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A Duty of a Memory A Squatter's Tale A Woman Alone African Short Stories Ambiguous Adventure Anthills Of Savannah Arrow Of God Arrows Of Rain As The Crow Flies AWS Classics A Grain of Wheat AWS Classics Joys of Motherhood AWS Classics Maru AWS Classics No Longer at Ease AWS Classics Rain Clouds Gather AWS Classics Season of Migration AWS Classics So Long A Letter AWS Classics Things Fall Apart Beautyful Ones Not Yet Born Beyond The Horizon Black Hermit Bride Price Burning Grass Can We Talk & Other Stories Chaka Changes Chattering Wagtails Collector Of Treasures Concubine Dew In The Morning Distant View Minaret Efuru Equianos Travels Every Man Is A Race Gathering Seaweed God's Bits Of Wood Hare & The Hornbill Harvest Of Thorns Head Above Water Heinemann Book of Contemporary African Short Stories House Of Hunger Houseboy How Shall We Kill the Bishop and other Stories I Will Marry When I Want I Write What I Like Imprisonment Of Obatala In The Fog Of Seasons End In The Shadow of Imana Joys of Motherhood Labyrinths Man Of The People

W.P. B. botha Ike Oguine Bessie Head Chinua Achebe Cheikh Hamidou Kane Chinua Achebe Chinua Achebe Okey A. Ndibe Veronique Tadjo Ngugi wa Thiong'o Buchi Emecheta Bessie Head Chinua Achebe Bessie Head Tayeb Salih Mariama Ba Chinua Achebe Ayi Kwei Armah Amma Darko Ngugi wa Thiong'o Buchi Emecheta Cyprian Ekwensi Shimmer Chinodya Thomas Mofolo Ama Ata Aidoo Jack Mapanje Bessie Head Elechi Amadi Shimmer Chinodya Alifa Rifaat Flora Nwapa Paul Edwards Mia Couto Jack Mapanje Sembene Ousmane Okot p'Bitek Shimmer Chinodya Buchi Emecheta Chinua Achebe

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Dambudzo Marechera

Ferdinand Oyono Lily Mabura

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Ngugi wa Thiong'o Steve Biko Obotunde Ijimere Alex La Guma Veronique Tadjo Buchi Emecheta Christopher Okigbo Chinua Achebe

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Title Marabi Dance Dikobe Maru Matigari MEMA Mine Boy Money Galore Neighbours: The Story Of A Murder

No Easy Walk To Freedom No Longer At Ease Opening Spaces: Contemporary African Women Writing Petals Of Blood Poems Of Black Africa Question Of Power River Between Search Sweet Country Seasons Of Migration North Second Class Citizen Secret Lives Serowe: Village Rain Wind Seven Solitud Of Lorsa Lopez Smouldering Charcoal Song Of Lawino Song Ocol Sterile Sky Strange Man Tales Tender and Power The Cardinals The Clothes Of Nakedness The Cowrie Of Hope The Enemy Within The Girl Who Can The Grass Is Singing The Heinemann Book of South African Short Stories The House of Hunger The Housemaid The Lovers The New Tribe The Old Man & Medal The Purple Violet Of Oshaantu The Return Of The Water Spirit The Slave Girl The Translator Things Fall Apart Things Fall Apart: Classics in Context

Trouble With Nigeria Voices Made Night Wantok Weep Not Child When Rain Clouds Gather Woman of the Aeroplanes Wounding Words

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Modikwe Diboke Bessie Head Ngugi wa Thiong'o Daniel Mengara Peter Abrahams Amu Djoleto Lilia Momple Nelson Mandela Chinua Achebe Yvonne Vera

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Ngugi wa Thiong'o Wole Soyinka Ms Bessie Head Ngugi wa Thiong'o B. Kojo Laing Tayeb Salih Buchi Emecheta Bessie Head Bessie Head Sony Labou Tansi Tiyambe Zeleza Okot p'Bitek E.E. Sule Amu Djoleto Evelyne Accad Bessie Head

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Benjamin Kwame Kwakye

Binwell Sinyangwe Steve Jacobs Ama Ata Aidoo Doris Lessing Denis Hirson

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Dambudzo Marechera Amma Darko Bessie Head Buchi Emecheta Ferdinand Oyono Neshani Andreas Pepetela Buchi Emecheta Leila Aboulela Chinua Achebe Chinua Achebe Chinua Achebe Mia Couto W. P. B. Botha Ngugi wa Thiong'o Bessie Head Kojo Laing Evelyne Accad

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