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Hot ‘missing you’ be 2ne1rocking charts The 2ne1 has been the trending on the charts with their ‘Missing you.’ There are many videos available on the web depicting nude scenes from the 2ne1 missing you. The videos have been grabbing loads of attention of the fans. The members of the 2ne1 group have inspired their song from something indeed amazing. The song is not just between a man and a woman rather it is something above which can resonate with everyone who have been into or are in love.

The music video has already been seen by more than two million people. The music video represents a gentler and shows the vulnerable side of the 2ne1 group appearing in sensuous nude scenes. ‘Missing you’ has already hit the charts and is trending. The idea of being nude in the music video of 2ne1 missing you has not only been suggested by the CL, one of the members of 2ne1 group, rather is

loved by the fellow 2ne1 members as well. Initially, the members of 2ne1 opposed the idea of being nude as suggested by CL but later on everyone agreed to do the video. For more information about kpop fashion please visit

The members of the group were rather surprised than being opposing since they felt it was admirable for CL to do something artistic like that. According to CL, she felt that no outfit suited ‘missing you’. So she decided to try something raw by being nude. The group members feel that people would rather take the nude scene in a creative way. The director has shot the music video really well capturing the essence of the song. The members of 2ne1 feel that they would love to watch the song when they grow old. The latest chartbuster is available online, watch it download it and you are surely going to love it.

Hot ‘missing you’ be 2ne1rocking charts