2017 JCI Impact Report

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The Global Youth Empowerment Fund


M U J H U Y O U N G G E N E R AT I O N A L I V E ( Y G A ) ( U G A N D A )

Since 2016, the Global Youth Empowerment Fund has awarded grants to youth-led organizations to help fund their grassroots projects that advance the Global Goals for Sustainable Development in their communities around the world. As a partnership of JCI and the UN SDG Action Campaign, the Fund offers grants of up to US $5000. The Fund taps into the often-forgotten renewable resource: the passion and energy of young people. Each project follows the JCI Active Citizen Framework and engages all sectors of society to empower young people to create sustainable change in their communities. In 2017, the Global Youth Empowerment Fund granted more than US $20,000 to seven community-based projects. Here are their stories of impact. 2 017 J C I I M PA CT REPORT