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The PlayStation Move is going to be the hottest video gaming product this holiday season. Â That means that it's going to be in high demand and hard to find. Â What if there was a way to get everything that you need, while saving a lot of money on it? Â There is, and it comes in the form of PlayStation Move bundles. Â This article is going to show you what comes in them, and the best place to buy them. There are two different bundles that are available. Â The first, and most common, is the Starter Bundle. Â This is going to come with the PlayStation Eye Camera, a Wand, and the game Sports Champions. Â If you already have a current generation PS3, this is the bundle for you! Â Sports Champions has already been hailed as one of the best multi-sports games ever, even better than Wii Sports Resort. Â If you don't have a PS3, or are ready to upgrade your small hard drive old generation PS3, the Console Bundle is the choice for you. Â It comes with everything that the starter does, as well as a massive 320GB console. Â This is the top end choice out of all video game systems, and will also act as your digital media center. Â It takes quite a bit of work to fill up 320GB, even when you're adding music and movies to it. Shopping for a Move is going to get tough as the Holidays get closer. Â It's going to sell out at your local video game stores and big box retailers. Â They're estimating that it's going to be very popular, but they never seem to order enough to meet demand. Â The best place to get your bundle is at Â They are going to have it in stock all throughout the holiday season because even when they run out, they can lean on other retailers and Sony to get more in stock quickly. Â You're also going to get the benefit of free shipping and no sales tax in most states. Â You're nearly guaranteed to get it, and save more money than had you shopped locally. The PlayStation Move bundle is the best way to get what you want at a price that's affordable. Â Use the tips above to figure out which it is that you need, and the best way to save money on it. Â Getting in the game has never been easier than it is with PlayStation Move!

Geoff Willis is an avid gamer. He started the site to help people know what their options are when it comes to PlayStation Move games. Not only do they cover games, they also find great deals on Move Bundles and accessories.

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==== ==== Get Playstation Move Bundle free ==== ====

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