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I have a good basis on Architecture and now I’ve been researching a lot about interior design, typography and design languages overall. I have gain a sense of design specially looking after arts overall, and I’m heavily influenced by brazilian design and Architecture. In my years of university until now, I have always needed to do presentations and synthetise my influences and say how they reflected on my work, and that was also one of my main sources of inspiration By I know I have to spend even more time researching design. I am improving my sketching hability, but I still have a lot to improve on it and also on technical drawing and model making. I try to Always show my creative proccess in a clear way when I’m summarizing my work, but I know I still have to improve my organization methods. I have a good Autocad knowledge, but now I am working hard to try to master other softwares, such as Illustrator and Sketchup, in order to be able to express my ideas in the best way possible, and also use my creativity as much as I can express it, but I still have some serious limitations on using it. My knowledge on process and production is very low, specially because I’m getting in contact with Interior Design just right now, but I am trying to research in order to be able to think better about materializing my ideas. I’ve been developing my design process, from the ideas generation to the final Project on the university projects. Althought, I have to learn how to manage better my time and my deadlines to each stage of the design process. My team leadership and design is not actually on design or architecture, but in other areas, such as events. I’m very motivated and I look forward to go in an internship to develop it on my field. I have absolutely no experience on costing projects, and my only knowledge of fee negotiation is based on a college work on my first semester, and I might also develop it on an internship. My experience of planning and managing Project activity was never on an actual Project, but I’ve been developing it on my subjects. My experience on cliente relationship is not null because I’ve worked with events, but I’ve never practiced it in a design context and in a continuous relationship. I have some knowledge on Project types and scalles on innovation, but I don’t think it is enough. I know some about Architecture, Interior design and other creative industries, specially music, but I have little or none sense of other design sectors, such as product design, for an example. And I know how it is important to achieve a wider knowledge for inspirational matter. I have little experience on Project procurement. Only in other areas that are not design or Architecture. However, I have the motivation to look after things when I need them. I’m developing my professional planning in a subject in university and I hope to learn how

to do it in the best way possible in order to know my weaknesses and strenght them. For now, I do already know what are some of the main things I want to develop. I have little experience and understanding of regulations. If this isn’t none, I have some little basis from my Architecture studies. I have almost none experience on design budgets, if not none, but I want to develop it on an internship. And also, I have none design practice marketing and promotion, but I want to get to know more about it in some future real world experience. My previous understanding of ethical business standards was when working in a model architecture office of my school, which gave me some understanding of these matter. However, I now little about ethical design standards and subscription to policies. I eager to develop myself in all the ways I can and I try to be commited to build a serious professional practice. Althought, I attach it to my technical weaknesses that are being developed in order to be able to build professional standard Works. I am very passionate about new Technologies and interactive media, and I look forward to be able to work with it in the future, allied to my interior design and Architecture projects. I still want to develop my abilities on creating on its matters. I Always work in order to try to create a singular design work that reflects who I am and my inspirations, and trying to improve myself as a designer is the best way I think I can do it. I have a lot of fun trying to think about the experience people have with design and Architecture, and this is what I look forward to be able to develop on my Works, considering the psicological aspects and on how people relate and feel about the spaces and the design pieces surrounding them. I know that this will come in parallel with my development on design accurately and with coherence, and specially when it becomes more naturally while designing the interiors and Architecture pieces.

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