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Management Systems

Parlour keyboards

Milking Parlour

Milk yield display

Communication from CERES to the milking parlour during milking can provide the operator with pregnancy date, heat dates and much more from the CERES cow calendar. Depending on the animal, cluster removal times, pulsation speeds and ratios may be adjusted for individual cows.

Cow calendar information

Milk alarms

Milk Meters 

Milk Recording

Milk Sampling

Conductivity sensing

Parlour Monitor Visual display of all milking points and information relative to the animal.


Auto Identification

Total Farm Management.

Animal Management

Ear Tag

Leg tag

Neck collar

Animal Health

Selection System Selecting cows into different barn groups for feeding is very easy with the Ceres herd management software; it can select an individual cow or group for attention. With options of 2 - 5 way drafting the ProSelect System can suit all farm types.

Low activity

Low feed intake

High conductivity





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