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Herd Management

Voyager Crowd Gate

ProSelect Drafting

With the Pearson Voyager Crowd Gate, cows can easily be brought towards the parlour in groups. Once one group has been brought through the parlour, the gate lifts up and travels over the cows to the back of the collection yard and brings up the next group of cows. This is suitable for farms that have herds larger than the collection area behind the parlour.

Whether it’s a large herd dairy or a family farm with one operator Pearsons ProSelect drafting systems is an essential tool for the day to day running on the farm. The ProSelect system can offer two way to five way drafting, with easy to use controls and a calendar system on the more advanced options. The drafting units use red eye sensors to monitor cow movement and flow through the selection crate. This enables the control system to know when to close and opens gate to get the best selection possible.

Drive System Pearsons Voyager crowd gate is driven by a compressed air motor and pneumatic rams. This ensures a long life product for indoor and outdoor use and no risk of stray voltage or electronic failures on the gate.

V – Tag Systems The PEARSON stand alone V -TAG system offers an effective low cost solution to drafting cows. A tag is applied to the cow while in the milking palour and is then selected when exiting the parlour. The tag is then retrieved after the cow has been seen to.

Groups The Pearson voyager crowd gate is Ideal for bringing groups to the parlour. Once the first group has been filled into the collecting yard the gate is lowered and the second group can be loaded and follow up towards the parlour. Once ready for the second group the gate lifts up and over the group and brings them toward the parlour.

E- Tag systems Selecting cows in batches for barns or individual selection for illness, A.I. Activity, etc can be automatically done from the parlour with the ProSelect E - Tag System. Up to three way drafting may be controlled from this system. “Once only” or “ always” options may be selected.

Yard Cleaning Add a scraper unit to the gate and get another job done. As the gate moves forward or backwards depending on the slurry channel the scraper cleans the collecting yard.


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Pearson International Brochure