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Business Partnerships Designed for “Building” Success!

Once a Partner, Always a Partner

Many times you have read in this publication the success of various companies who inspire us with their vision as entrepreneurs. They establish their firms and carve out their corporate success based on good products, effective manufacturing, and sound decision making. While it is very true that the firm Goldbeck GmbH, based in Mr. Ortwin Goldbeck Bielefeld, Germany, carries these same traditions of corporate success, the core philosophy is that exemplified by Mr. Ortwin Goldbeck, “Set your goals—and work tirelessly to achieve them.”

To many people, the city of Dubai, in the United Arab Emirates is internationally known for fantastic building and growth. It has fast become a center for architectural achievement, construction innovation, and rapid infrastructure development. Dubai is the home to the Burj Dubai, competing for the world's tallest structure; the Burj Al Arab, a seven star hotel located in the Gulf, and one of the world's most innovative structural fabricators–SteelTek FZCO. See full story on page 7 Doug Gericke & Dan Wacha

D&A Fabrication Powerful Partnerships for a Bright Future

But what really makes an entrepreneur successful? In Mr. Goldbeck’s own words, it is quite simple: “It is the ability to get up one more time than you fall! It is the same lesson that we teach our children, ‘If, at first, you don’t succeed, try, try again!’”

Starting your own fab shop is no simple task. It takes know-how, determination, and a little bit of “steel” in your blood. For two partners stationed out of Urbana, Iowa who claim to be “just a couple of steel guys”, getting started was only part of a bigger picture. See full story on page 16

By the way, Goldbeck completed their fiscal year on March 31, 2008 with over One Billion Euros (yes, 1,000,000,000 Euros—not dollars—in Sales). See full story on page 4


Goldbeck GmbH


Business Partnerships Designed for “Building” Success!

SteelTek FZCO

Steel Plus Network Canadian Project of the Year

Design Data


SDS/2 Contributes to Industry Growth


“Once a Partner, Always a Partner”

Maple Industries

Mr. Fawaz Haraki, and Mr. Ahmad Saadeddin of SteelTek FZCO.


Oktoberfest Returns

Then & Now


Fabrication Production Expert Joins Peddinghaus Team


Peddinghaus Hosts Festivities in New Expanded Facilities

D & A Fabrication

Roland Jones

Getting To Know…


Jim Bolduc, Peddinghaus Service Manager


Kopp Stahlbau


Grand Opening Held May 16 and 17




Today’s Steel Market…Take a Closer Look Yes, it is certainly tumultuous times for many industries, not just steel construction or fabrication. Steel prices are higher, financing is tighter, and the market is not as dynamic in certain global locations. But don't panic, as there is some encouraging news to share. And it comes from John Cross, V.P. Marketing of the AISC in Chicago: • The market share of structural steel for the first quarter, 2008 was reported by McGraw Hill at 57%. That is the highest market share reported since they began reporting market data in 1970!

Lyle Menke

• Industrial demand for fabricated structural steel continues to increase at a double digit rate, perhaps as high as 30%. • The impact of material cost escalations is delayed in the marketplace as a function of the time lapse between framing material selection in the design process and the start of construction.

Partner Up In this issue, we read about the success of Partnerships. Three firms are chronicled who all have a slightly different definition of a working partner, but all are very successful in their own right. • GOLDBECKBAU in Bielefeld, Germany partnered with Peddinghaus in 1970. Ortwin Goldbeck and Werner Peddinghaus worked tirelessly and together they developed technology that helped both firms thrive to this day. • D & A FABRICATION, Urbana, IA USA is a story of two “steel guys”–Dan Wacha and Doug Gierke–who worked together at a now defunct fabrication shop; they chose to unify as a team to start a new business. They partnered up with Peddinghaus to provide the machine technology, service confidence and industry expertise to develop their growing business. • STEELTEK FZCO in Dubai, UAE describes how two friends Mr. Fawaz Haraki, a degreed Engineer and Mr. Ahmad Saadeddin, a degreed Accountant used their individual skills to form a powerful partnership that has a reputation for high quality fabrication in the booming Middle Eastern market. In today’s “me” generation, where many leaders point to themselves, it is refreshing to see how firms from three continents modestly point to their working partners and business relationships as being keys to their mutual success. It is like my Little League coach told me years ago, “There is no ‘I’ in the word TEAM!”

In any marketplace there are “pockets of prosperity”, now is a great time to partner up with solid business associates to secure business.

North American Steel Construction Conference The NASCC in Nashville showcased the North American steel construction industry to the world. Many international guests attended this year’s event, and were very pleased that they made the trip. Foreign guests at the Peddinghaus Exhibit commented very favorably on the scope of the NASCC Conference. They had never attended a conference which was solely dedicated to the steel construction industry. A fabricator from the Middle East commented, “Every component of the industry was covered–from software to machines to painting, welding, and bolting. I wish such a show was held in my country.”

Kudos to the AISC for such an outstanding event! We will see everyone again in Phoenix in April, 2009.

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FROM THE CEO Summer is back!

Even though Mother Nature has been unpredictable throughout the world, we are pleased to see warm weather return here in the Midwest, USA. My wife and I took advantage, and gathered our kids for a week’s vacation at the beach. As we all know, family vacations are sometimes “challenging”, but I truly enjoyed the opportunity to spend time with my family. I also had a little time for reflection and contemplation: reflection on what our industry has accomplished the past few years, and contemplation on where the market will Anton Peddinghaus

take us in the future. commodities–including steel–are seeing rapid price escalation.

We were pleased to welcome old and new friends to the Peddinghaus booth at the NASCC.

In the traditional Nashville Spirit Peddinghaus welcomed our industry friends.

NASCC–Huge Industry Success

and partners. We know how much we owe you for our success in this business. Our celebration at Nashville’s landmark Wildhorse Saloon was an acknowledgement of your contributions to Peddinghaus throughout the years.

Heartiest congratulations to the AISC for such a wonderful conference in Nashville this year. Scott Melnick, Katey Preston, and the entire AISC staff did another superb job of organization and planning for the event. Record attendance is a testimony to the growth of our industry.

A WildHorse Thank You to our Great Customers! Every employee of Peddinghaus Corporation was deeply honored by the unbelievable number of customers and industry partners who gathered at the WildHorse Saloon for our Thank You dinner on Wednesday, April 2. Over 600 people–participants from every phase of structural steel construction–attended our event. We couldn’t be more pleased, or humbled, by their wonderful response. Peddinghaus just wanted to say “Thank You” to our wonderful customers and industry friends

In these economic times, our industry partners, bankers and friends in the financial business, frequently ask us to forecast or project opinion on today’s marketplace. Though we are not economists, we know that the vibrant markets once experienced in Ireland, the UK, and USA have cooled a bit. However, by comparison steel fabricators in Eastern Europe and the Middle East are seeing vibrant markets with prices for fabricated steel exceeding $3,000 per ton.

I hoped you all enjoyed our employee “Thank You” video, the wonderful Tennessee cuisine, the live Nashville music and our special guest of honor–Bill Engvall! Bill’s comedic genius was evident to the audience, and his wonderful humor transcended everyone in attendance. By the way, we see that Bill now has his own TV show, so we are really pleased with his success and thank him for joining us in Nashville. Steel pipe dreams can come true in the Middle East.

Today’s Steel Market: Obstacles or Opportunities? Read today’s newspaper headlines or watch the various televised news programs, and you know that we are all experiencing some very unusual economic times. Who would have thought the price for a barrel of oil would jump so dramatically in such a short time? (Over $1.42 as of this writing). The global demand for oil is driving prices higher every day which affects both our businesses and our personal life. Similarly, other

When One Door Closes, Another Opens…. Most of you know me–I am the eternal optimist. Even though only a few drops remain, my glass is ALWAYS half-full! My Dad always instilled in me the power of a positive attitude, “Anton, always look forward– never look back!” His words ring very true now. Continued on page 6





Business Partnerships Designed for “Building” Success!

Logistic center “Sanacorp”, Gelsenkirchen, Germany

Getting Started The Goldbeck family started in the metalworking business in 1920 when Mr. Ortwin’s grandfather began selling his expertise in blacksmithing and agricultural machine repairs to local farmers. Two brothers operated the business, and in the German tradition, Ortwin took over the operation. Ortwin attended the University in Dortmund and studied Engineering. During this time, young Ortwin was exposed to the steel manufacturing industry; he was intrigued by the potential of the market, and steel fabrication soon became his business passion. Soon Ortwin left his Grandfather’s company and decided to strike out on his own at age 30. Goldbeck GmbH opened its doors for business in 1969. At that time, the German economy was enveloped in a recession. At the end of their first fiscal year in 1970, Mr. Goldbeck presented his initial balance sheet to an auditor. The auditor was dumb-founded: He couldn’t believe the financial success of a one year old firm in such tough economic times. How did he do it?

Office building “Rohner”, Wollfurt, Austria Remember, he went to Engineering School, and developed a philosophy of building optimization. When he had a fabrication contract for 30 tons of steel, he re-engineered the building to 15 tons. It was still a very structurally sound building, but required less steel due to the optimized (standardized) design. Goldbeck GmbH was “off and running!”

Peddinghaus and Goldbeck: Starting Out Together

Challenges in the Early Years Ortwin Goldbeck was involved in every part of the business: engineering to fabrication to welding to on site erection. The early employees recall those days with pride “if someone said it couldn’t be done, we took up the challenge to make it work!” Competitors looked down on the fledgling firm, telling them they would probably fail–which only fueled their fire for success! Goldbeck employees were hired not only on aptitude–but on attitude as well. Ortwin’s opinion was to hire the best people available, and teach them the necessary job. But long working hours turned into profit and a business reputation for excellence in the industry.

The early employees recall the early days with pride— “If someone said it couldn’t be done, we took up the challenge to make it work!”

The new Peddinghaus BDL-1250 is the backbone to Goldbeck’s efficiency. Goldbeck was introduced to Peddinghaus equipment in 1970, by Mr. Werner Vogt, a local agent in Bielefeld–his home town. Their relationship resulted in the purchase of their first Peddinghaus machine a model 210 Super 20 steelworker. Since then, the distinct metallic orange and silver Peddinghaus nameplate is seen often on various machines and equipment in the Goldbeck Bielefeld and Treuen shop floors.




The Wall Comes Down— Goldbeck Business Goes UP In 1989, the wall dividing Germany finally came down. But Goldbeck was already ahead of the game with some savvy planning. In the mid-80s Goldbeck enhanced their methods of building standardization into a true automated system. They also grew their sales organization with the companies GobaPlus and GobaPlan. Daughter companies were founded throughout Germany–specifically to assist customers and their requirements. When the wall came down, Goldbeck was already there: product experience, fabrication capacity, and customer service. Sales grew by 30–40% and the new facility in Treuen (formerly East Germany) was founded.

Bold Decisions Reap Big Rewards

New hall for production of lattice girder (truss, open-web girder) with Peddinghaus lines in Bielefeld.

Why Partnerships Work: Developing Roller Feed Measuring Automation of structural steel fabrication was in its infancy in 1970. But Peddinghaus and Goldbeck were already starting on a mutual solution. The first machine to automate was a beam punching line with a measuring wheel which ran the lineal length of the beam profile–with extensive testing, virtually developed at the Goldbeck fabrication facility. Mr. Werner Peddinghaus, a family member and engineer for the company, spent night after night in Bielefeld, working on the project with the Goldbeck personnel. The goal was to achieve the high accuracy that is required by structural steel fabrication in an automated method. Were they successful? Over 10,000 (and counting) global roller feed measuring installations are testimony to their success.

Partners: Peddinghaus and Goldbeck The relationship between two engineering friends seeking a common goal has culminated in a continuing business relationship that thrives to this day. Today, Goldbeck has multiple drill lines, plate fabrication machines, and angle processing systems–all from Peddinghaus.

As of this writing in 2008, here is a chronological breakdown: 1970: 210 Super 20 universal steelworker 1976: H 100 Hydraulic Punching System with Measuring Table 1976: Peddy Hydraulic universal steelworker with length system 1976: Forax 100 Mechanical punching system 1984: Peddinghaus H 1400 Hydraulic Plate processing system 1984: TDK-1000 was purchased with another LC saw 1988: FDB 600 CNC drilling/thermal cutting system for Plate 1992: FDB 600 CNC drilling/thermal Plate system (Treuen location) 1992: LC 1000 saw with Accumeasure and TDK-1000/9 were added 1992: TDK 1000 structural drill in tandem with LC 1000 saw 1993: DSC 300 compact drill/saw system (Treuen location) 1993: Anglemaster AFPS 643H angle iron/flat stock processing system 1997: DSC 300 compact drill/saw system for Bielefeld location 2007: TDK-1000/9; LC 1250 saw; Signomat System; and FDB 400 2007: BDL 1250/9 structural drill and handling in Bielefeld 2008: BDL 1250/9 and DGP 1270 band saw for Bielefeld location 2008: BDL 1250/9 and DGP 1270 band saw for Treuen location

During the 1990s, Mr. Goldbeck undertook another strategic decision: the goal was to offer a customer EVERYTHING for a new development: the concept, engineering, building, and the facility management. The idea was to be responsible during the entire lifespan of a project.

Logistic center “VG Cargo”, Haan Airport, Germany Goldbeck really takes care of everything for their customer: administration, technical service, and even housekeeping. They are also responsible for collecting rent! During the years in this business area, they developed the conceptual expertise to continually meet the requirements of the most demanding customers. In short, this turnkey concept of building development and sustainability has taken Goldbeck to new heights of success and profitability. Over 500 projects are being managed–with more adding every day. Continued on page 14




FROM THE CEO SUMMER IS BACK Continued from page 3 Though I am not an “expert consultant”, here are some thoughts for you to dwell on: • FOR YOU USA FABRICATORS–with the Euro exchange rate hovering at today’s levels (around $1.55 today) look to EXPORT! Many projects exist internationally that are well funded; choose your partners wisely and “wade into the global waters”–you may be pleasantly surprised.

Visit us at Oktoberfest in Bradley As you know, we finished our new 45,000 square foot manufacturing assembly bay. This is a two fold blessing for Peddinghaus: 1. We can now manufacture our products for you much more efficiently and quickly. 2. This gives us the needed space to now host OKTOBERFEST 2008!

• LONG TERM PLANNING BEGINS NOW–So the phone is a bit slower, and your General Contractor cancelled today’s meeting… Don’t go to the golf course, start planning for the future!! Is new software an option? What about tinkering with that new product? Now is the time, as Industry Partners, Peddinghaus stands ready to help you. • STREAMLINE YOUR SHOP LAYOUT: IT IS THE PERFECT TIME–Peddinghaus is much more than a machine tool company. We provide production solutions for you. We urge you to look at your shop material flow with a critical eye. Are you using your crane too much? Is layout or welding your bottleneck? What about blasting or painting? • PEDDINGHAUS PROVIDES SHOP DESIGN/FLOW PROFESSIONALS–We maintain production specialists who will analyze your shop layout and make recommendations to eliminate production bottlenecks (see the story about Roland Jones on page 18). These experts have years of experience working for high tonnage structural fabricators around the world and love to explain a few “tricks of the trade” to help you.


• HIRE NEW, EXPERIENCED PEOPLE–It is not rocket science; your companies’ success lies in the quality of your staff. Don't let the excuse of “lack of skilled labor” affect your shop productivity. Good, industrious people abound in today’s society, start looking!


Everyone at Peddinghaus is proud of our new 45,000 square foot manufacturing facility.

As you know, we love visitors and what better way to celebrate our new assembly bay than to share some NEW PRODUCTS with the industry. We will introduce four–yes four–new machine tools to the world. These new machines encompass all phases of fabrication for structural steel: beams, columns, tube, pipe, flat stock, plate, angle iron, channels–you name it, we’ll run it! Technologies include high speed drilling, speed sawing, precision thermal processing, lightening fast positioning, and the Peddinghaus tradition of rugged durability and productivity! My Sales and Marketing guys don’t want me to divulge too many machine details until the next “Oktoberfest Special Issue” of the STEEL FAB REVIEW. But watch for your personal invitation and visit our website for continuing Oktoberfest updates.

(l-r) Greg Carpenter, Brian Martin, and Keith Easter can provide custom layout drawings for your shop in order to eliminate production bottlenecks.

One thing I can tell you is to plan on being in Bradley September 24–27 for authentic Bavarian food, Peddinghaus style fun, Industry Partner Trade Show, and Cutting Edge Fabrication Tools. By the way, if you loved Bill Engvall, you will really enjoy our rousing Grand Finale!




SteelTek FZCO

“Once a Partner, Always a Partner”… Dubai, Dublin, or Dallas: Partnerships Produce Profits Established in 2006, SteelTek is located in Jebel Ali Free Zone, Dubai, United Arab Emirates on a 130,000 square foot location. With annual capacity of 12,000 tons per year and ISO 9001:2000 accreditation, the firm stands prepared for many construction challenges. SteelTek fabricates and provides steel for industrial plants, factories, commercial buildings, warehouses, showrooms, schools, sports arenas and stadiums, airport terminals, building expansions, manufacturing plants, pipe racks, oil and gas projects and numerous miscellaneous projects. No job is too large or too small.

Ahmad Saadeddin, Ian Maxwell, Lyle Menke, Fawaz Haracki at SteelTek's Corporate Headquarters in Dubai. “We invested in Peddinghaus–their machines are excellent–strong, reliable, and productive. The DGP miter band saw, the PCD 1100, and the material handling system have made us competitive in the Middle East.” “What is especially impressive for us is how quickly we can process sections–we can fabricate beams in one day–which saves our inventory investment.”

Their services include estimating, designing, engineering, detailing, planning, fabricating, welding, shot blasting, painting, inspecting, testing, delivering, erecting, and offering professional assistance with virtually every aspect of a steel project from start to finish. The Burj Dubai now competes for the honor of tallest building in the world.

In the world of steel construction, business partnerships provide the foundation for new structural steel fabrication enterprises. Such is the case at SteelTek FZCO: two good

With an outstanding reputation for quality work and on time delivery, SteelTek serves as a key supplier for many projects in the Middle East. Many high profile projects, such as the New Dubai World Central International Airport, the Qatar International Airport, and multiple petro-chemical projects were processed by this outstanding fabricator.

friends–with varying backgrounds and expertise–joined forces to become a dynamic leader in structural fabrication in the thriving Middle East construction market. Both men are managing partners of the firm with Mr. Fawaz Haraki, a degreed Civil Engineer and Mr. Ahmad Saadeddin, a certified accountant with financial expertise. Unique and elaborate structures are common sites in Dubai; SteelTek is poised for the challenge in this region with their Peddinghaus investment.

Partners That Produce– and Protect–Your Investment How does SteelTek compete in this dynamic market? Mr. Fawaz smiles with his reply

The Peddinghaus PCD 1100 and DGP 1020 provides a capacity of up to 12,000 tons per year.

What else is important to Mr. Fawaz and Mr. Ahmad? “Customer Service–we are very pleased that Peddinghaus has a service office here in the Region…Greg Thomas, Peddinghaus’ technician is very knowledgeable and is a good trainer for our shop staff.” “A highly skilled, multinational workforce, serves as the backbone of our company.” Continued on page 8




Continued from page 7

“We believe strongly in the importance of technology and our employees to increase our production efficiencies which will lead us to markets outside the Region.”

The Middle East market is witnessing an unprecedented economic boom resulting in huge infrastructure expenditures. SteelTek fully understands the importance of supplying this critical structural steel framework–essential

As with any successful fabricator an effective material handling system is the key to shop efficiency.

The first purchase for SteelTek was a Peddinghaus 110/140 Ironworker.

The DGP miter band saw provides speed sawing technology that increases through-put.

Customer–Vendor Relationships

for all infrastructures, development, and construction around the world. Steel is the popular selection because of its strength, adaptability, and flexibility. Additionally, steel is recyclable which makes it the popular choice for many projects in the Region or throughout the world.


The foundation of their growth has been their Peddinghaus machines, along with investments in 3-D modeling software, blasting and painting equipment. With skilled engineers on staff, the SteelTek in-house drawing office is equipped with the latest structural steel CAD drafting software which is linked to the Fabrication Department enabling the downloading of the fabrication drawings directly to the Peddinghaus CNC machinery for the steelwork preparation and fabrication.

Our customers treat us as partners and our experience has always been “Once a Partner, always a Partner”. SteelTek firmly understands the value of solid relationships with both customers and vendors. Mr. Fawaz and Mr. Ahmad point with pride to their current customers who remain loyal to the firm.

With the ultimate focus on customer satisfaction, SteelTek encourages industry and customer feedback to sustain its reputation for uncompromising high quality standards in today’s structural market.

Peddinghaus Captivates the Crowd at Mach 2008 in Birmingham, UK

Peddinghaus Corporation U.K. Ltd, Telford, UK–a member of the Peddinghaus family of Companies hosted the very successful stand at the Mach International Machine Tool exhibition in Birmingham, UK. The National Exhibition Centre hosted the event. Sponsored by the UK Machine Tool Association, Mach 2008 saw record attendance which crowded the aisles eager to experience new technologies.

Peddinghaus exhibited the latest technologies in structural steel processing: rapid drilling, speed sawing for band saws, high speed punching, and thermal processing via plasma for plate and flat stock applications. Continuous demonstrations were given on the model PCD 1100 structural drill line– the Advantage; as well as the DG 1100 band saw with miter capability to 60 degrees. The FPB 1800 plasma plate punching system enthralled the visitors with its fast, precision processing of heavy plate. Complete with software material nesting, the FPB has proven to be an effective tool for many structural steel and manufacturing applications. Peddinghaus thanks our many customers, visitors, and business partners who joined us at Mach. We have already booked space for Mach 2010, and look forward to seeing you there!





Canadian Project of the Year Award Winner Maple Industries celebrated its 4th year anniversary in April of 2008. In 2004 Maple Industries started out with sales of 1.5 million. With the addition of Peddinghaus equipment in July of 2006 it has been able to push sales of 12 million in 2 short years. And that’s just the beginning! Diversity in the steel fabrication business has been its strength and the Peddinghaus equipment has complimented that. They not only fabricate structural steel but plate work and custom fabricate for clients all over North America.

(l-r) Paolo Colucci, Domenic Colucci, and Debby Stothers of Maple Enterprises, Chatham, Ontario, were proud recipients of the Steel Plus Canadian Project of the Year Award.

Not only has Peddinghaus provided great equipment but, they have been true leaders in bringing fabricators together in different parts of the world to learn. They have been an important conduit for the industry’s education and best practices. Peddinghaus knows how to think outside the box! —Paolo Colucci, Maple Industries


Steel Plus Net work Membe rs Project of th e Year Award Criteria Guy Cyr, Stee l Plus Networ k

Dear Membe rs, We are lookin g at the Projec t of the Year ask that you award. This submit us yo year again, w ur project. A e factual inform long with yo ation, we wou ur pictures an d ld like to have a particularities brief text expl of the projec aining the t and why yo select an Am u think it sh erican and a ould win. W Canadian pr e will oject of the ye ar. The Selectio n Criteria ar e: • Tonnage (5 points) • Square foot s (5 points) • Use of SPN technologies (5 points) • Quality of the picture (1 0 points) • Networking (5 points) • Complexity (5 points) • Use of SPN Suppliers (15 points) The deadline to

submit your project is the Januar

Good luck to all of


y 15, 2008.

The greater Windsor recreational sports center was erected with nearly 800 tons of structural steel. When Maple Industries received the Call for Entries for the Steel Plus Network Project of the Year, they entered the following project, and came away as the winner! PROJECT:

Greater Windsor Recreation & Sports Centre Windsor, Ontario, Canada


777 Ton of Structural 233 Ton of Miscellaneous 1000 Total Tonnage


120,000 Square Feet (Main Bowl and Concourse)


Use of Electronic Data Interchange


Victoria Steel Corporation


Peddinghaus Corporation Salit Steel Sherwin Williams Avdel Canada


Brisbin Brook Beynon Station Consultants International Inc.


HGS Limited Consulting Engineers




PEDDINGHAUS ANNUAL HARLEY TOUR OF FABRICATION SHOPS Peddinghaus once again served as the world's unofficial tour guide to steel fabrication before this year's NASCC show. As the group departed March 29th from Harley Davidson of Cool Springs in Franklin, Tennessee they embarked on a journey that spanned over four hundred miles through rain, fab shops, and restaurants throughout Alabama and Tennessee. Riders got an unforgettable experience for which they gave rave reviews:

“I don’t do too much bike riding but for me it’s all about touring different plants and seeing how they do things, you learn something from every place you visit and how they utilize their Peddinghaus equipment.” –Duff Zimmerman, Cooper Steel “If Peddinghaus services their equipment like they’ve taken care of us on this trip they’re bound to be a great company to do business with.” –Adam Endicott, Unique Metal Fabrications

“We currently operate an FPB machine and a Peddinghaus band saw, we are really pleased with our equipment and we have thoroughly enjoyed the tour… I recommend it and will probably not only come again next year but will bring some associates with me” –Ralph Perish, President North Alabama Fabricating Company

“We have a great group of people here it’s wonderful to be able to rub elbows with people in the business like this; we have so much in common with each other outside of the steel business–we’re also fans of riding motorcycles and it puts us at a level you wouldn’t ordinarily get to know at a convention.” - Steven Phelps, Schenectady Steel “I really thank Peddinghaus for putting this on, of course we have a lot of Peddinghaus equipment in our shop and to us Peddinghaus is the crème of the crème, we like their equipment, we like their service and we like their quality. This is going to be a Harley Davidson ride that I am very glad that I went on and I would encourage any fabricator to either ride in the buses or jump on a Harley. Good luck to all us fabricators out there.” - Gene Hethcock CEO of FabArc Steel “Peddinghaus took care of the hotels and great meals for the whole trip and it was just mapped out really well we had a fantastic time.” –Ron Mulaire, Isaacson Structural Steel

Shop tours were fascinating for all participants. “I’m the CEO and chairman of the board this is my third trip down here with Peddinghaus– fabulous trip a lot of beautiful shops I’m looking forward to doing it again and I would like to thank everybody at Pedinghaus for sponsoring this bringing us back safe and sound and it's just a fabulous thing it’s a great thing for customers great thing for clients.” –Ken Corneau, United Steel CEO and Chairman

Many wonderful Peddinghaus customers in the states of Tennessee and Alabama opened their doors to the interested visitors who participated in this year’s event. Our sincere thanks to these great fabricators: Cooper Steel, Shelbyville, TN South East Fabricators, Tuscaloosa, AL Contractors Steel, Montgomery, AL Burt Steel, Montgomery, AL Fab Arc Steel, Oxford, AL Thank you again to these fine shops, and the many other amazing people who invited the group into their homes. We were definitely shown the true meaning of “southern hospitality”.

The unique motorcycle tour provides a different “Vehicle” for fabricators.




Design Data Contributes to Industry Growth At the recent NASCC conference in Nashville, Design Data’s influence in the structural steel industry was on display–not just inside the convention center, but on the city’s skyline as well. From the Schermerhorn Symphony Center to the Country Music Hall of Fame, the company’s imprint was as prominent as the spire on the Sommet Center–which was also detailed on SDS/2. Twenty-seven years ago, in an era where MTV was in its infancy and fabrication details were being hand drawn, Design Data was preparing to revolutionize the detailing industry. When Jim Dager founded the company in 1981, he started programming SDS, which was the first automated steel detailing product in the industry. What evolved from that first simple beam, column and connection software is a revolutionary 3D information management system with the intelligence to automatically design connections and the flexibility to serve as the information center of the project.

Partnership: The Framework for Success Though the company’s history is marked by the ever-changing face of SDS/2, it is the ability to enhance the software to meet user demands that has kept Design Data on top. Design Data’s tradition of a collaborative, proactive approach to development directly contributes to past successes of the company, and will continue to do so well into the future. For over 25 years, Design Data has been working hand in hand with Peddinghaus and many other industry partners to build interfaces and further interoperability between SDS/2 and other software and equipment. It’s been more than 20 years since Design Data first gave SDS/2 the ability to perform Peddinghaus downloads and create custom copes for Peddimat. Since that time, the company has continued to make additional enhancements to the software to help create a collaborative working environment between Design Data and Peddinghaus. Design Data believes in collaboration with more than just industry partners. Customer-driven

of collaboration within the industry, Design Data continues its efforts to share and transfer more information to and from SDS/2. At the upcoming SDS/2 Users Group Conference, to be held October 15–17 in Lincoln, Nebraska, Design Data will introduce a new approach to interoperability. The outcome will be software that creates a more collaborative environment for our users and our industry partners alike. Stay tuned…

The new $37 million Country Music Hall of Fame, located in downtown Nashville's entertainment district, opened in May 2001.

Nearly 30 years since its inception, Design Data continues to lead the charge in providing more accurate, dynamic software that allows everyone involved in design, detailing, fabrication and erection of steel to share information seamlessly.

In the Beginning Design Data was founded on the belief that there was an easier, better way to get the job done–a mindset that continues to drive the development of its software today. During the 1970s, Dager–who owned a steel detailing firm – began incorporating computer automation to help him better serve his customers and increase his profits. Frustrated with the software then available, Dager created SDS, software that would change detailing, and the steel industry, in years to come. Design Data was born of innovation, a tradition that continues today. Many “firsts” in computer aided drafting have been brought to the market through the cutting-edge technology of SDS/2. At Peddinghaus’ first Oktoberfest in the early 1980s, Design Data and Peddinghaus worked together on an interface to create the first CNC information transfers. Design Data was also the first to introduceconnection design, true 3D modeling, a framing plan approach, importing engineering models, and job status tracking.

developments ensure that SDS/2 maintains the detailer’s perspective – a trait that makes SDS/2 unique among other detailing products. In fact, SDS/2 users are as much a source of knowledge as the company’s employees. Working so closely with customers has prompted Design Data to implement an Advisory Board Committee, which gives users a voice in SDS/2’s development cycle. The company continues to incorporate user feedback to develop an array of new and creative software solutions.

Interoperability: The Path of the Future As one of the first voices in interoperability – in addition to its early and continuing partnership with Peddinghaus, Design Data played a pivotal role in developing CIS/2 – the company continues its push toward achieving true information sharing between software. With its proven history

BV Detailing & Design, Inc. used Design Data’s SDS/2 software to design the model for the new Country Music Hall of Fame. Image courtesy BV Detailing & Design, Inc.




Oktoberfest Returns to Peddi A lot has changed at Peddinghaus since Oktoberfest 2000… but not our commitment to our customers and

The first Oktoberfest was originally held in 1810 Munich, Bavaria by King Ludwig the First in order to memorialize the life-long union between him and his wife, Therese. A horse race was held while thousands gathered to celebrate and socialize. Peddinghaus’ Oktoberfest continues with the festivities held to celebrate our commitment to customers, and an exhibition of raw horsepower.

September 24th through September 27th 2008

Oktoberfest has been held by Peddinghaus for many years now and it has been the Peddinghaus way of bringing together technology and industry professionals while visiting our German roots. Previous Oktoberfest attendees have continued to ask us the beckoning question “When are you going to hold Oktoberfest again?” For years due to cramped space we had no answer, but with the addition of our new 45,000 square foot state of the art facilities across the street from our original plant we finally have the room to open our doors again.

Network in a relaxed yet professional setting. Oktoberfest will return this upcoming September 24th–27th. This year we have an exciting lineup of events that will go all day, every day at our very own Bradley, Illinois facility.




• Network with global fabricators in a relaxed environment • Enjoy authentic Oktoberfest music by a Bavarian band


With all of the excitement who can you expect to arrive? Attendees of Oktoberfest come from many different backgrounds, from all corners of the world. Some of the professionals you can expect to meet include:

industry partners! Attendees this year can expect to: • View for the first time FOUR NEW machines that will give them competitive advantage they’ve been looking for in today’s demanding market

• All the Bratwurst and Sauerkraut you can eat

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Structural Fabricators Steel Service Centers Agricultural Manufacturers Railroad Equipment Designers Heavy Equipment Makers Tower Manufacturers Environmental Product Companies Aggregate Handling Processors CEOs Operations Personnel Structural Detailers Fabrication Consultants and Q/A Experts Engineers Architects Infrastructure Experts Anyone involved in structural steel and heavy plate fabrication

If you work with structural steel and heavy plate, you should attend!

• Interact with industry leaders in steel fabrication at the Oktoberfest onsite trade show • Tour Peddinghaus’ new state of the art production facility as well as the new Customer Service Call Center and Cutting Edge Engineering Facility • Discuss market trends with industry experts from the AISC • Visit Chicago–the home of steel construction and the world’s first skyscrapers • Visit where Peddinghaus machines are born–in the American Heartland by skilled craftsmen • Meet the entire Peddinghaus team– engineering, customer service, production, everybody who serves you.

Current customers, new business, and people interested in improving their processes are welcome to join us for four days of food, fun, and fabrication. Oktoberfest will come to a rousing grand finale provided by the Peddinghaus team sure to be memorable, so don’t miss out!

To learn what vendors will be at the trade fair, what machines will be on display, or to look at a map of the area please visit and click on the Oktoberfest link on the top right hand corner of the page.



GOLDBECK GmbH Continued from page 5

Growth Areas For A Fabrication Firm If you take a step back to admire the growth of a company in 38 short years, one begins to wonder what the future holds for Goldbeck GmbH. What new products or services can they propose for the future? Ortwin Goldbeck has a wry smile on his face, “We have a few areas we are looking at: • Public/Private Partnership in which Goldbeck plans, builds, maintains, and finances schools for communities • Mr. Goldbeck's middle son is heavily involved in development and application of solar technology • International Growth: starting in Eastern Europe in the 1990s, Goldbeck draws new market resources from the rapid development of foreign markets.

Goldbeck always lived up to its own high “Mission Statement”–the Goldbeck standard: We need to deliver what the customer wants and needs!” This lofty goal pays off: In 2007, Goldbeck processed 52,000 tons of steel through the company and always stands ready to assist a customer “in need”.

Key to Success in Structural Steel Fabrication Though technically “retired”, Mr. Goldbeck gives us the impression that he is still actively involved in the company. How do we know? When asked about his hobbies, Ortwin smiles and says, “No, only the company…” But Ortwin Goldbeck is quick to advise what he believes provided the fuel for success of Goldbeck GmbH: • Standardization has always been the key to their success; by focusing on their strengths,


they have been successful. Goldbeck has never tackled a large stadium or arena that is out of their range of expertise. Development Turnkey programs that are aimed at total customer satisfaction–make their life easier, and they will repay you generously. Invest in research and development: Goldbeck has devised a system for fast fabrication of roof trusses which includes drilling, fixturing/welding, and painting that provides quick delivery for fast track projects. Invest in good employees; as stated previously, workers hired on a good attitude with good work ethics make you successful. Globalization for future sales; Mr. Goldbeck believes that 35 to 50% of their future business will come from outside Germany.

Though a modest man, Ortwin Goldbeck is proud of his company, his 2,000 employees, and their accomplishments. He is glad that he was able to “get up one more time than he fell” in his business life, and he is proud to have Peddinghaus accompany him along the way. After all, Partners in Business are Partners in Friendship, and remain Partners for Life.

Office building “Kraftverkehr Nagel”, Borgholzhausen, Germany

Business center “Michaelis”, Reinbek (by Hamburg), Germany

Logistic center “Compass Logistik”, Düsseldorf, Germany

PEDDINGHAUS LEAVES ITS MARK ON THE Peddinghaus left its mark on the NASCC with the introduction of a new concept in structural fabrication: a drill/coping combination that carries a productive twist–synchronization of machines, software, and electronics where one operator performs all functions. Fabricators of all sizes were impressed by this innovation in single operator processing. Also in attendance A unique Nashville momento–a guitar was processed on the was the FDB 2500; considered a benchmark Peddinghaus FDB-2500 as a souvenir for many attendees. machine with many progressive fabricators throughout the world, the machine operated non-stop during the convention to illustrate its strength and flexibility to the large audience of onlookers. A special Nashville “memoir” was created with a musical theme for our collector friends.

This past April 2nd-4th, The American Institute of Steel Construction hosted its annual North American Steel Construction Conference. Global participants in the steel construction industry gathered in Nashville to witness methods in which they could improve their shop’s productivity.

Although the NASCC was the main attraction, Peddinghaus arrived with other things in mind. Beyond the Harley ride and the convention, Peddinghaus invited its customers, industry partners, and friends to a special thank-you dinner at the Wildhorse Saloon in Nashville. A special thank-you video was presented where every single Peddinghaus employee personally thanked the industry for its tremendous success. Bringing the steel fabrication industry to Nashville’s #1 dining and entertainment destination was not the only excitement Peddinghaus had in store–live music, great food, friends, and a special treat: The comedic brilliance of Bill Engvall. It was a great time had by all – and a special congratulations is in store for the AISC for reaching record numbers of attendees this year. Steel fabrication looks forward to 2009’s convention in Phoenix, Arizona.



PARTNER UP Continued from page 2

Wilkommen Zum Oktoberfest! Back by Popular Demand! You have probably seen the posters or the advertisements promoting our Peddinghaus open house–the one we call “Oktoberfest”. We draw upon our German heritage, and host a great celebration in late September–same as the authentic festival in Munich, Bavaria, Germany. One of the highlights of the four day industry event will be an interactive networking exhibition featuring the following industry partners:

TEKLA 114 Town Park Drive Suite 500 Kennesaw, GA 30144 Tel: (770) 426-5105

ACECAD 825 Springdale Drive Whiteland Business Park Exton, PA 19341 Tel: (610) 280-9840

DESIGN DATA 1501 Old Cheney Road Lincoln, NE 68512 Tel: (800) 443-0782

SIEMENS 390 Kent Avenue Elk Grove Village, IL 60007 Tel: (847) 640-1595

HYPERTHERM Etna Road Hanover, NH 03755 Tel: (603) 643-3441

SHOP DATA 712 East Walnut Street Garland, TX 75040 Tel: (972) 494-2719

KENNAMETAL 1600 Technology Way Latrobe, PA 15650 Tel: (724) 539-5000

AISC One East Wacker Drive Suite 700 Chicago, IL 60601 Tel: (312) 670-2400

SIGMATEK 1445 Kemper Meadow Drive Cincinnati, OH 45240 Tel: (513) 674-0005

FABTROL MRP 1025 Willamette Suite 300 Eugene, OR 97401 Tel: (888) 322-8765





With a new building designed for growth, D&A Fabrication is in the

D & A Fabrication

midst of their fifth year of operation. At the helm of the company are DAN WACHA and DOUG GERICKE. The two were introduced previously

Partnering for Growth

as coworkers at a now defunct fab shop; when the shop closed its doors they chose to join forces and pursue careers in the same industry–only this time in the pilot seat. The newly incorporated business recently purchased a Peddinghaus PCD1100 drill line. With room to expand and big plans for the future, they found the machine once thought of as the unattainable “Cadillac” of fabrication an easy purchase. With the new ability to turn over large projects in short amounts of time, the sky is now the limit.

D&A Fabrication in Urbana, Iowa is a company on the move. Small businesses can turn into big businesses with the right leadership and an aggressive attitude towards growth. Sometimes it can be hard to imagine growing when you take into consideration how difficult it is simply to get started, however when you have minds like the owners of D&A Fabrication in Urbana, Iowa growth is not an aspiration–it’s an expectation. D&A Fabrication is owned and operated by Dan Wacha and Doug Gericke. The two describe themselves as “just a couple of steel guys” who decided to start D&A after their previous employer ceased operation. When Dan was asked why they chose to stay in steel fabrication the answer was simple “I just have always worked in steel fabrication, there’s never been a day I’ve ever wanted to do anything else.”

Getting Started with D&A

THEN– Using magnetic based drills D&A was limited in projects, capacity, and production.

The beginnings of D&A fabrication were modest; two guys with hand held magnetic based drills. Their 20 x 60 ft. rented warehouse space lacked heat and other amenities. The group found themselves fabricating in the Iowa elements: “We were supposed to have windows with glass, but there must have been 20 or 30 missing. You’d be working in snow and when the temperature dropped below zero you just had to work though it.”

NOW– With the PCD D&A can process up to 10,000 tons annually.

After spending some time establishing themselves, D&A bid on a project that would prove to be their big break: the showroom of a local car dealership. This project added to the company’s reputation and they found themselves getting bigger bids and better jobs. Several employees had been a part of production for some time, and D&A found it appropriate to take the next big steps towards growth: a quality machine investment.

Time to Grow The old shop was not meeting their needs and a new building was erected. Bigger jobs kept coming in and with new growth came new issues: difficulty finding quality skilled labor and the ability to push large jobs out in a short amount of time. Some of the more profitable jobs with shorter lead times proved hard to accommodate. Speaking with Dan and Doug you get the feeling that these guys are not just content with “good enough”. These guys are movers and shakers who expect success. They realized that automation would be the next big addition to their production processes and now looked to take that step. D&A Fabrication invested in a Peddinghaus PCD 1100 drill line–the Advantage. When asked what prompted them to choose the PCD they



“We never dreamed we would be bidding on multi-million dollar projects but now we can.” “The machine never takes sick days and is always accurate. We can put a single operator on it and receive precise drilling every time. Financing our machine was easy, and the people we worked with were the best we could have asked for.” admit “We never thought we’d have a Peddinghaus machine in our shop, it was the Cadillac of machines, and we didn’t think we could afford it. After talking with Paul Muraski and their finance people it turned out really easy for us to manage and that really surprised us.” With the addition of Peddinghaus automation D&A has run jobs over 200 tons in a less than 2 weeks. “With the new machine we can now do what would have taken 5 days in one eight hour shift.” The partners also described how they were surprised with the size and speed of the PCD drill line, they found operation simple and Peddinghaus very accommodating: “Peddinghaus has been there every step of the way to help us out.”

D&A Now After four months the company has seen a considerable improvement in their capabilities. With the modular design of the system they find that Peddinghaus will continue to accommodate their continued growth. The modular design of Peddinghaus equipment enables companies like D&A to easily expand their production process in the same small footprint. Quiet glide transfer systems can be easily inserted into the production line. An accompanying DG 1100 band saw is also designed to fit in the same modular location. If you take a walk through the shop at D&A Fabrication you will notice that there are no signs of the company slowing down. With new equipment and a motivated partnership at the helm the sky is the limit. Regardless of the current economic conditions D&A reports that they have seen no sign of business slowing down. How good is business? Well here’s a hint: for the first time, Dan and Doug can bid with confidence on multi-million dollar jobs, and know they can process those jobs with ease. The modular material handling system from Peddinghaus enables your system to grow as your business expands.






Fabrication Production Expert Joins Peddinghaus Team Responsibilities Roland will be available to advise both existing and potential new clients with regard to machinery selection, specifications, factory layout to optimise material flow, design, special applications and overall project advice regardless of the contract size or value.

Roland Jones is a structural steel fabrication expert with experience in all phases of structural work from material handling to drilling to plate

Jones: A Steel Fabricators’ Background with Years of Experience

Material handling flow is the most important aspect of a successful fab shop.

Roland served his apprenticeship as a mechanical engineer with the UK National Coal Board, and was trained in all aspects of maintenance and installation of mining machinery, material handling, cranes and heavy plant equipment.

Roland joined the UK’s largest independent structural engineering company in 1990 as plant maintenance manager, his responsibilities have included the constant upgrade of existing factory facilities and also the design, layout and installation of new factory builds both in the UK and the Middle East.

After the demise of the Coal industry in the 1980s, he moved on to become a service engineer on shot blast machinery, working globally within the steel fabrication and subcontract painting industries, and has installed and maintained plate and section shot blast machines as far away as Indonesia.

processing to painting and blast cleaning. Roland has done it all, and Peddinghaus is offering his services to you.

A Problem Solver and Production “Bottleneck Breaker” Roland has a wealth of experience in the design and build of fabrication facilities, and has designed many and varied systems for the efficient handling of material from receipt and handling in the stockyard, the machining operations of beams and plates, fabrication and welding, through to shot blasting and application of paint coatings.

Proven Bottom Line Results Whether in Thailand or Canada, no matter the climate your Peddinghaus investment works for you.

Roland can offer practical help and advice to clients on any issues relating to the removal of processes that cost money, but add no value to the end product; such improvements will help to increase productivity and efficiency. Roland can be contacted any time through any Peddinghaus global location. You can contact him directly via e-mail at

To serve you better Peddinghaus continues to expand on their team of productivity experts.






Jim Bolduc Peddinghaus Service Manager


SFR: How would you describe your philosophy of customer service?

SFR: Can you give us more detail about the pre-installation group?

JB: Basically, my outlook is that if we put together a world-class service group, we can rightfully earn the loyalty of our customers. Customers in this field are looking for someone who goes above and beyond. Now, more than ever, people want and need good service fast.

JB: This group consists of Kris Wagner and Duane Bates, and they both make sure that every customer is fully set and equipped to receive and install their Peddinghaus machine system.

It’s important for me to make sure that Peddinghaus is dominating the steel fabricating market with service. The easiest and best way to ensure this begins with hiring the right people, people with the skills and attitude to be a real asset to our company, and then working closely with them to create productive and satisfied workers. Satisfied employees equals superior service.

Peddinghaus’ dedication to customer service is known the world over. In this interview, we meet the man that


While focusing on our own employees, we also need to devote plenty of time and thought to the customers. We have to connect personally with our customers to make an impression. I want to make sure every customer has choices, access, and personalized interaction whenever they work with the service department.

Once an order has been completed, Kris and Duane receive the finalized drawings from the system engineers. Kris puts together the installation package, which contains the license agreements, instructions, drawings, and other necessary information, and sends it to the customer. Duane discusses the installation package with the customer once it arrives, and makes sure that all of the technical questions are answered. It is his responsibility to make sure that the customer is sure about their preparation efforts. Throughout the whole pre-installation process, Kris checks on the customer to determine if everything will be ready on time. That way, the field techs can get to work right away when they arrive to install the machine.

makes that service so spectacular.

SFR: Have you always worked in service, Jim? JB: Ever since I got out of the Navy, I’ve worked in service positions–starting out as a service technician, then working my way up to technical support, and soon after that I became a service manager. I worked as a North American Instructor for General Electric, and then as a service manager for Mitsubishi and Toshiba Machine America. Almost three years ago, I sent out my résumé, and Peddinghaus snatched me up.

Peddinghaus’ service management team of Jim Bolduc, Jeff Reilly, and Rick Derosier works daily to improve Peddinghaus service for our valued customers.

SFR: How have you organized all of the people who work in service? JB: We’ve broken them up into groups, all of which interact with the others to make sure that we are always providing the best service for our customers:

Peddinghaus’ commitment to service is evident with a nearly 500% increase in service personnel in order to serve you better.

• Administration, which keeps the whole department running • The tech support group, organized into two tiers, with a director and manager • The field (or outside) service group, comprised of specialized, experienced workers • The training group, responsible for creating and holding classes • The pre-installation group, responsible for preparing our customers to receive our products

SFR: What happens when the customer orders a large number of machines? Does Peddinghaus offer extra assistance for them? JB: We have put together 2 rigging crews, and have specially outfitted 2 trucks and 2 large trailers that travel coast to coast and beyond, to help our customers during the pre-installation process. Each crew consists of 1 millwright and 2 welders, all experienced with our products and methods. Anytime we have a large system installation, we send a rigging crew and the necessary equipment to the site, and they make sure that all the requirements are met. This helps the customer in many ways, because they can be sure that they are prepared to receive the machines, and Continued on page 22







SFR: I’ve heard that this department now offers classes for service employees and customers. Can you tell us more about this?

Continued from page 20

that the installation technicians can spend their time to best advantage, by fine-tuning the systems and training the operation and maintenance personnel. Currently, one of our rigging crews is down in South Africa, preparing for a huge system installation.

SFR: Service has grown significantly since

you became Service Manager. What accounts for that growth, and what changes have you made in the department to accommodate that change? JB: Yeah. We’ve got a lot of people working in service right now. When I first started in 2005, Peddinghaus had 11 field techs and 5 inside support techs. Right now, we have over 60 field techs, and 21 inside support personell, and because of this growth, I had the chance to reshuffle the department to make it as efficient as possible.

Peddinghaus’ world class training curriculum is designed and taught by Keith Birge ( Our Tech Support Manager, Ric Derosier, keeps track of both tiers. He interfaces both with me and all the service techs, rates the priority of service requests, holds daily meetings with the techs, and ensures that call-backs are made on every open call ticket we have to make sure that every customer is satisfied with our service. He always makes sure that every customer is specially handled and never overlooked.

SFR: With all of these service techs, it must be quite a job keeping track of them and the customers they are working with. JB: Yes it is! Luckily, we have Jeff Reilly and Cathy Little to take care of all of that. Jeff is the Assistant Customer Service Manager. He handles all the day-to-day operations, and addresses special customer issues. If a customer requests a service call, Jeff will determine which tech would be the best for the job, and then Cathy works with the techs, writing up their work orders, arranges flights, rental cars, accommodations, and keeps in direct contact with the techs when they are out in the field. The two of them work together to make everything run smoothly.

To assist in large installations Peddinghaus invested in two separate mobile installation vehicles loaded with equipment geared to expedite your startup procedures. All of our inside service techs are divided into two groups: Tier 1 and Tier 2. The Tier 1 group is the younger group of techs, and they are responsible for customer follow-ups and callbacks, expediting service and parts, entering initial customer data into our network, and basic troubleshooting. They have to receive a lot of training before they even reach this level. Our Tier 2 techs are the experts: they all have at least 15 to 20 years of experience in this field, and they handle the more difficult problems that come up, and act as consultants for the Tier 1 techs. This set up creates a much better support system. Between the two tiers, we handle more than 5000 customer calls per month.


Jeff Reilly ( and Cathy Little ( are in charge of scheduling all field service activities

JB: We are constantly developing curriculum for different kinds of classes. Currently, Keith Birge, our Training Department Manager, teaches multiple classes on a variety of topics. And though we usually host the classes here on site, we can also have classes out in the field; recently, Keith taught a class down in Argentina. Right now, he is working on curriculum for coper and saw classes. Dave Peraziana, our Siemens expert, is in the middle of developing employee classes for Siemens hardware use. These classes will be available to the customers soon, too.

SFR: How will you continue to improve Peddinghaus’ ability to provide great customer service? JB: Keep going above and beyond for the customer every day! We’re available for the customers from 6:00 am to 6:00 pm on Monday through Friday, and from 6:00 am to 1:00 pm on Saturday. We want to be there for the customers as much as possible. I’ve always believed that training is key. When we send a field tech to a customer, we always try to send a younger, less experienced tech along to gain experience and learn how machines react in different environments. We’re planning on hiring even more service techs in the near future. Every one of these new hires, as well as our established techs, will go through rigorous training and cross-training. Our training department is developing different maintenance classes that our techs will have to take, and they will have the opportunity to gain experience in the field right from the start. “The better the service department, the more satisfied our customers will be. That’s what Peddinghaus is all about— providing the best for our customers in every way possible.”







MAY 16 & 17, 2008

Kopp Stahlbau Grand Opening Peddinghaus was pleased to participate in the Grand Opening of the new Kopp Stahlbau structural steel fabrication facility in Buxtehude, Germany. This industry event was held May 16 and 17 in this historic town located in the north of Germany. This new facility is a state of the art fabrication building complete with the latest technologies for today’s demanding fabricated steel market.

On display from Peddinghaus were many of the latest productive innovations in machine tool technology: • PCD 1100 and DG 1100 structural sawing and drilling line • FDB 2500 High Speed plate fabrication center for plate up to 75 mm thickness (96 x 3”) • FPB 1800 plasma/punch plate fabrication system for punching up to 30 mm (1 1/4”) thickness • Peddiworker universal ironworkers model PW 550 and 1050 • Peddimax universal ironworker model PM 110/140 • A new H100 processing center with automated gauging table for plate and angle iron • A new model 335 DGA 400 automated miter band saw for high production of all shapes including beams, channel, angle, tube, pipe, as well as solid material.

Visitors traveled from the Middle East for the Kopp Open House. Software vendors from Steel Office were also present, as well as a presentation from Kopp on the integration of software/machine integration via Bocad and DSTV. Julia C. (Cilla) Peddinghaus commented, “We are proud of the wonderful relationship between Kopp Stahlbau and Peddinghaus, and are pleased to see the dynamic growth of Mr. Kopp’s firm.” Mr. Kopp added, “Peddinghaus is a very good business partner for us, and we are grateful for their support throughout the years.”

(l-r) Mr. Hartmut Kopp, Mr. Anton Peddinghaus, Ms. Julia C. Peddinghaus, Mr. Klaus Kirst celebrate the grand opening of the new Kopp fabrication facility in Buxtehude, Germany.

Cutting edge new facilities usher Kopp into the next generation of fabrication.

VOLUME 27 STEEL FABRICATOR’S REVIEW Washington and Grove Street Bradley, IL 60915

New technology for plate punching was introduced.

Industry partners were in attendance presenting the latest in software technology for structural steel fabrication.


PAID PERMIT NO. 157 Joliet, IL

Peddinghaus Steel Fabricators' Review Summer 2008  

SFR Volume 28 - The Peddinghaus Steel Fabricators' Review is a magazine published by Peddinghaus Corporation - the acknowledged global leade...

Peddinghaus Steel Fabricators' Review Summer 2008  

SFR Volume 28 - The Peddinghaus Steel Fabricators' Review is a magazine published by Peddinghaus Corporation - the acknowledged global leade...