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You know your computer? We know that's a computer

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A Bit of History

The man and his tireless and inexhaustible capacity to learn, it has been throughout history as a developing Alleva endless ideas that develop with passion and effort into something physical, palpable in technology, science in history.

Interpret stars, zodiac signs, mathematics, and a myriad of applications sometimes a bit occultists have brought humanity to meet the future that arise within the scientific,

Dreams, fantasies and reality are the precursors of a world that is projected right through distant dreams, which are increasingly closer thanks to the passion. "Man on the moon Impossible", "Flying Man Can not", "The Round Earth're crazy. "

Who would think that we have in our pockets a cell phone, so the mix of technology, full of science fiction that in the not too distant inventions were just for super spies, miniature cameras, recording conversations, calling someone across the world.

Although the weather is not kind to the scientists, all achievements are dedicated to our children and a future that will see spending what for us is impossible today commonplace. is envy with scientists about the future. "much to do and not to do so"

It was not always so ... scientists were directed to an "elite" which did not allow a closer contact to their knowledge and achievements. so much so that many will continue in secret achievements of those who conoscan and know its potential.

So begins the era of "computing. " Through Intenza codigografia and learning of this, characters are career and fame for his inventions that at first, was the numerical calculation of a formula, object-orientation today allows us to practically touch the information.

The first computers were managed by skilled and knowledgeable workers in the materia.aun that time, any person became a team and is a carrier of years of research and development if sometimes realize ..

lThe "stone age" has once again been overtaken by this new generational change. that information allows us to enjoy, all over the world to allow pick.

Today, connoisseurs know they can not do something better about a computer or a system so globalized, so knowledge, while not rare, so too many programmers, hang the work of to enrich other attributes.

We know they departed for years but the boom of technology and magic to be able to access it somehow morbid, is present today more than ever, and submitting in a thousand directions.

Thanks to brilliant minds who had a dream at some point now we can all play a little for the future with our hands

Competition has been crucial in the development of these artifacts is undoubtedly one of the tools that the great visionaries of business, made an invertir.y Needless to say, are the fruit of their labor.

We say that "One hand washes the other" when we see that the technology for the development of something, always generates new technologies, and these as you see, are fed, for example, based technology to manufacture a rocket, allowed us know tecniologia micro waves, teflon, ect.

Our computer. all our hopes for the future. as we know it. both socially and in every sphere, political, scientific and the innumerable existing range.

How far we get? which is our limit. that we say it is good or bad if you and our dreams come true.

Computer Types

First computer made by IBM

Portable console

Tablet Pc

Modern computer

A notebook or laptop is a mobile personal computer, typically weighing between 1 and 3 kg

The GPS (Global Positioning System: Global Positioning System) or NAVSTAR-GPS is a global navigation satellite google earth type (GNSS) that determines the entire world the position of an object, a person, vehicle or ship

Scientific Calculator Computadorasde musical design

OS Phones Computational Robotics

In computers, a server is a computer as part of a network, provides services to other computers called clients

Is both the name assigned to handhelds such as PDAs and the name of the company's most important market for them. The operating system that these computers are also called: Palm OS


The monitor or computer screen, but it is also commonly called "screen"is an output device through an interface, shows the results of computer processing.

In computing, the Tower (English Tower) is a variant of the computer case characterized by stand upright. The first models developed to place the box with

A keyboard is a peripheral or device that allows you to enter information, is between about 101 and 108 Keys

The mouse or mouse (in English, pronounced) is a pointing device, usually made of plastic.

Digital machine capable of playing programs, which make up the fundamental element in a computer, electric cooking utensil accessories equipped to perform various functions, such as chopping, grinding, blending or beating; person who performs a task in a processing facility

The motherboard, motherboard, motherboard or board (in English motherboard, mainboard) is a printed circuit board that connects to other parts of the computer.

Container or having a motherboard slot for adding additional printed circuit boards through sockets 16 and 64 pins.

Memory - In computing, memory (also called storage) refers to computer components, storage devices and media that retain computer data during some time interval.

Unit that supplies power to another component of a machine.

Cable - Conductor coated with electrical insulation. This electrical insulation on the wires, as the line-Maragall CollblancUrgell, Badalona, consists of the main insulation, a first layer of insulating oil impregnated paper, which covers the driver

A hard disk or hard drive (hard disk drive in English) is a non-volatile device that retains information even with the loss of energy, which uses a digital magnetic recording system. Inside the case is a series of stacked metal plates spinning at high speed

In computing, a port is a generic way of referring to an interface through which different types of data you can send and receive data

Computer component that produces air currents for cooling devices that need it

device that reads plastic disks in a computer

Apparatus constructed with a digital technology that allows a reading laser through audiovisual information. Every time radio and television production systems are being equipped with these devices over

Ide cable, is responsible for bringing data from the HDD to the motherboard

Peripheral cable connecting the printer

A sound card or sound card is a computer expansion card that allows audio input and output under the control of a computer program called driver (in English driver).

A graphics card, video card, video card, graphics accelerator card or display adapter is an expansion card to a computer that is processing the data from the CPU and turn it into information

A speaker (also known as speaking in South America, Costa Rica, El Salvador and Nicaragua) is an electroacoustic transducer used for sound reproduction.

Video camera that connects to your computer and is used for video conferencing

Router :A device that enables communication between two computers using a telephone line. As the computer a digital system and analog phone lines, first the modem of the computer sending the information is converted into analog signals

Headphones (also known as headphones) are transducers that receive an electrical signal from a media vanity or receiver and use speakers placed in close proximity to

Cable that connects to the power supply and sometimes monitors

Sata cable that connects data allows for better traffic.

A USB (Universal Serial Bus, memory stick English (UK), pen drive, USB flash drive) is a storage device that uses flash memory to store the information you may require and requires no batteries

Bluetooth is an industrial specification for Wireless Personal Area Networks (WPAN) that allows voice and data between devices via a radio link in the ISM band of 2.5 GHz ... this is a mini device for the task

Operating Systems

What is an Operating System? Definition 1: An operating system (OS) is the program or set of programs which provide the basic management processes of a computer system, and allows the normal execution of other operations. Definition 2: Operating System (OS) is the basic software of a computer that provides an interface between the other computer programs, hardware devices and the user. The basic functions of the OS are managing machine resources, coordinate the hardware and organize files and directories on storage devices. The most widely used operating systems are DOS, Windows, Linux and Mac OS Some come with an integrated browser, such as Windows that brings the Internet Explorer browser.

Comparison between Linux graphical interfaces, Window and Mac

What are the advantages of Linux vs. Windows?, How do they differ? Installation: In Linux, despite all efforts, the installation is not always easy, but lets you fully customize the software packages you install. Windows installation is minimally configured but is very simple. Compatibility: Neither of the two operating systems are fully compatible with the hardware, although Windows is closer, the two are close to doing. Although Linux is not behind any business house with its high popularity offering high compatibility also offering frequent updates. Windows to be part of Microsoft intends to offer a lot of drivers and their great economic power that makes the same hardware companies to create their own drivers. Software: Linux software to be less in some areas suffer from a lower acceptance by businesses, but thanks to the support of companies like Sun Microsystems or IBM has made much progress. Windows to be the easiest to use in business, has a lot of software. Robustness: Linux has always been characterized by the robustness of their system and that can take months or even years without shutting down or restarting the computer, even if an application crashes just does not totally block the team. In Windows always have to reboot when you change the configuration, lock easily when you run seemingly simple operations so you must restart the computer. Conclusion: Both Windows and Linux have their advantages and disadvantages, but from a technical point of view Linux wins. Reasons for change: It is free software, which means you do not have to pay anything for the system itself. It is a highly reliable operating system that inherits the robustness of UNIX. Ideal for networks it was designed on the Internet and Internet It is true that few programs have only in a very specific field. It is 100% configurable. This is the most secure because the source code available anyone can see how much of a fault, we can say that tens of thousands of people look after your safety. There is a lot of documentation, also in Spanish through projects such as LUCAS. Has the support of many large companies like IBM, Corel, Lotus, Siemens, Motorola, Sun, etc. You can find help in millions of Internet sites such as forums. It is very portable, if you have a Mac or a Sparc Alpha can use Linux without problems.

Wireless Fidelity. Data transmission technology using radio waves. Is intended to operate in wireless local area networks (WLAN). The main advantage of this technology is that data travels wirelessly and can be perfectly encoded by a 128-bit algorithm

Bluetooth is an industrial specification for Wireless Personal Area Networks (WPANs) that allows voice and data between devices via a radio link in the ISM band of 2.4 GHz main objectives to be achieved with this standard: 1) Facilitate communications between mobile and fixed. 2) Remove cables and connectors between them. 3) Offer the possibility of creating small wireless networks and facilitate the synchronization of data between personal computers.

What is a computer virus?

A computer virus is malware that seeks to alter the normal operation of your computer without permission or knowledge of the user. The virus usually replace other executable files infected with this code. Viruses can destroy, intentionally, the data stored on a computer, although other more harmless, which is only characterized by being annoying. Computer viruses are basically spread function through software, not replicate themselves because they have that power [citation needed] as the worm, are poisonous and some also contain a payload (payload) with different objectives, from a simple prank to do serious damage to systems or computer-generated block useless traffic. The operation of a computer virus is conceptually simple. It runs a program that is infected, in most cases, due to ignorance of the user. The virus code is resident (stay) in the RAM of the computer, even when the program containing it has finished running. The virus then takes control of basic operating system, infecting so later, executable files that are called for execution. Finally, add the code of the virus infected program is recorded on the disc, which replicated the process is complete.

Viruses and imitations There are different types of viruses, vary according to function or how it runs on our computer by altering the activity of the same, the most common are: Trojan: Consists steal or alter the system's hardware or in extreme cases allows an external user can control the computer. Worm: It has the ability to replicate itself. The worm uses the automatic parts of an operating system that are generally invisible to the user. Logic or time bombs: These are programs that are activated when a particular event occurs. The condition is usually a date (time bomb), a key combination, or certain technical conditions (Logicbombs). If no status remains hidden from the user. Hoax: The hoaxes are not viruses or are able to reproduce themselves. Content messages are false they prompt the user to make copies and send to your contacts. Often appeal to moral sentiments ("Help a child suffering from cancer ") or the spirit of solidarity ("Notice of a new dangerous virus") and in any case, try to take advantage of the inexperience of novice Internet users . Joke: As the hoaxes are not viruses, but are annoying, an example, a porn site that moves from side to side, and if it falls short of making a mistake is possible to have

Humor in Pictures

Many infections

Many infections

The fearsome Virus


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