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TOPIC ABSTRACT Helping Pupils with Special Needs Achieve their Potential Literacy is the key to learning and children who struggle with literacy will find it difficult to access information in all other curriculum areas. There are many reasons why children struggle with reading and writing and so it can be challenging for teachers to find solutions to their difficulties. However, with consistent and creative teaching, the literacy needs of these pupils can be targeted and they can be helped to achieve their potential. This session will share practical ideas based on tried and tested techniques of what really works with struggling readers. Speaker: Dee Reid


Dee Reid

Dee Reid was a teacher for many years in Primary and Secondary schools. She is now a freelance consultant in primary literacy and she runs very popular and practical courses and INSET all over the UK and beyond. Dee achieved Distinction in her Master of the Arts degree in Children’s Literature from Reading University. Dee is co-creator of and consultant to ‘Catch Up Literacy’ – a highly successful intervention programme in use in over 5000 primary and secondary schools in England and Wales. She is also Series Editor of ‘Rapid’ - the very popular and effective special needs programme from Pearson.


IEFE SEN Forum Guide: Dee Reid  

IEFE SEN Forum Guide: Dee Reid