2017 JCI Impact Report

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DEVELOPMENT GRANTS The JCI Foundation provides development grants to organizations to support their work and empower local JCI members to increase their impact. Here are a few examples of action taken in 2017 through these grants.


Grantee: Africa and the Middle East Development Council

JCI Foundation

The Africa and the Middle East Development Council used US $1500 of their grant to establish training workshops to members in struggling National Organizations. These workshops consisted of teaching programs to better understand the JCI Mission and Vision, and familiarizing members with the JCI Active Citizen Framework to create sustainable impact in their communities.

The JCI Foundation provides members and friends a way to become more involved in JCI and our efforts to provide opportunities for young people to create sustainable impact. Through grants, this 501(c)3 nonprofit organization funds the progression and expansion of the JCI Skills Development Program and supplies development grants for JCI National Organizations. Since its establishment in 1955, members,

Grantee: JCI United Kingdom

friends and corporate sponsors from more than 100 countries

JCI United Kingdom used their US $9500

have supported the Foundation, generating assets surpassing

development grant to establish a National Secretariat

US $10 million. The Foundation has funded numerous national

to support several initiatives in their National

and international projects that have supported training,

Organization such as updating their “Membership

development and creating sustainable, positive change around

Pathways� program. This pathway allows members

the world.

to embark on a variety of journeys that develop their skills in areas such as leadership, public speaking and networking.

Grantee: JCI Haiti JCI Haiti received US $6000 to increase impact across 10 Local Organizations. The money was used to increase and strengthen the leadership within the organizations in order to better engage its current members as active citizens, as well as to recruit new members.