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Milk Delivery options

MDrive Variable Speed

AirForce Injector System

Milk Cooing

Milk Quality

The MDrive System is designed to minimise milk flow through plate heat exchangers by slowing down the flow rate of the pump during the milking procedure.

The Pearson AirForce Injector System blows the milk from the milk pump to the milk tank using compressed air . This minimises the milk left in the delivery line after the milking has finished. The compressed air used for pumping out the milk runs through a triple filtration system leaving food quality air and having milk at the highest quality.

Pearsons Cooling software programmed within the drive unit has special speed algorithms to work out the best flow rate and speed to drive the pump to get the maximum performance from your plate cooler and milk pump.

Automatic For full automatic control of the AirForce System it may be joined to the Pearson Ocean washer. The washer tells the injectors when to activate to get the best performance from both systems.

Options Pearson MDrive Systems can be installed on any size milk pump and can be installed to suit single phase or three phase power supplies.

Milk Cost Washing

How much milk may be left in your milk delivery line . Calculate it yourself :

During the washing of the milking machine the MDrive System increases speed to return water back to the wash vessels for increased washing performance.

3.14 x radius squared x length of pipe = litres left in the pipe Example . 40 mm Milk delivery line, 4 meters high from your milk pump.


(3.14 x ( 20mm x 20mm )) x 4 meters

All Pearson MDrive Systems have industrial grade H1 Filters preinstalled in them to stop harmonic Voltage from the drive units.

(3,14 x 400) x 4 meters 1256 x 4 meters = 5.24 litres , at a cost of 35 cent a litre = 1.75 euros x twice a day milking = 3.51 Euros per day . 53

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