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SAMUEL GROSSI & SONS Defining Success in the Steel Construction Industry

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Defining Success in the Steel Construction Industry

Central Steel Traditional American Values, Modern American Technology


BDL-1250/9D The Only 7 Point Clamping System in the Industry


Structural Steel Systems Ltd. Remanufacturing Peddinghaus Machines to Original Excellence


HSFDB 2500 The Industry’s Most Cutting Edge CNC Plate Processing Machine


Financing Incentives Good Economic News for Challenging Times


Ring Of Fire The Most Versatile Machine on the Market Today


NASCC Dinner Event Opening Day of a New Era in Fabrication


FINANCING INCENTIVES Good Economic News for Challenging Times Today’s economy has many fabricators scratching their heads over financial issues. What does the Economic Stimulus plan mean to our industry? What types of Infrastructure are included? More importantly, the Stimulus plan includes viable tax incentives that enable you to obtain working capital via its Loss Carry Back Program – even if 2009 turns out a little weak.

(l to r) John Grossi, Bob Grossi, Matt Nolin, Gene Grossi, Jr., Management team of Samuel Grossi and Sons, a premier structural fabricator based in Bensalem, PA.

How is success defined in the steel fabrication or the steel construction industry? Is it determined by the geographic scope of business? Is it determined by the tonnage a firm can fabricate annually? Perhaps success is defined by the number of high-profile, prestigious jobs fabricated per year? Or, maybe success is more subtle. Samuel Grossi and Sons, Inc., located in Bensalem, PA, just outside of Philadelphia has its own definition. Company President Bob Grossi, P.E., defines success as, “Consistently remaining technologically current, family focused and respectful of our customers, other structural fabricators, the AISC-industry peers and our business partners. It has served us well for the 40+ years I have been involved in the industry.” An interview with Bob, John and Gene, Jr. reveals much about how this attitude has been passed down through the three generations that have been involved in the company. Continued on page 4

CENTRAL STEEL Traditional American Values, Modern American Technology

Mr. David Kemp of Industrial Finance Group, Gulf Breeze, FL answers our questions on financial lending and the economy. See the full story on page 20

(l to r) Owners Stewart Aaby and Les Aaby, pictured with Jesus Gurrola, FPB Operator; the Aabys have an eye for machine value, and have built their business using remanufactured Peddinghaus equipment from Structural Steel Systems, Ltd.

When you think about Kansas, what comes to mind? You might picture the wide expanses of wheat fields, Kansas sunflowers, or call to mind the traditional American lifestyle you would see in a Norman Rockwell painting. A healthy respect for the simpler things in life rings true throughout the state but a quick tour of Central Steel in Wichita, Kansas proves that the combination of classic hard working America and the innovation of modern technology make for a winning combination. Continued on page 10




Peddinghaus is saying yes to 2009: Peddinghaus is not naïve to today’s economic conditions. We fully absorbed John Cross’ February 15 AISC report about the current state of steel construction in the USA. However we prefer to accept this challenge in a positive manner, with our glass always “half full”. During our many visits to your facilities, and numerous conversations, many of you have expressed confidence in our economy and the steel construction marketplace. Granted, it is much tougher now, but there are opportunities. To quote Mr. Cross, “The next few quarters are going to be challenging, but construction will ultimately return to volumes experienced in early 2008, and the structural steel industry is well positioned to capture a significant and growing share of that market”.

Lyle Menke say

What does Peddinghaus give you? Confidence. In our 106 years of existence, Peddinghaus has experienced many market ups and downs, and remained focused on our customers through them all. We have expanded our customer service and spare parts departments significantly. Our engineers have been working overtime developing new products – with 21st century technology – in place to make your firm competitive and profitable. We introduced six new products at our Oktoberfest last fall, and they are performing superbly in the field – confirming our expectation levels. Join us at Peddinghaus as together we embark on a new era in Structural Steel Fabrication. Say Challenges of 2009 – Say to Peddinghaus.

This year at the NASCC in Phoenix, Peddinghaus is saying Yes… • Yes to our customers and all of

their efforts in the industry that we serve • Yes to the A.I.S.C. and their

dedication to Steel Construction • Yes to new technology and the

advancement of building with structural steel. • Yes to Peddinghaus’ product

heritage: quality, strength, and reliability in design & performance • Yes to superior customer support:

plentiful technicians, telephone assistance, same day parts shipment from our huge parts inventory • Yes to improving fabrication

shop efficiency and maximizing productivity • Yes to our business partners,

as we work together developing superior products for the market — today and tomorrow • Yes to new challenges

to the

Steel Day 2009 Mark your calendars for Steel Day 2009 – September 18, 2009. As noted in the last issue of the STEEL FABRICATORS’ REVIEW, the AISC is organizing an industry wide initiative to promote steel – the lifeblood of our industry. What is Peddinghaus doing to assist this initiative? Plenty! Here is what Peddinghaus is planning for this occasion: • We will open our doors to the industry – especially Architects, General Contractors and Fabricators to visit our facility to see world class fabrication machine tools in action. With our diverse product line, we will demonstrate hole creation in all its methods: punched drilled with twist drills drilled with high speed carbide holes created thermally with plasma • We will host live demonstrations of material handling – beams, columns, tubing, angle, channel • Band sawing demonstrations • Part identification marking via mechanical or thermal methods • Plate nesting with thermal cutting via scrap-saving common cut line and chain cutting methods • Much Much More n




Peddinghaus is also considered the “Unofficial Tour Guide of the Structural Fabrication Industry”. We are happy to always sponsor tours of fabrication shops in geographic locations throughout the world. For Steel Day 2009, we will provide the same courtesies. Let us know your interest, and we will explore the opportunities! Give us a call. Peddinghaus is proud is to be a member of the greatest industry on earth, and we wholeheartedly welcome any industry participant at any time to visit our facilities. We always say to stop by… “The Coffee Pot is Always On”…




FROM THE CEO Dear Customers and Friends,

If your winter weather was anything like our winter weather here in the Midwest, you may seriously start to question the Global Warming concept. I know I speak on behalf of the entire staff of Peddinghaus Corporation when I say we are all looking forward to traveling to Phoenix for the NASCC conference on April 1. We can’t wait to soak up a little sunshine – just like the ballplayers do in Spring Training. The AISC has again gone above and beyond to create a wonderful conference and program that benefits everyone in the steel construction industry. My personal thanks go to Roger Ferch, Scott Melnick, and

Anton Peddinghaus

especially Katey Preston for their hard work in preparation for this event.

NASCC: Say Yes to the Future I recall say the 2004 NASCC that was held in Long Beach, CA during a perceived economic downturn. It was very sad to see the low attendance for such an important industry conference. Peddinghaus has been in business for 106 years, and I can assure you that we have seen plenty of “business cycles”. I personally hope that these challenging times do not deter you – and your key people – from coming to Phoenix. Now is the time to expose your “junior executives” to the benefits that only the NASCC can offer. Take advantage of the wonderful AISC Programs available to you. Two that I don’t want to miss are: “Connection Design Responsibility: Is the Debate Over?” by AISC V.P. Charlie Carter and “Current Sales Forecasts and Outlook” by AISC V.P. of Marketing John Cross

What Can You Expect at Peddinghaus’ Booth this Year? Yes, the rumor is true; we now have our “Magic Machine” – the Ring Of Fire available for delivery. You know us, if we don’t feel comfortable, we won’t bring it to market, but I have to tell you – IT IS READY! We have done thorough R & D – running our production, and our engineers are delighted with the results!

Peddinghaus personnel will be there in full force. Why? We want our engineers available to answer your questions first hand. Yes, we do have excellent sales people, but we know our customers want to hear it “directly from the horse’s mouth”. Our engineers are good communicators, and they will be available to assist you.

Don’t take my word for it, visit us at Booth 101, and examine them yourself. You will also have the opportunity to obtain first hand information from the people who know – our customers who happily provide testimonials to how fantastically productive these machines are.

Jim Bolduc, Peddinghaus’ V.P. of Customer Services will also attend the entire show. During trying economic times, superior customer service is essential. Jim wants to meet you and work together on service maintenance and training programs that will keep your Peddinghaus machine investment operating at peak performance.

“Opening Day” in Phoenix: Peddinghaus’ Networking Dinner

Our BDL 1250 D Carbide drill line is the benchmark for structural steel drilling – hands down. The new high speed HS FDB 2500 plate processor with an 8 station traveling tool changer is the Pinnacle of plate machines!

When you are in Phoenix, take advantage of every networking opportunity. Now is the time to talk to existing – and new – business partners! Peddinghaus has the perfect platform for you. You all know that Phoenix is home to Schuff Steel, so we used a little “home cooking” to arrange for a special treat.

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Defining Success in the Steel Construction Industry Humble Beginnings Similar to many companies in the steel industry, Samuel Grossi & Sons, Inc. began as a family business with 7 employees, 5 of which were family members. Incorporated in 1961 by the founder of the company, Samuel Grossi, the business was housed in a 10,000 square foot building in Philadelphia, PA. Gene, Sr. and Bob Grossi, joined their father in 1963 and 1964 after graduating from college with engineering degrees. Currently, Samuel Grossi & Sons, Inc. occupies approximately 300,000 square feet of space in Bensalem, PA and employs over 80 people.

The Strengths of Samuel Grossi & Sons, Inc.

The Grossi Business Philosophy

While speaking with a 3-member management group, Bob, John and Gene, Jr., the passion, commitment, and spirit of the organization is palpable. While a very professional atmosphere is maintained, a family atmosphere remains tantamount, everywhere there is a feeling of teamwork and dedication to the success of each steel project they are hired to produce.

So the Grossis enumerate their strength, what business philosophy has carried their firm through the three generations? We received some very straight forward answers during the interview.

• Since the founding of their partner company, E&R Erectors, SGS erects what they fabricate. • There is open collaboration with other fabricators and industry peers. • All detailing is done in-house. • A large majority of the erection is done in-house

• We believe that you should service your customers well. We have core customers that we have worked with since our early years, and we are very proud of that. • Maintain solid relationships with your business partners • From Peddinghaus to Nucor to the software companies to the Architects and Engineers that design the projects: communicate and participate • Be on the Shop Floor – Know what is going right and wrong on every job. Be ready to re-engineer or reallocate resources if need be to help improved performance or quality. • Cooperate with others in the steel and construction industry. Should an owner, contractor, architect or engineer need engineering or fabrication expertise, lend them a hand. In general, people not directly involved in steel fabrication don't understand how a steel shop works. We consistently bring the contractors, engineers and architects of the projects we build to our facility. It is a great learning opportunity on both sides.

The Peddinghaus BDL 1250 D carbide drill has given Grossi & Sons the speed and flexibility to fly through huge sections – like this W44 x 230 x 60 ft – with hundreds of holes in minutes.

The Peddinghaus Anglemaster model 823 with material handling, “is one of the most solid, versatile machines on our floor,” says Gene.

This ten year old FPB 1500 at Grossi consistently runs plate components for all of Grossi’s projects – any shape, size, or configuration. Punching slotted holes is a big advantage.

Surviving Market Peaks and Valleys – Staying Strong – A Willingness to Change

Samuel Grossi and Sons has a superior reputation for quality in fabrication of heavy members that require multiple drilled holes in beams.

The economy and President Obama’s Stimulus package are current topics. How has Samuel Grossi and Sons, Inc., remained successful for over 60 years through both turbulent and good times? All three Grossis feel that, “Keeping equipment and technology current increases productivity.” • Machine Tool Automation • We have purchased or replaced 12 new pieces of CNC shop equipment over the past 12 years. You need the right machine for the job

The PCD 1100 multi-spindle drill, with Peddinghaus’ material handling system, is a superb complement to Grossi’s BDL 1250 D Carbide drill, making quick work of smaller sections. Continued on page 6



FROM THE CEO OPENING DAY IN PHOENIX Continued from page 2 Mark your calendar for Wednesday, April 1 – Peddinghaus is hosting our “Opening Day to a New Era in Structural Fabrication” at a pretty special place – Chase Field – the home of the Arizona Diamondbacks Baseball team! We have made arrangements to rent the entire stadium so you can join us! • Join us ON THE FIELD for some Major League cuisine – perfect for this venue! • Opening up the musical entertainment will be a band comprised of Schuff’s Steel own Jim Madden and his band! • Keynote speaker – with a dynamic message – is Hall of Fame Pitcher and business entrepreneur Jim Palmer! • Last year at NASCC, you told us you LOVED the music, so we are bringing a special Nashville recording star, Ms. Whitney Duncan! It will be a relaxed atmosphere for the perfect mix of business and pleasure to renew old acquaintances and build new business relationships. You probably know that the steelwork for Chase Field was fabricated by our friends at Schuff Steel. The retractable roof is simply awesome.

It is Lonely at the Top As you know, it is my management style to seek advice from experienced business professionals on various commercial issues. I always enjoy visiting customers as it gives me the opportunity to learn your thoughts on various issues that affect our industry – and our business relationship. I had the opportunity to visit a customer in Ireland a couple of weeks ago. He is a lifelong CEO of a steel fabrication firm and he provided some sound advice that I would like to share with you… “Anton”, he said, “It is always lonely at the top when you must make difficult business decisions, but one practice I have done in my 40 + years in business is to seek the counsel of other seasoned business professionals” He continued, “When tough times would occur during my career, I would pick up the phone and call another CEO in our industry and invite him to dinner. (One time it was even one of my competitors!) I was amazed to learn that this CEO was suffering the same problems and difficulties as I – from personnel to inventory to finances to production – every problem was like mine. As we talked, he explained how he had managed during the ups and downs of the market, and how cycles affect your business. He advised to always stay positive and optimistic at all times. “Soon these dark clouds will pass, and your firm will get back on track – best of all, the bad times are quickly forgotten as your team gears up for the future…”

These words from a well known Irish fabricator really struck home with me. So heed these words of advice – call an industry colleague – or a Peddinghaus friend, and invite them to dinner and “talk shop”. Yes, it is Lonely at the Top – but you will find that other professionals in the same CEO position have the same problems.

Say “Yes” to a Full Glass I will see you at the NASCC in Phoenix, and together let’s raise a “Full Glass” to the Opening Day of a new era in Structural Fabrication.





GROSSI & SONS Continued from page 4 • Our new Peddinghaus BDL 1250 D carbide drill is significantly faster than our previous model, and has increased our shop throughput. • Software Technology • We can now pinpoint a beam or gusset plate in a few minutes – in the old days, we would be searching the entire plant using our best “guess”. • Buying the right machine for the job • We were awarded a project that had several hundred beams with welded moment preparations. We purchased a Peddinghaus ABCM 1250 and it almost paid for itself on that one project. • Remain competitive on 100 ton or 10,000 ton jobs • Smaller projects help fill the gaps, and can be really beneficial to maintaining good cash flow. The new BDL 1250 D allows us to “mix” in the smaller projects because of the machine’s speed and versatility to maintain this objective.

The 10 year old FPB 1500 produces quality plate connections daily – a true investment that you can depend on.

“Don’t Try to Be a ‘Home Run’ Hitter” Through a roundtable discussion, the Grossis compared Steel Fabrication to baseball. This is somewhat fitting, considering that the Philadelphia Phillies are the reigning World Series champions, and SGS also fabricated and erected a significant portion of the Phillies new home, Citizens Bank Park. Basically the owners stated, “Don’t try to be a “Home Run hitter” and “you can’t win every game,” in this industry. With “Opening Day” fast approaching, the principals of Samuel Grossi and Sons, Inc. gave some tips for a successful “season”. • Target projects that meet your capacity • Bid projects that meet your facility and experience. • Carve out your niche in the market. • Collaborate with other fabricators; create good will by being a team player. • Diversify your project portfolio to help balance your workload and delivery requirements.

Effect of the New Peddinghaus BDL 1250 D on Production • Forty Percent (40%) Increase in Beam Drill Line. “It is a great machine. It is fast and rugged. We estimate a 40% increase because of its speed, Smart Spindle drilling technology and its rugged clamping design.” • “We have no limit on capacity. It is so fast, that we can complete phases of large projects, load in smaller projects and continue with the next phase of the larger projects with no interruption.”

If you need to produce holes in beams – Peddinghaus is the ONLY solution. • “We are able to meet deadlines on small-scale jobs and larger scale jobs with efficient equipment. The Peddinghaus BDL 1250 D has increased our competitive edge.” Samuel Grossi & Sons continues to follow the fundamental principles and practices that have served it well for the past 60+ years. The company leaders are committed to maintain these core values, but know full well that adaptations around these values need to be taken in the ever changing marketplace. It is the belief of Samuel Grossi and Sons that this philosophy will lead the company successfully for generations yet to come.

Large fabrications await completion in the detail shop of Samuel Grossi and Sons. Turn to page 8 for more information on some of Grossi & Sons’ recent projects.






Projects by Samuel Grossi & Sons HUP-CAM




PROJECT: Philadelphia Airport Terminal D/E Expansion OWNER: Philadelphia Airport Authority – Philadelphia, PA TONNAGE: 2000 New passenger terminal with long span all bolted floor transfer and roof wide flange trusses

Ritz PROJECT: Perelman Center for Advanced Medicine OWNER: Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania – Philadelphia, PA TONNAGE: 2500

PROJECT: Mohegan Sun Casino OWNER: Mohegan Sun Entertainment – Wilkes Barre, PA TONNAGE: 1900 New casino with long span roof & pedestrian trusses (all bolted)

Six story, steel moment and brace frame combination


PROJECT: Residences at the Ritz Carlton OWNER: ACG Partners – Philadelphia, PA TONNAGE: 1200 Steel transfer and base support for 50 story concrete structure


PROJECT: HUP - West Tower Research Building OWNER: Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania – Philadelphia, PA TONNAGE: 5000

PROJECT: Neumann College Recreation Center OWNER: Neumann College – Ashton, PA TONNAGE: 700 Recreation center with long span roof barrel roof trusses

PROJECT: New Student Center at Thomas Jefferson University OWNER: Thomas Jefferson University – Philadelphia, PA TONNAGE: 1000


Six story bolted moment frame

17 story brace frame with cantilever transfer trusses



PROJECT: Fox Chase Cancer Center OWNER: Fox Chase Cancer Center – Philadelphia, PA Tonnage: 1000 Six story combination bolted/welded moment frame

PROJECT: Paoli Hospital Patient Care Facility OWNER: Paoli Hospital – Paoli, PA TONNAGE: 1500 New patient care and ambulance arrival building – combination welded/bolted moment frame

PROJECT: New Classroom Building at University of the Sciences-Philadelphia OWNER: University of the Sciences - Philadelphia – Philadelphia, PA TONNAGE: 750 New classroom facility with bolted A-frame roof trusses








Traditional American Values, Modern American Technology Brothers Stewart and Les Aaby come from a strong family history of ironworkers. As early as the 1940s their grandfather owned a blacksmith shop, working with steel and ornamental iron. When his sons Richard and James Aaby (Les and Stewart’s uncle and father) came into the

Central Steel, Wichita, KS is a family owned and operated business built with Midwestern work ethics and family pride.

business the firm grew into a small weld shop and later evolved into structural fabrication.

Family Businesses Partnering for Growth Today Les and Stewart apply the same hard working values they learned during their youth sweeping the shop floor and helping their family run the business. Having originally worked primarily in Lock & Dam work the firm later created close relationships with local and regional commercial builders. These family owned firms traded hands from fathers to sons and grew much like Central Steel did. As these firms expanded into other markets across the nation they continued to use Central Steel as their fabricator of choice. “Our key to success is customer service. We live by the theory that the customer is always right. We keep them happy and in return they hire us back with return business and take our services where ever they go. We personally focus solely on the Midwest, but these contractors have taken our work all over the country.” — Stewart Aaby

Economic Growth, Technological Advancement With many of these traditional family businesses working and growing together Central Steel has forged relationships with customers that have transcended generations. As these businesses and families have continued to evolve so have their professions and the technology they use. With clients that include the largest church builder in the country, Central Steel has seen a lot of change since the original blacksmith shop run by their grandfather Robert. Many projects, such as dormitories for local military bases and school buildings, demand surprisingly high tonnages for projects that utilize primarily light materials. The step to automation was critical to producing these high quantities of light members in demanding time frames. The need to accommodate these jobs without increasing their workforce was a must in order to remain competitive. In 1994 Central Steel visited the original Peddinghaus Oktoberfest and purchased their very first Peddinghaus machine. Having learned from their uncle, father, and grandfather how to purchase machines at auctions Les and Stewart have a strong respect for the value used equipment has to offer. Having heard of the advantages CNC equipment can present Central Steel invested in a remanufactured Anglemaster from Structural Steel Systems Limited, a subsidiary of Peddinghaus Corporation.

The new Peddinghaus Anglemaster AFPS 623 was installed last December, replacing a remanufactured machine originally built in 1983.

The new Anglemaster produces plentiful angle components as well as flat stock – a perfect fit for Central Steel’s fabrication projects.

“When we purchased the first angle line we had five people employed for the purpose of producing clip angles - 2 people operating shears, 2 more people operating portable punches, and 1 template maker who was nearing 70 years in age. After the purchase of the Peddinghaus angle line we only needed one person to work on the angles, and the others were moved to other jobs within the shop. We honestly didn't expect it to be THAT good.” “When we purchased the original angle line it was already 20 years old, but after the remanufacture it lasted us 13 years. This machine really impressed us and sold us on purchasing more remanufactured equipment from SSSL. “When we were planning on purchasing the FPB-1500 as a refurbishment a Peddinghaus shop supervisor stopped us, pointing out that the worn parts may cause an issue, Peddinghaus repaired everything and rebuilt the machine “like new”. Ever since the purchase of the remanufactured plate line we have been nothing but grateful to Peddinghaus who suggested the full remanufacture. “If you placed a remanufactured machine next to a new one I couldn’t tell the two apart. The remanufactured equipment looks and performs just like a new machine.” - Stewart Aaby

After the purchase of their first Anglemaster in 1994 Central Steel added: • A remanufactured ABC-1000/4 coper in 1997 • A remanufactured FPB-1500 in 1999 • A remanufactured beam punch line in 2003 • And finally replaced their original angle line with a brand new AFPS-823 in 2007.



The remanufactured Peddinghaus ABCM 1000 coping system is a valuable tool when processing coped sections such as floor beams.

Like all Peddinghaus machine operators, Jesus Gurrola on the FPB, started as a material handler in the yard for Central Steel.

The 1992 remanufactured Peddinghaus Beam Punch Line model BPL 1000/5 runs continually, and effectively produced round and slotted holes for Central Steel’s project requirements. The purchase of the plate line has pleased more than just Central Steel – a fitter that they had been working with for nearly 20 years had grown a reputation around the shop for complaining that each plate was different when plates were made manually. His frustration grew as he would search through piles of plate trying to find just the right piece for each individual job. After one week of the new machine running in production the fitter came into the shop and was ecstatic about the new equipment. The FPB combined with the ability to import CNC programs had eliminated the human error at the root of his frustration. “We think our fitter was happier than we were with the accuracy of our plates!” — Les Aaby

Victor Morales, BPL operator, proudly runs the machine which handles beam production in the shop. Continued on page 12





CENTRAL STEEL Continued from page 11

Staying Cost Competitive in the Ever Changing Steel Industry This new equipment has helped Stewart and Les stay competitive in the ever changing steel construction markets. With focus changing from schools in 2000-2001, to churches in 2005-2006, to ethanol plants in 2006-2007 the machines continue to help them stay competitive by cutting process times and overhead costs. What has been their secret to success? Training their entry level employees to run the machines – the ease of the equipment has helped them take employees from positions as material movers to more intense CNC operators without issue. “We look for employees that are hard working and dependable and then move them into a machine operator job. Most of our employees start out as what other places might call general labor, but when we find a good hard worker it’s usually not too difficult to move them into running equipment. Training has been easy on the Peddinghaus equipment and we have successfully taken material handlers and made them Peddinghaus machine operators on a regular basis.

Like all progressive shops, Central Steel stores material in the yard, and feeds it through a small wall opening to the Peddinghaus machines inside.

“In addition to increased cost benefits to the company, the compact size of the machines proves simple to integrate into the shop. With limited space the benefit of being able to start production outside serves as a huge advantage. Material starts at one side of the shop and then works its way through the beam punch line, then the coper, and ends at weld stations with limited crane handling. “In 2000 we were producing 80 tons per employed person per year, that jumped to 113.3 tons per person in 2007 - that’s a 42% INCREASE in production while fabricating large amounts of 8, 10, 12, and 14" wide beams!” — Les Aaby

The new Anglemaster model 623 was purchased with a complete loading system to complement the speed of the system.

One of the major advantages of the new equipment has been the ability to use modern software to expedite the fabrication process. Using programs like Fabtrol and Strucad Central Steel does much of their programming and shop management in a paperless office. Much of Central Steel’s programming actually is done by a person working at an outside location. With the introduction of automation many of the machine programmers never even need to set foot on the shop floor.

What’s on the Horizon for Central Steel In today’s unpredictable market, fabricators continue to search for ways they can sustain operation without sacrificing their valuable versatility. Central Steel has been and continues to be optimistic about future outcomes. Business is steady and they have lots of projects in mind for the upcoming year. As far as their machine tool investment they give it a lot of credit for helping them endure economic conditions in the past:

Locating the Anglemaster inside the shop wall saves valuable floor space – for fabricators of any size/tonnage.

“Peddinghaus has enabled us to weather the cyclical boom and bust of the last 10 years while producing many different kinds of opportunities that allow us to utilize fewer employees. This enables us to keep our best and brightest working busily in our shop.” — Stewart Aaby

The fitters and welders at Central Steel perform many tasks in the fabrication process.



When Others Can’t…We Can!





BDL 1250/9D HIGH SPEED CARBIDE DRILL LINE SYSTEM CLAMPING Good Vibrations? – No Such Thing When Carbide Drilling! Increased spindle speeds and fast paced feed rates are what make Carbide Drilling the latest and greatest in modern fabrication technology. Just as you wouldn’t put a hot-rod motor in a compact car you don’t just place a large spindle motor on an old drill line. The need to reduce or eliminate material and machine vibration is critical to get the most out of your carbide investment. The costs associated with broken tooling and the resulting down time can take away from the benefits the drill line can offer. The Peddinghaus solution – The BDL-1250/9D uses the only 7 point clamping system in the machine tool industry! LINEAR RAIL BRAKE SYSTEM (not in view) • Functions similar to a car’s disc brake system • Engages during the drilling process • Eliminates unwanted spindle motion during drilling THE WEB PROBE / MATERIAL CLAMP • Probes each side of beam to find web dimensions • Centers flange holes with the web • Blows air purge to clear chips when probing • Pushes beam against underside support • Securely clamps material during drilling • Stabilizes web for increased precision UNDERSIDE SUPPORT SYSTEM • Powers to support web on beams • Engages before drilling • Prevents flex on thinner materials Z-TOWER BRAKE SYSTEM (not in view) • Rightly clamps Z-tower into place • Allows Z-tower to push against material without negative force interfering with drilling • Prevents Z-Tower from moving during high speed drilling process • Resists up to 20,000 lbs of force

Novel Iron Works Greenland, NH the new Carbide drill model BDL 1250 at the Peddinghaus Oktoberfest, and we can honestly say “ Wethispurchased new drill line has increased our overall production and through-put capability by 40%. We investigated all the other “carbide drill lines” on the market, and I can tell you that Peddinghaus has got it right. They know drilling, and this machine has everything it takes for high speed drilling. The frame is bigger and stronger, and multiple clamping systems are used on the machine to insure the drill never “chatters”. A big concern with carbide drilling of structural profiles is running thin web floor beams – but Peddinghaus has a unique underneath web support that eliminates any possible deflection. They effectively reduced maintenance with an eco-friendly air mist cooling and an automatic central lubrication system designed into the machine. That’s just good engineering. Bill Gallant, Production Manager and Paul Rosenthal, Vice President

The Peddinghaus Carbide drill BDL 1250 D is the fastest thing on the planet for drilling steel: Peddinghaus engineers nailed this one.




PATENTED SMART SPINDLE II When Carbide Drilling, Drill the Peddinghaus way! All New Smart Spindle II Technology with Linear Feedback! When you’re drilling with Carbide you want nothing but the fastest in spindle technology. If you can make a hole in 4 seconds what does it matter if your drill needs to return to a stationary tool changer or continually “drills air”? Our users report 40% throughput increases due to the latest in high speed spindle technology – Smart Spindle II!

1 – Drill does initial probe to sense top of material VERTICAL HOLD DOWNS • Located on the entry and exit sides of the machine • Clamps down on material during motion • Helps guide work piece during its pass through the machine • Physically holds material still – eliminating material vibration

NON-TAPERED ROLLERS • All of the rollers on the BDL-1250/9D are solid cylindrical rollers • Non-tapered rollers do not allow material to slip off easily and increase contact with material

2 – Drill backs to a safe distance and begins to rotate 3 – Begins drilling material 4 – At 90% through its stroke the machine begins to monitor motor energy consumption 5 – Upon breakthrough, the resulting drop in motor use tells the machine it has completed the hole








6 –Spindle immediately retracts and begins drilling the next hole

Maximum Profile Width Minimum Profile Width Maximum Machining Height Maximum Work Piece Weight Number of Drill Spindles Drill Spindles Per Axis Power Per Spindle Drill Diameter

INCREASED ROLLER SURFACE • Roller surface is 50% larger than the size of the BDL-B rollers • This gives the machine a firmer grip on the material needed for drilling with carbide tooling • Eliminates material vibration during drilling

INCH 50 in 3 in 24 in 43,800 max lbs 9 3 25 hp @ S6-40 5/16" to 2" min-max inch

METRIC 1250 mm 75 mm 610 mm 18867 max kg

18.5 kW @ S6-40 8-50 mm

installed the new BDL 1250 D drill last December – around the Christmas holiday, and we are very, very pleased with “ Weits performance, speed, and versatility for drilling structural sections. In analyzing our production since the installation of the

Samuel Grossi & Sons Bensalem, PA

John Grossi, Bob Grossi, President, Matt Nolin, and Gene Grossi, Jr. – the management team of Samuel Grossi and Sons.

BDL 1250 D, we can say that our overall production throughput has increased by 40%. In operating this new Peddinghaus carbide drill, our observations are: • The machine installation was fast and simple, as little modification had to be done to the drill location, conveyor line, concrete; the changeover took us about a week • The speed of the BDL 1250 D is phenomenal; we process many large jobs – such as the Pennsylvania Convention Center – heavy sections with many holes, and we are amazed how fast this drill can process columns with hundreds of holes • The hole quality is amazing: smooth, burr free – perfect for matching up to bolt connections • The combination of the BDL “Smart Spindle II” technology coupled with Kennametal carbide tooling helps us fly through multiple hole patterns • We really like the features on the machine like the eco friendly air cooling on the drills, the Siemens electronic components, and the underneath web support clamping system. Before the Peddinghaus BDL 1250 D carbide drill, we needed to schedule an extra shift to get through some large hole patterns on big columns. Not any more; the BDL D is so fast and accurate, that normal production scheduling keeps us ahead of the game. Another key is that we can process smaller tonnage jobs – run through the drill line, and fabricate the sections – and still stay on target to meet an existing large project. This gives us tremendous production flexibility and increases throughput. Samuel Grossi and Sons is very pleased with the engineering and design of the BDL 1250 D Carbide drill line. We would recommend it to any fabricator.





Used machines arrive and are thoroughly cleaned and repainted.

When a used machine is rebuilt it is stripped down to the bare frame and literally re-manufactured in many ways. All gearbox assemblies are stripped and restored, replacing all parts excluding the main casting and plates.

Thinking of Buying a Machine Cheaply at Auction? Think Again — Look Out For the Hidden Costs! USED VERSUS REMANUFACTURED DRILL LINE COST COMPARISON EXPENSE



Auction Fee Shipping Costs Rigging Costs Training Costs


Up to 10%

Included FOB Factory Included Included in Price

$5,000+ $6,000+ $7,000+

1 yr free parts and service Factory Direct – Warranty Covered Brand New Guaranteed

No Warranty – $15,000+ Factory Direct – Local or Off Shore? Replacement = $40,000+ Rarely Without Service Visit - $5,000 Not Included - $1,500+ $15,000+ Unreliable, No Guarantee Est. $10,000 in Repairs Questionable

Warranty Customer Service Electricals Operational Software Installation Dependability

Upgraded – Up to Date Included in Price Reliable Factory Guaranteed Results Future Resale Value Positive



Yes Yes




Air Hydraulics KW Requirements Spare Parts List

Yes Yes Yes Yes


Operating Instructions Trouble Shooting Guide

Yes Yes


Plant Layouts Electrical Schematics Machine Footprint







During the remanufacturing process for drills, the customer upgrades from three spindles to nine – providing a host of benefits such as: • Eliminating downtime due to tool changing • More tool options are available to owner • No more flood coolant creates less waste • Through-tool mist coolant is installed allowing for environmentally safe vegetable oil lubricant use

The entire electrical panel is stripped bare and all components are replaced as needed. For the application, a new electrical system with breakers, rather than fuses, is installed with all new wiring.

A fully remanufactured machine also includes: • New Servo Motor Package • All New Hydraulics • New Fagor Control • 1 year warranty – free parts/labor

Your Machine Is New Again!

Experienced Peddinghaus technicians, skilled in machine knowledge, work in the remanufacturing process.

STS Steel, Inc.

Munster Steel Inc.

Schenectady, NY

Munster, IN all options for the existing drill line and decided “ Weon aexamined remanufactured Peddinghaus model BDL 1250 from SSSL. The remanufactured

be more satisfied with our remanufactured FPB 1500. “ IThecouldn’t machine has run without a problem since it was installed three years ago.

machine looks brand new. You can see the meticulous care taken in the remanufacturing process. Peddinghaus technicians from their SSSL division were fast, cooperative, and knowledgeable. We built the reputation of Munster Steel on quality and delivery – we cannot jeopardize those standards. When delivery time is vital, and accuracy is paramount, we turn to the SSSL division of Peddinghaus for solutions.

Peddinghaus did a great job with this unit! When it arrived, it looked like a new piece of equipment. We moved three people out of part making to other areas and the turnaround time for parts has been significantly reduced. It is much easier for us to find a person who is able and happy to operate this equipment than people who will manually make parts.

— Jeanne Robbins, President

Not only does the FPB 1500 help our throughput it is a source of pride for all employees. — Glen R. Tabolt, President

SSSL Can Help • Machine trade-in value will save you money. • Remanufacture your old machine or take in trade for an already remanufactured machine. If you have any questions please call:

630. 244. 4909




HSFDB 2500 CNC PLATE PROCESSING SYSTEM THE HSFDB 2500 is the industry’s most cutting edge CNC plate processing machine. With its small footprint and single operator capabilities the HSFDB combines: • High Speed Drilling • Countersinking • Tapping • Thermal Contour Cutting via Oxy Fuel or Plasma • Marking NO WASTED MOTION – 8 Tool Options in a Single Pass The exclusive HSFDB design speeds your production with a patent pending rotary tool change that actually travels with the spindle. Able to accommodate up to 8 tools, multiple hole diameter drilling, tapping and marking can be accomplished without wasting time retrieving a new tool. This makes single pass operation even more efficient.

CHAIN CUTTING Whether your machine is equipped with an oxy-fuel torch capable of cutting 3 inch (75 mm) steel or the high speed 260 amp plasma – the HSFDB’s chain cutting capability in conjunction with nesting software allows the torch to run continuously producing multiple nested parts. This not only saves on consumables, but delivers more parts in a shorter period of time while saving stock plate inventory costs.





6 mm



75 mm



150 mm



2500 mm


Actual machine opens up to 2540 mm (100") Stock Length


1320 mm



6 meters


2500 mm Wide x 600 mm Long

96" Wide x 24" Long

Maximum Dump Table Capacity

TECHNICAL DATA 460/415/380 Volts, 50/60 Cycle, 3 Phase

Maximum Material Thickness Spindle Power Maximum Drill Thrust Maximum Drill Torque Maximum Hole Size Spindle Speed Spindle Feed Rate Tool Holder Option

METRIC INCH 75 mm 3" 36 kW 48 hp 51.6 kN 11,600 lbs 325 N-m 241 ft-lb 75 mm 3" 0-2250 RPM 0-2250 RPM 0-8 m/min 0-315 IPM #50 Cat. Taper with Thru Tool Coolant

TOOL CHANGER SPECIFICATIONS Type of Changer Capacity Maximum Tool Length (Gage Line to Tool Tip) Tool Change time

350 mm

Rotary 8 Tools 13.75 inches 16 Second Maximum




2ND GENERATION OF “SMART SPINDLE” TECHNOLOGY FOR ULTRA HIGH SPEED DRILLING Rapid approach to the material and the use of Peddinghaus’ second generation of “smart spindle” technology and 48 Hp (36 kW) motor create much faster drilling times able to handle any plate operation. Spindle also allows for tapping and countersinking.

SPRAY MIST LUBRICANT The HSFDB 2500 uses a vegetable oil based mist lubrication process for all tools. Lubrication is applied directly through the tool and is activated with air pressure to insure high speed performance. This environmentally friendly almost dry coolant eliminates costly flood coolant and the hazards associated with its use.

REMOTE DIAGNOSTICS The powerful multi-axis Siemens control unit provides fully operational CNC control functionality with an integrated, user-friendly PC platform. This efficient control system provides remote diagnostic capability which brings the expertise of the Peddinghaus service staff directly to your machine.

AUTOMATED TOOL HEIGHT MEASURING & MATERIAL DIMENSION SENSING The HSFDB rotary tool changer comes complete with an automated tool measuring system that automatically indexes to the tool measuring unit to sense the tool height. The HSFDB also automatically detects plate dimensions and identifies mill tolerance deviations by Peddinghaus’ state-of-the-art laser measuring system.

Waiward Steel Fabricators Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

our founding some 30 years ago, Waiward Steel and Peddinghaus Corporation, through our local distributor – Akhurst “ From Machinery – have been excellent business partners. They understand our expectation levels, and what is required to maintain a strong relationship, even in challenging economic times… from my Dad and Don I have learned that this relationship is one that the next generation at Waiward can depend on. — Terry Degner

recently received a project requiring multiple holes to be counter sunk and tapped. The new Peddinghaus HSFDB plate “ Wemachine gave us a huge advantage – carbide drilling, tapping, countersinking and burning on one machine gave us the edge that was required to obtain this work. Waiward Steel has the technology and resources thanks to our business partners to deliver a quality fabricated product ON TIME. — Terry Degner

good example of Peddinghaus’ strong technology is their new plate processing system, the high speed carbide model “ AHSFDB 2500. We have been strong supporters of Peddinghaus equipment – especially the plate machines since our first FPB in the 1990s. On the HSFDB 2500, I can tell you that the drilling speeds are phenomenal, the thermal cuts are superior, and one operator can perform all machine functions including loading and unloading. I am convinced that there is no plate processing machine that compares to the Peddinghaus HSFDB 2500… — Rob Wright

(l to r) Rob Wright, Production Manager; Robi Dosanj, HSFDB operator; and Terry Degner, President.

many years, and have had the chance to operate all of the Peddinghaus machines in our shop – “ ItheirhaveFPBbeen1500,withFDBWaiward 1500, FDB 2500, FPDB 1800, and now this new high speed model HSFDB 2500. They are all very good, — Robi Dosanj but this new HS machine is the BEST. Peddinghaus got it right… ”





Good Economic News For Challenging Times by Mr. David Kemp, Industrial Finance Group, Inc. With all the banking problems I read about, is financing readily available for a machine purchase? Some of our customers are finding that traditional bank financing is less available than in the past. Not only do most bankers not understand production machinery, many are limited by the institutional rules governing lending. Are Banks a good lending choice when I want to purchase equipment? Fabricators adding equipment might want to consider non-bank financing options through financial institutions that understand the value of machinery and are aggressively pursuing new customers by offering a variety of financing products and creative financing structures. These financial institutions offer rates and terms that are often better than traditional bank financing. What types of financing are available through these lending institutions? Which is the most popular? Installment Loan: This is a fixed rate loan with terms from 24 months to eighty four months. 100% of the machine price may be financed. Lease Purchase: This is a lease in which all depreciation accrues to the benefit of the end user. The equipment is purchased for one dollar after all payments have been made. The cash up front is typically the first and last payment. This is the most popular type of machinery financing. Tax Lease: A lease that affords a lower monthly payment in exchange for depreciation and a residual payment due after all lease payments have been made. This category of lease may qualify for “off balance sheet” accounting. Can you really delay payments up front so I can cover other expenses? Start up costs is an issue for many fabricators. Facility modifications may delay production, which in turn may place a burden on current cash flow. Financing is available that can delay the start date of monthly payments as long as three months, or that allows a company to pay a reduced payment for as long as six-months. Can you give me an example? Example: A machine costing $300,000 would have a monthly payment of $2,875.00 for the first six months, then a payment of $5,750.00 for the next sixty months. Is it true that lending rates are the best in years? This depends on which financial institution you are speaking of. Mortgage rates are at all time lows. Many banks are not willing to lock in a

low fixed rate loan for customers and are pushing floating rates, which may be low for a time but have the potential to increase later. We are in the unique position of offering excellent rates for machinery that are fixed for the entire term. Can you give me a payment plan example for a $300,000 capital equipment purchase? The typical term for a machinery purchase is five-years however we finance many machines for as long as seven-years. A typical monthly payment would be $5,923.00 for a five-year term, or $4,532.00 for a seven-year term. Rates are volatile at this time so customers need to call for the current rate when they are ready to buy. I know you can’t finance “used equipment” but is financing available for factory remanufactured equipment? Because Peddinghaus covers their remanufactured equipment with a factory warranty we treat their remanufactured machinery the same as new for financing purposes. Is that true that the best time to buy equipment is in a “down economy”? Adding equipment may make as much sense in a down economy as it does at any time due to the value of increased output and a reduction of labor costs. When we evaluate a company for financing one of the questions we ask is “how will this equipment impact your bottom line”? Peddinghaus machines typically pay their own way by either increasing production, or reducing expenses. Peddinghaus Answer: pricing/delivery/terms; decreased installation costs; enhanced training opportunities so you are “ready to run” when things return. Can I still make a Section 179 tax deduction for a machine purchase in 2009? President Obama signed into law the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 on February 17, 2009. Among the numerous provisions is an extension of the 50% bonus depreciation for equipment purchases, as well as a $250,000 179 expense allowance. A further provision of the bill allows business customers to recoup current losses with a fiveyear carry back period. Current law provides for a two-year carry back period. How long can I depreciate an equipment purchase? Seven years is the maximum term for production machinery. Are there any tax benefits to a longer depreciation term? A shorter term would afford a greater tax benefit

as the amount of depreciation would be more each year. This could be accomplished with a short term Tax Lease that has a higher monthly payment resulting in more of a write off each year. The benefits must be reconciled with the impact on cash flow and the high residual due after the lease term. We offer this type of lease and will be happy to discuss options with customers. We have all heard about the Economic Stimulus Package from President Obama, do you have any details? The Stimulus package is almost 1000 pages of law and verbiage. The primary benefits to small business owners are an extension of the $250,000 section 179 expenses and bonus first year depreciation of 50% EXAMPLE: Machine price Section 179 expense 50% bonus depreciation Standard depreciation Total first year deduction:

$300,000 ($250,000) ($25,000) ($3,572) $278,252.00

This could result in considerable tax savings depending on the company’s Federal income tax bracket. If a company is in a 25% tax bracket the tax savings could be as high as $69,573.00. ($278,252.00 x 25%) It should be noted that Section 179 expenses may not exceed the company's net income in the year they are utilized; therefore it may be advantageous to take only the 50% bonus depreciation on the entire purchase price. Bonus depreciation and standard depreciation are not subject to the “Net Income” convention. Always consult with you tax advisor prior to making a decision based on tax consequences. Under this new program can I apply for a tax refund from a previous year? The five-year carry back provision of the new bill would allow a company to apply for a refund of income taxes paid in a prior year if the depreciation expense cannot be used in the current year. Is infrastructure truly a major part of this plan? Absolutely; the plan allocates billions of dollars for roads, bridges, renewable energy projects, and other public works projects. For more information contact: Mr. David Kemp Industrial Finance Group, Inc. 108 Shoreline Drive • Gulf Breeze, FL 32561 phone: 800. 632. 2551 email: david@







RING OF FIRE STATE OF THE ART 360º PLASMA CUTTING SYSTEM The most versatile machine on the market! The Peddinghaus Ring Of Fire utilizes a never before seen 360˚ approach to plasma cutting. Boasting a Hypertherm torch, Siemens control and cutting-edge Peddinghaus engineering, the Ring Of Fire is a true all-in-one machine capable of processing ALL structural shapes. With the ability to process plate, flat stock, square tubing, angle, beams and channel, the Ring Of Fire can go from fabricating columns and floor beams straight to clip angles and other detail parts in a single pass – all on this one machine.

The Ring Of Fire capabilities include: • Flange Weld Preparation • Castellations • Haunches • Beam Splitting • Flange Notching • Web Notching • Any Size & Shape Of Cutouts • Any Size Or Location Of Slots • Layout Marking • Plasma Part Marking • Straight Cuts • Mitered Cuts • Bolt Holes

HYPERTHERM HPR TORCH TECHNOLOGY The Ring Of Fire combines state of the art plasma cutting technology and Peddinghaus innovation. The Hypertherm HPR plasma system demands minimal maintenance due to its revolutionary auto-gas system minimizing the need for time consuming operator adjustment. ALL-INCLUSIVE DUST COLLECTION AND PARTICULATE CONTAINMENT SYSTEM The Ring Of Fire keeps harmful particulate contained within the machine – protecting your workforce and keeping your shop clean. Sparks, dust and particulate are kept within the burn chamber and are collected with a modern day dust collection system. Keep your shop clean and your employees healthy.

Corporation is a company that prides itself in the reliability and quality of the equipment they sell. “ Peddinghaus When crafting a new innovation it’s critical to run a machine through its paces ensuring that everything runs smoothly for customers when they invest in the industry’s latest technology. Peddinghaus placed the Ring Of Fire in production at our manufacturing facilities in Bradley, Illinois. By running critical components for machines like the FDB-2500, safety light curtains, and material handling systems, Peddinghaus not only is running the machine through its paces, we are continually finding new ways to improve the technology and optimize our production process. Few customers understand that Peddinghaus uses our own equipment in production wherever the application fits. What better way to test our equipment? We use our FDB 2500 high speed plate processor in our own fabrication shop, and are proud to say many machine frames and similar components are produced on that Peddinghaus machine – with superior quality. We have been running a lot of tubing for our plate lines and light curtain stands and have seen both dramatic increases in efficiency and drops in production costs. We have to run many of our efficiency calculations several times because we — Jim Sutliffe simply cannot believe how much faster we can make some of our parts. Asst. VP of Engineering, Peddinghaus





AUTOMATED TORCH PROBING SYSTEM The torch on the Ring Of Fire is a multifunctional device programmed to automatically sense mill deviation in any material process. The probe simply touches the material and returns to a safe distance before the burning process begins.

The Ring Of Fire has been a mainstay in Peddinghaus production. Parts that used to be out-sourced are now done internally. These parts include the Y-axis tube to the FDB-2500, and laser light curtain stands. Total Production Time: 10 Minutes Number of Cutouts: 18 + Bolt Holes

PROCESS ALL FOUR SIDES Peddinghaus’ patented 360 degree processing system enables users to finally fabricate on ALL FOUR SIDES OF STRUCTURAL TUBING. This capability separates the Ring Of Fire from other thermal processing systems. Process the top, bottom, and both sides of a tube in one pass with the Ring Of Fire. EXIT-SIDE HANDLING SYSTEM The exit-side handling system makes single pass processing a reality by gripping the material and taking control of horizontal motion when processing the trailing end of the material.

PLASMA TORCH ARC-WRITING DOES IT ALL Download all detail and layout marking/symbols quickly and legibly with the Peddinghaus thermal marking system. Eliminate laborious manual part marking and layout marking using cutting edge thermal technology.

Total Production Time: 2 Min. 45 Sec. Number of Cutouts: 7 + Bolt Holes

Peddinghaus conveyor parts now produced on the Ring Of Fire 4” x 7” x .38” Angle Iron 26 Bolt Holes 10 Notches Old way: 30 Minutes New way: 10.5 Minutes

65% Faster Than Previous Methods!

have learned about structural steel fabrication from the “ground up”, as I started with Peddinghaus as a field service “ Itechnician in the 1970s installing the first automated 5 press beam punch lines. When I obtained my engineering degree, I wanted to focus on developing the best technology available for process structural steel in a productive, efficient, and labor saving manner. The Ring Of Fire concept has been challenging, but I am very pleased with this machine. The HPR 400 plasma system provides another dynamic dimension to efficiency with fast, legible marking in addition to superlative thermal cutting for all shapes and holes. Our ring design, coupled with our precise measuring system and parts discharge system provides a tool for one pass processing of all structural shapes: beams, columns, channel, angle, and tubes. The engineering in the Ring is exceptional, and provides the only machine in the market that can PROCESS ALL 4 SIDES of a structural tube. Thus, one operator can do it all. I am considered “old school” by our sales and marketing people which means I wanted to test the Ring Of Fire constantly. I am very proud to spearhead this team of engineers: Designed, Built, and Serviced in the USA! — Jim Magnuson VP of Engineering, Peddinghaus




IS IT NETWORKING OR SIMPLY GETTING TOGETHER WITH INDUSTRY FRIENDS? Peddinghaus has earned a reputation for bringing industry professionals together to network in a relaxed atmosphere. There’s no better way to get to know your business partners than to share a meal, a drink, and some entertainment in a relaxed stressfree environment. While shows and exhibits are excellent for viewing new innovations to the industry, Peddinghaus offers NASCC attendees the opportunity to get to know everyone a little better. As our history shows, Peddinghaus never disappoints:



During the 2008 NASCC in Nashville, TN, Peddinghaus brought together friends at the world renowned Wildhorse Saloon, and truly showed the industry that we know how to mix a little business with pleasure. The evening started with outstanding appetizers and moved on to authentic Nashville barbeque with all the “fixins”. Live Country and Western music filled the air!

At Peddinghaus’ Oktoberfest Open House, Peddinghaus business friends and industry partners witnessed a live performance by the incomparable Barenaked Ladies, The Kankakee Valley Symphony Orchestra, the genius of Lou Holtz, and the breath-taking magic of the Pendragons. Attendees from every corner of the globe lauded the opportunity to witness such first class entertainment.

“You never knew who will show up at the Wildhorse saloon!” Well, who entertained over 500 industry professionals? None other than a King of Blue Collar comedy – Mr. Bill Engvall! Bill’s uproarious comedy had the audience in stitches for the entire evening. Peddinghaus and their guests were thrilled at Bill’s fantastic performance.


2007 At the 2007 NASCC in New Orleans, Peddinghaus invited our industry partners to join us for dinner at the famed Commanders’ Palace Restaurant in New Orleans’ historic Garden District. Certified by Zagat as a top restaurant in New Orleans, attendees long remembered the delectable cuisine of this dining icon.

So what will Peddinghaus do for the 2009 NASCC Show? Turn to page 26 and find out…







NASCC DINNER Continued from page 24 Well, Peddinghaus will start by sponsoring the NASCC cocktail hour on April 1st from 6:00 - 8:00 p.m. After that, grab your gloves and bats – and join us for dinner on the infield of Chase Field, the home of the Arizona Diamondbacks, where we will celebrate the Opening Day of a New Era in Fabrication!

Jim Palmer (above) Whitney Duncan (right)

To help us make these festivities even more exciting, we have arranged for Hall Of Fame pitcher Jim Palmer to speak and musical entertainment from Schuff Steel’s very own Jim Madden and his band, Redneck Revolution. And as is typical with all Peddinghaus events, a fabulous finale featuring a guest performance by none other than country singer and recording artist – Whitney Duncan! This will be an opening day to remember, so don’t miss out!


Peddinghaus would like to officially invite you and your associates out for this evening of fun, food and first class entertainment at this year’s NASCC in Phoenix, Arizona. Mark your calendar: April 1st, 8:00 p.m., Chase Field – Phoenix, Arizona.

Please join us as we truly celebrate the Opening Day of a New Era in Fabrication.

Clip this out, copy it and fax it to us — or just call us with the information requested to reserve your place in the line up!




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