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Automatic Removers

ACR Cylinder

Milk Sensor Valve

The automatic remover cylinder is positioned on the swingover arm on a swingover machine, this is done to minimise the distance between the end of the ram and the cows udder. With the take off distance being at its minimum the rope does not have much slack to take up, this then creates a more gentle stress free cluster remover take off.

The automatic cluster remover milk sensor measures the flow rate for milk passing through the valve, once the flow rate has dropped the control unit removes the cluster from the cow. The double diaphragm design in the vacuum valve allows increased and more stable vacuum to the milking cluster.

The same concept is taken on a double up parlour, the cylinder is positioned vertical above the rump of the cow for a smooth stress free cluster removal.

Stainless Steel Cylinder

Auto lift start

Double acting ram assembly

Durable internal vacuum seals

The milk sensor valve comes with the possibility to expand to milk diversion line, conductivity and milk temperature depending on the equipment installed.

Auto Lift Start To start the unit, the cluster just has to be lifted. This turns on vacuum to the unit and starts the pulsation. This increases speed and work flow through the parlour for the operator .


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