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November/December 2012

Drilling Opportunities Cover a Wide Range

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Pebble Deposit

Drilling Opportunities Cover a Wide Range Scholarships Help Further Education

Pedro Bay

Pedro Bay





Pile Bay


New Stuyahok

Togiak – Miners in the 21st Century?






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Pebble Fund Fall Awards

Bristol Bay Region Workforce - Core Processing




Village Corporations Share Visioning


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Lake & Peninsula Borough Kenai Peninsula Borough




2012 Pebble Tour Season Highlights



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During the 2012 drilling season, Pebble Partnership drill core processing required a coordinated effort that included many local representatives from southwest Alaska. A total of 57 people from 12 villages within the Bristol Bay Region, from Manokotak near Dillingham to Pedro Bay on the east end of Lake Iliamna, are involved in this process through their duties as drillers, driller helpers, yard laborers, core sawyers and geotechnical assistants. Drill core is the primary asset of any mineral exploration company and producing it requires skilled workers. Many of the Bristol Bay Region employees associated with drilling have worked for Pebble for five years or more. As a result, they are very knowledgeable in what they do and highly valued on the project. In 2012, the Pebble Partnership employed 131 people from 13 villages in the Bristol Bay region, in various workforce capacities. Workers put drilled core into core boxes for transport and processing.

Scholarships Help Further Education

The Pebble Scholarship program continues to draw a diverse group of students interested in furthering their education at the university and trade levels. For the 2012-13 academic year, 44 students from the Bristol Bay region received a total of $186,000 in scholarship support.

Scholarship recipients represent the following Bristol Bay communities to date: Chignik Bay, Dillingham, Egegik, Igiugig, Iliamna/Newhalen, King Salmon, Koliganek, Naknek, New Stuyahok, Nondalton, Pedro Bay, Pilot Point, Port Alsworth, South Naknek, and Togiak.

These students are enrolled in a wide range of higher education and vocational schools and studying many different disciplines, including construction management, culinary arts, law, mathematics, English, early childhood development, psychology, radiology, health sciences, petroleum engineering, mining engineering, aerospace engineering, aviation, nutrition, Alaska Native studies, nursing, welding, social work, fisheries, geography, business, art and marketing.

By school district, this includes:

Since 2010, the Pebble Partnership has awarded at total of $336,500 in scholarships.

Bristol Bay School District – 24 students Dillingham School District – eight students Lake and Peninsula School District – 14 students Southwest Region School District – nine students

Togiak – Miners in the 21st Century?

Did you know…

Sixth graders from Togiak could be future miners at the Pebble Deposit or at other resource extraction projects around the world. Recently, Pebble Partnership Community Associate Steven Gosuk spent time in the classroom discussing modern mining processes and career opportunities in mining.

170 percent from 2010, as well as $172 million in payments to Alaska Native corporations. Currently, there are 152 Bristol Bay residents working at the Pebble Deposit, representing 15 communities, including Togiak, Ekwok, Igiugig, King Salmon, Koliganek, New Stuyahok and Manokotak.

The presentation included a brief update of activities at the Pebble Deposit, but mainly focused on the importance of minerals in today’s society and the wide range of full-time jobs associated with the mining industry as a whole. • A 747 airplane uses 135 miles of copper wiring, which is greater than the driving distance between Los Angeles and San Diego, Calif., and longer than the driving distance between Anchorage and Seward!

According to a 2012 report by the McDowell Group, conducted for the Alaska Mining Association, the mining industry represents some of Alaska’s highest paying jobs with an estimated average annual wage of $100,000. In 2011 the mining industry provided 4,500 direct mining jobs in Alaska, $620 million in direct and indirect payroll and $17 million in local government revenue through property taxes and payments in lieu of taxes. The industry also provided $148 million in state government revenue through rents, royalties, fees and taxes, up

• Constructing an eight-story building requires roughly 15 to 20 tons of copper. • The average American home contains 400 pounds of copper.

Pebble Fund Fall Awards


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The following is a brief snapshot of projects selected in the current fall grant cycle:

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Nineteen charitable organizations, schools Pebble Fund and tribes serving southwest Alaska were awarded grants totaling $730,519 from the Pebble Fund, a charitable fund established by the Pebble Partnership and managed by The Alaska Community Foundation (ACF). The competitive program supports a variety of grant-funded projects that further sustainable development, healthy communities and renewable resources in southwest Alaska. A Pebble Fund Advisory Board considers grant applications twice annually, once in the spring and once in the fall. Since its inception, the Pebble Fund has awarded $4.75 million in grant funds and has helped leverage more than $13.5 million in matching and in-kind support. The Pebble Fund at ACF is part of a five-year, $5 million commitment by the Pebble Partnership. A complete list of the awards funded for the 2012 cycleSuite can 604 be found at 3201grant C Street, or Anchorage, AK USA 99503 at (907) 339-2600 Village Corporations Toll-Free: (877) 450-2600

Janine Balluta, formerly a geotech, now works at the Pebble site office as a helicopter coordinator.

Girl Scouts of Alaska 2013 Summer Day Camp & Women of Science: $28,842 Held in multiple Bristol Bay communities June - August 2013, and open to girls ages 5-17, the camp will blend traditional Yup’ik values with Girl Scout tenets, such as courage, teamwork, self-respect and responsibility. At the end of the summer, this grant will allow for 32 Girl Scouts to attend Women of Science Day at the University of Alaska Dillingham campus, where they will participate in career workshops and other science-related activities. Nondalton Bulk Fuel Storage: $200,000 This grant will help fund a fuel storage facility with four, 10,000-gallon tanks and all required safety equipment. The new facility will enable Nondalton to maintain a one-year supply of fuel via bulk barge deliveries in the spring and fall. Bristol Bay Borough Teen Leadership Program: $10,000 This project will fund the hiring of Bristol Bay youth as lifeguards at the Bristol Bay Borough Pool and as gym monitors at the Bristol Bay Borough School. It will foster the development of leadership qualities and provide an opportunity for participants to serve as role models for their peers. The long-term goal of the program is to support and encourage responsible behavior and leadership in Bristol Bay youth. City of Pilot Point: Pilot Point VPSO Office Building Renovations Project: $47,000 Newhalen Tribal Council Building Design Project: $35,000 This grant will fund the design phase of a new multi-purpose building for the Newhalen Tribal Council that will meet community needs. Other communities receiving Pebble Fund Grants during the fall cycle include Pilot Point, Togiak, Levelock Egegik, Aleknagik and Newhalen.

Share Visioning

Six Village Corporations met in Fairbanks in late September to hear from mining experts about permitting a large mine in Alaska. Approximately 50 Village Corporation executives and board members learned about a variety of topics related to mining, such as power and gas, water treatment and tailings storage facilities. The event also included a strategic planning session and a 34-person tour of the Ft. Knox Mine. Pebble Business Development group meets quarterly with southwest Alaska Village Corporations to share and brainstorm potential future opportunities. “It’s an excellent opportunity for Pebble’s Business Development team to understand first-hand the different capabilities and experiences of each Village Corporation, as well as where they

2012 Pebble Tour Season Highlights The 2012 drilling season has come to a close and, with it, the end of Pebble site 2012 Pebble Tour Season tours for the year. In 2012, the Pebble Partnership conducted 67 tours hosting more than 300 stakeholders. Tours of the Deposit are extremely valuable as they provide the opportunity for one-onone dialogue between Pebble staff and participants, and allow time to address specific questions from stakeholders.

want to develop future economic opportunities for shareholders,” said Matthew Fagnani, vice president, Business Development. Pebble Partnership CEO John Shively spoke at the event and spent time with Village Corporation leaders discussing new business ideas and opportunities to encourage youth involvement in planning for the future. Another highlight of the meeting were conversations related to the need for more affordable energy in the region. The six participating Village Corporations included Iliamna Natives, Ltd., Igiugig Native Corporation, Pedro Bay Corporation, Kijik Corporation, Paug-Vik Corporation and Newhalen Tribal.


Additionally, the Pebble Partnership conducted three mine tours to Bingham Canyon/Barney’s Canyon in Utah, Gibraltar in British Columbia and Ft. Knox in Fairbanks. Several regional stakeholders were provided with the opportunity to see modern, 21st century mining operations first-hand and learn more about how mines operate. Elders Carl Evon, Manokotak, Dan Nanalook, Togiak, and Alvin Boskofsky, Chignik, attending a mine tour at Bingham Canyon, Utah, 2012.

Peb-0194 2012 Newsletter Nov-Dec  

IN THIS ISSUE: Drilling Opportunities Cover a Wide Range Scholarships Help Further Education Togiak – Miners in the 21st Century? Pebble Fun...

Peb-0194 2012 Newsletter Nov-Dec  

IN THIS ISSUE: Drilling Opportunities Cover a Wide Range Scholarships Help Further Education Togiak – Miners in the 21st Century? Pebble Fun...