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Introduction to the Social Service & Community Sector 16 November 2012



Us? You?


is in the Social Service and Community Sector?


Who Civic Organisations Are usually non-profit organisations with a social cause and mission. They usually exist in the form of charities, societies, foundations, social welfare organisations, and religious groups.

We are dedicated to protecting human life and dignity, relieving human suffering & responding to emergencies.

Who Social Enterprises A business with a social mission. Pursuing the social mission is not an extra-curricular activity that they do when they have the time and capacity to do but is deeply ingrained in their business model.

“…to inspire troubled youths and people with conviction backgrounds to find alternative positive ways to reintegrate back into society”

Who Differences between Businesses, Civic Organisations & Social Enterprises

Objective Nature Ways to fund their objectives


Civic Organisation

Social Enterprise

Profit Generation

Social Mission

Social Mission




Business model (sell products, provide services)

Donation or Grant

Business Model

Ssshh…overheard “…happy to see social enterprise taking root…” Prime Minister Lee in the 2012 National Day Rally Speech

“Social Enteprise Award to be set up in President Challenge 2012” President Tony Tan

Government exploring Hawker Centre to be Run by Social Enteprise National Environment Agency

$1 million grant for social enteprises DBS Bank Singapore


Case Studies from Our Clients

Stop torture in the 21st century. Dedicated to protecting the basic legal rights of ordinary citizens in developing countries.

Through adventures, to build a powerful, global community which shares our dream to empower communities and inspire humanity‌


My Empact Journey

Us The story of a young and passionate friend Need of professional services assistance

My story Need of sustainable platform to volunteer with what one is good at

Us Ways to address such challenges: a. Link volunteer with organisation (pure matching) – low costs but proven low success rate

b. Hire professionals to provide services – cost too high, not affordable to most organisations So what can be the possible solution?

Us Hybrid of enterprise approach + volunteer ecosystem


For A Better Tomorrow

You What can you do? • My story as a student • Start from somewhere Change maker, supporter, volunteer, customer,

If not me, then WHO? If not now, then WHEN?


Introduction to the social services and community sector  

Presentation given by Peter Yang, Empact CEO to the students and staff of CMA