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The Power to Change Lives Pearson is the world’s leading education company, helping to educate more than 100 million people all around the world. Whatever your learning goal, Pearson can help you achieve it. Edexcel, the United Kingdom’s largest provider of vocational qualifications, is part of the Pearson family, helping to give learners around the globe the skills they need to succeed in the workplace, and transform their lives. Edexcel is in the business of making the impossible a reality. Everyday people in all corners of the globe are realising their potential and making their dreams come true through an Edexcel qualification. This is the story of just one of them. Jacky Dias It was difficult for Jacky Dias to find the time and energy to undertake an Edexcel Diploma in Executive Human Resource Management at Dubai’s Centre for Executive Education. With a young child to care for, a home to run and a demanding workload, completing the programme was going to be tough. But Jacky was committed and determined to achieve a qualification that would transform her career and her life. Jacky knew that realising her dreams would take hard work and sacrifice. But the way her Edexcel course was composed and delivered made it all a little bit easier. She found studying the programme a rewarding and enriching experience. And, she found that she could directly apply her new found skills and knowledge to her role in human resources. The real time case studies and practical examples used in

the course made learning and understanding course content easy – and even fun. Jacky’s Edexcel qualification has given her the confidence and credibility she needed to plunge head first into a management role in which she has shone so much so that she has recently been selected as Group HR Manager for her organisation. Jacky’s professional achievements have been recognised by the Centre for Executive Education, who awarded her the 2012 Student Alumni Award for showing progress and promise in her chosen career. Jacky has already achieved so much, but who knows where her Edexcel qualification is yet to take her. With Jacky’s tenacity and Edexcel’s international reputation for quality learning there is really no limit to what she can achieve.

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Edexcel BTEC Success Story - Jacky Dias