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Management Systems

Think Industrial - Go Global Part of Pearson's range of industrial diary systems is their state of the art LED Control units. Integrated into the ProFarm system it allows the simplest visual display and control to the operator with all the animal information displayed and available at the Global MPM Parlour Monitor

Global MPM Monitor

LED Control Unit

A great milking companion in the pit. Giving milk yield display, alarm display and many more options, it is a perfect unit to give maximum milking pit efficiency.

For industrial milking units that do not require electronics or animal information at every milking point, Pearson’s LED control unit is a sensible option. The smart one button control allows options depending on the pressing of the button. Once the cow enters the parlour and her ID tag is read the LED indicator light burns in different colours depending on the circumstance.

Some Features include: 

Animal Identification

Milk yield in real time

Separation milk Display

Heat detection Alarm

Cow Calendar information


Voice Speaker alarm

Up to 4 cameras may be positioned around the milking parlour to view areas not easily visible to the operator. This is displayed on the Global MPM Monitor in the milking pit.

For voice output of information in the milking parlour the Pearson Voice Speaker alarm system keeps you alert to oncoming cows entering the milking parlour.


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