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Computers for beginners

This booklet is to help you answer questions you may have on computers and what things are called in industry. This booklet talks about the hardware and software sides of things also internet service providers and much more. We hope this will give you a head start into computers and soon you will be on your way with this booklet.

Hardware The hardware used for the internet is : •

A computer.

A modem

Internet access via an ISP

A domain name (optional)

Web space

Web authoring or HTML editing software

FTP software

Some good ideas

Plenty of time

Some good advice

These are the devices that are used for the internet computer is used for the user to see and read what they are looking for. A modem is from the ISP (internet service provider) which gives you access to the internet Modems are normally free from your ISP. A company that provides you with the internet which will plug into your modem or will connect wireless. A domain name is an identification label that defines a realm of administrative autonomy, authority, or control on the Internet, basheyed on the Domain name system (DNS). Web spaces are internet providers work spaces for users to store there own data for there own websites. HTML editing software I would recommend you use Dreamweaver it’s a nice and easy program to use to help you make your website or websites. Web authoring is the up keeping off a website. FTP is most commonly used to download a file from a server using the Internet or to upload a file to a server (e.g., uploading a Web page file to a server). You will need to have an open mind in order to create your website be artistic try not to copy other websites invent your own idea of a website page. However don’t over fill it keep it sim-

ple but interesting. You’ll need quite a bit of time on your hands this isn’t easy to do as you’ll be doing a lot of website editing or changing the way it looks possibly making it easier to use. Some good advice is handy to making a website you can ask people to see what they think and how it can be improved. All comments on your website are important don’t for get you not making a website for only yourself to use but the world wide web.

Software First you are going to need an operating system so called OS in technical terms this is what makes the computer work so that we can use it. These are purchased from local or big branded computers shops. Windows operating systems will have "Internet Explorer" as a software to use the internet this is what is used by many people there are other software’s to download to use the internet however "internet Explorer" is used by most as its one of the best for beginners. A web browser or Internet browser is a software application for retrieving, presenting, and traversing information resources on the World Wide Web. On the worldwide web you will find the following web pages, images, videos, or other pieces of content. These are all on the web for you to find and use for you own use or to learn from as there so much education on the web to learn E.g. could learn the guitar with the web. Everything is a few clicks away. User interface Most major web browsers have these user interface elements in common: *Back and forward buttons to go back to the previous resource and forward again. *A refresh or reload button to reload the current resource. *A stop button to cancel loading the resource. In some browsers, the stop button is merged with the reload button. *A home button to return to the user's home page *A search bar to input terms into a search engine *A status bar to display progress in loading the resource and also the URI of links when the cursor hovers over them, and page zooming capability. Major browsers also possess incremental find features to search within a web page. A web browser is program on your computer that allows you to visit websites. You get your web browser by clicking on “internet explorer” from there, you entre the web

address and the web browser displays the web pages fore you. The web browsers is the most important piece of software on your computer because every web page runs though it. So a fast web browser means that you’ll save time on every web page you open. Installing a new web browser is free and can be downloaded online and takes only minutes use the search engine Google for this if you choose to.

Here are some links too more browsers : The ones listed are the most popular we recommend that you use Mozilla Firefox as it very fast for users. Also a very small file size so will save room and memory. Electronic mail: (computer science) a system of world-wide electronic communication in which a computer user can compose a message at one terminal that can be regenerated at the recipient's terminal when the recipient logs in.

Internet Service Providers An Internet service provider (ISP), also sometimes referred to as an Internet access provider (IAP), is a company that offers its customers access to the Internet. The ISP connects to its customers using a data transmission technology appropriate for delivering Internet Protocol Paradigm, such as dial-up, DSL, cable modem, wireless or dedicated high-speed interconnects. They are very important for internet access if there’s no ISP there’s no internet connection. However you can use dial up which is very out dated also very slow this method should only be used if it really has to be used. This will also cost you a lot of money 1p a minute so if you a heavy user of the internet I recommend you don’t use it. If you don’t have a telephone tone on your line you can use internet dongles which are pay as you go just like mobile phones. These are fairly ok I’d say there are links below to some I would recommend to you. ""&HYPERLINK " showproduct.php?prodid=NW-003-GG&utm_source=froogle"utm_source=froogle

Megabits and megabytes : Broadband speed is measured in megabits per second, commonly written as Mb or Mbps (as in 24Mb, or 24Mbps). Make sure you don't get confused between megabits and megabytes (which tends to be written as MB, or GB when referring to gigabytes) - In summary, there are eight bits in a byte, so, if your download speed is 8 megabits per second (8Mb), then that's actually shifting 1 megabyte per second (1MB). It's an important distinction, because file sizes (such as songs, pictures and movie clips) are described in megabytes, as are download allowances. So to recap, its megabits per second (Mb) when talking about broadband speed, and megabytes (MB) - or gigabytes (GB) for large files.

Web Hosting Services & Domain Name Registration A web hosting service is a type of Internet hosting service that allows individuals and organizations to make their own website accessible via the World Wide Web. Web hosts are companies that provide space on a server they own or lease for use by their clients as well as providing Internet connectivity, typically in a data centre. Web hosts can also provide data centre space and connectivity to the Internet for servers they do not own to be located in their data centre. You can sign up for own personal web address on the web these are commonly used by many companies. Web addresses are the HTTPS or URL if you like which is a websites personal address these are used to identify web sites also give the website its name too or company name. If you are confused about .com and well I’m about to explain to you what it means. .com is international and is country based. is England website so its been set up in the UK and it’s a UK company. Com is the same but only a international company or world wide if you like to say. Below is an E.g of a and .com

Web 2.0 & Blogging The term Web 2.0 is commonly associated with web applications that facilitate interactive information sharing, interoperability, user-centered design and collaboration on the World Wide Web. A Web 2.0 site gives its users the free choice to interact or collaborate with each other in a social media dialogue as creators of user-generated content in a virtual community, in contrast to websites where users (consumer) are limited to the passive viewing of content that was created for them. Examples of Web 2.0 include social-networking sites, blogs, wikis, video-sharing sites, hosted services, web applications. Blogs have been around for about 8 or 10 years now. They are heavily used by many people trying to get there own personal points over about things. The most popular blog would be twitter as you may blog as much as you like and people can add you to there list to see what you are talking about or what you are doing. Another site used is same as twitter its heavily used by many users. But don’t believe everything you see on there people are not right every time so what you are looking at isn’t going to be perfectly right 100% of the time.

Here are links to online blogs that should interest you to take a look : Vlogging is videos of blogging so what you are doing making a video and uploading to a public website one of these websites is YouTube.

Online Applications Online applications are programs that don't have to be installed on to your computer but in fact they work online. So you not wasting your hard drive space for something that can be used straight online. This is hardy to companies that use the intranet or even just people using a computer at home. Example of this would be flash games mini games online that can be played without having to install them to your computer. Java is another program that can used with out installing it to computers and flash does the same.

Above are the logos of java and flash if you see these you computer will be running a online application. BBC iplayer plays t.v online and you don’t have to download the tv program this is help as you not wasting your hard drive space for things you only watch once. Online programs are similar to cloud computing.

Computers for beginners  

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