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On behalf of the AISC, let us be the first to welcome you to this year’s North American Steel Construction Conference. As always, this is a once-a-year opportunity for design and construction professionals: • Learn how to apply the latest engineering data on fabrication, detailing, and erection techniques, which directly affect your daily operations - and your bottom line • Discover the latest product offerings from the leading industry vendors. • Network with your peers, customers and future employees.

CIS/2 Interactive! A Data Interchange Laboratory - LIVE!! At NASCC Conference

be invited to participate at the NASCC with commercially marketed CIS/2 translators: Ram International, Design Data, Tekla (Xsteel), CSI (Etabs), Bentley Systems (Structural Tri-Forma), FabTrol, Gt Strudl, and Peddinghaus. Each participant will have a preview from the experienced AISC or IT representative, and then be able to perform a model building task on an available PC at the booth. They can then export the CIS/2 file to each of the above participating vendors sequentially until it is finished. Essentially, the participant can see the building model grow as it begins with TriForma to Xsteel to Ram to FabTrol, and then see a sample of the fabricated section actually processed on a Peddinghaus machine!

The CIS/2 standard - an unfulfilled challenge for the structural steel industry - is nearing completion! A vision of this true structural software standard is now ready for examination. At the NASCC conference, a working model of this software, will be available for live interaction and demonstration.

Enrique (L) and Gustavo (R) Arguello are the owners of Aceros Prefabricados, Guatemala City, a premier structural fabricator in Latin America. In the next issue of the Steel Fabricators’ Review, we’ll take an in-depth look at their success story. The photo depicts the NASCC both laid out in a classroom type setting. This features a computer with a large viewing screen for the demonstrator, as well as 6 individual workstations for participants. Attendees will

"As a father, my dream has always been to pass a successful business to the next generation of my family. With my investment in Peddinghaus equipment, that dream has come true for me."

See more additions to the Peddinghaus' Wall of Fame on pages 6,7,8,11

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Spring, 2003

"The View from Here" Paralysis by Analysis? As of this writing, the finger pointing of current economic doldrums is being pointed in several areas. The Iraqi conflict, terrorism concerns, stock market fears, instable oil prices, etc, are all symptoms of industrial anxiety. This general economic malaise has stalled many new steel construction projects. From our viewpoint, we agree with Franklin D. Roosevelt, who said, "The only thing we have to fear – is fear itself". Let’s look a little good news for structural fabricators in the steel construction industry: • Steel prices tumble in February, 2003. The largest price cuts were for wide flange shapes, which dropped 4.2% from January, reflecting a huge 7.9% reduction from 2002 pricing levels. • It is true that certain non-residential building construction was down in 2002 – but not educational, hospital, and institutional construction! These figures held firm in 2002, with projections for more in 2003. • New projects still abound; for example, New York is seriously considering a massive $5 billion transportation plan to fund projects such as the Ground Zero Hub, a series of ferry terminals, and Brooklyn Battery Tunnel project. • Toyota is building a new truck plant in San Antonio; the St. Louis Cardinals have a new stadium in the works; and bridges are planned everywhere. The World Trade Center project looks promising as well. This will be a welcome sight – not only for steel construction – but a growth impetus to the entire economy and spirit of America.

Longevity in Business Here is a list of manufacturing firms that were founded 100 years ago or more. Peddinghaus is proud to be identified with this group • Du Pont & Co • Deere & Co • Proctor & Gamble Co. • Siemens AG • Coca-Cola Co • Harley-Davidson, Inc • Johnson & Johnson • Wm. Wrigley Jr. Co. • General Electric Co. • Nec Corp. • The Timken Co. • The Gillette Co. • 3M Corp. • Ford Motor Co.

Peddinghaus Celebrates 100th Anniversary Peddinghaus Corporation, Bradley, IL. USA, is pleased to announce the 100th anniversary of the founding of the firm. Established in 1903, the corporate headquarters remain in Bradley, IL, along with engineering, manufacturing, service, and administrative operations. Peddinghaus is proud to be a long-standing member of the steel construction industry, not only in North America, but also in the world market. “Participating in this vibrant industry is very gratifying, as we marvel at the engineering and construction feats in which our equipment plays a role. The accomplishments of structural steel in Peddinghaus’ century of service is truly remarkable,” advises Michael Sharp, President. Peddinghaus is planning events throughout the year in honor of this milestone. One project is the Peddinghaus Wall of Fame - which is an interactive display of the achievements of various structural steel projects by fabricators throughout the world. All members of our industry are urged to forward photos to for inclusion. The upcoming issues of the STEEL FABRICATORS’ REVIEW will highlight these projects. Also future anniversary events will be detailed as well.

Spring, 2003


Earthquake Can’t Shake Latin America’s Tallest Building Latin America’s Tallest building, the 57 story, 750 ft., “Torre Mayor” in Mexico City, passed the seismic test when a magnitude 7.8 earthquake, centered in the province of Colima, failed to budge this structural steel giant. According to the February 3, 2003, issue of Engineering News Record, inspection of the Torre Mayor by structural engineers revealed no damage at all to this edifice, which is located on the central lakebed area of Mexico City. The building is partly occupied to the 31st floor, and scheduled for completion in June. Ahmad Rahimian, executive vice president for the building’s structural engineer, the Cantor Seinuk Group Inc., New York, credits the building’s performance to a patented energy-dissipating, seismic protection system. The Torre Mayor system is a perimeter tube consisting of primary superbraced frame working with a moment frame, and trussed tube in the core. A series of viscous dampers in the north-south direction in the core and in the east-west direction in the perimeter walls completes the system. Instead of the dampers being on the diagonals of the braced frame, the perimeter dampers are “stacked and sandwiched” vertically between lines of braced frames. The damped, linked element is a further refinement of the eccentric bracing concept developed by Igor Popov, says Mr. Rahimian. The structural steel was supplied by Aceros Corey of Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico, a long-standing Peddinghaus customer. In the fabrication of Torre Mayor, Corey employed their Peddinghaus drill line, band saw, and coping system to complete the 18,500 metric ton structure.

Torre Mayor, Mexico City

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Fred R. Havens Frederick Randall Havens, 80, died February 4, 2003, after a long illness. The son of Harry Lucas Havens and Harriett Thwing Havens was born in Kansas City, Missouri, in 1922. After Southwest High School in Kansas City, and Western Reserve Academy in Cleveland, he attended Amherst College, graduating in the class of 1944 with a degree in political science. He maintained a lifelong interest in learning, especially in the area of politics, history, and economics. His gift for language let to his service as an Italian interpreter in the U.S. Army Transportation Corps during World War II.

Spring, 2003

After the war, he returned to Kansas City and soon moved into a position at Havens Steel Company, the family business founded by his father in 1919. Taking over from his father, he was president and CEO of Havens Steel Company from 1956 to 1985. While President of Havens Steel, he supported the development of many new ventures, including Johnson Overhead Rolling Door company, Atlas Systems, Inc., National Riggers and Erectors, Inc., Standard Havens, Inc. (AMEX), and BHA Group Holdings, Inc. (NASDAQ). As president of Havens Steel, he was interested in national issues related to steel fabrication and construction, and he served on the Board of Directors of the American Institute of Steel Construction 9AISC) from 1976 - 1982. In recognition of this service, Havens Steel Company and the AISC established the Fred R. Havens Fellowship to endow undergraduate and graduate level education in structural steel design. This endowment continues to support the education of students in architecture or civil engineering programs in the USA. He is survived by his wife of 54 years Jane Neale Havens, children Abigail and Charles Singleton, Peter and Kayt Havens, and Andrew Haves, as well as 9 grandchildren.

Spring, 2003


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NASCC Show Stoppers

One Pass Process

New BDL 1000/9 and FDB 2500/3 introduced

96" wide x 3" thick x 20' long It’s As Simple As 1-2-3 With The FDB 2500/3

The new BDL 1000/9 is the latest workhorse in the Peddinghaus stable of rugged durable American made structural drills. It provides 40" wide flange productivity with internal part marking - at a show stopping price

1. Load it

The powerful, yet operator friendly Siemens controller adds another productive dimension

Crisp positioning, unparalleled drilling efficiency, and dead nuts accuracy is assured with the rugged BDL 1000

2. Drill it. Thermal cut it. Carbide mark it.

3. Take parts to welders/fit up.

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Spring, 2003

Peddinghaus’ “Wall of Fame” A tribute to the achievements of structural steel

The Great American Ball Park - Cincinnati, Ohio

DeVos Hall - Grand Rapids, Michigan

Home of the Cincinnati Reds and home to over 9,000 tons of structural steel, this ballpark is sure to keep fans coming back for years. Upon entering the ballpark the fans will walk beneath and along side multistory plate portal frames that were not only used as the base to support the sky boxes and upper deck seating but also to give the ballpark a unique architectural design. Large exposed cantilevered raker trusses support concourse level seating with the upper deck seating supported by a series of bow string trusses assuring that every fan has a clear view of the playing field. Add in a structural steel frame sunscreen supported by a row of vierendeel trusses and towering light towers built from large diameter pipe and this stadium is game ready in the heat of day or the dark of night. So if you find yourself in Cincinnati this summer, take yourself out to a truly amazing ballpark.

Located along the Grand River, this new convention center is quite grand itself. This 840,000 square foot structure, supported by 7,000 tons of structural steel, has two distinct areas; the Grand Gallery and the Main Convention Area. The Grand Gallery is formed by sixteen arched plate columns four stories tall. Supporting its glass sidewalls and roof are miles of sixteen inch diameter pipe purlins that add to its modern look and appeal. The Main Convention Area is created by back bone box trusses and a series of infill trusses. Each box truss has a clear span of over three hundred and fifty feet, is forty-eight feet deep, thirty feet wide and weighs two thousand tons fully assembled. Be sure to look for the complete article on the project in this year’s Michigan Construction Review.

Both projects by Steel Service, Inc. Jackson, MS, Mr. Larry Cox 601-939-9359

Mandalay Bay Hotel and Conference Center, Las Vegas, NV. One of the premier facilities in Las Vegas. A project of W & W Steel Company, Oklahoma City, OK, Mr. Gregg Blair 405-235-3621

Spring, 2003


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Peddinghaus’ “Wall of Fame” A tribute to the achievements of structural steel

Rework of Coney Island Parachute Ride Originally constructed for the New York World’s Fair in 1939. Project of Francis A. Lee Corp Hicksville, NY Mr. Ron Stallone 516-938-2000

Iowa Judicial Building, Des Moines, IA Project of Mid States Steel, Boone, IA Mr. Doug Kollbaum 515-432-1646

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Spring, 2003

Peddinghaus’ “Wall of Fame” A tribute to the achievements of structural steel

Northwest Airlines 747 Twin Bay Hangar Project at Detroit Metro Airport Project of MBM Fabricators & Erectors, Romulus Michigan Contact Larkin McKenzie 734-941-0100

Norview High School, Norfolk, VA 850 tons of fabricated steel by Globe Iron Co. Norfolk, VA Mr. Doug Dugroo 757-625-2542

Otsego County Skilled Nursing Facility – Cooperstown, NY Steel delivered and erected in midst of record breaking winter snowfall – all on time. Project of Schenectady Steel Co., Schenectady, NY Mr. Glen Phelps 518-355-3220

Cornerstone Christian church, Wyckhoff, NJ New Jersey Iron, Inc.; Jackson, NJ Mr. Larry Karpinsky 732-928-7242

Want to see your structure in Peddinghaus’ “Wall of Fame”? Then send your photos and descriptions to:

Steel Fabricators’ Revie w 300 N. Washington • Bradley, Illinois 60915 Attn: Lyle Menke

Spring, 2003


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Kevin Woods Named Southeast Regional Manager for Peddinghaus Mr. Kevin Woods has been named the new Peddinghaus Regional Sales Manager for the Southeastern United States. Kevin brings a strong structural steel construction background to this position. Having served eight years on the shop floor for Shelby Steel, Vincent, AL, Kevin has had the opportunity to learn structural fabrication literally from the ground up. He continued his education with an electronics degree, and joined Peddinghaus Corporation July, 1998, as a service technician based in the Southeast. Kevin was directly involved in all aspects of field service including trouble-shooting, and equipment installation. This solid fabrication background enable Kevin to bring a unique perspective of shop throughout potential to any sized fabricator. He is keenly aware of machine capability, and the valve of providing the right solution for your annual tonnage requirements - today and tomorrow. Kevin Woods

Steel Joist Institute Announces Officers MYRTLE BEACH - The Steel Joist Institute has announced its slate of officers for 2003. Timothy Day, New Columbia Joist Co., a subsidiary of Bouras Industries, Inc., Summit, N.J., has been named president of the Steel Joist Institute, the industry association of steel joist manufacturers headquartered in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. Day has more than 18 years of experience in the steel joist industry and currently serves as vice president of sales for Bouras Industries Inc. and New Columbia Joist Co. He has served on the Steel Joist Institute’s publicity/educational and executive committees. Serving as first vice president will be Rivers Claytor, John W. Hancock, Jr., Inc., Salem, Va. The second vice president will be Sam Mahdavi, Quincy Joist Company, Quincy, Fla. Besides setting standards for the steel joist industry, the Steel Joist Institute works closely with major building code bodies throughout the country helping to develop code regulations regarding steel joists and joist girders. The Institute also invest thousands of dollars on ongoing research related to steel joists and joist girders and offers a complete library of publications and other training and research aids. The Steel Joist Institute is a notfor-profit organization.

Timothy Day, president, Steel Joist Institute

The Steel Fabricators’ Review is a quarterly newspaper published in Bradley, Illinois

Lyle Menke, Editor • Steel Fabricators’ Review • Bradley, Illinois 60915 Phone: (815) 937-3800 • Fax: (815) 937-4003

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Spring, 2003

Earn Continuing Educational Units Through and In-Depth Seminar Centered on Specifying and Designing with Steel Joists Myrtle Beach - Register now to attend this full-day, in-depth, seven part program to help engineers, architects and other design professionals determine when steel joist construction is the best solution. Sponsored by the Steel Joist Institute and the National Council of Structural Engineers Associations, this detailed program includes steel joist design, specification of components, lateral load systems, special topics, OSHA Regulation 29 CFR Part 1926. 757 - Open Web Steel Joists, and practical applications and case studies of recently installed steel joist and joist girder projects. Structural and civil engineers, steel detailers, fabricators, erectors, architects, specifying professionals, construction managers and general contractors can all benefit from this extensive training program led by SJI staff and steel joist engineering professionals employed by members of SJI. Each participant earns .75 CEUs or 7.5 PDHs. Seminars will be held on the following dates at these locations in 2003.

• May 20, Charlotte • September 19, Dallas

• July 15, Philadelphia • November 18, Phoenix

The $295 fee includes the latest edition of the 101 page SJI Standard Specification Load and Weight Tables, seminar instructional materials, continental breakfast and lunch. To register and then pay online, visit or call (843) 626-1995 to request a registration form via fax. Besides setting standards for the steel joist industry, the Steel Joist Institute works closely with major building code bodies throughout the country helping to develop code regulations regarding steel joists and joist girders. The Institute also invests thousands of dollars in ongoing research related to steel joists and joist girders and offers a complete library of publications and other training research aids. The Steel Joist Institute is a not-for-profit organization.



Peddinghaus TDK-1000/3E Drills • CNC 4 Axis Fagor Control • Angle Capacity up to 8 x 8 x 1-1/8” AFTER

• Maximum Beam Width - 39” • Maximum Flange Height - 24”

Call us for an unbelievable value 630-655-6322

Spring, 2003


More Wall of Fame Projects

Presbyterian Hospital, Albuquerque, a project of AmFab, Inc. Albuquerque, NM Mr. Mark Mosher 505-867-6737

SDS/2. A MODEL OF EFFICIENCY. DETAILING MODULE The 3-D model is a central database, giving all your partners the information they need on time. Member details, templates, and connection design reports are all created and contained in the model. Key information can be imported and exported saving valuable time and money. The Detailing Module will increase your drawing productivity and open the door to a new world of business relationships.

ENGINEERING, ANALYSIS & DESIGN MODULE Using the same interface, database and model as the Detailing Module, loads and load combinations are added graphically to the model. As changes and additions occur to the model it is easy to re-analyze the changes to ensure the members are still adequate. This is the right fit for Design Build projects.

CNC MODULE Seamless implementation and integration. SDS/2 offers a complete and accurate interface to the industry’s most popular automated shop equipment.Create hole, mark and center of gravity infor mation and verify accuracy to ensure a smooth shop. Proven benefits that will save time and money.

REVIEW OF THE MODULE On time, every time. Visually inspect geometry via a browser, or log into a model to review individual pieces. Our new Steel Review products integrate with our multi-site capability to give you the information you need, when you need it.SDS/2 puts the power at your fingertips.


Connect to the SDS/2 Detailing Module........The Proven Leader 800.443.0782


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New Peddinghaus Mobile Service Van on the Road

Spring, 2003

Peddinghaus Welcomes BCSA to NASCC

In a continuing effort to better serve the steel construction industry, Peddinghaus Corporation has commissioned a new fully equipped service van. this vehicle is complete with spare parts, tools, and manned by a senior Peddinghaus service technician to provide on-the-spot service assistance. Peddinghaus is dedicated to steel construction and maintains the strongest service program in the industry: • Twelve regionally located service technicians well schooled in structural steel fabrication equipment and shop floor environment. • Detailed training programs for software and machine operations. • Daily telephone service and parts assistance 7am to 7pm. • The strongest, most comprehensive warranty program in the industry for on site service and spare parts. Peddinghaus fully understands the true meaning of service responsiveness, and the impact on a structural fabricator when fast track jobs - laden with penalties - are running through your shop. At Peddinghaus, service is never compromised or negotiated. Anton Peddinghaus (L), Phil Lunney (Caunton Structures) and Adrian Morrall (R) congratulate Walt and Carol Bell on Walt's recent retirement from Billington Structures. Walt has been a "fixture" in structural steel fabrication in the UK. His commitment to the industry – and Billington Structures – will be missed by all. Good Luck, Walt!

The Steel Fabricators’ Review is a quarterly publication published in Bradley, Illinois

Lyle Menke, Editor Steel Fabricators’ Revie w Bradley, Illinois 60915 Phone: (815) 937-3800 • Fax: (815) 937-4003 Volume 13


Steel Fabricators’ Revie w Washington and Grove Street Bradley, IL 60915


PAID PERMIT NO. 38 Kankakee, IL

Peddinghaus Steel Fabricators' Review Spring 2003  

SFR Volume 13 - The Peddinghaus Steel Fabricators' Review is a magazine published by Peddinghaus Corporation - the acknowledged global leade...

Peddinghaus Steel Fabricators' Review Spring 2003  

SFR Volume 13 - The Peddinghaus Steel Fabricators' Review is a magazine published by Peddinghaus Corporation - the acknowledged global leade...