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November/December 2011

Table of Contents IN ThIS ISSuE Building an Economic Future Opening Dialogue Bristol Bay Marketplace Myth Busting Mine Tours Pebble Photo Contest

Building an Economic Future In cooperation with Iliamna Development Corporation (IDC), the Pebble Partnership has initiated a mentorship program to help teach local workers job skills applicable to natural resource employment opportunities throughout the state. The Carpentry Mentorship Program includes transferable skills, such as carpentry and maintenance, electrical and plumbing repair, furnace maintenance and basic remodeling.

Four people from Iliamna and Newhalen participated in the trainee program this summer.

Operated by IDC, the program includes hands-on training in the community. Trainees are helping to remodel Gram’s Bed and Breakfast, a local facility leased to meet temporary housing needs for staff and contractors working with the Pebble Project. As a part of the agreement, IDC is providing materials and supplies necessary for the remodel and the Pebble Partnership is providing funding for the experienced carpenters and trainees to provide the mentoring and labor.

Eighteen-year-old Jeffery Clay is a graduate of Newhalen High School in Newhalen, Alaska. A recent trainee from the Carpentry Mentorship Program, Clay is currently working for Iliamna Development Corporation as a temporary worker.

Opening Dialogue Key to Young Professional Sarah McCarr makes one thing very clear: she really enjoys her job. McCarr is a Community Associate for the Pebble Limited Partnership (PLP). She serves as a conduit of information for a number of communities, including her hometown of New Stuyahok, as well as Koliganek, Ekwok, Togiak, Portage Creek, Manokotak, Twin Hills and Dillingham. She has been employed by PLP for almost a year, first serving as an Administrative Assistant at the site and recently undertaking her new position at the end of April. McCarr grew up in southwest Alaska and graduated from the University of Alaska Fairbanks with a bachelor’s degree in finance. She understands first-hand the challenges and struggles faced by people in the region, where employment options are extremely limited. According to the U.S. Department of Economic Development, southwest Alaska is one of the most economically depressed areas in the nation.

Sarah McCarr performs with her dance group at the Pebble Partnership 2011 Elder’s Forum.

(Story continued inside.)

Opening Dialogue Key to Young Professional The lack of jobs is a frequent topic of discussion by locals during McCarr’s community visits. Many people are thrilled at the potential for employment associated with the development of the Pebble deposit. Others want the opportunity to express their concerns about the project to a representative from the Partnership. As a Community Associate, McCarr has the opportunity to address issues


and questions, share important facts about the project and dispel some of the misinformation that has been circulated. McCarr sees the difference that one-on-one dialogue is making within her own family, which has grown to be open-minded about the project as more educational opportunities become available. She gets great satisfaction from these occasions, as well as traveling and getting to meet and talk with a variety of people.

McCarr is a leader of a new local Native dance group and, when not working, dedicates time to practicing and fundraising. She was also recently elected to the board of directors for Stuyahok Limited, where she holds the office of Treasurer.

Bristol Bay Marketplace Recognizes Business Entrepreneurs 2011 program awarded $215,000 in total funds, with award allotments ranging from $25,000 to $50,000.

Alaska Growth Capital has selected five entrepreneurs as winners of the newly established Bristol Bay Marketplace Competition. Developed by the Pebble Limited Partnership in conjunction with the Alaska Community Foundation-based Pebble Fund, the contest is designed to foster small-business development in the Bristol Bay region. The competition, available to all Bristol Bay residents, encourages entrepreneurs to compete for funding to develop, maintain or expand locally owned and locally based businesses. Alaska Growth Capital, which runs the program directly, Mining offered workshops Today¹s Technology throughout the competition, May through September, providing candidates one-on-one consultation and assistance to develop a wide variety of new business ideas. As part of the competition process, which included 13 final applications, participants were required to compile a business plan for review by a panel of business leaders from Alaska Growth Capital. Applicants were scored using a point system and a set criteria base that included creativity, viability, financial stability and business longevity. The

“With an emphasis on vision, it is particularly exciting to assess what residents see as important to the future economic sustainability of their community,” says John Shively, CEO of the Pebble Limited Partnership. Winners of the competition attended a workshop in mid-October, sponsored by Alaska Growth Capital, offering training in areas including business accounting, taxes, finance, marketing and technology. Workshop instructors included previous participants of the North Slope Marketplace and other business professionals. Alaska Growth Capital will continue to play a pivotal mentoring role to competition winners throughout all stages of the program. The following entrepreneurs have been recognized at Work as part of the 2011 Bristol Bay Marketplace Competition: • Aleknagik Construction, Aleknagik, $47,500 • Bayview Auto Service, LLC, Togiak, $48,000 • Belleque Family Farm, Dillingham, $33,500 • Leader Creek Rentals, King Salmon, $48,000 • Ugashik Wild Salmon Company, Ugashik, $33,500

The next Bristol Bay Marketplace Competition is scheduled for spring 2012. For program information, contact: Chris Kolerok or Joan Kane, Alaska Growth Capital (907) 339-6782 or (907) 602-7618, or via email at or

The Bristol Bay Marketplace Competition is an extension of The Pebble Fund, a 5-year, $5-million-dollar commitment established by The Pebble Limited Partnership to support sustainable development projects in Southwest Alaska. To date, the Pebble Fund has awarded more than $3.25 million in grant funds and has helped to leverage more than $9.8 million in matching grants and in-kind support in the region. The Pebble Fund is administered and managed by The Alaska Community Foundation, awarding grants twice annually. For more information regarding the next Pebble Fund grant cycle, requirements and webinars, visit or call 907-334-6700.

Myth Busting! MYTH:


The Pebble Deposit is a gold mine.


The Pebble Deposit is one of the most significant copper discoveries in North America. It is predominantly a copper deposit, both in volume (90 percent) and value (60 percent) with considerable levels of gold and molybdenum, as well as significant quantities of several strategic minerals. Copper must be mined first in order to extract the other minerals found at the Pebble Deposit. Copper is a driving force powering today’s technical world of computers and smart phones, as well as a critical factor in developing green energy, such as solar panels, wind turbines and hybrid cars. For example, a hybrid car contains nearly double the amount of copper found in a traditional automobile.

Molybdenum Copper Copper (lights)

(sealing washers)

Molybdenum Molybdenum






(connecting rods)


(spark plugs)





(head gasket)

Copper (alternator)


(starter motor)

Molybdenum (drive chain)





Copper also helps to power many necessities common throughout rural Alaska, such as snow machines, boat motors and ATVs.



Copper (wiring)

Mining Tours Offer Glimpse of Operations In October 2011, a group of 15 people representing the communities of Twin Hills, Kokhanok, Naknek, South Naknek and Iliamna joined a tour of the Gibraltar Mine in British Columbia. The Gibraltar Mine is located on the Fraser River, which, in addition to several mining operations, is home to multiple industries, such as agriculture, logging and fishing. The Fraser River flows through the metropolitan city of Vancouver and hosts a self-sustaining salmon-producing system. In fact, in 2010, the Fraser River recorded a record return of 34 million salmon. The Fraser River supports commercial, sport and subsistence fishing resources. The Gibraltar Mine is an operating copper mine utilizing modern mining technologies. The tour included the mine

facilities and processing plant, where participants had the opportunity to ask detailed questions of mining personnel and see operation aspects up close. Participants had the rare opportunity of riding in a haul truck, which transfers ore to the crushing facility.

to see first-hand mining processes, safety standards, environmental work and examples of ongoing reclamation efforts.

The October tour included a stop at the Highland Valley Copper overlook, also located on the Fraser River. The mine is known for its award-winning reclamation efforts. One of the most notable aspects of the Highland Valley Copper facility is a former tailings pond that is now home to a world-class bass fishing competition. Tours of operations like the Gibraltar and Highland Valley Copper mines provide the opportunity for participants

Gibraltar Mine tour participants stop for a photo in the bucket of a large mining shovel used to load materials into haul trucks. (Photographer: Peter King)

3201 C Street, Suite 604 Anchorage, AK USA 99503 (907) 339-2600 Toll-free: 1 (877) 450-2600

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words The annual Pebble Partnership staff photo contest included 115 photographs submitted for competitive review. Seven photographers, from staff located in the Anchorage, Iliamna and Vancouver offices, submitted entries in the categories of landscapes, village culture, wildlife and site. The vivid images, captured year-round, depict life at the Pebble deposit and surrounding communities as seen through the personal lens of those working in the area. Congratulations to all of the participants!

“Hiking to Camp” Members of a work crew return to camp during the fall season at the Pebble Deposit. (Winning “site” photograph. Photographer: Jeff Norberg, Pebble Partnership Site Compliance Reclamation Manager )

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Table of Contents IN ThIS ISSuE Sarah McCarr performs with her dance group at the Pebble Partnership 2011 Elder’s Forum. Operated by IDC, th...