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The Daughter’s Friend By Percivall T. Edgewater, II

It was the post-college graduation reunion and Vanessa was traveling back to her hometown to visit her high school gang, “The Ten”. There were ten girls that had know each other since middle school, and all had been away at college for the past four years. This was the first time the whole gang had been together in over a year. For Vanessa, it was the first time she will have seen her friends in over two years. They met, as they always did, at Stacey’s house. Her parents, the Watsons, had finished their basement at the beginning of middle school, and that was almost always where the parties, and after-party parties, were, especially the sleepovers. Stacey’s parents were very cool about the noise and activity level. Her mom always made sure that there was sufficient food, and her dad made sure that nothing got out of hand. All through middle and high school they had had co-ed parties there, but there had never been an issue with smoking or drinking. Stacey’s parents were very clear about that, and in all the years that boys had been involved, there had never been an incident. Stacey’s dad wasn’t exactly intimidating, at 5’ 6” and 150 lbs, but for whatever reason, none of the boys ever challenged his authority, and the parties were great. Vanessa was especially excited to see Stacey’s parents, as she had always felt a special bond with them; like they were her second parents. Stacey’s mother was always interested in hearing about Vanessa’s life, and her dad was just always warm and friendly. It made her feel good to go to their house.

When Vanessa’s parents dropped her off at Stacey’s house, Mr. Watson was home to greet them. He came upstairs from his basement office to say hello to her parents. Something strange happened to Vanessa when Mr. Watson walked into the room. He was right around her dad’s age, but he worked out and always kept himself in great shape. He walked into the family room, shook her father’s and mother’s hands, and Vanessa almost hugged him. She had never even had the urge to touch him in all of the years she’d known him, but for some reason, at that moment she wanted to have a connection to him. Strange! Stranger still, as a rule, Vanessa didn’t really like to be touched. Even when she’d dated in college, she usually lost patience with the boys she met, both emotionally and physically. After her parents left, the Watson’s sat down for dinner. Vanessa found herself looking at Mr. Watson, a lot, and fantasized that he was looking at her, too. It was a strange sensation for her. She was twenty-two, Japanese, thin and fairly flat-chested. She’d dated a little in college, but never anything serious. She was a very focused student and boys just seemed to be a distraction. Plus, as she was very shy and self-conscious, she never really encouraged any boys, and had never been any further than a little bit of kissing. She wasn’t exactly concerned that she was still a virgin, but she wasn’t exactly happy about it, either. She knew she’d find someone, eventually. Chapter Vanessa was so excited! She’d been accepted to medical school back in her hometown. That was great news because, even though her parents had moved to California to be close to her when she went to UCLA, she still had many friends back home that she could use as a support system if she needed to. Best of all, of course, Stacey’s family was there. When she’d moved into her graduate-student apartment, she sat on her bed alone, thinking about her life. Classes didn’t begin until the next week, so she had time to explore the campus and whatever else she felt like doing. She looked at her phone, deciding who, if anyone to call. It was Monday, late morning, and she was restless. For whatever reason, she was rolling through her contact database and Stacey’s dad’s number appeared. She simply stared at it, trying to figure out what to do. She wasn’t even completely sure how she came to have his cell phone number. She pushed “send”. “This is Tim,” came a voice at the other end. Vanessa hit “end”. She sat staring at the phone for several minutes. Slowly, her hand moved and hit “send” again. “This is Tim,” came the voice through the receiver. “Hello?” “M-Mr. Watson?” said Vanessa shakily. “This is Tim Watson. May I help you?” “Um, hi Mr. Watson. This is Vanessa Nakamora”.

“Well hello, Vanessa. How are you? Are you at the university? Is everything all right?” She could hear the concern in his voice. “Um, yes, everything’s fine. I, um, had a couple of issues; business issues. Um, more like concerns that I thought you might be able to help me with,” she managed to stammer out. “Vanessa; what’s wrong?” he asked. “You don’t sound good. Are you in some kind of trouble? Where are you?” he continued. “I’m at the university, in my apartment. I’m not in any trouble, I’m um, just concerned.” “Tell me where you are and I can be there in half an hour” he offered. She thanked him for his concern, gave him her address, and thanked him again. “You just stay where you are and lock the door. I’ll be right there. Okay?” “Okay, oh and Mr. Watson?” she said. “Please don’t tell ANYONE that we even spoke. Please?” “Of course, Vanessa. Until I know what the problem is, I won’t say anything to anyone. I’ll be right there,” and he hung up. Vanessa took a deep breath to calm herself. Subconsciously, she knew exactly what was happening, but consciously, she couldn’t even consider the possibility. Right about thirty minutes later there was an intercom call that Mr. Watson was downstairs. She advised him how to get to her room and waited. At the knock on the door she jumped and opened it. As soon as she saw Mr. Watson at the door, she threw her arms around his shoulders and hugged, laying her head on his chest. He returned the hug, holding her for as long as she held him. “It’s okay, I’m here. Take a deep breath and tell me what’s wrong,” he said, closing the door behind him. She held him for a full minute, building up the courage to do what she really wanted to do, and felt ashamed. He was wearing a snug polo shirt with an undershirt, and she could feel his developed chest through the material. She released her arms from around his waist and looked up into his eyes. Before she could change her mind, she put her hands on either side of his face, pulled him down a bit, and kissed him on the mouth. It took Tim a moment to react to what was happening to him, but he quickly put his hands on her shoulders and pushed her back. “Whoa!” he said. “What’s going on here?”

She turned as close to bright red as her Asian coloring would allow. She said, “oh my God, I am so sorry. I never should have done that. Please don’t hate me, and please don’t tell anyone. Please!” she said, looking at the floor. Tim Watson stood looking at the Asian beauty that had just kissed him. He’d known her for more than ten years; had watched her blossom into a desirable young woman. He was captivated! He was also aroused; he was a man, after all. He decided he needed to do something quickly to keep her from beating herself up, so he placed his hands on either side of her face, turned his head a bit to the side, and kissed her back. He pushed his tongue against her lips and she opened her mouth to receive him. They kissed for about a minute, then he pushed her back and said, “okay?” She nodded, now looking up at his face. “Let’s sit down,” he said, and led her to the bed. “Okay,” he said, looking into her eyes and taking her hands in his, “tell me what’s going on.” At the touch of his hands in hers, Vanessa couldn’t control herself anymore. She looked into his eyes and said, “Mr. Watson, do you think I’m pretty?” “Okay, first of all, I believe we’re a bit past the ‘Mr. Watson’ stage right now, so please call me ‘Tim’. Second, for whatever the issue is, yes, I think you’re very attractive. I would even go so far as to say that you’re hot.” “Wow, really?” she replied, smiling for the first time. “Thank you,” she said, casting her eyes down. “Now that we’ve gotten over the formalities, what’s going on with you? That was a very nice greeting, by the way,” he said, smiling, still holding her hands. “Do you think I’m a terrible person for kissing you?” she asked, not looking at him. Tim put a hand under her face and lifted it up to his. “Vanessa, I’ve known you for a long time. I can’t imagine anything that would make me think you’re a terrible person. Come on; can you imagine what it does to the ego of an old man like me to even consider the possibility that someone your age and beauty would even want to kiss me? That’s an ego boost that may never wear off.” She smiled back and tilted her head back down. “There’s more I’d like to do to boost your ego,” she said quietly, then looked up at him quickly to catch his reaction. “Wow!” he said. Not that I’m anything but totally flattered, but why me?” “I’ve always felt something special for you, Mr., um, Tim. Of course I’ve never acted on it, but for some reason, last spring, when I saw you again after all those years, I felt something. I don’t

know what, but then I saw your phone number in my phone…I don’t even know where I got it. I just was sitting here and decided to call you. I mean, I’ve dated a few boys my age, and just don’t have the patience for their immaturity. I’ve always respected you, and looked up to you. Are you angry?” Tim decided to have a little fun with the situation and see where it would go. His curiosity was rolling all over his common sense and good judgment. He put his hands on her face, drawing her lips to his. They kissed for awhile; tongues touching each other and exploring the opposite mouth, their eyes closed. Her tongue, with less experience just poking in and out. His running back and forth over the roof of her mouth. He let her go and stood, adjusting his pants as he did. She blushed. “Stand up,” he said. She stood. He was aroused now and wanted to see what she really had in mind. “I hope you aren’t surprised at the effect it had on me to kiss you,” he replied seeing that she was looking at his crotch. He took her face in his hands again and kissed her, deeply. She put her hands on the back of his head and they kissed for another minute. “May I take off your shirt?” he asked. She nodded and lifted her arms. He peeled off her t-shirt and put it on the bed. It took all of her self control not to cover herself. She was wearing a bra, but it was the first time a man had seen this much of her, outside of a swimming pool. Tim peeled off his polo shirt. Vanessa put her hands on the bottom of his t-shirt and lifted. Tim raised his hands over his head and she pulled the shirt off. They stood there for a moment looking each other in the eyes, then each took a moment to look down at the other. Vanessa took a deep breath, reached both hands behind her and released the clasp of her bra. Tim put his hands on her shoulders and gently lowered the shoulder straps, taking the bra off and laying it on the bed. He took her hands in his, so she couldn’t cover herself and said, “Wow! You are absolutely stunning!” She blushed again. He released her hands and ran the backs of his fingers over her nipples, eliciting an instant response. He then put his flat palms on her breasts. The stimulation from the heat of his hands almost caused her knees to buckle, but she stood there, her hands at her sides. “Put your hands on mine,” he said quietly. She did. He moved his face in and kissed her again, rubbing her breasts and pinching her nipples between his thumb and first finger. “Does that feel good?” he asked her. She nodded. He sat on the edge of the bed and pulled her close to him. His mouth was about her chest height. Again holding her hands, he touched the tip of his tongue to a nipple. It instantly became erect, and Vanessa sucked in a breath. Tim rubbed his tongue on the firm nipple, then moved to the sides, making circles on her areola. Her breathing was increasing and Tim was now certain of what she wanted. She wanted him to be her first! Needless to say, he was hard as rock at this point. He gently sucked an entire breast into his mouth and she gasped. He released the breast and stood up.

“Vanessa,” he began and she looked into his eyes. “Whatever happens here, I just want to be sure it’s what you want.” “This is absolutely what I want. I want you to be my first because I know you and trust you, and I don’t want to have sex with the boys my age. I want an experienced man who will respect me and be loving and gentle with me. I can’t explain to you why this is happening, but I absolutely want it to.” “Okay, I kind of understand, but there one extremely important thing that we have to agree on. No one else may ever know about this relationship, ever. Is that clear? If anyone ever finds out about this, a lot of very bad things will happen to everyone involved. Do you understand?” She nodded. “Believe it or not, the absolute last thing I would ever want to do is hurt you or Mrs. Watson or Stacey, or my parents, or anyone, but I do want this, if you do.” In response, Tim reached down and unbuttoned her jeans, slowly unzipping them. He lowered himself and her slacks, slowly, to the floor. He placed a hand behind each thigh, lifting it to pull off her pants. He then put a hand on either hip and pulled down her panties. She had her hands on his shoulders and squeezed as he exposed her. She stood there, naked, her eyes on the top of his head, watching and waiting. Tim gently pushed his middle finger into her vagina. It was damp. She sucked in a breath and moaned involuntarily. He immediately began to massage her clitoris and she moaned again, surprised at her own reaction, squeezing his shoulders more strongly. He pushed his finger deeply into her and she took a deep breath. “That feels really good,” she whispered. He continued to play with her for awhile, then slowly pulled his finger out and stood up. Vanessa dropped to her knees. She undid his jeans and dropped them, lifting his legs to clear his pants. She then put her hands on his hips and drew down his briefs, exposing his massive (to her) erection. When she got his underwear off, she put both hands on the rigid cock by her face, and placed her mouth over the top. It was much harder than she had expected. She wasn’t sure exactly what to do, so she took him in as far as she dare, sucking gently, rubbing the head of the shaft against the roof of her mouth. After about a minute, he lifted her by her shoulders and said, “You should probably put down a towel on the bed. I mean I’m assuming you’re still a virgin.” She went to the bathroom instinctively holding her arm across her breasts. Tim couldn’t help but smile at her modesty, considering what was about to happen. She pulled back her blanket and lay the towel on the sheet. Then she sat on the bed, looked him straight in the eye, turned herself parallel, and lay back, never taking her eyes off of his. She lay there, her arms over her head, one leg over the other. Tim Watson gazed down at the beauty awaiting him on the bed. He felt like an idiot standing there with his cock hanging out, but his mind was still in a partial state of disbelief and wouldn’t let him move. After a moment, she because self-conscious and he could see a look of concern on

her face. He lay down next to her, resting his head on her left hand and began to caress her with his right. He took her hand and wrapped it around his erection, saying “squeeze”. Given his state of arousal, he knew he couldn’t last much longer and slid his hand from her breast, all the way to her crotch. He played with her clitoris for a bit, realizing that she was certainly wet enough by then. Then he rolled himself between her legs and she released her grip on his erection. She spread her legs to receive him. He lifted her legs so that each foot was flat on the mattress and guided the head of his penis into her vagina, pushing it in slightly to be sure of correct alignment. “Don’t you need a condom?” she asked. “Not really,” he replied. “You will get neither pregnant nor diseases from me, and I’m assuming that I’m at least safe from the latter, from you.” “Yes, you are,” she responded. He lay down on the waiting young woman, face to face, supporting himself on his elbows. Her arms were over her head. He put his mouth on hers and began to kiss, moving his abdominal muscles slightly to begin the penetration process. She made a soft grunt as his full erection stretched the skin of her hymen and jerked her head up, saying, “ow!” “Are you okay?” he asked, a look of concern on his face. She lay her head back on the bed and nodded. “It hurts, but I’m okay. It just surprised me a bit. Keep going.” She turned her face to the side and clenched her fists. He pulled back a bit to get more lubrication and pushed in again. She groaned and clenched her jaw. He contracted his sphincter muscles causing the head of his penis to expand in her, stretching the skin even more, relaxed the muscles, waited for the head to contract, then pushed the diminished head further in. She gasped again and said, “keep going,” through gritted teeth. Tim pulled back and pushed forward again, feeling the resistance. She cried out softly as he moved further in. He turned her head to face him and tried to kiss her. She returned the kiss, mechanically, and turned her head again. “It’s okay, let’s just get this part over with.” He backed out once more and pushed, hard. They both felt the barrier give way as he went all the way in. She cried out again, a little more loudly this time, and he stopped moving. “Are you okay?” he asked again. She nodded. “Please stop asking if I’m okay and finish up quickly. It really hurts, but I want you to finish” she said through gritted teeth. Tim felt very guilty for the pain he was causing this woman he had known since before she could drive, but he pulled back, and thrust again. He was all the way in this time. He stopped. “I’m in all the way,” he said.

“Are you done?” she asked. “Um, no, not quite,” he replied, “but the worst part is over. I can wait a bit before I finish and let you rest.” “Then please get all the way done so you can take it out. Okay?” she asked. “Um, okay. I’ll just be a moment,” he said and began to slide in and out, as gently as possible, but still generating enough friction to bring himself to climax. He pulled out slowly and reentered with more force, eliciting a grunt from Vanessa each time. He was afraid that his guilt at hurting the girl would interfere with his ability to climax, and tuned it out, concentrating instead on the firm body and small breasts beneath him. He continued to slide in and out of her, rhythmically, kissing her neck and sucking on her breasts. Fortunately, between the amount of foreplay he’d engaged in, and his excitement from looking at her body, a few more thrusts was all it took. Vanessa felt the sudden sensation of warmth as Tim shot his fluid into her. It was a strange sensation for her, but she could tell what it was. As soon as he was finished, he stopped moving and relaxed. She said, “it feels like you’re done. Would you please take it out now?” He withdrew and sat back on his heels. He used the towel to wipe himself off, and lay next to the teary-eyed woman, still flat on her back with her legs apart, afraid to move. “Are you okay?” he asked yet again. “I’m sorry. I just feel guilty for causing you so much pain. Obviously, intellectually I know there wasn’t much by way of an alternative, but still.” She nodded, wiping tears from her eyes. “Thank you,” she said. “I really needed that…I really wanted that,” she said as if to assure the man that he hadn’t taken any advantage of her. He laughed. “You may not believe this, but that’s probably one of the very few times I’ve been thanked for doing that. Usually it’s the other way around. I feel really bad for the amount of pain that I caused you, but your body is totally amazing. Thank you!” Vanessa rolled onto her side and snuggled against her first lover, holding him tightly. He supported his head on his right hand, and caressed her with his left. “You know it only gets better from her on, right?” he said. He felt her nod. “Of course that presupposes that there is going to be another time,” he went on. “What might I consider the odds of that happening?” he asked. “I would love to do this again, when it doesn’t hurt,” she murmured into his chest. She reached down and took his flaccid penis in her hand. “It’s not so impressive when it’s not excited, is it?”

“In this condition, it’s not impressive at all. That’s a difference between men and women. Hot women are just as hot after as before. Men, well, not so much.” “Well, I think you’re still pretty hot…for an old guy,” she said and looked up into his face, smiling. “If you weren’t in so much pain, I’d wait about fifteen minutes and show you just how old I am!” he responded. “Believe me, I fully believe you to be capable of a repeat performance, but you’re right, I am kinda sore, so I would totally love a raincheck. Would that be acceptable?” “Vanessa, dear, you are fully in charge here. You let me know what you want from me and when, I will do everything within my schedule to accommodate you. How’s that for fair?” “God you men are so easy!” she said, and turned her head down and got quiet. Chapter Tim and Vanessa dozed for abut twenty minutes, next to each other on her bed. After awhile, Tim sat up and began to dress. “I still have work to do today,” he said to her, feeling guilty for leaving. “Are you going to be okay for awhile?” She turned onto her side to face him and smiled. “I believe I’m going to be more than fine,” she said. “Thank you so much for even coming here in the middle of the day, much less doing what you did for me. I’m really sorry to have bothered you like that, but I couldn’t think of anyone else to call.” Tim sat back down on the bed and took her hand. “Vanessa, listen to me. First of all, like I said before, I’ve known you for a long time, and I know that you don’t really have anyone else in town, so we would be here for all of The Ten. Second, I’m still a little unsure about what just happened here, but you certainly don’t have anything to apologize for. If anyone should apologize, it should probably be me for not exercising more self-control and stopping this before it got too far. I feel bad about that, but if anything I did made you feel better, I guess then it’s okay.” Even as he spoke, he couldn’t keep his eyes from drifting to her small, firm breasts. She watched his eyes and said, “you’d probably better get going before you want to do something that I’d really love to do, but I’m not quite ready for yet. Thank you again for coming to my rescue and I apologize for the inconvenience.” “Okay, first and foremost, if I need to stop asking if you’re okay, you definitely need to stop apologizing for inconveniencing me. Fair enough?” She sat up and pulled on her shirt. “Fair enough,” she said. They both rose from the bed and walked to the door. They kissed for a moment, and he left.

After he had gone, Vanessa closed the door and sat on the floor with her back against it, still savoring what had just happened. After a short time, she went to her desk and called her mom to tell her about how the apartment was shaping up. Tim got back to his car and sat for awhile, trying to sort out how he felt about what had just happened. He felt guilty, of course, for cheating on his wife. That was only natural. He also felt really good about what had happened. Of course he had fantasized about his daughter’s friends all through high school; what man didn’t fantasize about high school and college girls? But should he have exercised more control? Should he have put a stop to it? Of that issue, he was far less certain. For whatever it was worth, it happened. Maybe it was over and no one would ever speak of it again. As far as he was concerned, perhaps he’d made a mistake. Perhaps he’d never make that one again. After all, he’d been married for over 25 years and never even came close to having an affair. He considered himself to be a good husband, and honestly loved his wife. He started the car and drove back to his office, struggling to focus his mind on business, and not on the incredible Japanese beauty he’d just had sex with. Chapter Tim was back at work, totally focused on the job at hand; keeping various clients happy with various projects. Vanessa was focused on preparation for the first day of medical school. As usual for her, she wanted to get ahead with her studies, so she began by reading each course syllabus carefully and starting the first chapters. She was fairly successful about keeping the events with Tim tucked into a back corner of her mind. First thing the next morning, she was painfully reminded when she slipped on snug shorts, but after switching to a skirt for a day, she was able to move on. It was only when she was between scholastic activities that her mind drifted, and of course, that night, when she lay down to sleep, it all came back to her in vivid detail. She remembered how she’d felt when she first dialed the number. She remembered her anxiety as she sat there waiting for Tim to arrive, wondering how he would react to her lack of any real crises, and more than that, how he’d react if she simply kissed him. She had imagined him both pushing her away and being angry, as well as his being as understanding as he ended up being. She recalled kissing him, and being kissed back. It was warm, tender, erotic, sensuous, exactly whatever she expected it to be and more. He had been a complete and total gentleman, to the point of worrying too much about hurting her. She thought about how she felt when he pulled off her shirt, when she first saw his mature but fit body, and especially how she felt when she let go of her bra and felt him looking at her breasts. That had taken every ounce of her self-control not to cover herself.

After that, her memories drifted to how good he felt touching her, sucking on her breasts, his finger penetrating her vagina and stroking her clitoris. She felt herself becoming aroused again thinking about him on top of her, touching her, entering her. She dreamed about his hardness and how good it felt inside her. Then, of course, she remembered how much it had hurt initially. That was really painful! He was still such a gentleman about it that she almost told him to be a man and shove it in, but obviously that wasn’t his way, and honestly, exactly why she wanted him to be her first. It wasn’t even like she’d been drinking or otherwise not in control. She didn’t drink, didn’t use any drugs, rarely even used medication. No, she had been fully in control of her faculties during all of the activities of the previous day. She had her usual self-doubt about what she had done, that she had somehow failed someone; her parents, her friend Stacey, certainly Mrs. Watson who had always been there for her. Was she now a terrible person? Was she just a lonely, immature girl who had seduced a man old enough to be her father? Was she selfish? It never even occurred to her that Mr. Watson, Tim, should have been the mature one and stopped her before things got out of hand. Did things get out of hand? Should she have expected any boy/man to stop a woman from throwing herself at him? Of course he should have! Blaming anyone else for her misfortunes was so contrary to Vanessa’s personality, that she was instantly ashamed of herself for even thinking about blaming Tim for what had happened, but then, he was the married one. She was certainly free to sleep with anyone she wanted to, but he was the married man that should have put a stop to things, right? Absolutely! He is the one that did something wrong by cheating on his wife. She, as the younger, inexperienced party, shouldn’t be blamed for what he did. He’s a man, after all, right? But still, she did initiate everything, and she pretty much forced herself on him. Maybe he was so concerned about not embarrassing her that he acceded to her desires just to keep her from being ashamed of herself. She spent so much time rationalizing what had happened, the next thing she knew, her alarm was going off and it was a new day. She shoved her thoughts about having an affair with a married man to the back of her mind, again, and focused on a new day…medical school preparation! Tim was having similar issues. Between phone calls, emails, and crises management, he, too, was riddled with conflicts about what had happened. Sure, he could console himself that he had been taken advantage of by someone he knew and felt protective of. After all, she was upset and came on to him. He didn’t initiate anything. She called him. She asked him to come to her place. She kissed him. He did take off her shirt, to confirm her level of commitment, but she took off her own bra! What was he supposed to do? He was merely a man, right? He knew the answer to that even as he spoke it in his mind. It wasn’t like he had a very active sex life with his wife. Not that that was necessarily a justification for what he did, of course not, but it was certainly an explanation. He sure as hell didn’t feel like he had taken advantage of a situation, or that she had. He was, after all, a man

and he had needs. It never struck him as fair that if a spouse/partner, if either gender, didn’t want sex, that the other partner was therefore not allowed to seek satisfaction elsewhere. Sure, he considered the whole STD thing, and believed that each partner owed it to the other to remain disease-free, or at least not bring anything into the marriage bed, but what the hell? He deserved to get laid, and if something that looked like Vanessa wanted him, what the hell, right? Right? Who was he kidding? He’d cheated on his wife. Bad enough what would happen to his marriage if that ever became known, but what about her family? Even though they lived across the country and he’d probably never see them again, and it wasn’t like they had been friends previously anyway. Then it was the effect; the disappointment that his daughter would feel. First that he had cheated on his wife, their mother, but second that he had done it with a girl young enough to be his daughter, and one that he had always treated as another daughter. The next morning, Tim was absorbed in his thoughts when his cell phone went off, receiving a test-message. All it said was, “1P?” He hit “reply” and said, “do you really think that’s a good idea?” “Please?” came the reply. “Okay”, he sent. Maybe she wanted to talk about what had happened; to apologize for putting him in that position, and to say it would never happen again. Vanessa had been daydreaming about Tim off and on for much of the morning. She knew she was going to have to do something about the situation; that she couldn’t just leave things as they were. He was probably feeling guilty, and she knew she was. So she decided that they would have to have sex one more time, just to prove to him that it wasn’t a fluke, an accident, something that she was now regretting. She formulated her plan and sent the text message to his cell phone. At one o-clock he knocked on the door. Vanessa answered in a football jersey. “Please come in,” she said quietly and stood back holding the door. Tim stepped in and she closed the door behind him and leaned against it. “Needless to say, I’ve been thinking a lot about what happened,” she began. Tim turned to look at her and she was looking at the ground. “Please look at me when we talk about this. I feel bad enough that I don’t want to feel as if you’re embarrassed or ashamed, or whatever. Okay?” She turned her eyes up to his. They were a little wet; tearing but not crying. A quick glance told Tim that she wasn’t wearing a bra, or anything on her feet. He felt himself becoming aroused at the thought of what lay beneath the thin cotton, and tried to push the thoughts from his mind. He needed to be clear-headed about this discussion.

“I don’t want you to feel guilty or bad or ashamed about what we did the other day,” she started again. “I feel a little guilty about forcing myself on you, but I don’t feel guilty about what we did. I wanted it; I initiated it; I really didn’t give you much of a choice.” “Vanessa, look,” Tim responded, “I’m the adult here and I should have stopped things before they went too far. I feel like I’ve failed you when you needed me to be strong.” “No, Mr…Tim, please don’t ever think that you’ve failed me. What happened that day happened because I wanted it to happen. I’m not entirely certain that you could have done anything to dissuade me anyway, short of walking out of the room. Whatever guilt there may be, is totally mine. I thank you for not making me feel bad for what we did, but the bottom line is that I wanted it to happen. I also want you to know that I don’t feel bad about what happened. I’m glad it happened, and to prove that to you…,” and she peeled off her jersey and lay it over the back of the chair. She was totally naked, standing, leaning, against the door, her hands behind her back, looking directly at Tim. His erection came up so quickly that he almost doubled over. He quickly moved to free his bent penis and straightened it. Vanessa smiled and then giggled. “It looks like someone else wants to do it again, too!” she said. Tim stood frozen in place. He didn’t know what to do. Every ounce of his consciousness told him to walk out the door. Every ounce of his subconscious told him to take her. In the end, Vanessa solved the dilemma for him by walking to him and unbuckling his jeans. She let them drop and reached into his underwear, grasping his erection, and pulling his briefs off with the other hand. She dropped to her knees and took him into her mouth. She took him in deeply and sucked, strongly. Tim stood unable to move, partially in a state of disbelief that this should be happening to him again (he still hadn’t been quite sure that the first time had actually happened). Her mouth felt so good against his penis. He quickly peeled off his shirt and tossed it across the room. He let her suck for about a minute then, not wanting to come in her mouth, lifted her head. When she stood, facing him, he picked her up and carried her to her bed, their eyes locked. He lay her on the bed and lay down next to her, his head on his left hand. She resumed her grasp of his rigid member, squeezing strongly, and he put his finger directly onto her clitoris. She was already very wet, and he took advantage of the instant lubrication to begin to bring her to climax. He was determined that she come first this time. Vanessa closed her eyes as she felt his finger between her legs. This was exactly as she had imagined things going, except for the amazing feel of his finger. That was an added bonus, and when he leaned forward and began to work her nipples with his tongue, she felt her entire body respond.

Tim was not thinking, he was just acting. Doing what he knew how to do; please a woman and then please himself. She didn’t feel guilty about this and had sworn to secrecy. They were simply fulfilling a need for each other. Why should either of them feel anything but pleasure? He sucked a small breast into his mouth and she gasped and squeezed his erection harder, now moving her fist up and down a bit, her other hand was on her forehead, as if holding her brain in her head against the pressure of her climbing arousal level. Tim was moving his finger from the bottom of her vagina up to and over her clitoris. Now he was moving his finger in and out. He was hitting all the right places, with just the right amount of pressure. They could both feel her arousal climbing, climbing, climbing. Suddenly, Vanessa’s entire body went rigid. She slammed her hand onto the bed, arched her back and squeezed Tim’s penis so hard, it almost hurt. She let out a long, low groan, and collapsed. Tim stopped moving everything, but held his finger against her clitoris, feeling it pulse. As soon as she relaxed, he moved between her legs. She spread them wider as soon as he got there, opened her eyes and looked up at him. “Oh my God,” was all she could say. Tim guided himself into her vagina and pushed in just a bit. Then he lay down on top of the warm, firm body. He supported himself with his left arm around the back of her neck, put his right hand on her breast, his mouth on hers, and pushed. She was still so wet that he penetrated her fully the first time, to both of their surprise. To him it felt like heaven. To her, it was still just a bit tender, but the feeling of having his hardness inside of her, and his hand, and his mouth, more than made up for a little discomfort at the entrance. She instinctively wrapped her legs around him, crossing her ankles over his back. Tim moved his face to kiss her neck and ear as he slowly slid himself in and out; in and out. Each wanted to touch ever part of the other’s body at the same time, but nothing was hurried. Eveything was slow and deliberate. Gentle and erotic. They kissed again, tongues meeting then passing each other. She squeezed him with her legs; he felt so good within her, on top of her, touching her. Tim couldn’t touch her enough places quickly enough. He kissed her bare skin, sucked on her nipples, kissed her breasts, then replaced his mouth with his hand and went back to kissing her neck, all the while sliding all the way in, then partially out, then all the way in. He looked down at the Asian beauty beneath him. She was looking up at him, smiling broadly. He kissed her for awhile. They were both totally and simply in the moment, experiencing each other, and the joy of pleasing and being pleased. Then he moved both hands down to her buttocks, cupping them tightly, his face against the side of hers, and increased the force and speed of his thrusting. He was totally within her, as deeply as he could be, and still she wanted

him to be deeper. She put her hands on his buttocks and pulled him into her each time he thrust. She wanted him touch her everywhere, but still caress her nipples. Tim placed one hand next to her, lifted his head sucked hard on a breast, and Vanessa felt the wave of climax rush over her again. He put his other hand back on her ass and held her tightly to him, controlling every thrust, every movement. She was groaning and writhing in ecstasy, her hands on his back, pulling him to her even as he pulled her. Finally, his climax arrived. Vanessa once again felt the warmth of his ejaculate growing within her womb. Tim felt all of his energy being ejected into her body. When it was over, he simply stopped moving. They both lay there, breathing heavily. She still hugging him tightly, his hands still cupping her buttocks, his mouth still next to her ear. He was trying not to pant into her ear because he knew it tickled her, but neither seemed able to move. “Wow!” Vanessa spoke first. “That was incredible,” she said dreamily. “Yeah,” was all Tim could muster. Then, “that was pretty good.” She turned her head to face him, from an inch away. “Pretty good! You sure felt, from down here, that it was more than pretty good,” she said with mock irritation, and gave him a shove on the shoulder. He shifted his weight from side to side, freeing his hands from her ass, and lifted himself up to his elbows. Looking down on the beautiful young woman he was on top of and still inside of, he said, “it was certainly one of the better experiences that I’ve had in my life. Okay?” “Better,” she said. “Are you in much discomfort?” he asked. “Huh? Oh that. I seem to have gotten past that,” she assured him. “I don’t recall anything hurting after you put yourself in initially. It was a little tender at first, but I seem to have been able to overlook it after awhile.” “Glad to hear that,” he said. “It’s interesting that you’re suddenly, after everything’s over asking about whether or not it hurt,” she said, smiling. He could tell she was teasing, and hung his head in mock shame. “Honestly, I don’t remember a thing after you took off the jersey. As soon as I saw you naked, my mind went blank, and my body was totally under the control of my penis. Of course shortly after that, you had it in your mouth, so anything short of you actually crying out in pain, would have pretty much gone unnoticed. By the way, what did you think of your first orgasm?” he asked with a big grin on his face.

“What makes you think I had an orgasm?” she asked with a mischievous look on her face. “How do you know I wasn’t just faking it?” Tim chuckled. “First of all, I’m pretty sure you don’t know enough to know how to fake it at this point, and second, let’s just agree that I have seen it enough to know. Okay?” She looked down and turned red. “It was pretty incredible,” she admitted. “Both times.” “Ya know, I thought I felt something right before I grabbed your ass, but I was so far along by then that I wasn’t sure. I thought I felt the contractions, but I would not have been able to stop to check by that point anyway. All in all, I think that was a tremendously, mutually satisfying experience.” “Oh, I would totally agree,” she said with mock formality. Tim started to withdraw and rise, but she grabbed his ass and held on. “Not yet,” she said. “I want you on me and in me for just a bit longer, if that’s okay with you.” “Totally,” he said, and kissed her on the mouth. “You know I can’t come here every day, right?” “Oh, of course. I won’t have the time either when school starts. I pretty much wanted you to know that it wasn’t just a one-time mistake, as far as I’m concerned. I wanted to prove that to both of us. Okay?” she said. “Absolutely,” he replied. He pulled himself out; she allowed him to go this time, stood and wiped himself off with his handkerchief, which he pulled out of his nearby jeans. He pulled up his briefs, his pants, and reached for his shirt. Vanessa was still lying on the bed, on her side, facing him. He intentionally focused on his clothes, and not her naked breasts, because he knew he should go, and if he allowed his attention, and vision, to drift, he wouldn’t. “Do you need to go right away?” she asked, coyly. Tim considered his schedule for a moment. He had no more appointments for the day, and what he had to do wasn’t time-dependent. “What did you have in mind?” he asked, standing, shirtless, facing the naked girl. “Gee, I wonder,” she said with mock surprise. “You’re the one that said he has such a short recovery time. Maybe you should put your money where my mouth is!” “Vanessa! I’m shocked at your language. What happened to the shy, demur girl I’ve known for so long?” he asked, feigning surprise. “You deflowered her and now she’s a woman with needs,” she replied, turning back onto her back. Her legs were up and together, her hands behind her head. Tim stood, writhing with indecision, and a growing erection. Of course, his male side won out over his adult side, and he dropped his jeans, peeled off his briefs, and lay back on top of the girl,

forcing her legs apart. They kissed for several minutes until he was sufficiently hard, then she reached a hand down and guided him in. It was a slow, methodical intercourse. He held himself off of her on his arms, both looking the other right in the eye, neither touching any other part of the other’s body. He moved himself in and out, in and out; not fast, but continuously, all the while watching the expression on her face. “I can do this as long as you can,” she said with a wicked smile. “I’m just going to lay her and enjoy the ride for as long as you can keep it up. Mmmmmm!” Tim smiled and continued his rhythmic movements. He was working on endurance this time. He wanted it to last, but his arms were getting tired, so he dropped down to his elbows and kissed her mouth. Moving his arm behind her neck, he began to explore with his free hand, looking at her body as he did and not moving between her legs. He moved his legs outside of hers and brought her legs together and resumed thrusting. “This should feel better to you,” he said. “It feels wonderful,” she replied, her hands over her head as she surrendered to whatever he was going to do to her. He was inspecting her nipples and decided to have another taste. He kissed her breast, all around, not touching the areola. She moaned quietly in anticipation. Then he worked his way up to the areola with his tongue, making slow circles. She was writhing underneath him. When he finally touched her erect nipple with the tip of his tongue, she took a sharp breath. He teased her that way for a short time, then opened his mouth and enclosed her entire breast, and sucked, lifting his head as he did. He created tension on the entire breast, and slowly allowed it to slide out of his mouth, stopping just at the end, before releasing the nipple, too. She gasped. “Oh my God, that was incredible,” she whispered. He substituted his fingers for his mouth and continued to manipulate the nipple, while beginning the same process with his mouth on the other side. Next he resumed thrusting, slowly, but fully. As he dropped the second nipple from his mouth, she came, arching her back, opening her mouth and gasping, her arms stretched straight out above her head, pushing against the headboard. Tim stopped moving to allow her to enjoy her orgasm, relishing the vaginal contractions around his erection. Her orgasm had put him on the edge, so as soon as he felt he could, he moved his free hand to her buttocks, grabbed, squeezed, resumed thrusting more forcefully and, in about two minutes of effort, exploded within her. He grunted a few times as he gave himself fully to the experience of her body, and collapsed. Neither said anything for the better part of five minutes. Then Vanessa said, “are you okay up there? You’re awfully quiet and your breathing slowed down pretty quickly.”

“Oh, I’m quite well, thank you,” came the muffled, formal response. “I’m quiet because I just put all of my energy into your body, and my breathing slowed down because I keep in shape. How are you doing down there?” “Mmmmmm; I’m doing just fine,” same the quiet response. She had a relaxed smile on her face, like she’d just received the massage of her life and every muscle in her body was totally relaxed, which, in fact, it was. She lay there looking up at the man on top of her, smiling. “Are you going to spend the rest of the day up there?” “Do you have an opinion about that?” he asked. “At this point, I am so comfortable, you could, but I’m concerned that I’m keeping you from something important, or at least more important.” “Well, you’re partially correct. You are keeping me from important things, but important is relative, and I find it very difficult to disengage from your amazing body. In fact, I have a feeling that if we don’t do anything else for about fifteen minutes, we’re going to have another round. How would you feel about that?” “Hmmmmm. I don’t find myself becoming upset at the prospect of your laying on top of me for another fifteen minutes or so. In fact, I think I kinda like the prospect,” she replied. “Do you think you can handle another round? I mean, won’t that be painful?” “Tim, we’ve gone so far past the pain phase, I don’t feel anything but wonderful when you move inside me. I am so happy right now, that I don’t want to move either, and would totally prefer to have you stay right where you are and rest, then we’ll go again, and whatever’s left of you can go back to work. How’s that?” she said. “Well, given the grip that you have my genitals in, I don’t see that I have any choice,” and he dropped his head onto her arm, closed his eyes, and dozed. Chapter About fifteen minutes later, Tim opened his eyes. The first thing he saw was the beautiful face of Vanessa looking adoringly at him. The second thing he was the clock. “’Morning, stud,” she said. “It’s only been about fifteen minutes, so you’re fine. Now kiss me.” With that, she attached her mouth to his, her tongue poking forcefully into his mouth, her free hand holding him by the hair. He lifted his head and returned the affection. The attention had an almost an immediate effect on his penis, still inside her, and both felt his growing affection for the woman. “Mmmmmm; someone else is awake,” she said. “I’m impressed.”

“I told you this would happen, gosh darn it. Now look what you’ve gone and done!” His hand resting on her breast began to fondle and caress. His left hand reached out and grasped her right hand, squeezing. At the same time, he began to move his hips just a bit to generate friction, to aid his growing erection. Once he had reached full rigidity, he stepped in between her legs, forcing them apart. She wrapped them around his back again, locking her ankles and squeezing with her thighs. This time wasn’t going to take as long. Neither had the energy and neither wanted to be too sore. Tim released her hands and put both of his on her buttocks. He began to pump deeper and stronger than before. Vanessa lay her hands over her head again and groaned softly; a small grunt accompanying each particularly forceful and deep penetration. She arched her back and lifted her chin. “Oh, Tim, you’re so hard again. That’s amazing. You feel so good,” she mumbled. “Your body is so hot, I can’t help myself. Just looking at you, much less touching you, hell, just thinking about you makes me hard. You feel so good to be inside.” He whispered into her ear. Several minutes of vigorous thrusting and he felt the end coming. “I’m almost there,” he grunted into her ear and she giggled when his breath tickled her. He pushed himself deeply into her, and held himself there for a moment, and then he came. And he was finished. This time, though, instead of resting, he pulled out as soon as he was totally soft, to give her the benefit of his lingering hardness, wiped himself off, and dressed. Vanessa rolled onto her side and watched. When he was done he looked at her and said, “enjoying the show?” “mmm-mmm,” she replied, smiling. “You have a cute ass,” she said. “High praise coming from the owner of a body like yours,” he replied. “I gotta go.” “I know. Thanks for coming by.” He bent over and kissed her, and left. She rolled back onto her back and lay there for awhile, luxuriating in the afterglow of lovemaking, and the tingling in her vagina. Chapter Tim drove back to his home office sated, relaxed and at the same time tense. He regretted cheating on his wife, but how often does a married man in his fifties get an opportunity like this? To actually be wanted, nay seduced, by a twenty-two year old with a body like that? It seemed to him like a once in a lifetime opportunity that needed to be acted upon. Still, he felt guilty, and it made him happy that he did. After all, he still truly loved his wife, and desperately wanted to have sex with her more often, but to him, the bottom line was that he wanted to have sex, with someone. He understood that his wife’s libido wasn’t at a high point, being pre-menopausal and all, but he took care of himself and kept himself in shape. He felt like he deserved to get laid

more often, and if she was unwilling, or unable to accommodate him, he’d go elsewhere. That seemed only fair to him. Besides, the medical establishment had often warned that frequent sex helped ward off prostate cancer, and he was nothing if not focused on his health! He was smart enough to realize that his wife would never feel the same way. Oh well, what she doesn’t know… He returned to his office, to the empty house. His wife worked outside of their house, and he worked mostly there. On the phone, on the computer. Of course he had meetings out of the house, and clients he had to take care of that required him to be out and about, but mainly he was in his home office. Vanessa lay on her bed for a long time. She was recalling having Tim on top of her; inside of her. How good his warm body felt, how hard he was and how good it felt to have his hardness inside her. She thought about his smell and his taste; how he touched her, where he touched her. She thought about his hands and his mouth, and his tongue and especially his fingers. Oh, but he had magic fingers when they were between her legs. Wow! Eventually, she got up, put on a robe and stripped the bed. The top sheet had a big wet spot. She stuffed it in the laundry basket and left the mattress pad to dry. Then she put on panties and a skirt (she knew slacks wouldn’t feel good at that point), slipped on a top, picked up her books and walked to the library to spend some time focused on her scholastic career and not think about sex for awhile. She spent two hours at the library, getting ahead on her classes, laying down as much preliminary groundwork as she could. She was very determined; very focused, with everything she did. So far, her relationship with Tim had not become an issue that she was unable to push back and not obsess over. So far. As a rule, Vanessa was able to separate her school work and her social life, but this was different. She’d never really had much of a social life before. Intellectually, she was way too smart to believe that she had a future with the father of a close friend. First, he was married. Second, she thought she might eventually want to marry and have children. Then again, she’d always been so focused on becoming a doctor, she had never really considered how she felt about marriage and family. Being Japanese, she’d just accepted that as being an inevitable part of her life, but was it? Maybe she’d just be a tremendously successful doctor, and that would be enough for her. Of course, now that she had had a taste of sex, no pun intended, she knew that she’d want to be in a relationship of some sort. That line of thinking, of course, let her back to Tim, and how good it felt to have a man on top of her and inside her. How good the attention felt. How incredible an orgasm felt! Okay, so maybe she’d rethink the whole marriage thing, but sex and children didn’t necessarily go together. She knew her mother would be very disappointed if she didn’t have kids, but that was her mother’s problem not Vanessa’s, right? She also considered how close she was with her

mother. She knew that her mother’s disappointment would impact her. She sighed and realized how much family expectations had already affected her. She was focused and driven to begin with, but it had been the family expectation that she would become a doctor. Walking back to her apartment, her thoughts drifted from those of her mother and children, back to the afternoon’s tryst with Tim. How did she feel about him? What it truly just a physical relationship? Again, intellectually, she knew she couldn’t fall in love with him; that there was no long-term future with him. She knew that. Still, one never forgot one’s “first” and she wasn’t surprised to feel an emotional attachment growing. Again, she simply wouldn’t allow herself to get too emotional; she just wouldn’t. She had no particular plan in mind for either continuing or terminating the relationship. She figured to just play it by ear for now. Chapter It had been three days since his last encounter with Vanessa, and Tim was curious. He knew that classes had started and that med school was pretty intense. He didn’t really expect the relationship to go anywhere, but he surely couldn’t get her out of his mind. His wife was into her “friendly” cycle, so they’d had sex a couple of times over the weekend. She was interested for about one week out of the month, and amenable for another. When they were on that schedule, things were great. Although she was hardly 25 anymore, and she’d had two kids, he still loved having sex with her. Because of her job, she had a little extra weight that she just couldn’t drop, but on her back, none of it showed, and to Tim, she was still the babe he’d convinced to marry him. Besides, he loved her softness, her wonderful breasts, her strong legs, the fact that she loved him, too. Sex was better when it was emotional as well as physical, but sometimes, physical was all one needed. To him, the best part of having a long-term relationship was knowing exactly what to do to bring her to climax. He had about a 99% success rate with his wife, and now knew that his skills were transferable, although he believed that Vanessa wasn’t much of a test, being so eager to please as she was. He was pretty sure she’d come just because he wanted her to! All in all, he was conflicted; happy because of the hot body that he’d had access to, guilty for cheating on his wife; cocky because a young, hottie wanted him, and currently content because his wife wanted him, too. Damn shame that there was no one he could brag to! He thought about telling his best friend. They’d known each other for over forty years, but he knew that David would disapprove. He would simply see it as cheating on Tim’s wife and not be impressed by his sexual prowess, and he’d be right! Another week went by without any word from Vanessa. Tim was beginning to think that it was over; she’d gotten what she wanted from him, and now it was time to return to the reality of med school, and for him to return to the reality of being a mid-fifties married man. He was still pleased with himself about the whole incident; that she had called to him for “help” and that he’d done what she’d needed. She could easily have picked up a guy in a bar and done some unsafe

and unsatisfying things, but he was there as her white knight. He’d been tender and respectful with her, and safe! He felt oddly protective of her. Strange; he felt fatherly towards the woman he’d known so long, and yet used as a mistress. Was that perverted? Was that just confused? The answer would come soon enough, as his phone vibrated with an incoming text message, “2P?” He was relieved. He wasn’t sure if she was waiting for him to make the next move and insecure because he didn’t, or if she viewed this, as he wanted to, as an intermittent relief valve for both of them. He texted, “OK”. He had three hours. During the drive to her apartment, Tim was fantasizing about what they would do. He thought about how it made him feel when she peeled off her jersey and was totally naked underneath. He remembered how she had taken his hand and led him to her bed. That was so hot. He also remembered almost injuring himself in freeing up his erection, as quickly as it had come on. They had both smiled at that one. He knocked at the door, and was greeted by his Japanese beauty, in a kimono-type robe. Satiny and thin; he could see her outline. Yet again, he had to grab his crotch and adjust himself. She giggled. “It amazes me the effect I have on you, both in speed and intensity,” she began. “I have a quiz tomorrow and want to get de-stressed today, if that’s okay with you. I mean I don’t want you to feel used or anything,” she said with mock seriousness on her face. “Use me,” he said, spreading his arms wide. “Oh, I intend to,” she said. She untied the bow holding her robe open and let the slinky material drop to her feet. Once again, she was totally naked. Once again, Tim thought his erection would tear itself out of his pants. He was immediately, painfully hard. “For some reason, it looks like these jeans are about a size too small for you. Let me help you with that.” She stepped to him, unbuckled and unsnapped his jeans, yanked down the zipper and pulled the slacks down as she squatted. She got to her knees and put her hands on either side of his briefs, and slid them quickly down. He lifted his feet and she pulled off shoes, socks and pants. “Now, let’s see what we have here,” she said, grabbing his rock hard cock in both hands and running her tongue from the base to the tip, then lowering her mouth over the top and taking it deeply into her mouth. She began to suck, gently, rubbing her tongue against the base and pushing it against the roof of her mouth. She moved her head up and down, slowly, deliberately, like she knew what she was doing. Tim, too, had a plan for today. He let her continue the blow job for about two minutes, getting his cock as wet as she could, the reached down and lifted her by the shoulders. “I wasn’t finished yet,” she complained. “I wanted to take it all the way this time.”

“As much as I really want you to, some time, I, also, had a plan for today. You got to do part of yours, and I get to do part of mine”. With that, he grabbed her by the back of the head and spun her around. Then he marched her forward to her desk and pushed her face down. Still holding her by the hair, he used his feet to kick her legs apart and guided himself in. She was fairly wet already, and combined with the saliva she’d put on his shaft, he went in easily, almost all the way the first try. “Oh!” she cried in mock fear. “Don’t hurt me. I’ll cooperate.” He held her face sideways on the desk and pulled back, thrusting all the way in, and slamming his pelvis into her. “Oof” came the response. He released her head and put both hands on her hips, sliding slowly out and returning sharply in. “Put your elbows on the desk,” he ordered. She did, suspending her small breasts above the work surface, the rest of her body hanging over the edge. Out and in; out and in, pulling her back with his hips as he thrust himself in with his pelvis. She wasn’t complaining. He reached out and cupped a breast in one hand, and held a shoulder in the other, thrusting over and over. She remained still, stoically, absorbing his impacts; allowing him to be fully in control for the moment. After all, she’d planned on this one being about him. As Tim reached the climax, he put both hands on her shoulders and thrust as hard and as deeply as he could, two, three, four times, and then released, over and over, and then he was spent. He lay on Vanessa’s back, draping his hands off to the sides. “You gonna live?” she asked. She felt his head nod between her shoulder blades. “Seems like we’d better get you undressed and in bed, for your own safety! But first you’ll have to get off of me.” Slowly, grudgingly, he straightened himself up and withdrew. He reached into his jeans pocket, retrieved his handkerchief, and wiped himself off, just in case he should find himself in her beautiful mouth anytime soon. He was, after all, a gentleman. He put his arm around her neck, and his hand on her breast, and allowed her to help him to the bed. He sat, she peeled off his shirt, then grabbed his handkerchief and wiped herself off. Folding it neatly, she set it on her nightstand. Then she pushed him back onto the bed and straddled him, saying, “my turn”. Quickly, Tim reached behind her, grabbed her hair, and pulled her onto her back. “Put your hands at your sides and spread your legs,” he ordered. “My, aren’t you just being the man in charge today,” she said grinning. She put her hands by her sides and spread her legs. “Take me, I’m yours,” she said, closing her eyes.

He released her hair and lay next to her. There was no need for her to hold his penis at this point, as he’d poured all of his erection energy, among other things, into her, moments ago. Now he was free to take his time and take care of her, and she was ready. He dropped his mouth to within an inch of her nipple, opened it and simply breathed. The effect took a moment, but he heard her suck in a breath, and saw her nipple slowly become erect. Then he blew on the nipple, cooling it. He put his open mouth over it again and exhaled, deeply, allowing the heat to radiate over her breast and chest. He then ran his tongue around the base of her areola, getting it wet, and blew again. The cool sensation sent a chill up and down her body. He lay his whole tongue on top of the nipple to re-warm it, and move over to repeat the process with the other one. Vanessa lay there, not knowing what to expect. Tim had pretty much walked in and taken charge this time. A bit on the rough side, but he always felt good inside her. She’d actually planed to make him come in her mouth, and swallow it. It had taken her a bit of self-convincing, but she thought it would be a good reward for his taking such good care of her the first few times. She was a little disappointed when he pulled her up early, but only because she didn’t want to disappoint him. When he’d shoved her over the desk and rammed himself into her, it was a novel sensation and she decided to go with it. When he was finished, she’d hoped he return the favor, and was pleased that that seemed to be his plan. The first sensation of warmth on her nipple got her attention focused, as was his intention. Then came the cool breeze, which made her shiver and brought the other nipple to attention. Thankfully, he warmed the first one before moving on. Her entire body was hyper-sensitive now. She felt this warmth of his proximity. His touch felt like fire. She knew she was very wet and wished he’d check that out…soon! As if reading her thoughts, Tim moved a finger slowly down her abdomen, resting momentarily on her pubic mound, then pressing firmly, slid its way over her clitoris and into her wet vagina. The immediate intensity of the sensation made her gasp, and arch her back even before she realized it. Tim was pleased with the response, and pulled his finger out, still keeping an upward pressure, rubbing it against her clitoris again on the way out. She moaned. He slid it in again and held it in place. Holding his finger still, but with pressure against her clitoris and the top of her vagina, he brought his mouth over the first breast again and sucked the nipple in, holding it in with the suction and lifting his head. With the suction pulling at her breast, a complex mixture of pain and pleasure, Tim began to rub her clitoris, slowly, hitting all the right spots; harder, softer, up and down. He could feel her body tensing and knew that he was very close to his goal. He moved his finger to where he suspected was the most sensitive spot on her body, barely touched it and released her nipple. He was rewarded with a loud groan, followed by a series of grunts as the wave of the orgasm washed over her, strongly. Her hands were gripping the sheet as if she was being electrocuted.

He froze, holding his finger in place, a constant pressure on her clitoris. When she was done and relaxed, he slid his finger out of her vagina, intentionally over her now hyper-sensitive clitoris, and she cried out, grabbing his hand with hers and pulling it away. “That was too intense,” she explained, her eyes closed, her hand over them. “Wow! You’ve obviously had a lot of practice at this,” she said, instantly regretting even a glancing reference to his being married. “Um, sorry, I, um, didn’t mean…,” she continued awkwardly, still not looking at him. “It’s okay,” he responded, “I know what you meant. I was hardly a virgin with I got married.” He lay down next to her and she rolled onto her side to face him. Once again her beauty threatened to overwhelm him. He didn’t want to get another erection, so he focused on her eyes, but they were almost as erotic, to his Western sensibilities. “So, how’s school going?” he began, trying to get his mind off of her body for awhile. For some reason, it just occurred to him to try to make it about more than just sex, then he realized that it WAS just about sex. What else could it possibly be about, right? It certainly wasn’t about an ongoing relationship, I mean eventually she would meet someone, fall in love, marry, kids; right? “Med school’s a bitch,” she replied, “but it’s what I want to do and I’ll just do it.” “I so admire your dedication,” he said. “You are such an amazing person, Vanessa. I’m so happy for you that you got into med school, and of course, kinda happy that you decided to come here. We won’t even get into how much of an ego boost it is for me to be in your bed, much less in your body.” Just talking about it stirred his libido, and consequently, his penis. Nothing really noticeable, yet. They continued to talk, her mostly about her upcoming classes and the amount of stress she expected to encounter. He spoke about his clients and the diversity of their businesses. After awhile, they dozed for about fifteen minutes, and Tim snapped awake. Vanessa was still dozing. She’d rolled onto her back and he just stared at her beauty; watching her small breasts rise and fall with her breathing. Her flat stomach and olive skin. His eyes roamed down to her pubic mound, with very little hair, and on to her thin but shapely legs. That did it; he was hard. His hand gently went to her mound, with a finger slipping over her clitoris. Her legs spread almost immediately, accompanied by a smile and fluttering eyelids. “Come on in, the water’s fine,” she murmured, reaching for his now hard shaft. “I see someone’s started without me.” Tim rolled over between her legs, guided the head of his penis into her waiting vagina, and hooked his arms beneath the backs of her knees. Putting his hands on either side of her chest, he effectively lifted her hips off the bed just a bit, allowing for a new level, for her, of penetration. He slid himself all the way in, and she gasped at the depth of his initial penetration.

“Whoa; I think I just took the whole enchilada on the first try,” she said, smiling broadly. “Wow! That’s a long way in. I think you actually hit my cervix.” “Can you feel a difference this way?” Tim asked, a little concerned that he’d hurt her. “Oh yeah. Not bad, but certainly a different feeling.” “Do you want me to stop? I certainly don’t want to hurt you,” he said, not moving, but still deeply within her. “No, I think I like it. Just take it kind of easy,” she replied and he began a series of deep, slow thrusts, accompanied by substantial sucking on her breasts and lifting her nipples. He coordinated each thrust with a suck, then released the breast as he withdrew. With the amount of contact he was making, and the position her body was in, it only took a few minutes for Tim to climax, but as he did, he forgot to be gentle and pumped several times more forcefully than he intended. Vanessa could tell he was climaxing and didn’t want to do anything to kill the mood, so she sucked in her bottom lip and waited for him to finish, feeling like her cervix was being pushed into her stomach on occasion, but not unpleasant for the most part. He finished and released her legs, collapsing on top of her. She liked it when he lay on her. She liked the feel of his skin, the heat of his body, the feel of his muscles. It was comfortable, secure feeling to have him laying on her while he was in her. After a short while, Tim rolled onto his side, next to her and looked into her eyes. “Vanessa, as much as I absolutely love being with you, I’m concerned that your being with me might prevent you from finding someone more suitable to a relationship. You know? I mean, I just want you to know that I really hope you find a boy, um man, closer to your age, preferably not married, to date. I mean I’m sure that eventually you’d like to marry and have kids, right? Help me out here.” She rolled onto her side and looked at him. “Tim, don’t worry about me. You and I are right now. I’m smart enough to know that this is not a long-term relationship. This is just what both of us wanted at this point in our lives. Yes, I do assume that eventually, I’ll find the right man to marry and probably have kids, but for right now, the only plan I have is to excel in med school and become a doctor. If someone comes along and we click, and it doesn’t become a distraction from what I’m here to do, great. If not, that’s okay, too. I want to be with you as long as you want to be with me, and as long as it doesn’t cause problems for you. Is that fair enough for you?” “Um, yes, that sure works for me. I was a little concerned that you were waiting for me to call you, you know, after, and I was waiting for you to call me when you had time. You know?”

“We’re not dating! I’m not sitting here waiting for you to call. If it’s okay with you, I’ll just contact you when I have the time, and if it works for you, we’ll get together. If not, we’ll work around each other’s schedules and get together when it works for both of us, for as long as it works for both of us. Does that make sense?” she asked. “It works for me, totally,” he replied. “As long as we both understand the relationship, don’t over-analyze, and enjoy what we’re doing, I’m good with it as long as it lasts.” She snuggled into his chest and went back to sleep. Chapter They slept for about forty-five minutes. Tim got up, dressed, kissed her good-bye and drove back to his home office. The last thing he saw as he left was her naked body stretched fulllength on the bed. He stood at the doorway looking for awhile, unable to tear his eyes away from the vision, and walked to his car amazed at his good fortune, hoping the image of her bare backside was permanently etched into his memory. Vanessa lay there for another fifteen minutes reliving the events of the previous hours, and, again, examining the situation. Always reaching the same conclusion; that this was a temporary answer to a temporary problem, that being her being single and wanting to get laid, she rose, dressed and took off for the library. Tim got back to his office twenty minutes later, checked his email and got back to work. He was not able to get her out of his mind as easily as she did him. He admired her ability to compartmentalize the various aspects of her life, and strove to emulate her. It helped that they only saw each other an average of once per week, but as mid-terms approached, a full ten days elapsed as he waited for the next text-message. During that period, Tim was effectively able to not think about her and concentrate instead on his work, and his marriage. Not that there was ever an issue about the viability of his marriage, just a wife entering menopause, with a consequent, irregular libido. Nothing they couldn’t handle, just an inconvenience. Certainly nothing that would even come close to endangering the marriage. No, Tim had never even considered leaving his wife, but then he’d never even considered having an affair. Of course what man didn’t occasionally fantasize about being wanted by women that were not his wife? Everyone wants to be desired by others, but in his wildest dreams he never envisioned the possibility that someone like Vanessa would ever be interested in someone like him, much less would pursue him simply for the purpose of sex. Life was good! The next test message came on the tenth day. It was a Tuesday, around ten in the morning. Tim was answering emails, setting up appointments and directing traffic, as was his job. He was arranging for vendors and contractors to be where and when they were needed. When his phone vibrated with the incoming text message, it was just another in a string of such, but this one had the usual cryptic message. “2P?” was all it said. He hit the pre-programmed response, “okay”,

set his computer alert for a thirty minute warning, and simply went back to work, proud of himself for his ability to treat her as just another appointment. At 2:10, Tim knocked on the door. Vanessa opened it wearing a towel and drying her long, dark hair with another. “You’re late,” she said. “That’s very uncharacteristic of you. I’m not upset, just surprised,” and she gave him a quick kiss on the mouth. “So how’s med school going?” he asked, taking off his jacket and hanging it on the back of a chair. “Medical school sucks, but that’s what you have to do to become a doctor,” she replied. “I’ll survive. How’s your business going?” she asked. Tim assumed that she neither understood nor cared about what he did for a living, so he told her that all was well. “Good,” she said and took the towel she was drying her hair with and hung it up in the bathroom. She came back out and walked to Tim. “Are you having a busy day?” she asked. Tim grabbed the towel and yanked it off of her, tossing it over the same chair, grabbed her by her hair, and kissed her, his tongue pushing into her open lips, caressing the roof of her mouth. She responded instantly, wrapping her arm around his neck and kissing back. He pushed her back slightly, peeled off his shirt, and pulled her to his bare chest again. This time she dropped her hands to his pants and began to take them off. She disengaged herself from his grip and dropped to her knees. She dropped his jeans, then peeled down his briefs, and before he could even step out of them, took his half-formed erection into her mouth. That, of course, resulted in the completion of the erection, and she began to lick, suck and swallow vigorously, moving her head up and down slowly. Tim was amazed with her technique, and decided to let her take it to conclusion this time. He placed his hands on her thick, soft hair and played with it, moaning from time to time to acknowledge that she was doing a good job. As he approached climax, he reached for the nearby chair, pulled it to him, and slowly sat down, careful not to disturb the future medical professional, doing such a professional job with part of his anatomy. Now sitting, he was able to reach her breasts and play with her nipples. Thus encouraged, Vanessa sucked harder and moved her head more, thinking that would bring her partner to climax sooner. He said softly, “your tongue against the bottom, and the roof of your mouth against the top feels wonderful. I love it when I feel you swallow”. She took the hint, and the sensation brought his arousal level much higher. Close to the end now, he warned her, “I’m almost there; take a breath”. She sucked in a deep breath, forced her head down to get him as far down her throat as she could, and was rewarded with a stream of warm liquid erupting from the rigid shaft in her mouth. Once, twice, three times

she felt the warmth in her mouth, and then it stopped, and she took a breath through her nose. He continued to hold her in place as he lost stiffness, and finally released her with a major sigh. “Wow; that was incredible!” She sat back on her heels. “Thank you,” she said, wiping her mouth with her hand. She stood and walked into her kitchen, grabbed a soda from the refrigerator and took a drink. “Not as bad as I was expecting, but thanks for the warning. Getting you further back eliminates most of the taste.” She put the soda back into the refrigerator and sat on the bed, crossing her legs, leaning back on her arms, looking at him expectantly. “Ya gotta give an old guy a minute to recuperate, okay?” he said, wishing he was twenty-five again, but knowing he was not. She nodded. “I understand, but you can recuperate just as easily from her as from there, can’t you?” and she patted the bed. Tim looked at her, dark, Asian, firm, magnificent. He felt himself beginning to react again, but this was her turn. He rose and made his way to the bed. “On your back, hands over your head, legs apart,” he ordered. She sighed with anticipation, and assumed the requested position. Tim lay next to her, on his left side. He lay his hand against her far cheek and pulled her head to face his. He began to kiss her gently on the lips, tracing with his tongue on the outside; not entering her mouth, even though she held it open for him. He was going to tease her just a bit. He was going to make it good for her. He held his hand above her breast, not touching, but allowing her to sense the heat. She moaned and smiled. He brought his mouth onto hers and slid his tongue in. He caressed the roof of her mouth, still holding his hand above her chest. He pulled his head back and focused on her neck, lowering his hand to fully cover her breast. Her left hand was on top of his right hand, on top of her left breast. He simply held his hand there, not moving. His mouth moved slowly down from her neck, to her chest, and kissed her breast all around the nipple, knowing that she was just waiting for him to suck. He began to play with her left nipple, rubbing it between his thumb and first finger, squeezing. Vanessa moved her right hand down by her waist and grabbed his burgeoning erection. Finally, Tim moved his tongue from her breast to her areola; still not touching the nipple. Vanessa was groaning with anticipation, trying to move her breast so that her nipple would get into his mouth, but Tim was maintaining control. Now he began the slow slide of his right hand from her breast, down her ribs, over her belly button, and onto her pubic mound. He stopped for a moment on her mound, feeling the softness of the hair, then slid his finger over her clitoris and into her very wet vagina. He was pleasantly surprised at the level of dampness. That told him

that he was doing a good job so far. He shoved his middle finger all the way in and stopped, turning his attention back to the breast that he was teasing. The nipple was already at attention, begging to be touched so he obliged, pressing the tip of his tongue onto the top and holding it there. Vanessa couldn’t take it anymore. She took her now unoccupied left hand and grabbed him by the back of the head, pulling him onto her breast. “Suck hard,” she hissed at him. Tim smiled and sucked hard, drawing her nipple over his front teeth and into his mouth. Vanessa groaned and arched her back, because at the same time as he sucked her breast into his mouth, he pulled his finger from her vagina and began to stroke her clitoris up and down. Without even realizing it, she had increased the pressure of her grip on his penis, which Tim took as a sure sign of encouragement. He increased the activity between her legs, and switched to the other breast, first kissing his way from the outside in, then sucking the whole breast into his mouth. He could feel her muscles beginning to tense and knew that she was getting close. He coordinated the movement of his finger and the breast, finally barely touching her clitoris as he slowly released the breast from his mouth, moving his finger to just the right place, just as the nipple cleared his mouth. The resultant climax was strong and loud. He could feel her pelvic contractions, as that was the only part of her body not totally rigid. She groaned, then grunted, the groaned again. Tim froze, his finger pressing on her clitoris, her hand squeezing his erection almost painfully. And then she relaxed. He lay there, his head on his hand, not touching her, just looking, admiring. She lay there, eyes closed, working to bring her body back under control, her breathing slowing. Finally, she turned her head a looked at Tim. “I’m going to attribute your skill to years of practice. Too bad you can’t give lessons to boys my age. We could skip a lot of awkwardness and get right to the good stuff,” she said, smiling. She turned onto her side, facing him, her head on her hand, and kissed him on the mouth. “Is there someone in particular that you wish I could teach?” he asked. She smiled. “You are one perceptive man,” she said. “As it happens, I think I’ve met someone.” “Excellent!” replied Tim. “Finally there’s a boy your own age that actually meets your standards. I wasn’t sure that was going to be possible, but I’m happy for you.” “Let’s not get too far ahead of ourselves,” she cautioned. “We haven’t even gone on a date yet. We’ve just walked together and had lunch.” “That’s a decent start, considering your schedule and workload. Is he a med student, too?” She nodded. “He’s two years older than me, and believe it or not, Japanese!”

“Wow! Don’t tell your mom. She’ll have the wedding scheduled for six months from now.” “Six months?” she said with a frown. “She’ll have us engaged tomorrow and married in thirty days. I’m not even telling her about him for awhile, and I’m sure not going to mention that he’s Japanese until we’ve at least kissed.” “So,” Tim began, “not that I need any definitive answers right now, but I’m just curious as to how that affects us.” “I know,” she said. “I’m not completely sure how I feel about that. Of course if things work out well with him, I’d pretty much feel obligated to stop sleeping with you. I mean that only makes sense, right?” She was looking directly into his eyes now. “Vanessa, listen,” Tim began. “I, and I’m sure you, never thought this was going to be anything long-term. This relationship addressed a need that we both had. I always hoped you’d find someone more suitable for a long-term relationship, and sooner rather than later. In the meantime, I’m content to be with you when you want me. Really!” She reached out and put her hand on his cheek. “You are such a wonderful friend,” she said. He could see her eyes beginning to tear up. “As I’ve told you before, the ego boost that you give me just by wanting me, is worth whatever time we have together. I hope you realize what you’ve done for me. I can’t adequately convey to you how it feels for someone like me to be desired by someone like you. You are so totally hot, beautiful and sexy, that if we never have sex again, I am already so content from this relationship, that I will always wish you only the best, and to me, that means a man of your own, a career, a family. Whatever you want.” “Thank you, Tim. That really means a lot to me,” she said, wiping the tears away. “Um, in the meantime…” Tim said, overtly looking down at his erection. “Get your sexy body on top of me and put that wonderful shaft of yours in between my legs!” she said, rolling over onto her back and spreading her legs. Tim eagerly rolled onto the waiting young woman and immediately guided himself into her still moist vagina. He made it all the way in with the first thrust and stopped. She crossed her ankles over his back. Resting on his arms, he kissed her mouth, her face and her neck. She held his head in her hands and squeezed him with her thighs. He slid himself slowly out and in; out and in. Mainly kissing and sucking on her breasts. He moved his arm behind her neck to free up his other hand to touch and explore, still moving slowly between her legs.

“I am so going to miss you,” she said, wrapping her arms around his neck and kissing him deeply, her tongue thrusting into his mouth, “at some point,” she finished. They smiled at each other, happy in the moment. He increased the speed of his thrusting, his hand resting on her breast, squeezing her nipple. After several minutes of thrusting and looking her right in the eye, he came. Chapter Vanessa started dating the young man shortly after her last encounter with Tim. She kept Tim posted regarding the development of the relationship. Eventually, the test messages were further and further apart, and he got more of his information about Vanessa and her boyfriend through his daughter. Finally, after thirty days with no messages, Tim found out that Vanessa and her boyfriend were engaged. Tim saw Vanessa one more time after the engagement, when her daughter threw an engagement party for her at their house and invited The Ten. He gave her a congratulatory hug and shook her fiancée’s hand. He was genuinely happy for her, and for himself. His relationship with his wife was back to normal, consequently so was his sex life. He always had his memories of the hot, Asian babe that wanted him, for awhile.

The Daughter's Friend  

A med school student seduces her high school friend's father.

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