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Milking Equipment

Milk Separation Control

Milk Separation Line With the Milk Seperation System, an individual cow’s milk can be separated and redirected into another milk line; therefore cows do not have to be in separate batches coming into the parlour. This saves time and labour during milking. 

Simple and easy to operate.

Reliable and long lasting.

Can be fitted to any milking parlour.

Available in different pipe sizes.

Reduces workload in the parlour.

Decreases overall milking time.

Milk can be diverted to calf feeding house.

Manual and electronic options available.

Electronic - Automatic An electronic milk separation control button is incorporated into the p25 ,p50,p100 and i100 electronic control units. Once the button is pressed the operator is notified with either lights burning red or visual text on screen to show milk separation mode. Once the cow has finished milking the cluster remover removes the unit from the udder . The control unit will wait for the operator to press the stop button to acknowledge that the cow is finished ,this then automatically switches back to the good milk line. Once the machine is in wash mode the separation line is washed automatically with a special alternating washing programme designed to minimise the amount of water to wash both milk lines. If Auto identification is installed on the milking parlour, once the cow has entered the parlour the operator is notified on the control panel ( i100 ) and only the Milk Separation button is active to press, this eliminates different operators in the milking pit from missing a milk separation cow.

Toggle switch - Manual Each unit is supplied with a vacuum toggle switch. Before cluster attachment the toggle switch is moved to select separation line. Once the cluster has been removed from the cow the toggle switch must be manually selected back to good milk line. 48

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