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Milk Bulk Tanks

Tower Milk Silos Maximum Storage With Minimum Space With an ever increasing demand for high volume on-farm milk cooling and storage, the Pearson Milk Silo provides the perfect solution where it is often impossible and uneconomical to extend existing or to build new premises to accommodate conventional milk tanks. Features 

Laser-welded Base Cooling Evaporator

Option of Side-Wall Cooling Evaporator

Conical Base

Hygienic milk-sampling system

Stainless Steel Alcove installed through wall to Dairy incorporating - Wash & Cooling Controls - Bottom Access Manway - Non-Return Valve for bottom filling - CIP Milk Line Connection

Milk Bulk Tanks

High Density Insulation

Stainless Steel Access Ladder with safety cage


Self cleaning all Stainless Steel exterior

Available in Ice Bank and Direct Expansion

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