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Collaboration: The collaboration we selected was chosen because of each strength of each designer and not because we was just friends. As a collaboration we wanted to do a very research driven project and because of this we selected the YCN P&O Ferries brief.






To encourage more people to travel and explore Europe in their car threw P&O Ferries.

Was to show the benefits of traveling threw Europe in your car with P&O Ferries. The problem we had was that most people had this idea of ferries being “rust buckets” and “boring”; so we new we had to develop a product that would be engaging and interesting to the audience.

Young and small sized families thinking of traveling to Europe in their car.



Research: Our aim at the start of this project was to do a very research driven brief. The main primary research gathered was from the ferry trip we did from Hull to Amsterdam. We interviewed passengers and crew about their experience with P&O Ferries and any positives and negatives with ferry travel. 60 surveys were completed on the ferry and 40 were also done in Leeds.

From this primary research we then had a clearer idea of why customers we reluctant to travel on ferries and how we could persuade them to travel with P&O. Secondary research gathered was mainly existing work from P&O and information for within our publication.



Development: A lot of time was spent in the first couple of weeks gathering research and developing our concept which resulted with us only having a week to design and bring together our publication. My duty in the development was to make the internal pages for the publication and to make the front cover. Some additional

research had to be gathered for some of the pages, mainly hotels and restaurants. Tims responsibility was to design the map which he had a lot of previous experience and Kates was to design the icons that would go on the cover and within the booklet.





A information booklet about 10 possible destinations within driving distance of a ferry port in Europe that you can travel with your car. The booklet will come with a map that will be wrapped around the booklet to act as a protective sleeve. Each Destination will have the following information: Ferry times, facilities, hotels, city history, restaurants, attractions, events and nearby cities.

Size > Page Numbers > Colour > Typefaces > Print Process > Stock >

160mm x 210mm 10 Double Page Spreads Pantone 265M Helvetica 7PT Helvetica Bold 7PT/ 12PT Helvetica Neau 18PT Perforation Recyclable Stock



YCN Boards - P&O  

P&O design boards. Indervidual

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