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Name: Alice Eaton Pathway: A E-mail: Mobile: 07407506025 Website/Online presence: Brand or Collection Title: Agnes Biography: Agnes is a range of unisex garments. I have looked at how through the years the ideals of the male and female form have changed and how the current ideals are pretty similar to eachother. I have encorporated different elements of the male and female form in each garment to create a feel of androgyny and uniformity.

Name: Bronagh Rogers Pathway: A E-mail: Mobile:07778113667 Website/Online presence: Brand or Collection Title: CHANGES BMR Biography: For my Final Major Project I designed an Eco-Friendly bag collection based around time, and the faces of clocks.The title for my brand is ‘CHANGES BMR’, it represents how time goes by and how fashion changes through time due to the current economic climate.

Name: Crystal Padmore   Pathway: A   E-mail:   Mobile: 07507885321   Website/Online presence:   Brand or Collection Title: Crystal Padmore - coincide   Biography: Coincide explored the restraints of ethical fashion, challenging the restrictions of it and exploring the beauty of it. I am fascinated by the wonders of our planet and I wanted to create a collection that doesn’t challenge or harm it. I used hand crafted eco knits and bamboo jerseys to created a range of wearable pieces that represent the idea that ethical fashion can be stunning and that fashion doesn’t have to damage our planet, after all, it is the soul reason for our human existence.

Name: Dawn Shindler  Pathway: A   E-mail:   Mobile: 07534373634   Website/Online presence:   Brand or Collection Title: ENCHANT   Biography: ENCHANT is inspired by the Edwardian era and the Pop Art movement. Uptight vs. laid back. Lapels, voluminous shoulders and hook and eye detailing inspired by the Edwardians is mixed with bright, bold colours and daring prints based upon the Pop Art movement to give an exciting and playful collection. It’s all about letting go of any inhibitions and living life to the full. 

Name:  Daisy Shayler-Webb   Pathway:  A   E-mail:   Mobile: 07791747617   Website/Online presence:   Brand or Collection Title: Daisy Shayler-Webb   Biography:  The collection is an exploration into gender and how this can be concealed or obscured by hiding the face. The skull headpieces are influenced by drag queens and Mexican ‘day of the dead’ skulls. They are designed to be used as props in photo shoots and are an avant-garde alternative to conventional styling or make-up.

Name: Kate O’Bryan-Tear   Pathway: A   E-mail:   Mobile: 07875516835   Website/Online presence: unknown until thursday!   Brand or Collection Title:  Vice   Biography:   A range of innovative leotards designed for a unique, creative individual. Designed to be worn as part of an outfit or as a single garment, the range takes inspiration from the current music industry. Each leotard has a different and innovative style, made out of luxury silks, chiffon and a unique branded fabric.

Name: Jennifer Sargeant Pathway: A E-mail: Mobile: 07976967229 Website/Online presence: Brand or Collection Title:  Jennifer Sargeant     Collection title: A Kiss On The Hand Biography:  Gloves As Art  My collection is a range of elegant, antique-style gloves with unique embroidered messages designed into each one. The gloves are designed as art display pieces and as wearable items. Only one pair of each glove has been made. They are hand-crafted and exclusive making them one of a kind.

Name: Laura Jayne Edwards Pathway: A E-mail: Mobile: 07967315742 Website/Online presence: Brand or Collection Title: Candy Cat   Biography: Candy cat is a capsule collection of high visibility children’s winter wear products. Inspired from the reflective cats eye I decided to incorporate a safety element into children’s wear. Combining fashion and safety into one to make high visibility function able AND stylish.

Name: Laura Elizabeth Reynolds Pathway: A E-mail: Mobile: 07889342996 Website/Online presence: Brand or Collection Title: ‘Beau Reves’ Biography: A Lingerie/Nightwear collection inspired by the history of underwear with a Moroccan twist. ‘Beau Reves’ French meaning for ‘Beautiful Dreams’ is made from Bamboo Jersey as it’s structured to flatter your body in a natural way without the use of constrictive hardware.

Name: Laura Stubbs Pathway: A E-mail: Mobile: 07712133601 Website/Online presence: Brand or Collection Title: potential of Hydrogen Biography: The collection is inspired by contemporary issues surrounding climate change and natural disasters. It is an inter-seasonal, multi-functional collective of six outerwear coats ordered according to their textile performance reflected in the use of the pH scale as a contemporary brand identity.

Name: Lucie Benjamin Pathway: A E-mail: Mobile: 07515879809 Website/Online presence: Brand or Collection Title: Love Lucie, Lingerie Collection Biography: I have designed a new range of lingerie that mixes the idea of lounge-wear and underwear together. It is inspired by the 1950’s and my use of paneling brings the collection together. I wanted to create a range that is feminine and wearable as it’s focus, that doesn’t have a need for practicality.

Name: Lydia Alorre Harral Pathway: A E-mail: Mobile: 07725 250663 Website/Online presence: none yet Brand or Collection Title: X-MAN Biography: My final collection X-MAN is inspired by urban youth and the urban environment, fused with classic gentleman’s tailoring. The aim of my menswear collection is to cloth young professionals with a smart, urban essence. The strong tailoring element fused with A-symmetrical, bold detailing gives the collection a sophisticated edge.

Name: Natalie Dodd Pathway: A E-mail: Mobile: 07921146730 Website/Online presence:. Brand or Collection Title: Little Death Biography: Little Death is an innovative brand producing a range of conceptual body adornment accessories inspired by death and sexuality, and how they relate to each other - focussing on the threatening nature of female sexuality, such as Georges Bataille’s work on eroticism and Cathy de Monchaux’s sculptures.

Name: Sarah Bryant   Pathway: A   E-mail:   Mobile: 07938547237   Website/Online presence:   Brand or Collection Title: Gnostic Judas by Sarah Bryant   Biography: Gnostic Judas is a collection of six textile and leather based adornments inspired by religious contradiction. The unique and decorative pieces bridge the gap between art and fashion, with intentions to be worn in collaboration for styling in editorials and catwalk events. Through this I am presenting myself as a stylist and accessory designer for industry.

Name: Victoria Windsor Pathway: A E-mail: Mobile: 07932333787 Website/Online presence: Brand or Collection Title: Statement Biography: This collection is all about making a Statement in the workplace, with items that are used daily and making them much more of a fashion accessory rather than a office necessity .



Name: Victoria Wallace   Pathway: B   E-mail:   Mobile: 07515 469 086   Website/Online presence: Brand or Collection Title: ‘ Devil’s in the detail’   Biography: Devil’s in the detail is a collection which focuses on the layering of different textures and fabrics. Keeping the silhouette simple, and focusing in on the smaller details.Inspiration for this collection came from journeys and travelling which led to the development of a print which is a major focus of my collection.

Name: Katherine Warwick-Adkins Pathway: B   E-mail: Mobile: 07760187629   Website/Online presence   Brand or Collection Title:  Let them eat Ribbon Biography: ‘Let them eat Ribbon’ is inspired by Marie Antoinette and the Rococo period combined with a simple, sophisticated silhouette and a vibrant colour palette. The collection features, bold prints, luxurious fabrics, ribbon; and simple styling. Fashion is my vice, and attention to detail is key.

Name: Michaela Ireson   Pathway: B   E-mail:   Mobile: 07815573223   Website/Online presence:   Brand or Collection Title:  Mammalian Twist     Biography: Mammalian Twist fuses animal anatomy and femininity into one subject. Providing a tamed approach to the wild; bone and muscle structures are interpreted through delicate print and contrasts of fluid and structured fabrics. Details convey subtle connections to unleash a new found beauty from an otherwise ominous theme.

Name: Adele Benstead   Pathway: B   E-mail:   Mobile: 07850132882   Website/Online presence:   Brand or Collection Title: Adele Lauren: Industrialized   Biography:  Originally influenced by Japan Designers such as Rei Kawakubo and Issey Miyake. My concept considers form, cut and fabric. Using Vintage Patterns as inspiration to develop new, innovative shapes. Having an interest into the technical side of Fashion, I take this further by printing details onto garments describing each pattern in detail. For parts of my collection I have specially cut and re-sewn pattern pieces into a new piece of fabric.

Name: Kate Huggard Pathway: B E-mail: Mobile: 07967 126 750 Website/online presence: Brand/collection title: “La vie dans bleu” Biography: The collection focuses on the melancholy that people so often hide from the outside world. The visionary colour story acts as the masquerade to outsiders, whereas the darker, ominous colours convey the emotional reality of one’s life, the melancholy that is withheld. “La vie dans bleu” translates into “The life in blue” poetically encapsulating the collections hidden meaning.

Name: Faith Bunce Pathway: B E-mail: Mobile:  07988987616 Website/Online presence: Brand or Collection Title: Faith-Elizabeth Biography:  A hard wearing collection that is prepared for the adventures of the countryside. Bringing the countryside and pheasant shooting to the catwalk. Traditional Colours mixed with a bright colourfulledge, creating ‘The Urban hunt’.

Name: Bonnie Carr   Pathway: B   E-mail:   Mobile: 07704690406   Website/Online presence:   Brand or Collection Title: Bonnie   Biography: This collection is designed around the idea of precious possessions and the meanings behind them. It looks in depth at something very personal and uses very small and hidden details within the garments to portray this idea, giving them a very feminine and delicate appearance.  The mix of denim and florals is reminiscent of precious childhood memories, ‘a look you will never forget’.

Name: Siobhan Monaghan   Pathway: B   E-mail:   Mobile: 07706558203   Website/Online presence:   Brand or Collection Title: Freak of Nature    Biography:  Freak of Nature concentrates on subtle symmetrical seam lines, influenced from perished animal skulls. The garments are designed to reflect the sinister inspiration of these structures, whilst creating something graceful. The combination of fabrics used is also designed to echo the slain animal reference.

Name: Sophie Meredith Pathway: B E-mail: Mobile: 07967318072 Website/Online presence: Brand or Collection Title: Brand: Elizabeth Ellis, Collection title: ‘Masquerade’ A/W’11 Biography: The collection portrays a conceptual idea of identity, the focus was to design outfits that played with anonymity. Featuring pared down soft tailoring, simplistic, sleek and uniform. A contrasting bold floral print featured as linings and undergrments plays with invisibity and absense; allowing the wearer to beld in or stand out.

Name: Rachael Broadhurst Pathway: B E-mail: Rachael Mobile: 07854132203 Website/Online presence: Brand or Collection Title: Woodland warrior Biography: My theme reflects the rural beauty of nature’s wilderness, developed from the savaging mentality of Gypsies and the thrill of the hunt. Tone and colour is suggestive of summer woodlands while the use of opulent materials help create a designer elegance. Soft shapes mixed with sharper geometric panelling brings an element of military to an otherwise romantic collection.

Name: Charlotte Mendham Pathway: B E-mail: Mobile: 07749973277 Website/Online presence: Brand or Collection Title: Charloo Autumn/Winter 11/12 Biography: Looking at a ‘capsule’ wardrobe and how clothes can be worn in a variety of ways by buttoning up, wrapping or layering alternatively. This makes my collection more versatile and adaptable by encouraging the garments to be worn more frequently, moving away from disposable fashion. Laser cutting techniques for aesthetic qualities are also used, creating functional and interesting garments.

Name: Jessica Kate Spanswick Pathway: B E-mail: j Mobile: 07711705666 Website/Online presence: Brand or Collection Title: Untainted Taboo Biography: ‘Untainted Taboo’ unveils the controversial and the accepted in religion. Drawing on ideas of purification, social and religious expectations are manipulated to produce a tainted ideology. Deconstruction and Juxtaposition are used to create tough silhouettes, while softer shapes are used to portray innocence. This forms a new direction for the Autumn/Winter 2011/12 season.

Name: Shamin Sulton Pathway: B E-mail: Mobile: 07515568447 Biography: My spring collection embodies my love of pattern cutting, with angular lines, it takes it’s inspiration from Ancient Egyptian architecture and culture. Made up of triangular elements, the collection focuses on structure, not colour with garments created from a selection of white cottons and jerseys.

Name: Sharon Banga Pathway: B E-mail: Mobile: 07535623567 Website/Online presence: Brand name: Tsi.Tsi Biography: The foundation of this collection drew influence from a collection of old family photos and ‘Rural Africa’. A collection for women that combines the visual identity of African prints with the influence of contemporary British culture. Each piece is unique and desirable boosting vivid colour and clean structured designs. The African inspired garments celebrate female empowerment and domination. It’s a women’s prerogative to show power, strength, and courage and still retain her femininity.

Name: Georgiana Heneage Pathway: B E-mail: Mobile: 07834165992 Website/Online presence: Brand or Collection Title: Recurrence by Isabella Biography: Inspired by childhood memories and crumbling architecture this collection is an urban take on English country classics. It is the best of British using country elegance and a contemporary version of classic tweeds. The tweed is mixed with silks to create a slick, tailored and chic collection.

Name: Katrina Lee Pathway: B E-mail: Mobile: 07793129473 Website/Online presence: Brand or Collection Title: Seclude by Katrina Lee Biography: Seclude is an Autumn/Winter 2011/12 collection inspired by the natural restraint of cocoons. With a combination of a natural colour pallet alongside a variety of fabrics, the collection subtly interprets texture and details, inspired by cocoons and butterflies, into garments that innovatively imply the concept.

Name: Ella Rhiannon Griffiths   Pathway: B   E-mail:   Mobile: 07931780478   Website/Online presence:   Brand or Collection Title: Humble Heritage   Biography: “Humble Heritage” is a Womenswear collection for Autumn/Winter 2011/2012. It explores memories of a humble simpler lifestyle, drawing inspiration from craft and the great outdoors. Pleating and layering are key, with a quirky use of colour and rustic trim to evoke a contemporary twist on a country heritage theme.

Name: Kate Bastow   Pathway: B   E-mail:   Mobile:  07840 436562   Website/Online presence:   Brand or Collection Title: Flock Together   Biography:  My final collection is a combination of nature and sculpture, combining various colours and textures that create depth and intrigue; it aims to be visually stimulating, with striking lines and structure, yet soft, offering layers to be uncovered and explored.

Name: Zainab Aysha Asghar   Pathway: PATHWAY B   E-mail:   Mobile: 07951892317   Website/Online presence:   Brand or Collection Title: Elegant Anarchy – by Zaha   Biography: Elegant Anarchy is a collection which takes its inspiration from my own Indian heritage and culture. Elegant Indian Henna art and an opulent peacock print combine with fruit jewellery & turban inspired millinery. Initially inspired by the racism of 1970’s Britain, this collection is optimistic of the future of multiculturalism.

Name: Charlotte Kitson   Pathway: B   E-mail:   Mobile: 07533570912   Website/Online presence:   Brand or Collection Title: KIT   Biography: The aim of this collection was to create city clothing to transform and protect, with each garment having an adaptive capability. The outfits’ colour reflects the industrial city-scape, whilst inspiration from both the animal world and armour inform a changeable silhouette.

Name: Lauren Crowe   Pathway: B   E-mail:   Mobile: 07581317767   Website/Online presence:     Brand or Collection Title: Lauren Crowe / East meets West   Biography: A traditional British winter invaded by Moroccan culture. Piecing together a true clash of inspirations. Making something that should seem wrong, seem right. Taking the structure and heavy layers from an English country winter and fusing this with trims and finishing’s inspired by the city of Marrakech.

Name: Daniela Marchetta Pathway: B Email: Mobile: 07807159322 Website: Brand: Daniela Marchetta Collection Title: Distortion Biography: Distortion was found in the summer of 2010 whilst taking a shopping trip. Passing by a coffee shop which had a broken window caught my eye from its interesting shape and repetitiveness. This one image alone has given me the inspiration to design my own collection and print for AW2011/2012.

Name: Grace Avery Pathway: B E-mail: Mobile: 07540287867 Website/Online presence: Brand or Collection Title: m2 Biography: My final collection is influenced by the unique and interesting shapes in architecture. It focuses on sharp silhouettes and a structured sophistication. The collection has been formed to fit in with the ‘Masion Martin Margiela’ brand and shares it’s aesthetics.

Name: Grace Elizabeth Street Pathway: B E-mail: Mobile: 07812951939 Website/Online presence: Brand or Collection Title: Battalion Menswear Biography: A unique capsule collection derived from and inspired by medieval armour. It shows the transition from peasant to knight to king through changes in silhouettes and fabrics.

Name: Ella Rhiannon Griffiths Pathway: B E-mail: Mobile: 07931780478 Website/Online presence: Brand or Collection Title: Humble Heritage Biography: “Humble Heritage” is a Womenswear collection for Autumn/Winter 2011/2012. It explores memories of a humble simpler lifestyle, drawing inspiration from craft and the great outdoors. Pleating and layering are key, with a quirky use of colour and rustic trim to evoke a contemporary twist on a country heritage theme.

Name: Nicole Coates   Pathway: B   E-mail:   Mobile:  07980864964   Website/Online presence:   Brand or Collection Title:  Organic Mechanic   Biography:   The organic flesh of the human body preserved and protected my modern machinery. Influenced by advances in medical science, the longer life expectancy of human beings and the interaction that is involved between the two contradictive subjects. monochrome steam punk A/W 11/12 outer wear; elegantly balanced by soft nudes and obscure prints.

Name: Louise Ivison   Pathway: B   E-mail:   Mobile: 07852511950   Website/Online presence:   Brand or Collection Title: Gypsy Traveller   Biography: The Gypsy Traveller collection is an upper middle-market collection based on the beauty and detail of gypsy wagons.  The collection is for A/W 2011/12 and is aimed at confident feminine women who enjoy looking good.  The details in the gypsy caravans are portrayed through bold, artistic embroidery which appears on every garment.

Name: Claire Greendale Pathway: B Mobile: 07525866100 Website/Online presence: Brand or Collection Title: Glamour Edge, A Made Beautiful Collection Biography: This collection has been inspired by the 1920’s and 30’s fashion with lazer cutting inspired Art Deco, incorporated into the garments to give them a dramatic and modern twist. It is a glamourous collection intended to make any woman feel beautiful no matter who they are. My aim with my collection is to bring a touch of glamour to everyday women’s lives.

Fashion Year Book Bio's  

Fashion Year Book Bios .

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