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Winter 2014 (brrrrrr)

work faster to “keep up”. Be careful, and watch out so we have no accidents or mishaps. Safety is our number one priority. Peddinghaus would be nothing without each of you – our valuable employees! Thank You! Christmas Parties are Fun! I love getting together for our Christmas parties! I enjoy celebrating the season with you and your significant other.

PeddiTalk From the Corner Office I’m sure every one of you will agree that this has been a winter to remember! Whether you are in Bradley or Andrews, every employee has experienced bone chilling cold, heavy snow, freezing rain, sleet, and ice. Winter has hit Peddinghaus so hard that we changed the name from “Polar Vortex” to “Peddi Vortex”! Cheer up! Spring is coming soon. Thanks again to all of you for your toughness and perseverance in getting your job done – even when Mother Nature throws her worst at us! Thank You Peddinghaus Employees – You are the Best in the World! The past year has been very good for Peddinghaus Corporation. As you can probably tell by your workload, our customers have blessed us with some very good orders. We are all deeply grateful for their confidence in our equipment and our people. But we need to remember to stay humble and don’t get arrogant about our success. Remember to treat all our customers – and your fellow employees – with fairness and respect. Also, during this very busy time, I also ask you to use common sense. When you have a lot of work to do, you tend to

Thanks to the organization of Karen Zigrossi and Jessica Jennings, we had a great time again this year. Food was great, entertainment was superb, and congratulations to Lori Bleyle, our grand prize winner in Bradley…FYI, Lori has never won ANYTHING in her life – until now. PeddiCafe: Food & Family! Our new PeddiCafe in Bradley is doing really well! I have heard only wonderful comments about the great tasting food, the friendliness of our chef & staff, and the fantastic new menu selections featuring soups, salads, and sandwiches! To me the best part is seeing spouses, families, and friends gather together for lunch! It is the greatest feeling for me to see a family gather at the PeddiCafe, and take the time to be together. That’s what life is all about! Peddi-Yoga for Better Health As you know, part of my goal is to provide a healthy lifestyle for all of our employees. We all tend to work a lot of hours, and sometimes we do not exercise or work out as we should. With the new Barefoot Yoga Loft operating in the PeddiCenter, we had the perfect opportunity to form an employee Peddi-Yoga class for beginners.

I am happy to report that we average 22 attendees for each session! I am even happier that we have attendees from the shop, engineering, accounting, sales, service, parts…all over. Sessions are held on Tuesday & Thursday at 5:30…Join the fun! Investing in a Path to Progress When I am selling machines to our customers, I always talk about investing for their future, and how important a solid hourly machine rate is to the growth and stability of their company. It is not any different for Peddinghaus. We also have to invest in equipment to maintain our path of growth and progress. After much research, we made the decision to invest in a new Mazak Machining Center in Andrews which was installed last Fall. We are also investing in a modern complete Mazak machining system for Bradley. This will be installed later in 2014. This type of capital equipment expenditure is always needed. Our last machine investment was about 10 years ago. Our competition doesn’t stop; so we have to continually engineer and manufacture products that are increasingly robust, yet always precise, accurate and cost effective. This new equipment will insure that as a company, we will continue in that path to progress. Buildings for a Better Future As you know, for years we rented warehouse space at the old Roper complex on west Station Street in Kankakee. The space worked well, but the building was old: cold in winter and hot in the summer. (Off the record, it was also rumored to be haunted…but we won’t go there). The purchase of the former American Spring Wire building in the Kankakee Industrial Park has given us a fantastic new opportunity. Using our expert staff of employees, our guys are transforming this building to a clean, modern manufacturing facility.

The entire interior was power washed clean, scrubbed, and painted from top to bottom. We have already added four (4) new overhead doors, and have updated the heating system so it is toasty warm inside – even when it is sub-zero January temperatures outside. Because we still have many machines to build for our customers, we are moving in at a moderate pace – but that is a good thing. It is the new home for SSSL, and we are transporting part of the stock room now. All is on schedule! Thanks to the ASW team for their hard work in this huge task!

Can you say Vortex?

Shocked in Alabama, submitted by Curtis Hughes A little frosting submitted by Lyle Menke



Bald Eagles at Starved Rock, Ottawa, IL

Ice Ice Baby, submitted by Bob Meltzer

submitted by Ed Brzezniak

Andy Fritz & Steve Stageman went ice Fishing! 19degrees

Apartment icicles submitted by Lauren Bertrand



Unhappy plants in SC submitted by Linda Meltzer

Sun Dog in our backyard submitted by Shawn Zeilenga



Steamy river submitted by Megan Grant

Ice Fun submitted by Amary Tisda

...and the judges give Nick a 0.199 for artistic ability -------------------------------------------------

Bill Fitzpatrick's photo made the news! ----------------------------------------------

Peddinghaus Corp of South Carolina ------------------------------------------------

Peddinghaus Corp, Bradley, IL

Davis Creek submitted by Keith Wilkey

Keith Birge, Pet Santa

Wind generated snowballs in Titusville, PA made national news! submitted by Ben Turner -----------------------------------------------Yes, 5 months ago this was a Petting Zoo

Keith Birge, Customer Service PC, was volunteered by his lovely bride, Valerie, to play the role of "Pet Santa" at our local Bradley Petsmart! Over $300 in proceeds were donated to New Beginnings, a "no kill" cat shelter where Valerie is appointed VP of the Board! ----------------------------------------------------------Where in the world is David?

Getting to know your Team Member ~ PCSC

Getting to know your Team Member ~ Bradley

Richie "Rag" Jennings, Jr.

Russ Bellman

Richie was hired by Bob Meltzer in June 1998 as a part time welder, and he has worked his way up through the ranks to Weld Shop Supervisor! Shout out to his sister, Amary, for letting him know we were hiring welders! Richie is a family man. When he's not at work he enjoys spending time with his wife, Jessica and his children Troy, 8 and Sarah, 6. Some of his hobbies include weight lifting and playing the guitar. His favorite movie is The Godfather and favorite food is a good ol' fashioned Cheese Burger, with a nice steak a very close second. Richie's motto to live by is "Treat others as you would like to be treated." Wise welder words! You might be surprised to know that Richie occasionally plays the piano! Thanks Richie for sharing a bit of your story with us!

Say hello to Russ Bellman, Corporate Controller of Peddinghaus Corp. Russ came to PC in February 2007 when he heard it was a great place to work with room for advancement and all right here in Kankakeeland! You may not know that an important part of Russ's position requires him to travel to our foreign companies in Germany, Spain and the UK to assist with their financial reports. One other special assignment was "Entertainment Liason" for our Oktoberfest entertainers. Russ made sure all the entertainers had everything they needed, including finding an axe for the Kaiser Blick band and making sure The Bare Naked Ladies had everything they requested! Russ was also the driving force (no pun intended) behind the Golf Simulator at Peddi-Palooza last summer! When he's not at work, he & his lovely wife Kari enjoy spending time on Lake Michigan on their 36 ft. cruiser. He is active in the Kankakee County Boat Club and also serves on the Board of "Pause for Patriotism" which is a local organization that hosts an inspiring patriotic event each Armed Forces Day. He also enjoys Formula 1 auto racing and golf, and he used to play keyboards & guitar in a few garage bands. Russ you are one busy guy! Thanks for sharing with your fellow employees!

Volunteer Garden

Optimistic Kids EnergiZing

by Jeff Lambert, PC Engineering

by Amy Merritt, PCSC Engineering

Last year I discovered a new hobby: gardening. No it's not as exciting as skydiving or salsa dancing, but it wasn't a typical garden either. I was part of a community garden that contributed to food pantries and soup kitchens in the area. We grew more than a dozen different vegetables, and produced over a ton of healthy food for the needy. It was one of the most rewarding experiences I've had, and I would like to get the word out about this great volunteer opportunity.

Fabletics, the lifestyle active wear line co-founded by Kate Hudson and Justas Inc., have awarded $20,000 to a group of female leaders for their 2013 "What Moves You" grant program and Amy Merritt is one of the recipients! She volunteers with a local non-profit organization in Georgetown, SC, Optimism Preventive Services, Inc. as a volunteer/mentor and just helping when needed. With this grant, four women each received $5,000 to pursue their passion of helping others lead healthy and active lives.

For this upcoming season, we are expanding to seven total acres at two locations: near Momence and west of Bourbonnais. We also need more volunteers who would want to adopt-a-crop (plant, pull weeds and harvest 1-3 rows of any crop) at either location. If you are interested, please feel free to contact me and I can tell you how much more I prefer picking potatoes in August over scooping snow in the Polar Vortex!

Amy is creating a children's exercise program, Optimistic Kids Energizing, aimed at keeping fitness fun for kids. The goal is to teach children that a balanced diet and physical activity will help them to excel in school, build strong bones and muscles, boost energy, and maintain healthy weight. By achieving this goal, she hopes to set the foundation to deter adult obesity. Congratulations Amy on this amazing accomplishment! Good Luck with your Project!

Congratulations to Donny Mullin on his graduation from Olivet Nazarene University!

On the Way to Wheel of Fortune! Lindy Casey, Marketing Communications Specialist, is hoping to win ‘big money’ on Friday February 28th when she will be a contestant on America’s favorite game show, Wheel of Fortune. In Culver City, California, Lindy will be participating in a “Happy Mother’s Day” themed show filmed at Sony Studios. She was chosen out of 500 applicants following auditions held last April in Chicago and has been waiting patiently for her chance to spin the wheel!

" When I graduated High School, I never thought that I'd attend College. I wanted to make something for myself, so in September of 2009 I enrolled into Olivet Nazarene University. I knew going to school full time, as well as being employed full time would be tough. At times I didn't think I'd be able to do it. I can now proudly say that after four years at Olivet, I finally graduated in October 2013!!" ------------------------------------------------------------------Raena Zigrossi, granddaughter of Karen Zigrossi won her spot in the Kankakee Country Spelling Bee which will be held on Tues.,Feb. 25th at BBCHS! Her winning world was 'ailment'! Good luck Raena!

Go Big Money!! --------------------------------------------------------------Where in the World is Nick?

The PCSC Christmas party was held on Dec 14th at the Litchfield Beach & Golf Resort. 98 guests were in attendance for cocktail hour and a fantastic dinner! Becky Lawson, owner/DJ of Toe Tappin' Entertainment provided a night filled with music and dancing enjoyed by all!

The Bradley Christmas Party was also held on Dec. 14th at the Hilton Garden Inn, Kankakee, IL and this year we got "UGLY" with an Ugly Christmas Sweater Theme! We had about 370 total guests who were amazed at the skills of The Experimentalist, Gerard Senehi and danced the night away with our live entertainment, Black Cadillac!

(click above image to view video)

The Original Four

Who's desk is it?

By Amary Tisdale

January 13, 2014 marked the 17th anniversary of the "start up" of PCSC. Back in 1997 a total of 16 employees were hired in the month of January. Two of the 16 started on January 13th and the rest on January 20th.


Who's toolbox is it?

17 years later we still have 4 "original" PCSC employees!

Ed McCrea, Assb., hired 01/13/1997 David Powell, Assb., hired 01/13/1997 Mary Lewis, MS, hired 01/20/1997 Amary Tisdale, PC, hired 01/20/1997

Congratulations & let's make it another 17 years!


Jim Trudeau Retires!

by Spencer Glover

On August 11, 1982, Jim Trudeau began working as an Assembler at Peddinghaus Corporation! About 31 1/2 years later on February 14, 2014, he decided it was time to retire and put his feet up!

Automation in a different direction. From drone package delivery, personal lawn care robots, and cars that drive themselves, engineers are working on the next level of Tech. Amazon is driving for lower costs with automatic delivery drones to deliver anything from pizzas to packages. Google is working on the car that drives itself. Neither of those inventions have hit main stream sales yet though. One that has is the robotic mower. You setup an electric fence as a perimeter and the mower will mow the lawn 24x7 or on a schedule. When it gets low the unit will go back to the charging station. After charging it will continue right where it left off, so your lawn always looks amazing. They have all different sizes from a standard city lot to multi acre units for corporations or golf courses.

During his tenure at Peddinghaus Jim became an Anglemaster Specialist, working on every Anglemaster model shipped from Bradley.

What's the Hold Up? As hardware progresses and PC's get faster and faster there is still one thing that has not increased in speed until just recently. The Hard Drive. Hard Drives or HDDs (hard drive disks) in the past have been made to hold everything. As the "everything" they were meant to hold has become bigger and bigger, all hardware developers were concerned about was the size of the HDD. Making it hold the most amount of data was the goal of most. As of late this has shifted more toward speed instead of space. Thus the SSD or Solid State Disk was born. Unlike HDDs, SSDs have no moving parts so they can access data much quicker. SSD's have been around for three to four year but are just now become affordable for the average consumer. So if you have a relatively newer computer and you're wondering, "what's the holdup?" You most likely have an HDD and not an SSD.

Jim received a rocking chair and Navy coffee mug from his friends in Assembly so he can sit on the porch and whittle awhile while sipping coffee!

Thank you Jim for your years of service and we wish you a wonderful "next chapter".

I Never Knew!

I Never Knew!

Purchasing Bradley

Purchasing South Carolina

Melanie Stueck, Manager

Linda Meltzer, Manager

Brad Mann, Brian Corbett & Nick Outsen

Carol Swails & Linda Crews

In 2013, we entered approximately 9,400 purchase orders o We work closely with the Inside Sales, Engineering, Accounting, and Receiving departments on a daily basis o We work with both domestic and international vendors o Two of our members are Certified Lean Six Sigma Black Belts (aka Ninjas) o The longest lead time (delivery time) we encounter is 150 days (30 weeks!) o We purchase parts for our machines, customer orders, research, and supplies (such as for shipping, office) o We not only place orders with vendors, we expedite and source items as well to meet our requirements o We also work with vendors to resolve rejected parts and get them repaired or replaced in a timely fashion o We are a multifaceted department; one member also handles returns from our customers while another is Peddinghaus’ Safety Manager o

1. PCSC Purchasing totaled approximately 3600 purchase orders in 2013. 2. Total orders for 2013 were $12,729.079.00, averaging over $1,000,000.00 per month. 3. Being a smaller division, 95% of the orders are completely entered by hand by the Purchasing Department since the MRP system is not totally serviceable and few have access to E-Reqs. 4. Since we began using the installed rejection database in January 2008, we have done 286 vendor rejections just in 2013 with an overall total of 1,992. 5. We have 2-1/2 people in the department. Linda Meltzer, Carol Swails and Linda Crews. (No we didn’t cut anyone in half…Linda Crews is part time now.) 6. Linda M. worked in PCB Purchasing back in the 1980’s. Linda C. is now pursuing a Medical Assistant degree. Carol Swails is originally from Peoria, IL, and is a diehard Bears fan !


Illinois Boys State

On December 21, 2013, Nick Abels, was all smiles as he graduated from University of Illinois Champaign Urbana with a Bachelor of Science Mechanical Engineering degree. Nick is the son of Micki Abels, PC Acct. He has accepted a position at a crash test research facility located in Wisconsin that incorporates testing for auto manufacturers and government vehicles.

by Chad Meents

He currently resides in Lake Geneva, WI and mom and dad will be visiting often! Well done Nick, well done!


United Way Campaign time! See HR regarding payroll deducted donations to United Way

One of the oldest youth leadership programs in the country, Illinois Boys State, is a "learn by doing" experience created and sponsored by the American Legion of Illinois. During this week-long program in early June, young men who will be high school seniors, from all across the State of Illinois, converge on the campus of Eastern Illinois University in Charleston for this once in a lifetime, hands on learning experience. The delegates to Illinois Boys State are soon sworn in as "citizens" of this mythical 51st state. They are tasked with creating and running their own city, county and state governments through hands on debate, elections and government meetings.

While it is hard to put into just a few words, Illinois Boys State is an amazing opportunity that can truly transform one's outlook on life. This multifaceted program packs a wide range of activities in one short week: some classroom learning, friendly sports competitions, patriotic activities, the Boys State band, a chance to earn thousands of dollars in college scholarships, a college-like living environment and so much more. Overseen by an experienced and talented all-volunteer staff of counselors, this program has been creating a new generation of civic minded individuals for almost eight decades. Best of all, through sponsorship, this program is completely free to the delegates!

Wheels & More Raffle! $100 could win you a $30,0000 car! Buy a ticket today and help support the cause!

If Illinois Boys State sounds of interest to you or your son, check out or feel free to contact Chad Meents, a Boys State Citizen and 15 year counselor, for more information.

Welcome Adler O'Neil Hamann! Son of Megan Ryan, PC Sales

Lyle Menke also became a new Grampa on Jan 21! Welcome Elizabeth Kay Eartly!

6lbs 13 oz

Born 01/06/14, 8lbs 11oz 21 inches long!

--------------------------------------------------Steve Farrow became a new Grampa on Jan. 3rd! Welcome Annie Jugan, 6lbs 13 oz 20 inches!

-----------------------------------------------------------She looks just like Grampa! Anna Katherine (Jersey # AK 47), Granddaughter of David Zeglis Arrived 11/12 6lbs 1 oz 20 inches

Welcome New Employees

Service Awards!



Jacob Grant, PC Assembly

Ned Windeler, PC Engineering, 5 years on 10/12

Spencer Glover, PC IT

Ben Smith, PC Stockroom, 5 years on 10/26

Richard Phelan, PCSC Check Out Edgar Mack, PCSCA Assembly


Patrick Morrow, Field Service

Dan Jarvis, PC Engineering, 5 years on 11/10 Jim Chaplinski, PC Maint., 5 years on 11/16


Nick Hajewski, PC Marketing, 5 years on 11/29

Bryon White, PCSC Stockroom Brian Miglin, PC Cafe


David Perkins, PC Machine Shop

Jimmy Brockington, PCSC Weld, 15 years on 12/8 Steve Stageman, PC Engineering, 5 years 12/15


Brian Lundmark, PC IT, 10 years on 12/17

Kevin Randalls, PC SSSL Lindy Casey, PC Marketing

Congratulations and Thank you!

------------------------------------------------------------------Answers: David Samuel, Field Service, was in Baltimore, MD visiting Anderson Industrial Contracting

----------------------------------------------------------------Thank you to all of our contributors!! You make this newsletter great :)

Nick Hajewski was in Miami, FL for the FABTECH Advisory Committee meeting (and he announced it loudly) Who's Desk? Keith Wilkey, PC Engineering Who's Toolbox? Frank Wilson, PCSC Assembly

Next issue will be SPRING! Release mid-May Please submit articles prior to April 31st!

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