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Curriculum Vitae

PERSONAL INFORMATION: Name: Pedro Miguel Crespo Dourado Address: Praça Dr. Nuno Pinheiro Torres nº8, 5º Esq. 1500-246 Lisboa Phone: 00 351 963 242 754 or 00 351 911 559 808 E-mail: Nationality: Portuguese Date of birth: 3.1.1979 (Portugal; Santarém) Languages: Portuguese (Mother Tongue); English (Intermediate knowledge); Spanish (basic knowledge) INFORMATICS KNOWLEDGE: AutoCAD (advanced knowledge); ProgeCAD (advanced knowledge); Adobe Photoshop (advanced knowledge); ArchiCAD (average knowledge); Vectorworks (basic knowledge); 3D Studio Max (average knowledge); Office (average knowledge) LITERARY QUALIFICATIONS: Graduated in architecture at the Autónoma University of Lisbon in 2006, 5 years + 1 year of traineeship. (1999-2006) University recognized and accredited by the Order of Portuguese Architects. Final Draft with the 17th note values (Arch. Carrilho da Graça, Arch. Inês Lobo + 2 juries). Course average of 14 values.

Admitted as a member of the Order of Portuguese Architects with the number: 16739


WORK EXPERIENCE: 2003/2004_Collaboration during 11 months on traineeship in the studio ARX Portugal Arquitectos.

2006/2007/2008_Collaboration during 22 months in the studio Barbini e Silva Arquitectos in various open competitions and projects.

2008/2009_Collaboration during 12 months in the studio Norigem, Estudos e Projectos de Arquitectura in several projects.


2009/2010_Collaboration during 12 months in the studio Miguel Marcelino, Arquitecto in various open competitions and projects.

2010_Collaboration in the studio W.AS ARQUITECTOS in two open competitions - Madrid, Spain.

2011_Collaboration for 4 months in the studio AND - ARQUITECTURA E DESIGN NACIONAL in several projects. 2011_From early 2011 to participate in the creation of the studio EstĂşdio3 with Catarina Lopes and Jorge Vicente.


WORKSHOPS: July/August of 2004_Participation in 2 weeks "V Sia" (V Seminário Internacional de Arquitectura), in the team of architects Manuel Aires Mateus and Francisco Aires Mateus – on the theme “Contemporary Perspectives for Cultural Landscape” – held in Pico Island – Azores.

July/August 2003_Participation in 2 weeks "IV Sia" (IV Seminário Internacional de Arquitectura), the team of architects Marcel Meili (Switzerland) - Urban rehabilitation and industrial dock “aterro do Poço de Bispo – Lisboa”.

July/August 2002_Participation in 2 weeks "III Sia" (III Seminário Internacional de Arquitectura), the team of architects Alexandre Alves Costa, Sérgio Fernandez, José Adrião and Giulia de Appolonia - Projecto Urbano da Boavista - Lisboa (Santos).


SCENOGRAPHY: Jamuary 2003_Set design for the Seminar "Bald Singer" with the team Afonso Fernandes, Carlos Sequeira, Catarina Rainho, John Caria Lopes and Miguel Marcelino.

July 2003_Scenery for creative writing at the Teatro Nacional D. Maria (Lisbon), in teamwork with Artur Dias, Carlos Sequeira, Jo茫o Caria Lopes, Marcelino Miguel and Ricardo Vicente.

June 2002_Design layouts of advertising posters and moopies presentation of "Sia III" (III International Seminar of Architecture) from the Aut贸noma University of Lisbon.

Lisbon, 25th of March, 2013