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Milk Bulk Tanks

Cooling Systems

Washing Systems

An electronic milk thermostat controls the milk temperature and agitation functions. This can be connected to audible or visual alarms if required. The deep cool option maximizes the use of lower rate electricity charges and ensure milk is at its required temperature sooner.

Washing is made simple with easy to use controls, the wash unit can easily be to cater for variable on farm conditions , ensuring perfect washing every time. The standard wash programme consists of 4 wash cycles of fixed duration depending on tank size. The tank may also be equipped with a quick wash facility for robotic milking.

Cooling Equipment Compressors on the DX tanks are equipped with “ Pump Down� systems to protect evaporator plates from possible damage from hot washing

Wash Spray unit This stainless steel centrally located wash device gives a total clean and even spray within the tank. The extensively designed device is impervious to blockages and has been developed to have no wearing or moving parts which in turn means no maintenance.

Insulation Environmentally friendly high density polyutherane foam insulation is positioned between the inner and outer vessels creating high rigidity and excellent insulation. With this material composition there is minimum heat loss and reduce running costs.

Chemical Dosing Pearson Tanks come with a choice of two chemical dosing units ,

Evaporator Plates Pearson use double laser welded evaporator plates to withstand high pressures and ensure lifetime durability. Tanks that are equipped with two cooling units are manufactured with a side by side dual plate arrangement for maximum cooling.

IMT System - Optional Pearson's IMT (Independent Tank Monitoring) system can be installed to send daily temperature reports , power failures and much more by SMS, email and phone call.



A stainless steel detergent bowl


Automatic dosing pumps with adjustable flow control .

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Pearson International Brochure