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Milk Delivery options

Milk Filtration & Cooling

Milk Receiving Vessels

Stainless steel inline sock filters are used to filter the milk before the plate cooler or bulk tank. Double stitched socks are placed over a stainless steel coil spring and inserted to the stainless steel housing. Pearson supply a full range of filter sizes to suit all pump flow rates.

Strength A stainless steel receiving vessel and moisture tank provide maximum capacity for milking in any size parlour.

Udder Health

Plate cooling

Having a large capacity moisture tank so close to the machine allows a large vacuum buffer directly at the parlour, this reduces vacuum fluctuations and provides a more stable vacuum for udder health .

By using an average ratio of two and a half parts water to one part milk, it is possible to reduce the temperature of the milk to within 2 degrees centigrade of the water-input temperature. Single Stage - The single stage plate cooler passes well or mains water through the cooling plates.

Hygiene Both tanks have see through end caps for easy viewing to make sure both tanks are cleaning correctly . The barrel shape of the tanks allows the Pearson Daytona wash system to role the water giving exceptional cleaning to the receiving outfit.

Double Stage - The double stage plate cooler passes well or mains water through the first half of the cooler and chilled ice water through the second half. Using the Pearson MDrive system with a double stage cooler can bring milk to 4 degrees before the bulk milk tank.


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