2017 JCI Impact Report

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JCI Academy Since the first JCI Academy in 1987, thousands of young active citizens have attended the event, emerging as impactful civic changemakers, innovative business pioneers and humanitarian diplomats. Those who join the JCI Academy embrace a deep understanding of humanity, develop newfound perspectives on building peaceful societies and become motivated to take responsibility for leading young people in creating positive change in their communities and collectively across the world. The 2017 Academy celebrated three decades of evolution and knowledge under the theme “Who Changes the World? It’s Us!” The extensive program included a homestay, cultural excursions, as well as seminars and workshops focused on leadership and action. Academy delegates took part in activities that built cultural understanding by immersing themselves

“[The JCI Academy] taught me vital life lessons that have permanently altered my life, my beliefs, my

in Japanese traditions and experiences. Delegates left the

behavior and way of thinking. It

Academy ready to lead their peers and National Organizations

gave me friends from all over the

through with a newfound understanding of diversity and its value in creating sustainable impact.

globe, many of which are now very dear to my heart, and from

JCI Academy Kumamoto, Japan | 6 – 13 July

82 Countries

countries that I didn’t even know existed! It encouraged me to get out of my comfort zone so much that going back to it right now


feels weird. It showed me what is was like to have a different global perspective, and also made me consider ideas that I haven’t even thought of before.” – Mohammad Hijazi, 2017 National Vice President for Recruitment and Outreach and 2017 Deputy National President at JCI Lebanon