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CHALLENGES What is pushing us







Inside the 900 people network, only 180 are actively participating and has voted in last election.

Asp Alumni are covering relevant position in all the industry fields, universities, research centers and NGOs, but few precious chips of this value are actually available to the network.

The Asp network is a worthy organization, but on the professional level we have just discovered the top of the iceberg.


SEEDS / 1 What has inspired us



(X12) professional hi-level interested CONTACTS

SEEDS / 2 What has inspired us

PASSION FOR THE ASP (and for its beloved alumni)





SPONTANEOUS ALUMNI INITIATIVE are following exponentially, with the alumni association, in order to support to improve, strengthen and enlarge the network

OUR MISSION Let Asp Alumni Association improve your professional life


Enhance Alumni events on transversal topics

Foster vertical and/or local networks on focused topics

The more you play, the more you gain



• Provide the support structure for horizontal easy active participation through interest groups (geographical, disciplinary)

• Deliver the power of the professional 1k people network • Ask the right question to the right people

OUR ACTIVITY What we will loose our sleep for


NetworkWebsite Continuing Education

Transversal Events Students Tutoring

Mentoring Network MAPPING THE ALUMNI

Aspissiman Leisure Events

Subscription Fee + Funding

Focused Round Tables Inter-association community Targeted P2P Connection GLOCAL






MARCO RUBINO Sales Manager, Robert Bosch GmbH Msc Automotive Engineering (PoliTo), 3rd cycle I have been an active member of the Association since my graduation. In 2013, I started a closer cooperation working with the Aspissima team. What I strive for is an Association capable of changing our professional life by making it a usable and excellent network, also able to raise necessary founding exploiting ASPers’ connections and generating profit from high-value assets like career information of Alumni.

Activity 1 • Work to build up reputation and sense of community through high-level events, Aspissima 2.0. • Support all (and only) events able to effectively increase participation. • Balance contents and attention to all Alumni interest groups. The Association must be an interesting place for each one of us.

Activity 2 •

Give all ASPers the possibility to create local communities, on a territorial basis. A new IT system will be designed for this aim.

Activity 3 • •

Give ASP Alumni a new IT network: user friendly, 2.0, financially self-sustained. Create a work group and launch open discussion to define the concept and the business model (Start of implementation by the end of 2014.)

ANDREA COMINOLA PhD candidate in Information Technology - Systems and Control, Politecnico di Milano MSc Environmental and Land Planning Engineering (PoliMi), 7th Cycle I understood the great potential the Alumni Association has, in terms of people, professionals and, most of all, network, while talking to other Alumni attending the Association's events. Alumni Association is now close to reach a number of 1000 Alumni, so it is becoming quantitatively important, but I think that further actions, in continuity with the past ones, should be taken in order to give it the proper value and identity and make the network fully fruitful (and enjoyable, of course). Achieving this goal is the motivation that pushes me to commit my time and energy to the Association.

Activity 1 • Mapping Alumni's professional positions and locations: knowledge is the basis for every further action

Activity 2 •

Creating connections with other Alumni associations through common events and initiatives

Activity 3 • •

Voluntary-based services (e.g. peer-to-peer CV check) for a handy network Smaller events to acknowledge deserving Alumni's value (e.g. ASPer of the year) and commitment (e.g. Alumni fellowship)

PEDRO PORTO BUARQUE DE GUSMÃO PhD candidate in Telecommunications Engineering, Politecnico di Torino MSc Electrical Engineering (Universidade de Sao Paulo), 4th Cycle In the past ten years I have being travelling back and forth a lot to achieve my career goals. During this period I have learned that planning, setting realistic goals and continuous communication are the guidelines for a successful work. In this way I intend to collaborate to the Association by applying these guidelines and my skills in the best way possible. More specifically, given my technical background, I intend to be responsible for the technological solutions that allow for our Alumni communications; such as our website and future apps.

Activity 1 • Increase communication between Mentors in order to identify the various skillsets needed in different industries.

Activity 2 •

Create the ASP Alumni Awards to award members and non-members for exceptional level of participation. Create a symbolic membership fee so ASP Alumni can be seen as a real service to their members.

Activity 3 • •

Redesign the current website with focus on professional network and activities. Associate site with social media allowing real time updates.

ACHILLE IANNAZONE Program Manager, Oerlikon Graziano S.p.A. MSc Automotive Engineering, 4th Cycle I started to be a really active member of ASP Alumni collaborating to arrange Aspissima 2013. I strongly believe in the ASP Alumni as an exceptional community that will open doors to a world of lifelong learning, career development and shared memories. The ASP Alumni has to activate a powerful global network through live events, webinars, and seriously fun traditions.

Activity 1 • Activate a powerful global network through live events, webinars, and seriously fun traditions.

Activity 2 •

Glocal approach

Activity 3 •

Create a database of alumni. This directory will be a great tool to help you make connections with alumni living in your city or working in your field. It's also the place to update your information.

DAVIDE MEZZINO Ph.D. candidate in Cultural Heritage, Politecnico di Torino MSc Architecture for Sustainability (PoliTo), 7th Cycle I strongly believe in these years we have built a network with a great potential, ASP let us know people who are beautiful from both personal and professional point of view. My mission consist in strengthen such relationship, collaborating in the creation of a strong network, developing a calendar of events useful for all of us: engineers, architects and designers. I will do my best to organize events and activities that meet your personal interests, staying open to your advices and suggestion. I want to give my help to the Alumni Association in order to make it even more effective in sharing experience, creating occasion of mutual aid and professional cooperation.

Activity 1 • Fostering networking with Universities, other alumni associations, firms, ONGs and International Institutions (i.e. involving Academics and Experts on field related also with Architecture, Heritage, Landscape, Urban and Territorial Planning; ONGs and International Institution dealing with issues associated with Sustainability, Environment and Management)

Activity 2 • •

Listen and let you promote yours. Promoting ASP to students, academic institutions, international organization, firm, professional and companies.

Activity 3 •

Contributing in creating a database of Alumni records, thus to be able to offer an efficient service if you want to ask advice and information. Thus you will ask to the right person all your dudes, counting on the availability and kindness that, as has been demonstrated many times, characterize the ASP relationship.

ALESSIO MONTRELLA Strategic Planner, Autostrade per l'Italia Spa Msc Industrial Production and Technological Innovation Engineering (PoliTo), 7th Cycle My passion has always been trying to get the most out of high potential opportunities: the main assets of our association are undoubtedly the quality of its members and their vision of networking as a chance for personal growth. Feedbacks on the dynamic of the environment and personal experiences of group cohesion made me think we must break self-awareness boundaries, in order to gain the external reputation the association deserves to effectively benefit alumni professional careers.

Activity 1 • Enhance relationships with institutional and non institutional entities to push a renewed branding strategy of the association, willing to be recognized as an active network of the best prospective young professionals

Activity 2 •

Get to know where Alumni are now and their professional success stories, in order to advertise the association in front of potential new sponsors/ employers that would be hard to reach without their support

Activity 3 •

Benchmarking with other national and international similar associations, following their example, especially as regards financial sustainability, and fostering cooperation in large scale event organization


MARCO MARIA PEDRAZZO Designer, Carlo Ratti Associati MSc Architecture for Sustainability (PoliTo), 7th Cycle I am an enterprising and practical person: as soon as I understood the enormous potential of ASP alumni two years ago, I started actively collaborating with the outgoing board and give my contribution, creating ASP merchandising and making my best in the design process of Sliding Sessions events. Those have been just the first small steps, with their vices and virtues, but treasuring from them I will do my best to foster a professional association - able to affect alumni career - self-sustainable in term of resources, fully capable to exploit its incredible assets.

Activity 1 • Work in continuity with the current board to keep creating horizontal events, especially in the field of innovation and technology (my current field of employment).

Activity 2 •

Creating the right environment for the organization of leisure events, lead by the board but button up organized by alumni (effective model from my experience) that creates one-to-one meeting situations and strengthen the network.

Activity 3 • •

Collaborating in the design of the Alumni web platform Collaborating in the CV check activity


DONATO PIETRAGALLA Business Analyst, Banking and Insurance MSc Cinema and Media Engineering (PoliTo), 4th Cycle For The Alumni ASP I've been part of the team ASPissima, which has organised the VIth Alumni Forum - Is the growth the limit of growth? I was in charge of the communication, particularly social network contents and video spot production.

Activity 1 • ASP Alumni as a GYM - build an association that promotes practical activities (interdisciplinary workshop, training) to share knowledge in a business perspective.

Activity 2 •

ASP Alumni AS “Glocal”- develop a horizontal and vertical perspective.
 - enhance ASPeer's connection 
 - open the association to external collaboration with different realities.

Activity 3 •

ASP Alumni AS “Communication” - strengthen the process of communication, promoting the new vision of the association goal.

ROBERTO ROSSI Ph. D. candidate in Information Engineering, Politecnico di Milano MSc Mechanical Engineering (PoliMi), 7th Cycle I was impressed by the opportunities hidden in the Alumni Association when I asked two questions in the Facebook page of Alumni. I could experience High Quality Answers from people in important positions and Strong Willingness of helping me, but I noticed some Limitations given by the Fb page. I would like to give to those positive energies a smart support to perform at their best! My goal is to make the network truly handy and to foster its interesting, funny and useful sides. With our group we have a specific path of actions, but in particular the followings are the activities I want to pursue.

Activity 1

Activity 2

Activity 3

• Get updated job sector, position and location of Alumni. Mapping the Net.

Who makes his information available to other members, will have the chance to use in the same way the network. Reward based Strategy.

Organize round-tables and events for people in a particular position (e.g. marketing) in transversal sectors, or for a particular group (e.g. architects). The Basic Support for Active Communities.

NICOLE DE TOGNI Ph. D. candidate in History of Architecture and Urban Planning, Politecnico di Torino Designer, WABI - MSc Architecture (PoliMi), 4th Cycle My idea of ASP Alumni is about an active community engaged in a mutually beneficial relationship with ASP, economically self-sustainable and able to attract investments on both the association and the school. I believe in an association able to promote the network within Alumni, in the academic environment and with the work world, but also to offer continuing education events to keep going on high-level training and strengthen personal talent.

Activity 1

Activity 2

Activity 3

. .

• -As teaching assistant in different courses at PoliMi and students' tutor in two ASP project (VI and IX cycle), I propose the figure of students' tutors in ASP projects, mediating between young ASPers and official tutors/stakeholders according to their specific knowledge and asp experience.

-Diversification of proposals and local initiatives, enlarging the field of action and offering more specific events, catching participation and strengthening the territorial network

-Promotion of events for continuing education, also thanks to Alumni personal knowledge shared with the entire Alumni community and collaboration with other associations

ASP alumni election - Group presentation  
ASP alumni election - Group presentation