grants, benefits or support that they need. Some of the individual elements may not be applicable to older people but many will be universally beneficial and can be accessed by all. The specific initiative aimed at older people follows on from a pilot in 2017 called “You’ve earned it, why not claim it”? which was aimed at getting more senior citizens to understand that this is not a question of pride, but rather of entitlement, and having them receive benefits to which they are entitled. In Peebles CAB the initiative will be led by Karen Pryor, Welfare Benefits Adviser / Money Advice Caseworker, who is training our Advisers to deliver the Health Checks and will be co-ordinating appointments, outcomes and reporting on progress. Adrian Dunn

Peebles CAB | Chambers Institution | High Street | Peebles | EH45 8AJ Please mention Peebles Life when responding to adverts Tel: 01721 721722


• Wealth Management • Retirement Solutions • Estate Planning • Insurances

We cover the cost of the initial consultation in the comfort of your own home or in our local office at a time that is convenient to you. Contact us 01721 721618 or info@tweedfs.co.uk Find us at Chambers House, 72 High Street, Peebles EH45 8SW Or visit tweedfs.co.uk Tweed Financial Services Ltd is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct authority.


T.R. ELECTRICAL   SERVICES  INSTALL— INSPECT— MAINTAIN  Call Tim Rees on:  TEL: 01721 720 217  MOB: 07962 134 660 

Property maintenance & home improvements

17th EdiƟon I.E.E. RegulaƟons Qualied Electrician All domesƟc installaƟon and repair work Electrical cerƟcaƟon Landlord checks PAT (Portable Appliance TesƟng)

A one stop shop for all your property maintenance needs

Commercial and DomesƟc

No Job Too Small  Emergency call‐out  Free es�mates and advice 

phone: 01721 724121 mobile: 07894166219 email: wicks72@talktalk.net www.mr-maintenance.co.uk

All work guaranteed 

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Winter Flooring




northgate@castlewarehouse.com 29 Northgate, Peebles Tel: 01721 720814 • High Street, Penicuik Tel: 01968 673915




Stain resistant carpet in modern shades, includes wear and stain warranty

80% wool twist, enviro. friendly carpet in a selection of warm shades

Twist pile, durable manmade fibre in a selection of colours

NOW £13.99 sqm

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FREE measuring and estimating FREE sample service EXPERT advice PROFESSIONAL in-house fitters BEDROOM COLLECTION

For all these offers and many more, join us in store at the Castle Warehouse WINTER SALE

ing We have a wide range of Rugs, Wood Flooring, k o o l Not arpet? Please mention Peebles Life when respondingfrom. to adverts Laminates and Vinyls to choose for c


Decorative Solutions Ltd PAINTERS & DECORATORS with over 20 years experience

Painting, wall papering, ames taping & plaster coving. Private, insurance, maintenance & contract work.

Fully insured Free estimates & free advice

Chris Whitehead 07811 253 261

cw-decorator@hotmail.co.uk Highly experienced English tutor •

With over 10 years teaching experience, 5 years SQA marking experience and a YouTube channel with revision tutorials I can provide invaluable support for candidates being presented at Higher, National 5 and even Advanced Higher.

Availability o Monday 4.30pm or 7pm o Tuesday 4.30pm or 7pm o Friday 2.30pm

£30 per hour


T: 01721 723293 M:07547 378598 E: dshjoinery@gmail.com

Contact: jen.ness.31@hotmail.com YouTube: Context is All

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New Life for



---------------------------------------------------By Steve Dubé Fears that disappointment might shadow the centenary celebrations this year of the first public appearance of the Ex-Servicemen's Pipe Band in Peebles has been dispelled by Peebles Community Trust’s decision to take over running the band's historic home.

The building in School Brae has been the band’s base since the club opened in January 1923 in the former Templers Hall. But the pipers played for the first time on Sunday 16th June 1919 when they led a procession that marched along the High Street to the Parish Church. The Ex-Servicemen’s Club opened with a membership of 500. The former Templers Hall, bought for the grand sum of £275, was adapted and improved with the help of a remarkable fund-raising effort that raised more than of £1,460. It soon became one of the busiest venues in the Burgh, with a large ballroom/ auditorium, snooker tables and carpet bowls and a number of function rooms. It hosted official functions and special occasions, coffee mornings and charity fundraising event and continued for decades as one of the principal centres of community life. But a combination of decreasing use, rising costs and mounting debts left the club in severe financial trouble, and the decision was made last August to close the club and call in the administrators. The future looked bleak. There followed a series of rapid negotiations between Peebles Community Trust (PCT), the administrators French Duncan and club members, which led to an agreement for PCT to occupy and run the building and seek funds to

buy it outright. The first stage of an application for a grant from the Scottish Land Fund was delivered last month, and the trust expects to complete the transaction later this year, securing the pipe band's home, a base for the previously homeless Peebles and District Men's Shed and other community groups. It will also serve as the headquarters of the PCT itself. PCT chairman Lawrie Hayworth praised the co-operation and support shown by French Duncan, the administrator, club members, the Scottish government, local councillors and partner organisations in securing the future of a valuable community resource. "This has been the home of the Peebles pipe band since it was formed more than 100 years ago," he said. "The pipers and drummers practise here and use the club to store their equipment, and they are a popular feature of the town's social life. "Meanwhile, members of the Men's Shed have been searching for a suitable permanent site with ample storage space since it was formed in 2017. They have explored many avenues and found them dead ends but are now anchor tenants of the building alongside the pipe band. Lawrie said PCT intends to create a space for a wide range of organisations to undertake their activities and store their equipment on site. “Availability of storage has been a particular difficulty for many groups. We envisage this as a community hub offering the widest possible use by groups who require both activity and storage

space while retaining the ability to host the popular fundraising coffee mornings and other events." PCT held an Open Day on January 19 and will hold its Annual General Meeting there on Wednesday March 20. The trust faces a busy 12 months with a variety of other projects underway or under consideration. Last month it completed the purchase of the seven-hectare Eshiels Community Wood, and is now collecting signatures on a petition to register a Community Right to Buy the redundant March Street Mill site, where PCT has plans for a 24/7 supported care home, affordable housing and an enterprise hub as well as retaining nearly 50 allotments at their present location. The petition does not constitute a commitment to purchase the site. If granted by the Scottish Government, the PCT would be given first refusal to buy at an agreed market price and be allowed eight months to draw down the money from the Scottish Land Fund and other sources. The entitlement would be valid for five years. The first stage in this enterprise is to get signatures expressing support from ten per cent of the Peebles electorate. Petition forms are available on request in the Eastgate Theatre, Villeneuve Wines, The Super Store, The Orange Grove grocery store and Elmbank Print. Forms will also be available on special occasions. The trust is also investigating a reuse and upcycling operation to reduce the needless dispatch of unwanted items to landfill.

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Round the Clock Entertainment at the Eastgate This season the Eastgate has extended its reach with a range of professional productions staged during the day as well as the programme of blockbuster films every second Sunday. The Eastgate bursts into February on Sunday 7th as Spiderman heads into the Spiderverse. At 5pm Robert Redford plays his last screen role as career criminal Forrest Tucker in The Old Man and the Gun. At 7.30pm The Favourite - the film tipped for this year’s Best Film Oscar stars Olivia Coleman, Rachel Weisz and Emma Stone. A series of three classic one act plays make up the new Drama and Lunch season in February and March. This season, following a healthy light lunch in the Anne Younger Studio at 12.30pm, the audience will be invited to take a seat in the auditorium to enjoy a professional production, by Rapture Theatre, of a classic one act play. This plays in this series are The Twelve Pound Look by JM Barrie on Wednesday 13 February, The Browning Version by Terence Rattigan on Wednesday 6 March and A Kind of Alaska by Harold Pinter on Wednesday 27 March.

Home at 2.30pm on Sunday 3rd, swiftly followed at 5pm by the true story of Gary Hart, the front-runner for the Democratic presidential nomination in 1987 derailed by rumours of personal scandal. The 7.30pm blockbuster is the story of the intense power struggle between Mary Queen of Scots and Queen Elizabeth I starring Saoirse Ronan and Margot Robbie. Add to these the film celebration of John Buchan’s The Thirty Nine Steps on Sunday 10 March from 2pm and the presentation, by Peebles Players, of The Zombie Knights of the Eildon Hills on Tuesday 19 March at 2pm and there is no reason why cold winter nights should deprive anyone of a huge variety of entertainment at the beginning of 2019. For tickets or more information about these or any of the evening events at the theatre please telephone the Eastgate Theatre on 01721 725777 or look online on www.eastgatearts.com

Music in Peebles continues to light up Sunday afternoons with 2.30pm concerts of classical music. On Sunday 10 February wonderful violinist Gina McCormack presents the first concert since her appointment as Patron of Music in Peebles. She will be joined by Nigel Clayton on piano and recent graduates from the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland. On Saturday 9 February at 2pm 4 – 10 year olds (and their grandparents) are invited to enjoy W-hat About? a dance/music/theatre piece about colliding cultures, crossed communications and fears that have to be fought to capture joy and the magic that is in a memory. Film Sunday on 17 February opens with Transformer movie Bumblebee at 2.30pm, the acclaimed Stan and Ollie starring Steve Coogan and John C Reilly at 5pm and the true story of French writer Colette at 7.30pm March kicks off with the charming film A Dog’s Way

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Looking to start leading a healthy lifestyle and to improve your fitness? Join Vital Health and Wellbeing at Macdonald Cardrona Hotel, Golf and Spa. Our fantastic offer is for all new members who join receive 1 month free plus a welcome pack worth over £200! We tailor fit our membership options to fit your lifestyle and goals. Included in all memberships≈

Fitness Health Assessment using the latest Fitech software,

Induction to our new state of the art Lifefitness gym that uses the most up to date technology to link to your smart phone allowing you to track your training and progress,

Personally, prescribed fitness programmes from our gym instructors to suit and meet your goals,

10% off food and beverage in the hotel,

20% off Spa treatments,

10% off Elemis products,

Full access to all the classes.

Call 01896 833 703 for more information or e-mail leisure.cardrona@macdonaldhotels.co.uk if you would like to book in a tour and meet the team.

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Adult Dance Classes Monday 0930-1025

Highland Dancing

Whether you’re returning to Highland or are a beginner, this class is for you. High impact, traditional Scottish dancing.

Monday 1030-1125

Tap Dancing

Get your feet tapping to West End, Broadway and popular music in this class. No previous tap dancing experience necessary.

Monday 1130-1225

Line Dancing

This low-impact, very sociable dance style is such good fun. Great music to dance to – easy to learn dances. It’s super exercise without feeling like exercise!

Monday 1830-1915

Highland Hustle

An exciting dance fitness workout with a twist. Based on ceilidh and highland dance movements, this class makes working out fantastic fun.

Wednesday Ballet at the 0930-1025 Barre

This takes all the traditional classical ballet movements in easy-toremember sequences danced at the barre. This class will improve co-ordination, balance, posture and muscle-tone.

Wednesday Classical 1030-1125 Ballet

A classical Ballet class incorporating sections at the barre, adage (slow, controlled sequences) and allegro (upbeat, elevated sequences).

Friday 0930-1025


New for 2019! Taking traditional dances from well-known classics and adapting them for our adult pupils. If you know ballet and have ever wanted to dance like a Swan, Sleeping Beauty, or the Sugar Plum Fairy, then this is the class for you

Friday 1030-1125

Line Dancing

This low-impact, very sociable dance style is such good fun. Great music to dance to – easy to learn dances. It’s super exercise without feeling like exercise!

Friday 1130-1225

Absolute Beginners Ballet

New for 2019! For those who’ve never tried Ballet before, but who always wanted to. Ballet works lots of muscles all at the same time while improving balance and posture.


No need to pre-book. Just turn up and pay on the day! FHSD Dance Studios, Old Halyrude School, Old Church Road, Peebles EH45 8LH.

07894 881747


“Good feet don’t happen by accident. They happen by appointment”

Professional Footcare Nail Care/Corns/Callous/Diabetic Care/Insoles

Home Visits available in your area

Tel: 01721 602573 Mobile: 07880951558 B.J.Taylor BSc (Hons), MChS Podiatrist

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FRAMED @ The Framing Gallery




for all types

original art needlepoint

expert wide


of artwork







Opening Times 10am-5pm (2pm on Sat) Closed Tuesday & Sunday

Douglas Chalmers Painter & Decorator

Interior and exterior Domestic and commercial All aspects of decoration



01721 721442 07736 469168


framing to suit all styles and budgets 5 High Street, Innerleithen, EH44 6HA jane@theframingallery.co.uk t 01896 833131 m 07584 192777

www.dcpainterdecorator.com dc.painterdecorator@outlook.com

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Painting in Peebles for 50 years An artist who was born and bred in Peebles features in the second of this season’s Winter Programme of illustrated talks organised by Peebles Civic Society at the Leckie Church Hall on Tuesday, February 19. Philip Hutton ‘s “Painting in Peebles for 50 years” will be a Guiterbluid’s own observations and reflections on half a century of work influenced, he says, by Munch and the expressionists, Sickert, Spencer, Coldstream and the Euston Road School, Vaughan, MacBryde, Minton and Uglow as well, no doubt, by Peebles itself. Philip Hutton was born in Peebles in 1949, attended Daniel Stewart’s College, Gray’s school of Art Aberdeen and has taught at Selkirk High School as well as being a peripatetic art teacher at Borders Region primary schools, and painting and history of art tutor at Borders College (Heriot-Watt). He has also been involved with U3A residential art history courses and recently achieved a BA (Open) from the Open University. His work has also been hung at Waterside Studio, Tweed Art, Kirkbride Gallery, Cairns Gallery, Chambers Institute (Peebles), Halliwell House Museum (Selkirk), Torrance Gallery, Netherbow, RIAS, Scottish Arts Club, Fine Art

Library(Edinburgh), Lyth Arts Centre (Caithness) Alciun College and the University of York. Aside from painting and teaching he has lectured on The Ruskin Centenery, Coldstream, Iris Murdoch and delivered history of art survey courses. He has also published "This if Anything," an integrated collection of poems and pictures, and "How Art Works in Life," 24 poems on possible artists. Another collection is expected in 2016. This is a rare opportunity to hear from an artist whose images of Peebles already embellish the homes of many Borders people. [pic: a familiar scene to anyone in Peebles]


Clarity in Sound & Vision

New HiFI Turntables from £200 Best advice and service for all Home entertainment. • •

Digital TV, Aerials & Satellite, sales & installation Hi-Fi, Turntables, Home Cinema, Projection & Screens

For more info: Tel. 01721 720936 Mobile. 07928376021 Email sales@tetra-acoustics.com Web www.tetra-acoustics.com

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Tweeddale Youth Action Youth club life continues trucking forwards and both youth clubs are seeing increasing numbers of young people attending and taking part in activities. Exciting news is around the corner with our Innerleithen e-bike library going live in April, more info to follow next month. Current youth club drop-in sessions remain: Tuesday 6-8pm, Innerleithen Drop-in S2+ Wednesday 6-8pm, Peebles Craft Punks, all ages Thursday 6-8pm, Innerleithen Drop-in P7-S1 Friday 6-9pm, Peebles Drop-in S1+

In February and March we’re looking forward to trips away, including Go-karting and an outdoor laser quest experience and we have also started planning our summer holiday programme which will include our usual sea side trips, a residential trip with our transitions project and the usual theme park trip which is looking likely to be Blackpool Pleasure Beach this year. Food Punks are also looking forward to learning how to make charcoal at Glenlude and using it for various barbecues over the Easter and summer holidays. We are also excited about our forthcoming project with Peebles CAN to renovate our Peebles outdoor space with herb boxes and seating, perfect for a summer of barbecues

would be delighted to receive applications from people who share our passion for supporting and nurturing young people. We are particularly keen to hear from people who have legal, insurance, HR and accountancy backgrounds as well as people with practical skills and knowledge. We would also like to hear from volunteer drivers who would be willing to drive our Food Punks long wheel base van to catering events. For more information on who we are and what we do, please visit our new look website www. tweeddaleyouth.co.uk or get in touch on 01721 724779 or e-mail info@tweeddaleyouth.co.uk Donations can also be made to www.totalgiving.co.uk/donate/ tweeddale-youth-action-scio

Finally, We are still recruiting for two more Trustees and



Now with a locally based engineer Urgent calls only after 9p.m. www.centralgaspenicuik.co.uk

TELEPHONE 01968 674710 MOBILE 07774 181431



No upfront costs

Local property experts

Sell Your Property with Cullen Kilshaw with Nothing to Pay Upfront • Professional estate agency and legal services from local experts • FREE pre sale valuation and property appraisal • No upfront estate agency costs - pay nothing until your property is sold • Fixed fee service available for selling and buying your next property • National advertising with Rightmove, On the Market and SPC Scotland • Advertising in our offices, on our website, social media and local radio From initial contact to completion we are with you every step of the way. Personal service from your own dedicated sales and legal team.

5 Northgate, Peebles T: 01721 723999 Open Monday to Saturday


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INTERIOR OLUTION The Kitchen, Bathroom and Bedroom Specialist The Kitchen, Bathroom and Bedroom Specialist

Here at Interior Solutions we design, manufacture and fit kitchens, bathrooms and bedrooms.

We are very passionate about making your dreams come true so get in touch to book your free consultation survey, cad drawing and quote with no obligations. All our jobs are fully project managed by us and we have all the required trades people available to complete your project. References and photos available from previous clients. Showroom: Open by appointment. REGISTER

Interior Solutions (Peebles) Limited t: 01721 724371 m: 07845 252793 UnitInterior 16, Southpark Workshops Solutions (Peebles ) Limited w: www.ispeebles.co.uk t: 01721 724371 DeanEH45 Park, 9ED Peebles 07845 252793 Peebles e: m: interiorsolutionspeebles@outlook.com EH45 8DD w: www.interiorsolutionspeebles.co.uk


◊ All aspects of brick,                  

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block & stonework  Conservatory/Sun Rooms  Pointing work  Cement work  Slabbing  Decking  Roong  Loft Conversions 

Free Estimates  No Job Too Small  All Work Guaranteed   

Tel: 07795 694 517 or 724599 Visit us online at www.peebleslife.com


TAIT&MAPP ROOFING & PLASTERING We are now delighted to offer a full plastering service 









07985 146 989

07805 637 295



The next Serenata concert is on February 17th when we look forward to an excellent programme of music performed by a local string trio of violin, ‘cello and piano. A young clarinettist will play pieces, accompanied on the piano and some pianistic fireworks will round off the concert. The concert starts at 2.30 in the Eastgate Studio and entrance is by donation at the door. Organisers are also putting together a programme for the concert on March 17th, which they hope to fill with a couple more items. Serenata is always enjoyable for both performers and audience. Anyone who would like to play or sing should contact the Convener, Claire Garnett on 01721 740256 rc.garnett@btopenworld.com


The month of February is effectively the last opportunity to make space on those over-crowded shelves and take no longer wanted items along to boost the offerings at the annual Peace and Justice Group Book Sale. Volunteers will be at the sorting shed next to Cabbage Hall on Tweed Green every Friday between 11am and 4pm to receive boxes and bags. This year’s annual book fest, the 23rd since its establishment by the Tweeddale Peace Group, will take place at the Burgh Hall on Saturday and Sunday, March 9 and 10.

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Tweeddale Councillors Bell and Anderson

Councillor Stuart Bell Tel. 0300 100 0220 stuart.bell@scotborders.gov.uk

Councillor Heather Anderson Tel. 0300 100 0220 heather.anderson@scotborders.gov.uk

will hold an Advice Surgery

In COSTA Coffee Shop, High Street, Peebles On Tuesday, 19th February 2019 from 6.00 – 7.00 p.m.

GEORGE HAYDOCK  Hair 07368 201828

Professional hair stylist

now working in Peebles available for cuts, colour and blowdrys


Experienced all round  tradesman for friendly,   professional, free advice  and estimates. 


Rowan McTavish started her career at Charlie Millers in Edinburgh where she became the manager of their Stafford Street salon and a member of their artistic team. Rowan then settled in Amsterdam where she started her own hair salon which has been thriving for 12 years. Please call for more information.

Contact George   on 01721 721264 

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Garage Door Replacement Servicing and Repairs Carports and Fixed Patio Canopies Manual and Electrically Operated High Quality Awnings and Retractable Canopies from Weinor in Germany Door Canopies in various styles Local Borders Company Fast and Efficient Service High Quality Products and Installation

Order Your Awning Soon for Guaranteed Spring Delivery! www.thebordercanopycompany.co.uk

07831 408741

01896 823566

Made To Measure Garage Doors, Garage Door Operators,

Gate Operators, Please Carports, DoorPeebles Canopies, Awnings, mention Life Retractable when responding to adverts

Peebles Beltane Festival It’s that time of year again when the Peebles March Riding and Beltane Queen Festival Committee seek the help of the public to identify prospective principals for the 2019 Beltane. The committee are seeking nominations for the positions of Cornet, Warden of Neidpath and Crowning Lady. Members of the public are asked to write a short note, or letter, giving details of their nomination and for which role. It would be very helpful, but not necessary if details of why the nomination is being submitted could be included. It is not necessary but it would again be helpful if the details could include, if the nominee is aware of his or her name being submitted and if he or she would accept the position. Parents can of course nominate offspring and sons and daughters can nominate parents or other relatives. Members of the public can make any nomination as can clubs or associations. The nominations should be sent to the Secretary – George Blair, 7 Standalane Way, Peebles EH45 8LR. Nominations must be received by the last day in February. Once the nominations are all in, a small sub committee of the main Beltane committee consisting of the Chairman, Vice Chairman and three committee members will discuss all the names at length over two or three meetings before reaching the important decisions. The Beltane principals will be introduced to the public at a free coffee evening/concert in the Burgh Hall at the end of April.

Have you ever considered helping with the Beltane? For our Beltane Festival to take place each year it relies on many different people and organisations. We need the help of Scottish Borders Council, the Police, the hours of work and goodwill given freely by each of our Primary School Heads and their teachers, and numerous businesses and organisations throughout the area. Without the financial support of our Patrons our festival could not continue and

grow as it has over the years. Each year groups of volunteers turn up to help put our festival on during Beltane Week. Companies such as Holland and Sherry have provided both financial and literally material support to us. However, there is one group of people above all others without whom the Beltane would cease to exist and that is the Beltane Committee. The number of committee members are far less than you probably imagine. Some have been members for decades others for shorter time but each one is proud of our festival and the spectacle that we put on each year. We always need and welcome new committee members and perhaps an explanation of how the committee and the Beltane works each year would help. While there is a single Beltane Committee which meets roughly every two weeks from the end of February until the end of June the Beltane is really organised through a series of sub-committees who organise each part of the Beltane week. If you view the Beltane as a series of events, then there is a sub-committee for each event. We have sub-committees for the lorries, costumes, the sports, fund-raising, court practice, the canters, fancy dress, finance, concert, catering among others. So, to go back to the original question. Have you ever considered helping with the Beltane? The AGM is coming up later this month. If you have an interest in helping with any aspect of the Beltane then just come along on the night or get in touch beforehand to discuss. We always need and welcome help with any of our committees. Perhaps you have experience or interest in fund raising please get in contact. It may be your interest is in making clothes, sports or horses. Our Treasurer is standing down this year after many years at the helm. Are you able to help? The AGM takes place in the Burgh Chamber on Monday 25th February, at 7.30pm. George Blair Secretary – Peebles March Riding & Beltane Queen Festival Committee Registered as a charity in Scotland No: SC045406


Elmbank Print

Graphic Design & Print Solutions Leaflets & Flyers

Business Cards

Copy Service

Brochures & Booklets

Personal Stationery

Document Binding

Posters & Tickets

Wedding Stationery


Raffle Tickets

Bereavement Printing

Stationery Shop

T: 01721 729538

8 Elcho Street Brae, Peebles EH45 8HU E: elmbank1@btconnect.com www.elmbankprint.co.uk

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Peebles Portrait Ian McLeod

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Editorial and picture by Steve Dubé February 20th 1969 was a significant date in the commercial and community life of Peebles. That was the date that George Johnston received the certificate of registration for his business, Elmbank Printing Services, which he set up in his home at 41 March Street. Fifty years on Elmbank Print’s present proprietor, Ian McLeod, pays fulsome tribute to the enterprise of the company’s founder and to the couple who succeeded George and sold Ian the business in 2012. After half a century of service to the community of Peebles, Ian reckons the company is embedded into the life of Peebles and he's proud of that. Ian maintains that this Peebles Portrait is not about him at all. It’s about celebrating a local business that has traded without a break since 1969. “I do admire Iain and Helen Ronaldson for establishing the business and building it up before I came along. They played a large part in the history of the past 50 years. This anniversary is quite a milestone for a small independent company.” We had to tell Ian that Peebles Portrait is about the person, not the business. In Ian's case, the absorption of this Hawick born printer and former print salesman was sealed last year when he was welcomed into the Peebles Guildry, This Corporation dates back to the 16th century and has a restricted number which is selected by existing members in part for their contribution in the town.

possible to join in the celebrations in his home town, even when living in England. "I'm equally enthusiastic about the Beltane," he says. "It's the same feeling. I understand the history of these things, and it's important that we maintain the traditions year after year for all the Border Festivals.” Elmbank Print now operates from what was once the butcher’s shop in a Peebles Co-operative store in Elcho Street Brae. It’s a property that at the rear backs on to the workshop of bagpipe maker Julian Goodacre, which occupies the former local gas board tool room and marks a tentative personal link to Peebles for Ian, whose father Bill was a gas board employee. “When the gas board converted from natural gas to North Sea gas in the 1970s my father was seconded from Hawick to work in Peebles for two years and among his colleagues were Sandy Craig, now President of the Callant’s Club, and a young gas board apprentice Allan Beveridge, former joint secretary of the Beltane Committee.” Ian’s office is replete with posters of former festivals and local events and a special section accommodates a photographic archive of his uncle, Hawick rugby legend Hugh McLeod, who won 40 Scotland caps – a record at the time – between 1954 and 1962, and played in six tests during two tours with the British and Irish Lions.

The 56-year-old is also a member of the Peebles Callant’s Club, the organisation formed in 1935 for young men associated with the Beltane Festival that is still intimately involved with the organisation and stewarding of the town's biggest annual event - whatever the Callant’s. A close family link with the festival was forged soon after they moved to Peebles; in 2009 his son was chosen as a Page and Euan’s twin sister Katie was Second Maid in 2012.

Ian himself was a scrum-half at school under the watchful eye of his PE teacher, a certain Bill McLaren, but his big passion was golf, where he achieved a single-figure handicap as a teenager and played for the Borders Boys golf team on a couple of occasions, once at Dunbar and then at Peebles. He joined the Peebles Golf Club when he moved here, but since taking over at Elmbank was always too busy so gave up his membership.

The Common Ridings and Festivals of the Scottish Borders have always been essential occasions for Ian. He's missed very few of the events in Hawick since the age of 18, always returning whenever

Apart from his Graphic Designer and Art Worker Ruth Lowe, who plays in the Peebles Silver Band, Elmbank Print is a full hands-on set up, albeit with some help from his friends Alex and Tibi.

“It’s one of the few proper jobs I’ve had,” says Ian with a modest smile, “and it’s quite a rewarding job. It’s a mixture of using the skills I have, both old and new, and running a business that deals with anybody and everybody. I don’t think we have let anybody down.” Ian’s working life began in 1979 as an apprentice with Buccleuch Printers in Hawick, where he remained until 1990. The printers had no connection with Buccleuch Estates, but Ian was pleased to meet the Duke when his mother Christine was awarded a British Empire Medal in 1992 for her service to Girl Guiding. At Buccleuch Printers Ian moved to the commercial office where he was involved with costing, planning production and so on. Then he was asked if he wanted to try out a position as a salesman. “With a nice shiny Ford Escort sitting outside it was an easy decision,” he says. He covered the South of Scotland and into England as far as Teesside. It served to round up his education in the world of printing and

led to a career in commercial printing machinery sales with many international companies, working with his customers across the UK, Europe, the USA and Japan. “We came back to Scotland in 2006, and I worked for Canon before the opportunity to buy Elmbank came along and I decided to do it. It was a tough environment when we bought the business, but we had enough money set aside to give it a go.” He married Elaine in 1990, and she works as a health visitor based in Roslin. When they moved to Peebles their eldest daughter Jayne was 13 and the twins were six. Ian says it was the right time to make the move. “We had friends in Peebles so we knew the town and since then we’ve got to know lots of people,” he says. “My family and I love living here and I plan to keep this place running until I retire.”


Music in Peebles Patron’s Concert & Young Musicians’ Showcase Our newly appointed Patron, Gina McCormack, is already well known to Music in Peebles audiences, her recitals for us having been highlights of recent seasons. One of the UK’s leading violinists, Gina was for many years leader of first the Sorrel then the Maggini String Quartet, and now pursues a busy career as a soloist and chamber musician. She is also a highly respected teacher, having positions at both the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland and the Royal Northern College of Music. With Gina will be her regular duo partner, Nigel Clayton, another Music in Peebles favourite. In addition to his career as soloist, accompanist and chamber musician, he is Professor of Piano at the Royal College of Music and Visiting Professor at the North East of Scotland Music School. It would be hard to imagine two more reliable guides to the stars of the future than Gina and Nigel and in this special concert they will showcase some of the finest players to emerge from the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland. Young Musicians’ Showcase On Sunday, 10th February 2019 at 2:30pm in the Eastgate Theatre, Peebles, Gina McCormack (violin) & Nigel Clayton (piano) will introduce three outstanding musicians, all students or recent graduates from the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland who already have serious performing experience. Lewis Banks, Saxophone: Hannah Foster, Flute: Michelle Dierx, Violin.

Programme Hannah Foster (flute) and Nigel Clayton (piano) J.S. Bach Sonata in E minor for flute and keyboard (BWV1034) (1724)

Michelle Dierx (violin) and Nigel Clayton (piano) Debussy

Violin Sonata in G minor, L.140 (1917)

Lewis Banks (saxophone) and Nigel Clayton (piano) Graham Fitkin "Glass" (2000) James MacMillan "After the Tryst" (1988) Piazzolla

"Tango Escualo" (1979)

---interval--Gina McCormack (violin) and Nigel Clayton (piano) Britten

March, Lullaby and Waltz, Op 6 (1935)


La Capricieuse (1891)


Violin Sonata in E minor, Op.82 (1918)


PATRON OF MUSIC IN PEEBLES From Gina: Gina is honoured to have been invited to become Patron of Music in Peebles. She intends her role to be more than just a letterhead appointment, hoping to promote young musicians at the start of their careers and develop more opportunities for young people in the Scottish Borders to experience classical music.

Ticket Prices

Adult Non-Members £15 - buy online www.eastgatearts.com The following tickets are only available from the Eastgate Theatre box office

Visit us

Adult accompanying child under 12 £7 Members of Biggar Music £7 Please show your membership card Members of Music in Peebles Free - included in subscription School pupils FREE online atStudents www.peebleslife.com under 25 in full-time education FREE



10% OFF VOUCHER Voucher can be redeemed in-store at Grove Bedding Galashiels or use discount code GALA10 online.


Unit 3, Wheatlands Mill Galashiels, TD1 2HQ Tel: 01896 751 301 S H O P O N LI N E


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Peeblesshire Youth Trust News At the Youth Trust we had a busy start to the school term as ever, with a fabulous group drumming session first week back for our young people run by Mat Clements of Where’s the One? We were able to try various types of drums including Djembe, snare, bass and Mat’s special “sparkly” drums! A most impressive teacher in Mat meant that within a couple of hours we sounded like a real drumming band, playing various rhythms in time (mostly!). Everyone progressed during the session and the smiles on faces were testament to the enjoyment factor; the concentration required for the drumming was certainly a great way to ‘switch off’ and become absorbed in the moment. A fantastic end to the first week back post-holidays, for both young people and adult mentors alike! The following week hailed the start of our next block of Achieve Your Potential workshops, run at Newlands Activity Centre for Primary 6 pupils from West Linton,

Newlands and Broughton Primary schools. Our AYP workshops have a theme each week, with activities designed to tie in with the Curriculum for Excellence – such as confidence, friendships, success and failure, decision-making and expressing opinions. We initiate group discussions and play games, one week we have a ‘circus skills’ session to encourage the children to try new things with juggling, diablo, plate spinning etc, showing that perseverance can lead to success and new skills. The young people have the opportunity to make friends from other primary schools, which is great once the time comes to transition to Peebles High School. Once our AYP workshop programme ends in March, the attendees will have the opportunity to be matched with a volunteer mentor, to work together for the coming years, through the end of primary school into the start of High School. Mentoring allows our young people to experience new opportunities


whilst building self-esteem and resilience, through various activities, excursions and chances to chat. We are always keen to recruit volunteer mentors, so that we can make a difference to the lives of more young people across Tweeddale. If you can spare a couple of hours’ a month and would like to find out just how rewarding it can be to mentor a young person, to see them achieve their potential, please contact Sarah at PYT, email ‘info@peeblesshireyouthtrust.org’ or tel 07957 383663. We would be delighted to meet you for a cuppa to tell you more about the work of the Youth Trust, our mentors and our volunteering opportunities.

D & M Williams

Scrap Metal Uplifts FREE UPLIFTS Washing machines Cookers Tumble Driers Radiators Car Batteries All Metals Considered NO FRIDGES OR FREEZERS Environmentally Friendly SEPA Registered

Mobile: 07724 337125 Tel: 01721 725112 Visit us online at www.peebleslife.com

Download your Borders Buses app 41

•Plan journeys •Buy tickets •Track your bus •Live service updates Ticket gifting available! Borders


Your s Bu

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Peebles CAN Skill Sharing The Peebles CAN community garden is hosting skill sharing sessions in the yurt. Beginners and experts alike are welcome. Sessions are free, friendly and informal with refreshments provided. If you have a skill you would like to learn, or have something you can offer, please contact us. Skills include everything from photography, arts and crafts, upcycling, DIY and IT skills.

Beginners Crocheting Lesson Saturday 2nd February: 11am-1 Booking Required Required materials: 1 ball of chunky yarn, ideally in a light colour. 1 x 6mm crochet hook

Upcycling Clothes: Sock Darning Friday 15th February: 11am-12 Booking required. Required materials: Needle and thread, and holey socks!

Creating a Willow DreamCatcher Friday 22nd February: 11am-12 Booking required. All materials provided. To personalise, bring your own cones, feathers or beads

To book a place or find out more, please contact nichole@peeblescan.org

Peace of mind, day and night PERSONAL ALARM SERVICE If you or a loved one live alone and need help in an emergency, our affordable Personal Alarm Service offers peace of mind that help is available at the touch of a button. • Alarms are monitored 24 hours a day • We can contact your family, friends or the emergency services • Providing help and reassurance too To find out more visit

sbcares.co.uk T 01835 826700

Visit us online at www.peebleslife.com







£2 OFF


77 Northgate, Peebles Tel: 01721 720053


Winter tidy ups Odd jobs Landscaping & planning for the Spring


Why not warm up with our…

FABULOUS WINTER WARMERS Back, Neck & Shoulder Massage £15 Full Body Massage £25 ***** Hot Stones Back £20 Hot Stones Full Body £35 Paraffin Wax & Back, Neck & Shoulder Massage £25 ****** Gatineau Express Facial £17 Gatineau Prescription Facial £25 (These offers are ONLY available as an introductory with our new Therapist)


Unit 2 School Brae, Peebles Tel: 01721-721363 W: xanadubeautyclinic.co.uk

For professional help call Trevor Keen on 07795 102273 or Martin McCullough on 07968 064570


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Relief Care Staff, Cook and Nightshift Care Staff (Attractive salary and benefits, training and career prospects) Join our team and make a real difference delivering care to the vulnerable adults with learning disability, you don’t need previous experience, as full training and support will be provided. Garvald West Linton is an established provider of residential and day care services for adults with learning disabilities. Care is provided in five houses and there are eight workshop areas as well as further education and individual therapies. Our work is based on the principles of Rudolf Steiner. We are situated 20 miles south of Edinburgh in beautiful surroundings near West Linton. Values and Attributes You must be; • able to treat our service users with dignity and respect • able to uphold their rights as individuals • honest and trustworthy • reliable and dependable Skills and Abilities You must be able to; • communicate well • recognise and respond to the needs of others • work as part of a team • be flexible in approach • maintain good sense of humour

For more information and/or an informal discussion or visit, please email info@garvaldwestlinton.org.uk or telephone the number below.

Garvald West Linton, Garvald House, Dolphinton, West Linton, EH46 7HJ Tel: (01968) 682211 Fax: (01968) 682611 E mail: office@garvaldwestlinton.org.uk Web: www.garvaldwestlinton.org.uk Visit us online at www.peebleslife.com


Making a difference with Meet and Make At the beginning of last year the Parish Church began a small ambitious outreach project that aimed to help vulnerable people living with dementia and their carers. Over the year the project ‘Meet and Make’ has grown in size and has exceeded everyone’s expectations. The project began with 1 fortnightly class at Peebles Community Centre, where people were able to bring friends or family that are living with dementia. However, soon there were requests for more classes and the church managed to secure more funding for these. The project expanded and now has classes at Riverside House, Dovecot Court in Peebles and St Ronan’s Care Home in Innerleithen. The classes reach a large number of vulnerable people from all walks of life who would normally be unable to try these activities. The project supports the growing evidence that crafting activities are good for people’s health. In the classes, people enjoy being in the present, trying different arts skills, using their hands to make something and sharing with others. The emphasis is on how people feel, rather than what they can remember. People take home what they have made and there is plenty of chatting at the end with the tea and cake. The classes also support carers who are welcome to come along and meet other carers. The classes are created by Red Button Arts. Mandy Durkin

said ‘This is a wonderful project that successfully reaches and makes a significant difference to so many people. We put a lot of care into creating arts activities that everyone can do and that help people feel more positive.’ The project is also supported crucially by a group of volunteers. Our volunteers sit with people, help them to make the crafts, chat with them and help to create a friendly space to relax and feel safe. We are now hoping to find more volunteers to join the team and carry on creating quality time for people with dementia. If you can spare an afternoon once or twice a month to volunteer some time, or if you know someone who might benefit from the classes, we would love to hear from you. Please contact Mandy Durkin, Red button Arts, 07958158181 or on redbutton@the-durkins.co.uk.

YELLOW CAB CO Reliable Professional and Safe Taxi Services

• • •

Business Trips Airport/Station Transfers Evenings Out

01896 833003

www.yellowcabco.tel colin.ross@btconnect.com ON TIME – EVERY TIME jghjjh


Y ellow cab co



Now under the ownership of Beverley & Becki 17 High Street, Innerleithen, EH44 6HA

01896 833833 Follow us on Facebook scallywagsdogs

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Notes on Peebles and its Writers Chronicles from Peebles Briggate by James Grosart --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------By Steve Dubé What the publisher called “the first book ever printed in Peebles” is worthy of its pioneering position. It’s not easy to find a small book about a small town printed in 1899that is so distinctive and such a sparkling gem. Write what you know, they say, and James Grosart, the author of Chronicles from Peebles Briggate, certainly did that. The “port runner”, as he was called in the misspelt 1851 census, got to know most people living in and around Peebles in the mid-19th century, and took it upon himself to write about them. As a result he has left a singular portrait of the area and its inhabitants, and as a keen fisherman, he also offered advice and anecdotes on where and how to cast for trout that aren’t too saucy and salmon that would make anyone but the bailiffs happy. Find out here how “the silver bells of Traquair” gave Dirtpot Pool its name, where to look for a reiver’s pot of gold, which pub was once called The West Indies, how the Aul’ Toon Plantin’ became Springhill Road and who it was who reduced an election hustings to hilarity and saved a candidate’s skin by yelling “Dinnae fash yersel’ Charlie” at the appropriate moment. The book is chock-a-block with

stories and anecdotes. Whisky and wit feature prominently. As Clement Bryce Gunn observes in a short foreword written on Halloween in 1899, Grosart brings the mid-19th century Peebles and its people to life, “with prose and verse characterised by a genial kindliness, by an entire absence of anything which might hurt the most sensitive; by an observant humour, lively fancy, and an intelligent appreciation of the inwardness and pathos and beauty of much of the life – even the humblest – lives in the Old Burgh.” One of my favourite stories relates the sensation caused by the first box of matches in Peebles. A trainee veterinary surgeon in Edinburgh sent the matches to his girlfriend, thinking she would be as amazed as he to find that it was possible to purchase in the capital city a thin piece of wood that could light a fire “without the aid of flint, frizzle, tinder box and sulphur chips”. Grosart writes: “Braw lasses of the present day would look glum at such a present, but to Annie the gift was a treasure – a box of spunks that would light a fire in the morning by simply pulling a match through a piece of sandpaper!” The women of the neighbourhood were invited in to inspect the

mysterious box of about 50 six inch long matches that had cost just 9 pence – with the sandpaper provided free. Annie got them to shut the door and struck the match. “There was an excited scrambling rush for the door,” writes Grosart.” Were I to live a thousand years I should not see greater surprise and wonder on human faces than on that night when the first match was lighted in Peebles.” Another story Grosart enjoyed telling was the arrival of a telegram informing the first station master at Lyne that the Queen would be arriving on a specific day. The rumour spread and a crowd turned out expecting to catch a glimpse of Queen Victoria only to have the station master hold up a package containing a queen bee for his apiary with a mischievous grin. We know quite a lot about the life of James Grosart because his publisher, James Alexander Kerr, editor of the Peebles News and County Observer, the newspaper that first published this book in weekly columns, got him to write something down and supplemented it with a “severe” interview that aimed to overcome Grosart’s tendency to “selfabnegation”.

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47 Thus we know that he was born on 14 July 1826 in a one-room house on a strip of land known as Dummie’s Tail in the region of Cross Road in Old Town. His arrival got tongues wagging, including that of the Chambers brothers who recorded in their Journal that he was born “fully dressed from head to foot” in the Hilly Hoo or Hully Hoo. Such a caul was considered a lucky omen, and Grosart in Peebles was the first in Peebles born with that unusual feature for 82 years. His parents were Alexander Grosart, a cotton weaver, and Jane Sharp, daughter of a rope manufacturer, whose rope walk was on the Cross Road near the Kirkyard and the Ludgate, later changed to Young Street, after Dr Thomas Young, who bought Rosetta House. Grosart observes, "Father and mother did their best to make life comfortable, but a cotton weaver's wage did not permit of many luxuries. Mother assisted by winding his pirns [shuttles]. They kept two pigs, and one of them had to be sold every term to pay the rent.” Money was scarce, and Grosart says he spent many nights by the fire getting light from a bit of “splint coal” to learn his lessons while his mother wound the shuttles. The family moved to Northgate so that he was nearer the school run by a Dr Cockburn “above Dr Craig’s stable at the top of the Briggate”. Grosart became a cotton weaver like his father and took over the loom vacated by William Chambers when the future publisher and Peebles benefactor left for fame and fortune in Edinburgh. When handloom weaving was no longer viable, Grosart became a postman between Peebles and Stobo for four shillings a week. He was promoted to “travelling postman to Stobo” some years later and earned 12 shillings a week in that post for the next 21 years, during which time he fell in love with and

married Catherine Horsburgh, the cook at Stobo Castle on 4 Dec 1851. The marriage produced had five sons and two daughters Later he took up the family business of rope manufacturer a job he did for at least 20 years, with a shop in the High Street in what was once Mungo Park's surgery. The rope-making business was “ever a struggle” which he eventually abandoned and concentrated on his other job as Sheriff’s Officer, a post he held for more than 30 years. He became the second 'poet-laureate' of the Peebles Gutterbluid Club and

published a book of poems in 1884, some of which appear in n be found in his Chronicles. James Grosart died in 1905, a self-described "hoary old man". He left his readers in the hope that his Chronicles from Peebles Briggate would “be considered not unworthy a place in the homes of Gutterbluids at home and abroad, not so much for any literary merit they may possess, but as an old man’s ‘fighting his battles over again,’ then indeed may I say gude nicht an’ joy be wi’ ye a.”

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P. GRANDISON Funeral Director 3 March Street, Peebles. EH45 8DF. Phone 01721 720739 (24hrs.) Serving Peebles and district since 1923 Tweeddale Roofing 26 YEARS EXPERIENCE

• Free estimates • Roofs cleared of moss

and treated

• Winter check over • All flat roofs

20 year+ guarantee



Tel: 01721 721710 Mobile: 07803 138520


Tel: 01721 723683 Mobile: 07803 138689 Visit us online at www.peebleslife.com

Recipe from Val @ The Peel Café Stuffed Sweet Chilli Peppers Ingredient


• 1 tbsp olive oil

• •

• 1 small red onion diced

• 6 x peppers

• 4 cloves crushed garlic • 1 chilli chopped

• 1 tsp ras el hanout • ½ tsp dried oregano

• 1tsp smoked paprika • 400g tin borlotti beans mashed

• 200g feta cheese • 15g fresh coriander chopped

Pre heat oven 160C Chop a good 2 inches off the top of the peppers and set aside scape the seeds out of the middle. Heat the oil and sauté the onions, garlic, chilli and the pepper you chopped of the top, after a few minutes add the spices and cook for a few more minutes. Drain the beans and rinse place on your worktop and mash with you knife or a potato masher and add into the onion mix. Crumble the feta and stir in the coriander adjust the seasoning. Place in a flat casserole dish, rub the peppers with a little olive oil and sprinkle with salt, fill with stuffing and bake for 20 minutes until golden brown. Enjoy with some lemon and coriander couscous, roast chicken or fish.

Join the leisure club From just £42 per month What’s included? a Free induction a Latest TechnoGym equipment a Great range of resort discounts a Fitness classes and swimming lessons available

Peebleshydro.co.uk | leisure@peebleshydro.co.uk | 01721 720 602

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Rock art is one of the most fascinating and mysterious aspects of mankind’s past. The term refers to images, symbols, and marks that have been painted or engraved onto natural rock surfaces. Across the world people have been creating rock art for over 40,000 years. We find it deep within caves, in rock shelters, and on outcrops and boulders in the open landscape.

Rock Art in Scotland Exploring the Past with Peeblesshire Archaeological Society

As our invited guest speaker on Thursday 21st February, we look forward to welcoming Dr Tertia Barnett of Historic Environment Scotland to talk about ‘Scotland’s Rock Art Project’. Rock carvings are arguably the most fascinating and enigmatic aspect of Britain's prehistoric landscape. There are almost 3000 examples in Scotland today, but this is probably only a small fraction of the original number. The carvings were clearly important to the people that created and used them, yet we know little about why they were made and what significance they held. This talk outlines the key issues surrounding rock art research, and recent approaches used to study the prehistoric carvings. It then discusses how the Scotland's Rock Art Project aims to enhance understanding and appreciation of the carvings through community-led recording and analysis.  Dr Tertia Barnett is Principal Investigator for the Scotland’s Rock Art Project (ScRAP), based at Historic Environment Scotland. She has a long track record of rock art recording and research in Britain and North Africa, and has also managed various community-led projects in Scotland and England, several of which have focused on prehistoric rock art. As usual, the meeting will start at 7.30pm and will be held in the Community Centre, Walkershaugh, Peebles (non-members/guests attending talks, £4). As always, new members will be very welcome. Illustrations 1. Cup-and-ring marked rock at Tormain Hill, Ratho, Midlothian (© ScRAP) 2. Recording rock art near Whithorn, Wigtownshire (© ScRAP) 3. 3D model of carved stone at Kirkdale House, Kirkcudbright (© ScRAP) 4. Dr Tertia Barnett. In 2012, Tertia led our summer field trip to see rock art sites in Northumberland (© T Cowie)



Peebles Golf Club is a vibrant and family-friendly club with a first class clubhouse facility to match its beautiful golf course. The recent growth in our membership to more than 800 has allowed us to invest in our facilities, including a major clubhouse refurbishment to the bar, lounge, restaurant and kitchen, as well as a new driving range. We are a popular venue for food and drink for members and visitors alike, with a busy calendar of weekly golf competitions across all our membership categories which drives footfall into our clubhouse. The club’s facilities offer an attractive venue for other events and functions within the community. A fantastic opportunity has arisen for a suitably qualified team or candidate to work in partnership with the club to provide the following:    

A full catering service to meet the needs of our members, visitors and other customers A range of good quality catering to include short order items, breakfasts, bar snacks, light meals and dinners, across our bar, lounge and restaurant; A catering service for member and non-member functions including: competition days, visiting golf parties, club functions, birthday parties, theme nights, Christmas party nights and potentially also larger functions such as weddings; A flexible and proactive approach to the club’s catering requirements to drive increased traffic into the clubhouse.

There is a well-equipped kitchen at the club while accommodation may be available within an agreed package for the successful applicant. The ideal candidate(s) should have a proven track record in catering operations, preferably in a golf club or large restaurant environment and have the manpower to deliver a consistently high standard of catering to meet the needs of our members and other customers. You should be innovative to ensure the club thrives in a highly competitive environment and be commercially minded to grow clubhouse revenues in partnership with the club’s management team. Additional requirements include: excellent communication and interpersonal skills; a proven record of Food Hygiene and compliance to Safety Standards with working experience of all relevant regulations; high personal and professional standards and able to demonstrate excellent customer service; and, be compliant with all pertinent employment regulations. To find out more or apply for the role, please contact Niall Watson, Club Manager, on 01721 720197 or e-mail manager@peeblesgolfclub.com. Formal applications must be received by Monday 12 February and the preferred starting date to commence the role is early April.

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John Montgomery Upholstery Custom & bespoke upholstery service • Refurbish sofas, dining chairs & more • Sofa repairs - springs & frame • Replace tired, torn or worn seat & back cushions • Cushions made to order - both foam & fibre • Caravans, benches, floor seats, ottomans etc. • Foam cut to size • Wide range of fabrics 7 Meadow Place, Bilston, Midlothian EH25 9RT Telephone 0131 440 4116 · Email montgomerymnt@aol.com www.edinburghupholsterer.co.uk D IRE U EQ NG S R AITI E I T W ER TS OP NAN R P TE

If you are thinking of renting out your property then please give us a call, our management fee starts as low as 9% of the monthly rental.

Winkston Holiday Accommodation

4 Gold Star Guest House Quality guest ensuite rooms. Extensive breakfast menu.

Quality 4 star cottages Holidays lets, family staying & between house accommodation. Small family run business offering special customer care. Free WiFi, secure bike storage, free car parking, on bus route.

18 Northgate, Peebles EH45 8RS Tel: 01721 721 550 E-mail: info@accommodate-rural.com Web: www.accommodate-rural.com

www.winkstonholidays.co.uk E: accommodation@winkston.co.uk

T: 01721 721264

Visit us online at www.peebleslife.com

Fitness advice from Lesley Mitchell Only 45 days until Spring!! Very roughly (depending on when you are reading this) Spring is not that far away.You will probably have noticed the nights getting lighter earlier and because of the mild winter so far, some bulbs starting to appear through the soil. I know we could still be in for some wintry weather yet but we are heading the right way. I was having a look through February at the “national …. day) I can’ t believe there are so many but here are a few that are relevant. February 11th- National Homemade soup day If you have never made soup you should give it a try. It is cheap, filling, packed full of nutrients and high

in fibre and quick to cook. A quick search on the internet will provide many recipes. Fibre is important as it 1. 2. 3. 4.

Helps maintain a healthy digestive system and bowels. Can help lower cholesterol levels Helps control blood sugar levels It can help reduce risk of cardiovascular disease and Type 2 diabetes.

February 17th_ Random act of kindness day Not only can this brighten up the day of the person on the receiving end, but can make you feel good too. There are so many lonely people about there who appreciate even a small gesture of help, even

a smile or a chat or a compliment can make someone’s day. February 20th-Love your pet day Many people have pets, they can help reduce stress and loneliness and improve your general wellbeing and help lower blood pressure. If it is a pet that needs exercise it obviously improves your fitness too. Those are just a few I found but another few random ones in February. National Baked Alaska day National Shower with a friend day National cabbage day

Lesley Mitchell Personal Trainer, Pilates, Small Group Personal Training T: 07952 156458

Bookkeeping & Payroll Services

Phone: 01896 831769 email: lynne@leithen-business-services.co.uk

Practice Licence Number 13155


About now I get an insatiable appetite for fresh chives and it’s happened again this year! Scrambled eggs, smoked salmon, baked potatoes - I think the winter has gone on long enough and, now that the light is coming back into our days, I realise I have been in the barn too long. Fresh herbs are growing in the sun in little pots in the window but that is not enough. Herbs have been in cultivation for a very long time. For ages these helpful plants have been used as medicine, as cosmetics, for dyeing cloth and for cooking.

The Peebles Garden:


Many common garden plants and weeds are herbs and some of them are edible; however, some of them are fairly poisonous. Several dangerous plants closely resemble safe ones so, if you are keen on foraging, don’t pick anything unless you can identify it. Nowadays, for most people, it is how the herb changes the taste of our food that is most important. A herb bed in a sunny position is easy to make and a dozen or so plants will keep you supplied in the kitchen all year. Most herbs are perennial plants with a woody structure; these generally come from the Mediterranean region so they need sharp drainage and are happy in poor soil as long as they are out of cold easterly winds. My favourites are sage, rosemary and thyme but oregano and marjoram are also easy to grow. Chives and parsley grow well together and they don’t mind a semi-sunny place so if you are short of room you can put them at the front of the border or even in a window box. Another plant I wouldn’t want to be without is fresh mint but that really does have to be contained as it runs at the root; a large pot or a bed of its own will keep it in check. Thyme and mint come in dozens of flavours so have a taste when you’re shopping. If you like to eat fish then sowing some dill every year will provide you with lovely feathery aromatic leaves to cook with salmon or chop into mayonnaise. Chervil and tarragon are also annuals but they won’t mind going into the border or growing in a pot. Bay is often sold as a standard or well-grown bush but it is only hardy here all winter if you get lucky. I would grow it in a pot and be prepared to give it an unheated greenhouse or a cold porch during the coldest months. If you are short of space but have room for some vegetable beds, herbs make good companion plants for some crops: mint or oregano can grow beside cabbage and potatoes and parsley can go under roses or else next to tomatoes in the greenhouse. Some argue that herbs contain micronutrients that are not found in other foods which is why we crave them added to our foods. All I know is that it lifts my spirits to chop them into every meal one way or another. Sheila Drummond

Portland Garden Design

07905 397185 drummond.sheila@gmail.com

Contact your MP David Mundell Peebles Surgery

Friday 1st February - 10am - 11am Burgh Hall, High Street, Peebles. No appointment necessary.

Working hard for Tweeddale all year round 6 easy ways to contact David: Write to: Monro House, Duncan Drive, Moffat, DG10 9JW Telephone: 01683 222 746 E-mail: David@davidmundell.com Website: www.davidmundell.com On Twitter: @DavidMundellDCT On Facebook: Facebook.com/DavidMundellDCT

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GUITAR AND BASS TUITION in and around Peebles Focus is on fun and learning your favourite tunes Option to Learn to read music and study for grades if you wish Beginners and children always welcome particularly for guitar Call Keith on 07960895769

Email: keithalisterwhite@yahoo.co.uk KWGuitarBass

Visit us online at www.peebleslife.com

Peebles Silver Band

Letter from the Band Chairman The Silver Band is now in its 185th year and continues to progress under our Musical Director, Peter Holmes, with the playing ability of the band members improving and rehearsals and playing engagements enjoyable for all involved. Our Development Section under the experienced baton of Davy Robb and assisted by Caitlin Riley is also progressing well and looking exciting for the future with regular attendees well into double figures and the group re-branded as Peebles Burgh Youth Band. We start off 2019 with a Band Contest in Perth at the beginning of March and follow the normal routine, playing at various Gala Days, Concerts and Engagements throughout the year – the highlight this year will be “Beating Retreat” at the Beltane with Peebles Ex-Servicemen’s Pipe Band. We rehearse Tuesdays and Thursdays in the Band Hall on Peebles High Street and fund raise whenever we can to help with our annual running costs. These are currently in the region of £13,000 per annum with our largest cost being Conductors Fees for the Senior Band and our Youth Band. Our other major expense is the repair of existing instruments or their replacement if/when required – this can cost anything between £1,000 for a Cornet and £6,000 plus for a Euphonium or Bass. Despite this cost, we consciously offer music tuition and the use of

an instrument absolutely free to all – so if you know someone no matter their age, who would like to play an instrument and learn music at no cost to them, please send them along to us.

As a Registered Charity, Peebles Burgh Silver Band relies solely on donations and our own fundraising efforts. The purpose of this letter is to invite you to make a donation to the Band, no matter how small and to join our List of Patrons for the calendar year 2019. Please send any donations to our Treasurer, Martin Brown, 1 Pikes Knowe Court,

Cardrona, EH45 9LP. If you are a UK Tax Payer and would like us to benefit from Gift Aid, please phone Martin on 01896 831436 for a form – this will enable us to claim 25p from HMRC for every £1 donated. We trust the Band continues to be well received within the Royal Burgh and with your help we wish to see it continue to grow from strength to strength. With many thanks for your support. Colin Napier Band Chairman

Peebles Community Centre


Walker’s Haugh, Peebles T: 01721 720975 The calendar for February is as follows:Frequency Daily

Weekly Monday

Weekly Tuesday

Weekly Wednesday Weekly Thursday

Weekly Friday

Weekly Saturday Weekly Sunday




Schools Out - Please call 07575 857585 or email admin@schoolsoutpeebles.com for more details. Sporty Kids

9:30am - 11:15am and 1pm - 2:45pm

Mum & Baby Yoga

10am - 11:15am

Peebles and District Men’s Shed

11:45am - 2:45pm

Youth Club

6pm - 7:30pm


6:30pm - 8pm

Spanish Classes

6:30pm - 8:30pm

English for Speakers of Other Languages Class

6:30pm - 9:30pm


7:30pm - 9:30pm

Sporty Kids

9:30am - 10:15am

Open Doors Computer Drop-In

10am - 12 noon

Lunch Club

12 noon - 1pm

Walking Hockey

1:30pm - 2:30pm

Red Button Art Club - for P1s - P7s

4pm - 5pm

Dog Training

7pm - 9pm

Carpet Bowling

7pm - 9pm

Over 60s Badminton

2pm - 4pm

Art Group

7pm - 9pm

Kirklands Badminton

7:30pm - 9:30pm

Walking Netball

11:30am - 12:30pm

Over 60s Badminton

1:30pm - 3:30pm

Sporty Kids

9:10am - 9:55am and 10am -10:45am

Art Group

9:30am - 11:30am

Gentle Exercise Class

11:15am - 12 noon

Lunch Club

12 noon - 1pm

Social Activities (incl: New Age Curling, Bowling, Table Tennis, and ‘Gentle’ Walking Football)

12:30pm - 2:30pm

Over 50s Walking Football

2:30pm - 4pm


6pm - 7pm

Fun French

9am - 10:30am

CG Elite Football Coaching

10am - 11am

Peebles Baptist Church

11am - 1pm


Tues 10:30am - 12:30pm

Art Group

Wed 2pm - 4pm

Camera Club

Wed 7pm - 9pm

CraftBox - free craft class for Senior Citizens'

Fri 2:30pm - 4pm

Peebles Archaeological Society Mary Allen Lunch Club Monthly

Peebles Bee Keepers Club Meet & Make - free craft class for people living with dementia

For specific dates call 01721 720975

For further information on any of the above or any activity, please pop into the centre or phone 01721 720975. Also now find our official presence on Facebook - just search Peebles Community Centre to find our group pages easily.

Visit us online at www.peebleslife.com

Group Focus

Craft Box

We need your help! In January & February the Tesco’s Blue Tags Fund will be for CRAFT BOX. CRAFT BOX is a free arts and crafts class for senior citizens, run by Peebles Community Centre. We have classes here at Peebles Community Centre on Fridays and in Innerleithen Parish Church on Tuesdays. All the arts materials and tools are provided and the arts teacher takes you through how to create the craft for that day. Both classes are popular with people from all walks of life and there is a great sense of humour. It’s a really good way to socialise whilst learning something new. You don’t have to be arty to come along, everyone is welcome. It’s important to us that these classes are free but this means we are dependent on funding to keep going. The Tesco’s Blue Tags fund would provide many more classes. If you are shopping in Tesco’s, please ask for a blue tag and donate it to our box, so we can keep these great classes going. If you would like more information about the 2 classes, please contact Mandy Durkin (Red Button Arts) on 07958158181.


A P P O I N T M E N T S AVA I L A B L E W I T H YO U R N E I G H B O U R H O O D HOUSING OFFICER Appointments available all day Tuesday, and on an as-and-when basis at other times. Contact Wendy Wilson by email on wwilson@sbha.org.uk, or call 01750 724444 to make an appointment. Estate walkabouts: 13/02/2018 13/03/2018 17/04/2018 15/05/2018

@ @ @ @

10.00am 10.00am 10.00am 10.00am

Meet at Start of Connor Street Peebles Meet at Top of Witchwood Crescent down to Cademuir Drive Peebles Meet at Start of Low end Dalatho Crescent Peebles Meet between North Street/North Place Peebles

Registered as a Scottish Charity—No. SC 030751

Pest Control Services Agricultural, Commercial & Domestic Covering All Aspects of Pest Control


◈ Ants ◈ Crawling Insects ◈ Flying Insects ◈ Mice ◈ Rats ◈ Rabbits ◈ Bird Proofing

BPCA & CITY & GUILDS Qualified. Fully Insured.

Mob 07841 248498 Tel 01721 723966


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Peebles Rugby Club As we go to press, “So Stobo” sponsored Peebles 1stXV occupy fifth place in Tennent’s National League Two, following only a solitary league fixture, winning at home 38-7 to GHK. Unfortunately the scheduled home match against Highland was postponed due to a bereavement in the Inverness club’s coaching team. Due to the upcoming Guinness Six Nations Championships, no National League matches are currently scheduled for February, but please keep an eye on the Club website and Facebook page for matches being arranged for these weeks. One Border League match is scheduled, with the Gytes men heading down to The Greenyards to take on Melrose at 12 noon on Saturday 2nd February. A good sized travelling support would be welcome. The stars of the show currently are “Crown Hotel” sponsored Peebles Reds, the 2ndXV, who are flying high in Tennent’s East Reserve League Two, sitting a single point off top spot, with a game in hand. The only home league fixture arranged so far for February is against Penicuik on the 23rd. Kick off times will appear on the website/Facebook page. In youth rugby, the National Conferences are complete and the

Border Semi Junior League is also all but over, and the teams are therefore looking to pick up some challenging friendly fixtures. This is working particularly well, where the entire youth section are taking on counterparts from other towns and/or Schools. Recent matches have been taking place at S1, S2, Under 15, Under 16 and Under 18 levels, against opposition such as Knox Academy/Haddington, Lasswade, Merchiston Castle School. A great experience for the players concerned. Another development is weekly sessions for Women and girls, looking to be held on Monday evenings at Hay Lodge Park. We hope to start these sessions in early February and full details will appear shortly on our Facebook page. Should you wish to learn further information on this, please contact me by one of the means below. The ‘Piranhas’, the primary school aged section of the club, look forward to the weather improving as they look to all get back on the grass! Parents should contact the appropriate coach for details, while anyone who wishes to bring their child along for the first time, can contact myself and I’ll be delighted to pass your details onto the appropriate coaching group.

As ever, the Club is open to anyone – player, supporter, volunteer, spectator, family member. Information on club membership can be found on the club’s website, or by emailing membership@peeblesrfc.org. Alternatively, please contact myself on any of the routes below for further details on the club.

George Blair Peebles RFC Development Officer Tel – 07801 791253 Email – youthrugby@peeblesrfc.org Web – www.peeblesrfc.org Twitter - @PeeblesRugbyDev

It’s easy to be in Peebles Life Advertising starts at only


For information contact Linda on 01896 831011 or linda@peebleslife.com

www.peebleslife.com Visit us online at www.peebleslife.com


Take-away Meal Deal 1 Poppadum + Mango Chutney + Spiced Onion Choose one Chicken or Vegetable Dish From our All Time Favourites. (King Prawn and Tikka dishes are not included in this offer). Choose one Pilau Rice or Plain Nan

£9.00 per person Dine In Meal Deal

FIREWOOD Dry​​​firewood​​​for​​​sale​​​with​​​ free​delivery​​​in​​​Peebles​​​ and​​​Eddleston.

Starter Choose one of the following: Onion Bhajee or Chicken Pakora Main Course Choose one dish From our All Time Favourites, or our Saffron Specials, or any Vegetarian Special. (King Prawn dishes are not included in this offer.) Also Choose one of the following: Pilau Rice / Plain Nan or Chips

£60 per builder’s bag or 2 bags for £100.

Sunday to Thursday £16.95 per person


68 High Street Innerleithen EH44 6HF

01896 833 466 Opening Hours: 4pm-11pm (7 days a week) www.saffronauthenticindianrestaurant.co.uk

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Fiona Henderson School of Dance

25 5

P Grandison Funeral Director


Useful Numbers - all in one place Police to report a crime


BT Faultline

0800 800151

Citizens Advice Bureau

Scottish Power - Power Loss 0800 0299290 NHS 24

08454 242424 Locksmith

Gas - Emergency

01835 824000

0800 111999

Scottish Borders Council

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01721 721722 01721 721374


“Friendly, professional, realistic, and customer focused, they WANT to help you sell your property without undue pressure or stress. Remax@Peebles, SIMPLY THE BEST.” Mr A L

“Just a short note, if I may, to thank you most sincerely for the first rate customer service I have experienced recently with Remax Peebles. I can honestly say that I never enjoyed a more, personal, professional and tailored approach to business as I have with your company. Kind regards R.”

Contact Joyce today for a FREE no obligation market appraisal and lets get you moving in 2019

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F O R M O R E I N F O R M AT I O N V I S I T U S AT H A R R I S O N S F O R D C E N T R E , P E E B L E S . F O R M O R E I N F O R M AT I O N V I S I T U S AT H A R R I S O N S F O R D C E N T R E , P E E B L E S .

Edinburgh Road, Peebles, EH45 8ED Edinburgh Road, Peebles, EH45 8ED 01721 725414 www.harrisonsford.co.uk 01721 725414 www.harrisonsford.co.uk

AVAILABLE ONON THE SUV AND CROSSOVER ACTIVE,ECOSPORT ECOSPORTST-LINE ST-LINEAND ANDKUGA KUGAST-LINE. ST-LINE. KA+ ACTIVE ONLY AVAILABLE *AVAILABLE THE SUV AND CROSSOVERRANGE, RANGE,INCLUDING INCLUDINGKA+ KA+ACTIVE, ACTIVE, FIESTA ACTIVE, KA+ ACTIVE ONLY AVAILABLE ON ON 2 YEAR 0%0% APR FORD OPTIONS. 2 YEAR APR FORD OPTIONS. odels shown: KA+KA+ Active 1.2 1.2 85PS Petrol Manual. *CO22emissions: emissions:129g/km. 129g/km.Kuga KugaST-Line ST-Line1.51.5120PS 120PS Diesel Manual FWD. economy (l/100km Models shown: Active 85PS Petrol Manual.Fuel Fueleconomy economyMpg Mpg(l/100km) (l/100km)(Combined): (Combined): 43.5 (6.5). *CO Diesel Manual FWD. FuelFuel economy MpgMpg (l/100km) emissions: 137g/km.EcoSport EcoSportST-Line ST-Line1.0L 1.0L100PS 100PSPetrol Petrol Manual. Manual. Fuel economy emissions: 120g/km. Fiesta Active X 1 5XDoor (Combined): (6.2). 137g/km. economy Mpg Mpg(l/100km) (l/100km)(Combined): (Combined):43.5 43.5(6.5). (6.5).*CO *CO emissions: 120g/km. Fiesta Active 1 5 Do Combined): 45.645.6 (6.2). *CO*COemissions: 2 2 2 2 emissions: 113g/km. 113g/km. 100PS Petrol Manual. economy Mpg(l/100km) (l/100km)(Combined): (Combined):47.1 47.1(6.0). (6.0).*CO *CO22 emissions: 0T1.0T 100PS Petrol Manual. FuelFuel economy Mpg

Figures shown are comparability for comparability purposes; compare fuelconsumption consumptionand andCOCO2figures figureswith withother other cars cars tested to the same reflect realreal lifelife driving results, which will will depend uponupon a number gures shown are for purposes; onlyonly compare fuel sametechnical technicalprocedures. procedures.These Thesefigures figuresmay maynotnot reflect driving results, which depend a numb 2 of factors including accessories fitted, variations in weather,driving drivingstyles stylesand andvehicle vehicleload. load.*There *Thereisis aa new new test used for figures shown however, are based on the outgoing test cycle and will be factors including the the accessories fitted, variations in weather, for fuel fuelconsumption consumptionand andCOCO2 figures. figures.The TheCOCO 2 2 figures shown however, are based on the outgoing test cycle and will 2 to calculate vehicle on first registration. Finance subjecttotostatus. status.Freepost FreepostFord FordCredit. Credit.*£500 *£500Customer Customer Saving Saving (inc of of anyany Ford KA+KA+ Active, Fiesta Active, EcoSport ST-Line or Kuga ST- S edused to calculate vehicle tax tax on first registration. Finance subject (inc VAT) VAT)off offthe theRecommended RecommendedOnOnThe TheRoad Roadprice price Ford Active, Fiesta Active, EcoSport ST-Line or Kuga be taken by 28th February 2019, vehicle contractedand andregistered registeredbetween between1st 1stFebruary February and and 28th 28th February February 2019. customers only. ne.Line. Test Test DriveDrive to betotaken by 28th February 2019, vehicle contracted 2019.Retail Retail(excl (exclAdvantage) Advantage)and andeligible eligibleFleet Fleet customers only. Harrisons Centre offers selected products from a range financeproviders. providers.acts actsasasaacredit creditbroker brokerinin relation relation to to finance arrisons FordFord Centre onlyonly offers selected products from a range of offinance finance products, products,and andnot notaalender. lender.

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