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Management Systems

Ear Tag Identification

Parlour identification

Cost Effictative

Entrance ID

The Pearson Auto identification system uses the Alflex ear tag for reliable cow identification. The ear tag is minimal cost and can be reused by just replacing the back part of the tag.

This type of identification has the id aerials positioned at the entrance to the milking parlour, either vertical aerial boards or stainless steel floor aerials are installed depending on the positioning of the tag on the cow. A short race ensures smooth individual cow flow into the parlour and delivers a very reliable cost effective solution for any auto identification parlour.

Durability One of the most durable tags on the market today. The tag is plastic coated to give maximum protection against the elements and with no battery it runs for years.

Stall ID Stall ID is having an aerial installed a every animal position . The cow is identified once at her stall or manger, slightly more accurate than the entrance id system but a more expensive option.

Comfort The tag is placed in the cows ear, this leaves it very comfortable for the cow and easy for the operator to attach.

*Minimise work load on the operator and make accurate decisions by viewing total cow history at the touch of a button.


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