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Management Systems

Barn Feeding

In Parlour Feeding

Calf Feeding

Reproduction MRS Activity .

Feeding and Nutrition Accurate feed curves according to the cow’s lactation stage or feeding to yield may be set up very easily with the Ceres Software. Up to 4 different feed augers may be controlled from the software. In parlour feeding and out of parlour feeding may be managed from CERES giving total control to the farm manager.

Recording every minute of the cow’s movement gives the most accurate data allowing the user to see the peak time in which the cow was active. This gives the user the best information to determine when to AI the animal.

Pro Herd Management Software / Devices Herd Management Software Pearson’s Ceres and Uniform Herd Management Software gives a total view of the herd through technology. Ceres communicates animal data to and from the parlour during milking such as milk yield, conductivity, milking time, feed quantities and cow calendar information. This information is built up to create an animal’s history and is easily displayed to view any existing or oncoming issues with the animal through the Ceres Report Generator. Ceres Herd Management software also communicates directly with other hardware on the farm to increase efficiency and reduce labour. These include; Out of Parlour Feed Stations, MRS activity, ProSelect Selection System and Parlour Management.


Smart Phone

Report Generation


Off farm Organisations 

Milk records

Calf registering

Milk solids

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