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What system suits me, my cows and my farm ?

Type Size Flow Time Labour Power

Style of dairy farming Depending on the type of dairy you are managing can influence the machine and equipment being purchased. Spring calving outdoor herds can require different equipment than indoor winter herds.

Present and future herd size When planning the parlour size, taking into account the future size of the dairy is very important. Leaving extra stallwork at the end of a parlour for when numbers increase can take the stress and large cost out of future development,

Cow flow Once parlour and herd sizes increase, it is important to have smooth stress free cow flow to the collecting yard , through the parlour and out of the dairy through the selection system. Efficient cow flow can save time in the total milking process.

Milking time Time in the parlour and collecting yard for your cows should be kept to a minimum, the less time spent in the milking routine, the more time the cows are producing milk.

Labour and milking routine Labour on the farm can also determine the milking system. Herringbone, rotary and robotic milking systems all have advantages and disadvantage in milking routine and labour per unit.

Electric requirements Depending on the system installed, the electric usage may be higher than the previous milking machine. Before deciding on a machine, check there is enough electricity and whether single or three phase electricity is needed. This is one of the first steps in planning your new dairy.

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