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About us... • Agrenvec is focused on • development, manufacture and marketing of products and services for the R&D and the Industrial markets. We have developed unique purification protocols that combined with our technology platform enable us to produce recombinant proteins very competitively. • Agrenvec has accumulated a deep know-how in industrial production of recombinant proteins and antibodies; after several years of experience we control the whole value chain, from the bench to the final product, thanks to our highly qualified team.

Our mission is to guarantee our customer´s 100% satisfaction producing for them the best recombinant proteins and antibodies in the market; to study any project, for any protein, suggested by our clients.

Agrenvec Technology • Agrenvec platform technology is based on the use of viral vectors derived from genetically modified plant viruses, with pathogenic determinants substituted by promoters, polylinkers and other sequences. The plant viruses we used to generate our vectors are Turnip Mosaic Virus (TuMV) and Tobacco Mosaic Virus (TMV). • Why plants? Because they are able to produce recombinant proteins of highly complex 3D structure, the same way mammalian cell cultures do, including disulfide bonds and other post-translational modifications. Even when glycosilation in plants is different in some proteins from mammalian, in our experience ALL our proteins are as active as their counterparts produced in CHO or similar. Our antibodies bind equally plant-produced and cellproduced proteins too.

Products We produce Recombinant proteins in non transgenic plants by transient expression of a viral vector containing the cDNA of the protein of interest, which is purified by FPLC afterwards. We are focused in producing proteins with a highly complex 3D structure. The final result is a recombinant protein which may have disulfide bonds or translational modifications, with a minimum of 97% purity degree, animal free and 100% active. We generate polyclonal antibodies against these plants-produced proteins; therefore these antibodies have no vertebrate background signal, Clean Antibodies. Plant-produced proteins lead to polyclonal antibodies having no mammalian contaminants since this is a 100% animal free system, our antibodies are generated against plantproduced proteins, they have no mammalian crossreaction. Our antibodies bind equally plant-produced and cell-produced proteins too.

Products Agrenvec Recombinant proteins are of high added-value because they are difficult or impossible to produce in bacteria and because our system is cheaper and scaling up easier than mammalian cell bioreactors.  Complex 3D structures: presence of disulfide bonds  100% Active .Do not produce inclusion bodies (unlike bacteria, therefore is not necessary to denature – renature, with clear loss of activity)  100% Animal-free: Eliminates the risk of exposure to retroviruses and other agents that may be present in animal derived material. No mammalian protein contamination makes our products ideal for cell culture work.  Endotoxin-free: Extremely low endotoxin levels as compared to recombinant proteins produced in bacterial systems. This is especially important in animal experiments among others.  ≥97 % Pure: Proteins are purified by FPLC

A product is not just the protein of interest. Sometimes it is the protein of interest tailormade for a particular purpose. Thus, many products can be developed according to the

1-PROCESS Clone cDNA into the vector: We generate the cDNA of the protein of interest and clone it In vitro Transcription Mechanical inoculation of the vector in plant leaves Inside a Plant leave: A. Localized infection with vector in the cell plant B. Cell-to-cell movement C. Cell-to-cell movement, systemic spread. High yield protein production Cell Plant Cell Plant

Cell Plant

Initial small scale or Proof of Concept

Greenhous e Culture or Large scale production

Cell Plant

Cell Plant

Cell Plant

Cell Plant


Initial small scale Greenhouse culture or or Proof of Concept Large scale Harvest & Protein purification by FPLC 1 2 3

High complex Recombinant proteins: - 100% Animal free - 100% Active - ≼ 97 % Pure

32. kDa 25 kDa 16.5 kDa 6.5 kDa

Western Blot 1: MWM 2: 200ng Agrenvec Activin A

Polyclonal Antibodies Complete Quality Control (Clean Antibodies): Tests: A. Physical-Chemical Plant produced proteins lead Tests:MALDI-TOFF; Purity: to polyclonal antibodies Western Blot with specific having no cross reaction with antibody, SDS-PAGE other mammalian proteins B. Biological Activity Tests: Cellculture, Enzymatic assays

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