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Culture Book By:Pearson Monroe

Mexico Colonization Mexico was first populated over 13,000 years ago. It was conquered by the Spanish in the 16th century.

Culture Culture has changed a lot for Mexico during the 19th and 20th centuries. Mexico has started living life very similar to the United states and other border countries. About 45% of people in Mexico live in the cities.

Economy Mexico does a lot of trading with the u.s. This helps their economy survive. For the most part, Mexico is a very undeveloped, poor country. About the 33% of the population is in poverty. There are many farmers that live off what they can grow for their family.

Immigration Today Mexicans are always wanting to come to the United States to make a better living and then take the money back for their own family.This causes a problem with our economy because the u.s will never get to see that money again. Mexicans usually come here illegally so they don't have to go through a 10 year process in becoming a legal citizen of the u.s.

Central America and The Caribbean Colonialism in Central America

These seven countries were settled by the English after the Spanish conquest in the 16th century. In the early 1800’s, central america gained their independence.

Colonialism in the Caribbean The caribbeans were settled because of its natural resources and gold. The people heard about these things so they got to the caribbean's as fast as they could. This took place a long time ago during the christopher columbus expedition.

Culture The latin american culture focuses a lot on art, music and religion. The richness of the latin american culture are products of many influences. Overall the culture is really laid back and people live as they have no worries.

Economy The latin american and caribbean economic system is known as the SELA. It was founded in 1975 to promote trading between latin america and the carribeans. Over time these countries have also gotten other countries to join this economic system

Spanish Speaking South America Spanish Conquest and rule In 1532, 169 soldiers captured the Sapa Inca Cajamarca. it was a long battle but in the end it lead to the capturing of Viceroyalty of peru. This was important for the colonization of the Spanish.

Culture There are many countries that help with the South American Culture. The U.S provides entertainment such as

tv and cinema. South America does not have a type of culture they can call their own. They just take ideas from other people and use them in their daily life.

Economy South america consists of 6% of the worlds population. There are 382 million people in all of the 12 nations and 3 territories. Only 9% of their population is unemployed.

Education South America has easy access to education. A good portion of their country is educated. This is why they have a small % of people in their country that are unemployed.

Brazil History Indigenous people crossed a body of water into Alaska then moved south, eventually arriving in what is now known as brazil. At first Brazil was a colony of portugal. The first explorer to reach Brazil was on April 22, 1500.

Culture Brazil is a very diverse place. They get most of their cultural aspect from Portugal. They get their language and religion mainly from Portugal because at one point in Brazil’s history, Brazil was a colony of portugal.

Economy Brazil runs on a moderate free market system. They have little to no trade due to the fact that they have weak currency. They can’t afford to pay people back that they trade with so instead they just don’t.

Life Today

Besides Rio de Janeiro, Brazil seems like a pretty boring place. Rio is the second largest city in Brazil. It has about 6.3 million people in that area making it the 26th largest place in the world!

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