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Milk Bulk Tanks

Classic Milk Tank

Chiller Ice Builder

Milk is cooled directly by a Condensing Unit circulating refrigerant through the laser-welded evaporator plates of the milk tank, against which the milk is gently agitated.

By using a Pearson Ice Builder to produce and store large quantities of ice, chilled water will allow instant cooling of milk, reduce the risk of bacterial growth and when used to take advantage of “off peak” electricity it will drastically reduce running costs.

Features     


Elliptical shaped milk vessel for maximum cooling efficiency Compact and attractive appearance High density polyurethane foam insulation Conventional cooling regulation Condensing Units carefully selected to suit

All Stainless Steel slim-line compact design

High Density Insulation

Dual-setting Ice Controller for maximum/ minimum production

cooling requirements 

Service friendly easy to use control systems

Condensing Unit(s) attached or remote

Automatic Wash system with:

Two Chilled Water Pumps

- Adjustable programmer to suit varying

Air assisted agitation on larger models

on-farm conditions - Stainless Steel Detergent Bowl - Optional Automatic Dosing with adjustable flow-control peristaltic pumps 

Stainless Steel Water Deflector Plate that has no wearing parts and is blockage proof

Water intake separate from Agitator preventing damage to Motor

Stainless Steel Washed Outlet

Quick Wash facility


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