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CIP Systems

Daytona Wash System

Wash Troughs

To be able to wash large milk lines correctly using the minimum amount of water is in itself an achievement.

Totally manufactured from stainless steel.

Can be sized to suit parlour needs.

The secret is in being able to cover the total inside surface area of a large bore milk-line using a smaller bore wash line.

Long-life product.

No chains or plugs needed.

Wall mounted for ease of cleaning underneath.

Eliminates the need to put hands into chemicals.

Can be floor mounted, if required.

Has insulation between each trough, eliminating heat transfer between troughs.

Hygienic appearance.

Can be supplied in single or double units.

Available in closed and open models.

By creating a slug of water within the stainless steel Daytona Washer and then injecting this slug of water down the pipeline at high speed many times a minute, allows perfect cleaning of the internal diameter of large milk lines.

* One of the most important features of your milking plant is the washing equipment and washing routine. Give your milking systems a total clean with Pearson’s range of CIP options.


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